Tajaran Educational Institutions

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People's Republic of Adhomai

Nal'tor College of Career Excellence

The Nal'tor College of Career Excellence is located in Nal'tor, Adhomai, and founded 2432 - seven months after the creation of the People's Republic of Adhomai - NanoTrasen offered absurdly lucrative grants for the construction of the college, officially dedicated to the education of Adhomai. After NanoTrasen's money got the campus built its new (human and former NanoTrasen Representative) rector Jamison Knight, independently and of his own free will, decided to model the courses in a way some have called 'heavily inspired' by NanoTrasen's own training and certification courses. Others have called it blatant copying.

Jamison remained as the rector since the conception of the college. He was officially temporary until a proper Tajara rector can be found, but a record number of mysterious clerical errors and unforeseen accidents has left a record of 28 year-long extensions in what was originally a 3-year term. Jamison was finally replaced in 2463 by the Minister of Education Kalim Khazdar.

NanoTrasen remains the highest employer for post-graduates from the college. The courses tend to focus on degrees within the service industry as well as courses within cargo, as well as business management. Over 90% of the college's post-graduates find employment with NanoTrasen, though others may find work across Adhomai or even in the PRA government itself.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university a qualified Bartender, Chef, Operations Manager, Librarian, Chaplain, Executive Officer, or shoot lower for a Hangar Technician, Botanist, or Custodial degree.

Famous Graduates: Jahar Hirron, the first Tajaran Head of Personnel employed by NanoTrasen.

Hadii Institute of Orbital Research

The Hadii Institute of Orbital Research is a state-owned university based in the city of Al'mari. Established in 2457 by a decree by President Hadii, the college is focused on robotics, mechatronics, nuclear, and engineering development. Through the funding of NanoTrasen, the People's Republic was able to outfit the Institute with fabricators, basic robots, and foreign teachers as its staff. Most of the initial research was oriented towards the military field. Students and scientists work closely with the Grand People's Army and the Orbital Fleet.

The Institute of Orbital Research is responsible for the creation of several advanced weapons in the Republic arsenal. Tesla hardsuits and prostheses are among its latest inventions. Republican guard experimental mechs and Orbital Defenses robots are frequently found in the workshops of the Institute. Maintenance of space ships is taught to engineering students, aiming to create professionals able to support the Republican fleet. A sector is also dedicated to nuclear physics; it currently houses the minds behind the PRA atomic program.

Due to the presence of several technological secrets, admittance is only granted to students known to be loyal Hadiists. Thanks to NanoTrasen's sponsorship, it is common for its members to leave Adhomai to work and study in human installations. After the Armistice, the Institute started to work on improving the automation of the People's Republic industry.

Relevant Jobs: Chief Engineer, Research Director, Roboticist, Scientist, Lab Assistant, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician or Engineering Apprentice.

Famous Graduates: Coman Yakub, ship captain in the Orbital Fleet.

Al'mari College of Hadiist Sciences

Founded one year before the First Revolution in the city of Al'mari, the Al'mari College of Hadiist Sciences is the ideological center of the People's Republic of Adhomai. The university has the mission of preparing the future Hadiist leadership; most of its graduates end up working for the Party. The college offers courses in social sciences, administration, and law. Tau Ceti frequently offers student exchange programs to the students. Party Commissars and military officers are also indoctrinated in the College of Hadiist Science before heading to Fort Hadii for training.

The Al'mari College of Hadiist Science is the birthplace of the Young Hadiist movement. The student body and staff are currently divided between the supporters of Orthodox and Young Hadiist ideologies; a silent battle is waged in the college's halls as each faction attempts to influence the administration. Following the ascension of Kalim Khazdar to the position of Minister of Education, the Young Hadiist faction has gained the upper hand.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university a qualified Executive Officer, Journalist, Corporate Liaison, Consular Officer, Head of Security, Investigator, Warden, or Security Officer.

Famous Graduates: Kalim Khazdar, People's Republic of Adhomai's Minister of Education.

Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai

Shastar Technical University

The Shastar Technical University was established in 2437, with the cooperation of the Sol Alliance and NanoTrasen, to offer a better specialization to the local Tajaran population in the field of engineering and mining. The college soon saw the development of a thriving academic community, resulted in technological development and deals with alien corporations brought by the rule of the early people’s republic.

During the Second Revolution, many members of the college showed support to the rebels' forces, even helping them to maintain and develop their mechanized and armored divisions. The Shastar Technical University also played an important role in planning the recent infrastructure expansions in the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai.

Besides offering courses in engineering, the college also has classes on construction, maintenance, and operation of heavy machinery.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university as a qualified Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Engineering Apprentice or Shaft Miner.

Famous Graduates: Rajjurl Saif, Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai’s ministry of infrastructure and development.

Trizar State Medical Academy

Considered to be the oldest medical school on Adhomai - founded in 1778 CE - the Trizar Academy of Medicine was created by a group of students and physicians who wanted a center of research and learning to improve the rustic medicine of the time. Before the great revolution, it was a matter of pride for nobles to have professionals trained in the Trizar academy as their court doctors. The Academy was renamed Trizar State Medical Academy after the annexation of southern Ras'nrr by the People's Republic of Adhomai.

The Trizar State Medical Academy was expanded greatly under the management of the Republic, mostly because of the medical boon resulting from the introduction of modern medicine and practices after the great revolution. The University trains many medical professionals, some of that are employed outside of Adhomai. Transferred to the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai as the result of territorial changes caused by the Tajaran civil war, the Medical Academy expelled its foreign advisors introduced by the megacorporations. However, the college still contributes to the Interstellar Aid Corps.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university as a qualified Chief Medical Officer, Surgeon, Physician, Emergency Medical Technician, Psychologist, Pharmacist or Medical Intern.

Famous Graduates: Khazarir Hanar, medical director of Klyuchevksy Medical Center.

Shungsta University of Agrarian Sciences

Located in Shungsta, Adhomai, the Shungsta University of Agrarian Sciences was founded two years after the end of the great revolution to aid the republican administration in organizing the agrarian reform. While the early attempts in adapting Adhomai agriculture to more modern standards were less than successful, the university played an important role in improving the farming techniques of the People’s Republic. The Shungsta university has expanded into the fields of biology, hydroponics, xenobotany, and xenobiology. More recent projects include attempts of adapting, with the incentive from interstellar corporations, fauna, and flora from other planets to Adhomai.

With the end of the second civil war and the acquisition of Shungsta by the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai, most of the research was destroyed or transferred to Nal'tor. The remaining staff now face the challenge of recovering the damage caused by the conflict.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university as a qualified Botanist, Scientist, Xenobotanist, Xenobiologist or Lab Assistant.

Famous Graduates: Agashka Rrhamrare, People’s Republic of Adhomai Minister of Agriculture.

New Kingdom of Adhomai

Kaltir Law Academy

Founded in 1802 CE, the Kaltir Law Academy is considered one of the most traditional learning centers in the region of Northern Harr'masir. The initial purpose of the college was to educate the regional nobility in the field of jurisdiction since the law system was considered to be extremely complex at the time. More courses were created with later expansions, permitting the training in the field of criminal justice, administration, and other related sciences.

After the occupation of the Kingdom of Kaltir by the republic the administration of the university was replaced by one more oriented to the ideals of the Hadii’s administration, but less experienced and educated than the older one, however, many teachers were allowed to keep their positions, as long they did not show any opposition to the regime. The disciplines were also adapted to prepare the new Tajaran generation for the reality of NanoTrasen and their situation in the galactic community. The first royalists' circles, who wanted the return of the Azunja dynasty to power, emerged among the schoolmen and students discontent with the changes.

Under the administration of the New Kingdom, the Kaltir law academy still maintains an important role in the formation of professionals in the areas of criminal justice, administration, law, political sciences, philosophy, and international relations studies. While the college is the destination for many nobles seeking to study those fields, commoners are also accepted and represent an active role in the academic field of the New Kingdom.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university as a qualified Executive Officer, NanoTrasen Liaison, Head of Security, Warden, Investigator or Security Officer.

Famous Graduates: King Vahzirthaamro Azunja, the first monarch of the New Kingdom of Adhomai.

Miran'mir Academy of Scientific Pursuits

The Academy of Scientific Pursuits is a university located in the city of Miran'mir, within the New Kingdom of Adhomai. It was founded in 2145 CE. Several blocks of the city were set aside for the construction of a learning center for nobles of the various kingdoms of Adhomai. The patrons who funded the Academy had hoped that in the Steeple Peace, technological and scientific advancement for the Njarir could advance at paces never seen before in history.

Before the first revolution, the Academy was home to the largest archeological collection in Adhomai, housing hundreds of artifacts in its museum. During the invasion of the Kingdom of Kaltir by the Hadiist forces, most of the university and its inventory were destroyed by the rebels. What survived the war was hidden away by loyalists or looted. The college remained closed until the creation of the New Kingdom. King Azunja ordered the reopening of the Academy in 2450, inviting intellectuals and scientists residing in the New Kingdom to become part of its academic staff. While many relics were returned to the museum, several others are still scattered across the country. To aid in recovering and preserving the Tajaran past, a large team of archeologists, pathfinders, and miners was assembled to find the remaining missing pieces; this group was named “the Restorers.”

Despite having a chemistry and physics research department, archeology is the most developed and popular field of study. Since the end of the war, its students have started to seek experience and knowledge with off-world opportunities and contracts.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university a qualified Research Director, Pharmacist, Scientist, Lab Assistant or Xenoarcheologist.

Famous Graduates: Kamyar Hourany, curator of the academy’s museum.

Dymtris Polytechnic College

Established in 2450, the Dymtris Polytechnic College was created to help the Kingdom develop its meager industry. However, due to the war, most of the university's efforts were shifted to military engineering and weapon development. The students worked alongside the army to build the mighty Dymtris line; the engineering course soon became one of the most important classes. The Dymtris Polytechnic College was also behind the creation of the armored aerosled used in the offensive of 2461.

With the end of the Second Revolution, the college changed its focus back to helping modernize the country. The growing megacorporation presence attracts extra funding and opportunities; students now have the chance to leave Adhomai to acquire new knowledge and experience. The Dymtris Polytechnic College is currently involved in the New Kingdom's plan to build fallout shelters throughout the nation.

Relevant Jobs: You could leave the university as a qualified Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, or Shaft Miner.

Famous Graduates: Lev Prruzhulkanich, current chief construction officer assigned to the Bunker Plan.