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Even one matters in the battlefield.


This is a main page for a playable corporation. Information here is important should you wish to play a contractor relating to this.

Zavodskoi Interstellar is a manufacturing and development conglomerate founded in 2259. They specialize in all forms of weaponry, ranging from small arms and squad weapons, to armored vehicles and combat EVA equipment. Previously known as Necropolis Industries, Zavodskoi Interstellar has retreated from the genetic research scene to focus on military and police equipment in recent years. However, they still possess a significant genetics branch - though it pales in comparison to Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals.


Zavodskoi does not possess much in the way of static assets strewn across the galaxy. In an odd case among the megacorporations, its facilities are largely centralized to the Empire of Dominia and the Sol Alliance. However, its influence can be seen far and wide, as the products of their various manufacturing plants - down to the very finest handmade Zavodskoi firearm - is seen, everywhere.

If it shoots, stabs, slices or anything in between, it is more than likely branded at the side with Zavodskoi emblems.


Current CEO: Lyudmila Zavodskoi

Dr. Lydumila Zavodskoi rose to power as the CEO of Necropolis Industries following the entry of her predecessor into a coma. She has dramatically restructured the company away from Boytsov’s focus on genetics to concentrate primarily on arms development, with the aim of forcing Hephaestus Industries out of the arms market, and the expansion of IPC employees into every area of human space aside from the Empire of Dominia. The nature of her restructuring is so dramatic that she has opted to rename Necropolis to Zavodskoi Interstellar, in order to move away from Boytsov’s legacy. Dr. Zavodskoi herself is a private person, primarily working behind the scenes, but is said to be very shrewd and intelligent with a remarkable ability to play corporate politics. Interstellar observers worry that Dr. Zavodskoi may turn out to be as cutthroat, if not more so, than her predecessor when it comes to supplying conflict zones.

Official Title(s): Zavodskoi Interstellar Industries, Zavodskoi Interstellar Research

Motto: Even one matters in the battlefield.

Headquarters: Tolyatti, Soviet Union, Sovustrasia, Earth, Sol

Official Languages: Tradeband, Tau Ceti Basic, Sol Common

Primary Color Scheme: Black, red, pink and pale brown/tan

Executives and Branches


Lyudmila Zavodskoi, CEO of Zavodskoi Interstellar.

Zavodskoi Interstellar is run by the Administrative Board, lead by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lyudmila Zavodskoi. The Administrative Board ensures the company is running smoothly.

Chief Executive Officer: Lydumila Zavodskoi, 48, Human

Chief Medical Officer: Vasilisa Trusova, 59, Human

Chief Research Officer: Maria Klavan, 47, Human

Chief Security Officer: Kamilla Volvalaad, 45, Human

Chief Information Officer: Erik Rozhkov, 65, Human

Chief Risk Officer: Onufri Zuykov, 54, Human

Chief Legal Officer: Rollan Demidov-Levy, 49, Human

Chief Financial Officer: Minos Palamaras, 59, Human


Zavodskoi Interstellar has rapidly expanded from its home in the Sol Alliance, reaching to most of human space. Here are the locations of their primary and largest branches.

Tolyatti, Soviet Union, Earth, Sol: The headquarters of Zavodskoi Interstellar can be found in Tolyatti. The skyscraper complex consists of three Zavodskoi buildings, a Kumar Arms building, and a ConTec building. The complex is relatively austere and compact, though this can be said about any Zavodskoi Interstellar building.

Cape Town, South Africa, Earth, Sol: The Cape Town branch sits on the edge of a small cliff, overlooking the ocean. The Cape Town branch is known for being surprisingly beautiful for a corporate building, let alone a Zavodskoi Interstellar building.

Harmony City, Luna, Sol: The Harmony City branch sits slightly hidden from public view, with many workers complaining about the long, twisting alleys that one must walk down to get to the building. Nevertheless, the Harmony City branch is the second largest branch of Zavodskoi Industries.

Nova Luxembourg, Dominia, X’yr Vharn’p: The Dominian branch can be found near the city center, prominently overlooking the Court of Chalser. Residing in what was once a bank, the grandiose exterior encloses a large genebank and research building that is well known for its incredibly high security. The grandiose edifices of the Nova Luxembourg branch have decayed in recent years, due to a lack of investment in Zavodskoi's genetics branch.


The subsidiaries of all megacorporations are as endless as their own direct employees, with massive swaths of businesses being occupied or dropped on a daily basis on a galactic scale. Whether businesses flourish alongside or get crushed by the corporate powers is found to be a case-by-case scenario. This means that any independent business, at least outside of Tau Ceti and the Eridani Corporate Federation, can reasonably survive indefinitely without the megas grabbing them. However, should these businesses elevate to anything worthwhile, it is reasonable to assume they’ve already fallen to the whim and will of the economic rulers of the Orion Spur.

Kumar Arms

"The best defense is a Kumar offense."


Kumar Arms is considered the backbone of Zavodskoi Interstellar, founded in the Soviet Union, Earth in 2114. They are one of the most prominent manufacturers of military and police equipment, with a long history of selling to any customer willing to pay their prices.


Sol: Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Earth; with four major equipment manufacturing facilities across Eastern Europe.


Chief Executive Officer: Freia Salsnivna, 37, Human

Chief Security Officer: Peter Ivanov, 47, Human

Chief Engineering Officer: Nirbaan Sehwag, 66, Human

Chief Information Officer: Jingya Dayal-Zhang, 59, Human

Chief Procurement Officer: Sumit Jadhav, 37, Human

Chief Development Officer: Ivan Malinov, 54, Human


Kumar Arms, also known as the Kumar Machinery Development Bureau, is one of the most famous and well known arms manufacturers in the Sol Alliance, with a long history stretching back to their founding in February 2114 by Ilyich Kumarvna. Since their founding, they have sold arms to nearly every country, army, or private military company in history. Their reputation for reliable, high quality, easy to use products is well deserved, and their weapons can be found nearly anywhere in the galaxy. Acquired in 2290 by Zavodskoi Interstellar after a series of poor financial decisions following a burst of growth in the First Interstellar War, they have continued to adapt to and lead rapid developments of new types of weapons. Kumar Arms, due to investments made by Zavodskoi Interstellar, has diversified itself into more fields during the 2400s. They produce much of the Sol Alliance's military vehicles and weaponry, ranging from humble battle rifles and shotguns to the main batteries of naval vessels.

Confiance Technologies

“Have confidence in Confiance.”


Confiance Technologies (ConTec) is a subsidiary of Zavodskoi Interstellar, founded on Luna in 2427. They remain a successful company focusing on AI and synthetic component manufacturing. ConTec has been divided into two branches following the creation of Zavodskoi Interstellar. ConTec's military wing (Branch A) produces a great amount of the Sol Alliance Navy's on-board AIs and combat-grade robotics, and does not operate outside of Solarian space by Zavodskoi Interstellar due to the sensitive data they handle. This includes the Republic of Biesel. ConTec's commercial wing (Branch B) produces non-military equipment, and can be found everywhere outside of Dominian space.


Sol: Headquarters in Firefly City, Luna; two research and development facilities on Luna; two major equipment manufacturing facilities in Luna’s orbit; one research and development facility in Monaco, France, Earth.


Chief Executive Officer: Ilya Moules-Polorov, 43, Human

Chief Research Officer: Florian Chen-Gomez, 56, Human

Chief Technology Officer: Yulia Milosolov, 61, Human

Chief Engineering Officer: Amelia Meng-Wasem, 54, Human

Chief Brand Officer: Martin Laslenev, 38, Human

Chief Quality Assurance Officer: Wei Duhon-Huang, 47, Human

Head Legal Officer: Jayden Flores-Trahan, 41, Human


While perhaps not being the most innovative or highly profitable corporation, Confiance Technologies was founded as part of an effort to diversify Zavodskoi Interstellar’ profit base into more stable fields. It is not uncommon to find circuits, diagrams, wires, and various parts produced by them in robotics and synthetics across the Sol Alliance. In recent years ConTec has diversified itself into Zavodskoi's military industry, and has designed personal AIs for use with Zavodskoi hardsuits and weaponry.

Drive and Agenda

Zavodskoi Interstellar finds itself mostly being a leech off of other megacorporations in terms of workforce. Workers with Zavodskoi usually flocked to the company to exploit its high pay - a byproduct of its ever-dwindling niche in the corporate game slowly siphoning its employees to the other, more prominent corporations. However, perfecting weapons of war is a task which will never truly be finished. In this day and age, Zavodskoi pioneers where others do not by developing and manufacturing the highest-quality niche-function firearms, or just the biggest and baddest weapons they can muster. The extent of this research dominates every echelon of the corporation leading to the unified pursuit of maximizing the efficiency of its stock, rather than trying to cover the widest range possible.

While Zavodskoi Interstellar is undoubtedly on a decline due to its pursuit of quality, its workforce - and contractors - are highly prized for how trustworthy, effective, and polite they end up being.

Zavodskoi Interstellar rarely works alongside Zeng-Hu contractors - intentionally so. The two corporations frequently butt heads after Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals left Zavodskoi genetics research in the dust, with the relation between the two sour at best. This echoes down to the lowest ranks, as even the common worker can find themselves cheered on to beat the opposition. This isn’t an excuse to get fired by trashing your coworker.


Founded in 2259 by Yefim Dementyev, Necropolis Industries grew on the back of an innovative invention: the combat-capable voidsuit. Although initially cumbersome, heavy, and expensive, demand for more polished them to the form we now know. Their growth only skyrocketed further with the outbreak of the First Interstellar War, where demand for space-capable armor was at an all time high. After the end of the war, and shortly after acquiring Kumar Arms, Necropolis diversified heavily into gene modification technology and biological experimentation. During this period they prominently associated with the Empire of Dominia’s efforts in this area, rather than the Jargon Federation like their main competitor: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals. They were briefly famed for skill and quality of outcome in the area of gene therapy, biological limb replacement, and DNA manipulation. Wise financial decisions have ensured their dominance of arms procurement all across the Orion Spur, especially in the Sol Alliance. Many unique weapons developments have fueled their continued hold on the weapons market, with development of tools such as the energy machete, pulse rifles, and sonic weaponry. Some detractors claim that in recent years they have delved secretly into bio-weaponry and atmospheric weapons, but this has always been denied by Zavodskoi Interstellar representatives.

Unfortunately for Necropolis, skrellian investments in Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals made its own genetic advances rapidly irrelevant and the company soon realized that their genetics partner - the Empire of Dominia - was nowhere near the level of the Jargon Federation. As a result Necropolis Industries rebranded itself as Zavodskoi Interstellar following massive cuts to its genetics division and a desire to move itself away from the less-than-stellar reputation of Necropolis, which had come to have its brand name associated with rumors of unethical biological experiments and potential terrorist financing. Rather than pursue further genetics work, Zavodskoi Interstellar opted to pursue what it knew how to do better than any other megacorporation in the Orion Spur: military equipment. The Zavodskoi Interstellar of today remains primarily centered upon three pillars. The largest is its classical military-industrial complex, and a massive amount of humanity's military equipment, ranging from infantry small arms to combat hardsuits to vehicles and much more, are today produced by it or one of its subsidiaries. The military-industrial pillar has even branched into robotics, thanks to Confiance Technologies, a more recent subsidiary of Zavodskoi Interstellar. Its second pillar, as a result of its genetics research, is its robust biotech research wing - Necropolis medical staff are a common sight throughout the Orion Spur, though their use by the Sol Alliance's military ended following the Solarian Collapse of late 2462.

A third, less public, pillar of Zavodskoi Interstellar is its private security force. These officers go wherever Zavodskoi employees go, and are known throughout the Orion Spur for their professionalism. According to company representatives Zavodskoi's security wing is one of the most competitive in the Orion Spur, and are trained longer than any other megacorporation's security force. A recent turnover in the highest ranks of the security force following the rebranding of Necropolis to Zavodskoi has caused some suspicion among third-party observers, but no information has been released on this by Zavodskoi representatives.

Positronics and Zavodskoi Interstellar

In the aftermath of Necropolis Industries' rebranding into Zavodskoi Interstellar, synthetics and positronics have become a more of a common sight in company facilities outside of the Empire of Dominia. These Zavodskoi IPCs are however banned from command and leadership positions within Zavodskoi Interstellar due to the corporation's internal policy, which views positronics as a workforce rather than a management force. This ban includes Zavodskoi Interstellar corporate liaisons.

Newly implemented and with some in the company opposed to their presence, Zavodskoi positronics face systemic fragility within Zavodskoi Interstellar. In an effort to employ and contract out the best representation for the company, Zavodskoi will routinely memory wipe, retool, or outright scrap and sell their IPCs for workplace accidents, failure to execute an order, or under performance. This process has been largely seen as a lighter version of the Burzian Method. This authority does not extend to Zavodskoi Interstellar corporate liaisons although they are encouraged to check in with their positronic contractor personnel from time to time. Therefore, Zavodskoi positronic contractors are often those struggling to maintain a positive evaluation or saved from the scrapyard all together.

It is expected for research and security Zavodskoi Interstellar IPCs to adopt the prefix Z.I. followed by their designation. An example of this formatting is Z.I. Name.

In an effort to bolster company morale, organic personnel are able to lease out Zavodskoi asset IPCs, should they so choose. This allows personnel to ‘own’ a positronic for the home without the burden of maintenance fees. For the IPCs affected, this can work to their benefit or their demise. As more lax personnel may feel less inclined to report aberrancy, whereas other synthetics would find themselves under greater scrutiny.

Relations with Trans-stellar Factions

Relations with all corporations are heavily tied to every echelon of even the most detached factions in the Orion Spur. As the corporations have seeped into every facet of one’s livelihood as far as the eye can see, few find it unimportant to maintain some degree of knowledge on the megacorps.

This megacorporation’s noteworthy relations with the major powers are below, and may be very important to you.

Stellar Corporate Conglomerate

The newly founded Conglomerate’s ties with Zavodskoi are blatant with a newly founded Corporate Force Projection Fleet bearing weapons, munitions and equipment of Zavodskoi make across the board. From high-end starship pieces to antique small arms, Zavodskoi provides it all, making them a key player in the Conglomerate’s private military. This newfound niche has led to a resurgence of its presence galaxy-wide, and cooperation with the other megas has proven very profitable.


Since its rebranding from Necropolis Industries, Zavodskoi Interstellar often employs synthetics as precise, dextrous labor in machining, manufacturing and blanket industrial work. Many stubborn advocates of hand-crafting and several subsidiaries oriented around quality have made large steps towards vilifying these robotic mechanics, claiming that the “organic touch” is the key to quality, rather than objective fact. This case often seeps down to the working persons of the company through rough opinion of the synthetics which threaten the work of their lives. Contrarily, major steps to save the company face have echoed from executives, painting out a confusing and chaotic internal struggle against synthetics in the company.

The Empire of Dominia

Since its arrival in the Dominian industrial scene, Zavodskoi has made headway to monopolizing itself over the fledgling empire as best it can, to decent success. Its sway in the Imperial politics up high remain a mystery, but the certainty of Zavodskoi presence across the Empire’s domain is all there. In recent times, the company can be found reaching out to various establishments in the Empire in an attempt to, for whatever reason it can make up, buy them out. Whether this is a pitiful desperate attempt to grab power or grow a new monopoly is on you to decide.