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This is a page dedicated to notable Humans across the Orion Spur. These are the most influential and important individuals whose actions sway the galaxy and its history at large.

The Trasen Family

The top of the food chain, the Trasen family’s status is legendary on the galactic scale. Virtually everybody has heard of them, and their monopoly over Phoron and stranglehold over Tau Ceti has raised them to be the most influential and powerful individuals in Human history.

Miranda Trasen

Birthdate : 25 March, 2413

Wealth beyond belief is hardly the characterizing trait of Miranda Trasen, who alone has held together the Phoron monopoly for the years after her father’s death in 2443. Maintaining a strong public image is among her greatest efforts, to grand success - the “good deeds” of NanoTrasen have spread word across Human space like wildfire since her rise to power. This is of course in desperation to mend the shattered reputation of NanoTrasen amongst the Frontier worlds that have come to despise the megacorporation, though whether the wealthiest woman alive has better aspirations than exploiting them is up for debate. Miranda has managed to establish footholds in the Coalition of Colonies’ space itself, branching out far and wide across the galaxy.

Miranda’s insistence on an outwards-facing smile has not kept her corporation out of a negative light, and weekly scandals are bound to be numerous for something so enormous. Nor has it managed to keep the press out of her daily dealings. Every move made outside of protected corporate property is tracked incessantly, with each step into new territories being either celebrated or rued with the public at large. Reasonably, Miranda can rarely be seen outside of the highest echelons of the corporation’s most secure facilities and ships with this in mind.

Nathan Trasen

Birthdate : 18 July, 2416

Part of the Trasen family, Nathan Trasen also holds a high-ranking position in NanoTrasen. Unlike his cousin, Nathan has the fortune of not being in the spotlight-- but, despite this, he always puts on his best smile in public, almost unsettlingly so. Responsible for the security of the entire corporation, Nathan knows everything that goes on in the company. He is the man behind recent reforms to NanoTrasen’s station security forces, which were previously regarded as second-rate to their competitors in the Eridani Private Military Company and Idris Incorporated. However, Nathan has continued to employ contractors aboard NanoTrasen’s security stations for security purposes, and is known to maintain friendly relations with the Chief Security Officers of other megacorporations.

Melissa Trasen

Birthdate : 14 October, 2443

The youngest Trasen, Melissa made a name for herself by modelling for well-known fashion conglomerates such as Cashien Jewellers and Le Soliel Royal; by the end of her modelling career, Melissa was modelling high-end prosthetics after an elective surgery that replaced her left hand, courtesy of Bishop Cybernetics. Now, with a successful modelling career behind her, Melissa has decided to expand her horizon and join her family in moulding the future of the Orion Spur by managing the “Trasen Development Benefit” - a charity organisation that aims to assist the poor and downtrodden within the Republic of Biesel and abroad, operating closely with the Interstellar Aid Corps. Despite her short time in philanthropy, Melissa’s charitable actions have proven to be a boon for NanoTrasen’s PR. Although younger than her cousin, she is considered a close confidant and advisor to Miranda.

Xavier Trasen

Birthdate: 5 May, 2325

Death: December 1, 2443

Xavier Trasen, at a young age, went on to shape the progression of humanity and many others by forming the gene therapy company of Nanotrasen. From there, Nanotrasen began to rapidly broaden it's horizons. Chemistry, cloning, medical-care, arms productions, botanical research, and xeno-archaeology, under his arm NanoTrasen began to overshadow other companies and rivals with it's rapid progression and development. Xavier would die the galaxy's richest man, passing on his position to his daughter, Miranda Trasen.

Big Five

Known commonly as the “Big Five,” these are the chief executives of the megacorporations, and without a doubt the richest people in the galaxy aside from the Trasens.

Titanius Aeson

Birthdate : 12 May, 2430

An odd case amongst megacorps, the “Fighting Titan” of Hephaestus Industries is a former lower-level foreman on a Hephaestus orbital platform that has, through dedication and cunning, worked his way up to the top of Hephaestus. Aeson is a respected, and slightly feared, figure in Hephaestus that cuts an imposing figure at two meters and height and a build resembling one of Hephaestus’ G2 robots. A booming voice and infamous love of cigars contributes to Aeson’s reputation as a literal titan of industry. Aeson’s status as a man that rose from the ranks is why the modern Hephaestus Industries is viewed as one of the better companies to work for in the engineering sector, with significant benefits being given to retain workers and ensure even hazardous work is done.

Liqin Hsiao-Li

Birthdate: 16 August, 2354

One of the smartest living humans in the Orion Spur, Doctor Hsiao-Li secured her position as the head of Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals through ability rather than family relations, and has seen Zeng-Hu secure significant shares of the human and skrellian biotech markets under her watchful eye. Hsiao-Li has a reputation as an extremely strict woman, even amongst Zeng-Hu Pharmaceutical board members, that does not tolerate failure. This has worked wonders for the reputation of the company’s workers, as one screw-up is enough to get them fired, but has made Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals a much more stressful company to work for than its main competitor of NanoTrasen. However, should an employee show success, Hsiao-Li rewards it.

Noella Lopez-Zhang

Birthdate : 12 December, 2408

A genius researcher and cutthroat businesswoman, Dr. Lopez-Zhang is respected throughout Einstein Engines as the woman that saved the oldest megacorporation in the Orion Spur from utter destruction by radically restructuring the company in the mid-2400s. Under Lopez-Zhang’s steady leadership, Einstein has set about recovering much of its market share. Presently, it stands able to challenge NanoTrasen in several engineering fields and has become a major threat to Hephaestus Industries. Dr. Lopez-Zhang and Titanius Aeson are known to have an infamously sour relationship.

Alex Mason

Birthdate : 6 September, 2425

Known for their (seemingly) fantastic relationship with the Trasens, Alex Mason was brought into the Idris family at a young age and quickly became the heir to the chief executive position of Idris Incorporated with no clear rhyme or reason. While the family had ensured their own blood led the company for hundreds of years, the sudden change of heart was seen as a shock to the public when it ended up in Mason’s hands in 2453. Since then, the young man has made little change to the corporate structure - Idris is the same as it’s always been, while Mason sits on a fortune. He is known to be deceptive at heart, with a substantial record of holding up to Idris’ brutal business tactics.

Kazimir Boytsov

Birthdate : 2312

Kazimir Boytsov is chief among the most infamous arms manufacturers in the galaxy. Born in early 2312, they’re known for their wisdom in their age, and developed Necropolis Industries around in the view of his father. Loyal to his family’s agenda above all else, he seeks to guide the hand of conflicts in the Frontier - and any that may crop up between political entities - to turn out the maximum, most selfish profit possible. By no means an upstanding individual. In 2462, Boytsov fell into a coma - likely as a result of his old age - and was replaced by Dr. Lydumila Zavodskoi as CEO.

Lydumila Zavodskoi

Birthdate: 2398

Dr. Lydumila Zavodskoi rose to power as the CEO of Necropolis Industries following the entry of her predecessor into a coma. She has dramatically restructured the company away from Boytsov’s focus on genetics to concentrate primarily on arms development, with the aim of forcing Hephaestus Industries out of the arms market, and the expansion of IPC employees into every area of human space aside from the Empire of Dominia. The nature of her restructuring is so dramatic that she has opted to rename Necropolis to Zavodskoi Interstellar, in order to move away from Boytsov’s legacy. Dr. Zavodskoi herself is a private person, primarily working behind the scenes, but is said to be very shrewd and intelligent with a remarkable ability to play corporate politics. Interstellar observers worry that Dr. Zavodskoi may turn out to be as cutthroat, if not more so, than her predecessor when it comes to supplying conflict zones.

Republic of Biesel

These are individuals relevant to the Republic of Biesel.

President Joseph Dorn

Birthdate: 9 January, 2406

Current President of the Republic of Biesel, Dorn has led the small nation through a series of threats to its continued existence ranging from Lii’dra to the Sol Alliance Navy. While one of the most respected political figures in the young Republic, some are concerned that Dorn will not be able to maintain a firm hold on it considering its repeated disasters and extremely diverse population, and the Republic’s close connection to business interests such as NanoTrasen. In the upcoming election, he will doubtlessly face firm opposition. Only time will tell if President Dorn will keep his position despite criticisms of his recent handing of District Six and the Jargon Federation’s incursions into Biesel space.

Prime Minister Ladislao de Santos

Birthdate: 18 May, 2418

Prime Minister Ladislao de Santos is considered by many to be a rather charismatic individual, who won the election for Prime Minister of Mictlan in early 2462 by the will of the people, and the power of his moustache. His primary campaigning point being that of standing against the Solarian Alliance, and putting Mictlan first, was popular among those and the planet - and is the likely reason why he won the election in a landslide. However, with the collapse of the Solarian Alliance, and independence becoming a possibility, Prime Minister Ladislao de Santos has been accused of having shirked the promise to his people, and instead opted to allow the Republic of Biesel to claim Mictlan and allow the proliferation of megacorporations across Mictlan. Many have protested against the decision, with some even taking arms against it and fighting for their freedom.

To most, Prime Minister Ladislao de Santos was meant to be the people’s Prime Minister, a politician that had a bleeding heart for the people of Mictlan. His speeches, even today, are filled with compassionate remarks and often incur sympathy within the minds of those listening. With protests flaring up over his recent decisions regarding the governing of Mictlan across the major population centres, those who stand against him have begun referring to him as the true antagonist against the freedom of his planet, allowing Mictlan to be exploited to line his own pockets. Despite these claims, Ladislao de Santos has asserted that a strong Mictlan can only exist with the help of the Republic of Biesel and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate - especially in the face of the phoron scarcity and the Solarian Warlords.

Presiding Speaker Åke Torvald

Birthdate: 13 August, 2387

Presiding Speaker Åke Torvald is largely an elusive individual - hardly seen or heard outside of the New Gibson Parliament. Born within an Understad in close proximity to Fallanland, Torvald eventually went on to study law at New Gibson University, graduating in 2412. He was employed as a Biesel Intelligence Service foreign intelligence officer for 25 years, rising high and fast among the ranks, before resigning in 2437 to begin a political career in the New Gibson Parliament. Having eventually secured enough votes to be a representative, Torvald eventually procured enough support from other representatives to be elected as Deputy Presiding Speaker of the New Gibson Parliamentary Republic in 2448 - serving under Presiding Speaker Xin Hengsha. He would eventually ascend to the rank of Presiding Speaker following the death of Xin Hengsha in 2453 as a result of an unforeseen accident regarding a glacier brick that they were aboard.

Åke Torvald has eluded the public eye for the better part of a decade, rarely seen outside the New Gibson Parliament. Despite his elusiveness, Torvald is regarded as being a fierce New Gibsonite nationalist, evident by his behaviour shown within the House of Parliament present within the Hengsha Ovanstad. His latest address of the House went viral following its release on social media - in the video, Presiding Speaker Torvald condemns allowing the Corporate Reconstruction Zone to become a bastion of insurgency, and announced running for the presidency during the next elections as an independent party and tackling the insurgency more aggressively.

Xiomara Salvo

Birthdate: 14 March, 2431

Not much is known about Xiomara Salvo besides what is proliferated at the whim of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. Dishonorably discharged from the Mictlan Defense Force following an investigation that lead to the discovery of her leadership of the seditious anti-corporate group, “Samaritans”, Xiomara has largely been attributed to be the “woman against progress” by pro-corporatists and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate.

Born in Arequipa, Salvo attended the Arequipan Institute of Ecology and Natural Sciences - having studied and completed a degree in Chemical Engineering. They then found employment within the Mictlan Defense Force, eventually rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Not much else is known about Salvo, with most of her supporters being silenced on various social media sites.

Coalition of Colonies

These are individuals relevant to the Coalition of Colonies.

Chief Representative of the Coalition Reilly Sianne

Birthdate: 18 March, 2421

Formerly a farmhand on Xanu, Reilly is the first Chief Representative of the newly reformed Coalition of Colonies. A staunch Xanu proponent of trade, she has pushed for more anti-piracy patrols in the Coalition’s south, near Zaurghis, and has advocated that the Coalition should expand its influence into the neutral zone formally. Sianne is, furthermore, a proponent of more megacorporation presence in the Coalition - a stance that has brought her into conflict with some planets within the Coalition. Sianne’s personality is difficult to decipher, with almost all of her own time dedicated to expanding on her political career. She is seen as a shut-in in this regard, with little in the way of social connections - in part due to her being elevated to the position by external forces and plucked out of a once-peaceful rural town life in her childhood.

Iraiya, the Queen in Blue

Birthdate: Unknown

Sat upon the throne of the King’s Omen is the young Iraiya, known by the Scarabs and in the Frontier as the “Queen in Blue.” She is the descendent of Apollo Kagwa, the lone man who led the Scarabs to unification during the Lost Years. She is known for her excessive caution and compassion for her kin, embodying the Scarab superstition they are known for. To outsiders, she’s seen as ruthless and unforgiving, a trait that carries over to reflect on her entire fleet numbering in the billions. Since her childhood, she carried the ideology that a unified Humanity is the ultimate dream - hope, that individuals could live with one another in peace, guides her hand. In practice, it’s often an excuse to conquer and plunder the territories of those who disagree with her in immature and hypocritical tantrums.

First Speaker Marja-Leena Helminen

Birthdate: 18 November, 2417

Either the second or third most important person in the Coalition of Colonies, depending upon which person is asked, Doctor Helminen is the elected leader of the United Syndicates of Himeo and at times the greatest ally and worst enemy of Chief Representative Sianne. Unlike her counterpart on Xanu, Helminen has pushed against megacorporations having a further presence in the Coalition and believes that the Coalition should pursue closer relations with Elyra instead of formally expanding into the buffer zone near the Sol Alliance. She is also well-known as a major proponent of joint Coalition-Elyra anti-piracy efforts.

Eridani Corporate Federation

These are individuals relevant to the Eridani Federation.

The Board of Five

Headshot photo of Emanuel Alimayu, Chief Executive Officer of the Eridani Corporate Federation Executive Board. (artwork created by Sleepywolf)

Birthdate: N/A

While not a singular person, the Eridani Corporate Federation’s Board of Five represent some of the most powerful and influential entities in the Sol Alliance. The Board’s interests remain mostly shadowy, aside from being profit-focused. The Eridani Private Military Company, the largest PMC in the Orion Spur, ultimately answers directly to them and the non-aggression principle. NanoTrasen, much to its dismay, does not have a stake in the Board of Five - Einstein Engines, which controls two of the Five, has gone to great lengths to keep its main rival out of the Board.

Emanuel Alimayu

Birthdate: ???, 2418

Emaunel is an exceptional businessman and the epitome of a Eridanian "Corporate". Sitting as the current CEO of the "Board of Five" within the Eridani Corporate Federation as well as the Chairman of the Board for Sol Governance and Senator of the Epsilon Eridani region. Born on Oran and educated on Earth, Emanuel has a prodigious corporate career, starting as a Regional Sales Manager for Hephaestus Industries Emanuel has worked his way up the ranks to become the current CEO of the Eridani Federation.

Commander Filije Thiaw

Birthday: Circa 2395

Born a Dreg in the slums of Oran's underworld, Thiaw had absolutely nothing at birth. Her father is unknown, and her mother died of an overdose shortly after her daughter's birth. She grew up on the streets and found a family amongst a gang, until the age of eighteen - when they were captured by private military contractors. Her fellow dregs were written off as too far into gang life to be of use, but Thiaw was chosen to be reinstated and brought into the nascent Eagle Corp as a rank-and-file mercenary. Over the following decades, she has risen to be the Operations Commander of Eagle Corp through tenacity and hard work - and more than one extrajudicial killing. Commander Thiaw is the premier example of a reinstated Dreg, and is the wealthiest - and most powerful - former Eridanian Dreg in the Orion Spur. She has also been a major driving factor behind Eagle Corp's continued employment of Dregs.

Empire of Dominia

These are individuals relevant to the Empire of Dominia.

The Royal Family

Birthdate: N/A

The five members of the Dominian royal family, including the current Emperor, are the most important people in the Empire of Dominia despite their roots as commoners. Universally-loved throughout the young Empire, many of their subjects view them as the glue that works to hold the young Empire together following its violent origins. The Emperor and Empress are the most prominent members of Dominia's royalty, though the Crown Princess is extremely prominent in her own right with her charity work and interstellar diplomacy. The Crown Prince and the younger Princess are less well-known, but still well-regarded throughout the Empire.

Duchess Huiling Zhao, Grand Admiral of His Imperial Majesty’s Fleet

Birthdate: 30 September, 2416

As the highest-ranking member of the Emperor of Dominia’s admiralty Grand Admiral Zhao, of the Order of the Golden Albatros, is considered to be one of the most influential members of Keeser’s Imperial Cabinet. A long-serving and well-respected naval officer, she has been a major driving force behind the Empire turning its attention abroad in recent years. She has also been key in ensuring House Zhao retains its naval dominance, which has earned her some ire amongst the Unathi of the Empire. She is a hated figure in the Coalition of Colonies, and is often viewed as a key symbol of Dominian imperialism abroad. Grand Admiral Zhao is, effectively, also the leader of House Zhao in all but name due to her position as Grand Admiral.

Serene Republic of Elyra

These are individuals relevant to the Republic of Elyra.

Prime Minister Rasheed Tatenda

Birthdate: 13 July, 2421

The victor in Elyra’s most recent elections, P.M. Tatenda is a sterling representative of what Elyra is to the greater frontier. He is a published phoron researcher with some combat experience under his belt as a result of service as a reserve officer, and maintains a good appearance despite his advancing age. While Tatenda does not have the best relationship with NanoTrasen, or megacorporations more generally, his government has seen a thawing of the NT-Elyra relationship due to NanoTrasen providing cardox to Elyra. However a full thaw remains unlikely, as Tatenda’s government retains bitterness over how long it took cardox shipments to begin. Tatenda’s government has seen a strengthening of the relationship between the Coalition of Colonies and Elyra under his leadership, with the goal of further suppressing Dominian and unathi piracy.

Sol Alliance

These are individuals relevant to the Sol Alliance.

Senator Hendrik Strom

Birthdate: 18 January, 2396

There is perhaps no politician more divisive than Senator Henrik Strom. Born into a working-class Jintarian family in the late 24th century, the infamy that has come to be associated with his pale, gaunt figure and plain grey suit speaks volumes to what he has managed to accomplish - and prevent - during nearly thirty years of service in the Solarian government in positions ranging from municipal representative to, since 2453, senator. The Senator was one of the two driving forces behind the Third Tajara Ban (alongside Senator Le Hanh Trang, of New Hai Phong) and had no small part in shaping politics under ex-Prime Minister Frost. As both a longtime politician and a dogged supporter of the Solarian Navy, Strom was an obvious candidate for the emergency military government to pick as the Sol System's emergency governor. With his position as provisional governor secure (for now), his party backing him, and his popularity outside of Mars at an all-time peak, the Senator has set his sights upon a loftier position to pursue: Prime Minister.

Senator Le Hanh Trang

Birthdate: 22 February, 2419

One of the most noteworthy Solarian nationalists in recent memory, Senator Hanh Trang has become one of the Alliance's most important politicians following its near-collapse in 2462. Since the success of the Third Tajara Ban, she has opted to assume a radical stance on corporations in Solarian space following the formation of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. While NanoTrasen, in her eyes, is beyond redemption and all its Solarian assets must be nationalized or destroyed, other corporations can receive the velvet glove: either pay reparations for supporting NanoTrasen or suffer a partial nationalization of their assets in Solarian space. With dozens of fleets and Einstein Engines backing the Senator's rhetoric, it might just manage to succeed...

Governor-General Tereza Varzieva

Birthdate: 19 October, 2429

The youngest planetary administrator in the Alliance and a Solarian Army officer, Colonel Varzieva was initially dispatched to Mars in early November, 2462 to control unrest on the planet related to the ongoing phoron scarcity and recently-authorized Third Tajara Ban. Despite controversy regarding incidents in which soldiers under her command opening fire on crowds of tajara - and protests calling for her dishonorable discharge - Colonel Varzieva found herself the de facto leader of Kunlun and the northern ice cap following the Violet Dawn catastrophe. She was, thanks to commanding a mostly-intact unit, hastily promoted to General and given the position of Interim Military Governor of Mars by the Alliance's emergency government, for nobody else was available. Now she has set her sights on a lofty goal: restoring order to Mars, no matter how much force must be brought to bear. Only time will tell if she will bring salvation or ruination to the beleaguered red planet.