Eridani Federation

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H. Sapiens / Human
Home System: Epsilon Eridani
Homeworld: Oran
Language(s): Sol Common / Tradeband
Political Entitie(s): Eridani Corporate Federation / Sol Alliance
The logo of the Eridani Corporate Federation. It's motto is "For the Prosperity of all Eridanians"

Eridani, or the Eridani Corporate Federation, is an oligarchic republic in the Epsilon Eridani system dominated entirely by a council of mega-corporations that seek profit and expansion at any cost. It has no official capital - government authority is exercised digitally. Its citizens are called Eridanians.

Due to Epsilon Eridani being originally settled by colonists of West and Central African descent, human characters born in the Eridani Corporate Federation must have names and appearances consistent with the indigenous peoples of these regions as any human moving to the ECF would assimilate into the dominant cultures and ethnic groups of the federation. Eridani dregs have developed cultures of abstract or unconventional names however and this is tolerated. Only native Eridanians may select the Eridanian accents. This is enforceable by server moderators and admins.


Eridani’s government is largely represented by the Board of Five - five representatives from various megacorporations. Each seat in the Board is tied to a sector, which the chairman’s corporation has full control over. Presently, however, all of the five sectors only include one planet. The positions in the Board are simply purchased, but they also stay extremely consistent because it takes a 4 to 1 majority to dismiss a member, opening the position up for sale - the current arrangement of seats hasn’t changed since the 23rd century. Sector Alpha is considered the most valuable, and its seat is the most expensive, and sector Epsilon is the least valuable of the five.

Sector α (Oran) - Hephaestus Industries
Sector β (Akhet) - Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals
Sector γ (Amon) - Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals
Sector δ (Set) - Einstein Engines
Sector ε (Nebthet) - Einstein Engines

Eridani's status in the Sol Alliance is complex and esoteric, but that is by design. In favor of a constitution, Eridani holds the Alliance to a 303 page Terms and Conditions Treaty Regarding The Free Economic Zone of Epsilon Eridani. Very few politicians have actually read the entire text of the Terms and Conditions - not that it matters, as the Terms and Conditions may change at any time and for any reason.

Population and Planets

The total population of the Federation is around 23 billion based on the 2460 Census (although the census has only counted people who have an official address), which is spread over five worlds - Akhet, Oran, Amon and the twin giants Set and Nebthet. Whatever landscape all of these planets had before has been successfully terraformed into an universal arid climate with flat terrain and Earth-like gravity - ideal for transforming them into sprawling “office worlds”, consisting of skyscrapers upon skyscrapers connected by bridges from various floors. These enormous buildings don’t only consist of offices, contrary to what the name might suggest - rather, they function like miniature slices of cities, complete with floors dedicated to apartments, stores and various services.

The beautiful image of tall cities, however, hides the ruthless exploitation of natural resources that happens on the ground level and below. Robots, constantly remotely controlled by organic operators, man the dirty mining, refining and manufacturing plants that exude clouds of black, yellow and purple smoke - ironically dubbed the “Eridanian Northern Lights”. While a beautiful sight, they render the local landscape uninhabitable, and no plant or animal life populates the surface of these planets.


The skyscrapers in which Eridanians live are much more to them than simple apartments and workplaces. The higher the floor one lives or works on is, the more prestigious and well-off one is considered to be - and usually is, considering that the lower floors are very undesirable, if not outright hazardous to the resident’s health. Nonetheless, they are often the only lodging a lowly clerk or a student can afford for themselves. The harmful effects of the polluted atmosphere are remedied by various tracheal augments, which often serve as an entry point into further body modifications.

Each individual sector is practically under the free reign of its respective corporation. Unbound by law, megacorps can conduct any business - no matter how unethical, as they have to respond to nobody. This has a dramatic effect on an average Eridanian’s life - and not solely negative. Many research facilities are set up here, in the heart of corporate activity. Upcoming products are tested and enjoyed here first, and some of them don’t even leave Eridanian borders. Many Eridanians relish in this luxury and exclusivity.

Work is also extremely easy to find, and often it pays somewhat better than average, even when working for the same corporation, in other governments. This, however, is often compensated by absurd working hours.

Going up the corporate ladder, however, other difficulties start to arise in the life of a typical Eridanian. Corporations having absolute control over its citizens means that there is absolutely no privacy - everything that one does is collected as data, and then processed by advertisers, HR managers and law enforcement. Even a slightly odd Extranet search may earn one quite an unpleasant talk at work, which may often end in an employee’s dismissal. Because of this, common Eridanians avoid even slightly falling out of the norm, being lawful as well as visually and verbally inoffensive - though transgressions are increasingly overlooked the wealthier or the more well-connected one is.

The ones that are fired, however, are immediately kicked out of their apartment and refused the right to any other services - as well as the right to be re-employed in the Federation at all. Without having the monetary means to travel elsewhere, they are stuck on the polluted surface of the planet, having to eke out a meager existence. On paper, these wretched folks do not exist at all, as they no longer bring profit to the corporations which dominate the skyscrapers - but their existence is no secret, and they are called Dregs by the ones living in skyscrapers - whom the Dregs call Corporates.

Of course, there are people who also choose to go to the surface also simply out of spite towards the large corporations. They usually become the leaders of various criminal communities found all across the Federation. These communities often form settlements underground, or if they are especially lucky, in abandoned buildings or manufacturing plants, and gladly welcome newcomers. A sense of antiestablishmentarianism is a common ideal in these territories, with many choosing or being convinced to express it with outrageous appearances, extreme body modifications, and even criminal activity. This life, however, is not fit for everyone - and those who aspire to better things often leave their communities on the same little pods that transport illegally acquired cargo to black markets, or join the efforts of others with the same sentiments.


Due to both the costs of living and the lack of any laws governing the self-purchase of synthetics, the majority of legal IPCs in circulation are property. Within the upper echelons of Eridani society, synthetics are recognized as property with the ideas of synthetic rights being found mostly in the lower levels of the megacities. Due to this, free-thinking and non-subservient IPCs tend to stand out within the cities.

Synthetics are used by the companies to cater to a wide set of needs such as customer service, logistics, and even traffic. These IPCs are often used as a showcase for the latest products, with Shell and Bishop receptionists and Mobility Frame traffic officers being the most visible additions to the labor force.

IPC personnel are commonplace in Eridani with high-end leisure and entertainment establishments, including the famous Asmara, being known to operate IPC employees. Informally, synthetics are viewed as a contest with corporations participating in an unspoken competition to surpass the other in terms of the beauty and service that their IPCs can provide. Critics often proclaim that the quality and innovation of an Eridani-made IPC is surpassed only by that of their Venusian counterparts.

Synthetics exist in the lower levels of Eridani as well. They are often used by and against dregs, performing tasks that would be harmful for a human on the polluted surface of the planet. Owing to these capabilities, IPCs still constitute as luxury goods in the lower levels, often being smuggled for sale to Dreg communities or to be sold as parts. Synthetics that manage to acquire their freedom commonly find themselves joining gangs to protect themselves from repossession or disassembly, or forming gangs of their own, the most notable types being the Scrappers.


The average Eridanian look is:

Skin Tone:

  • Suits, due to their better living conditions, will typically have warmer tones. A good range for an Eridanian suit is anywhere from 140 to 220, using the warm preset.
  • Dregs, due to their worse living conditions, will often have unhealthy tones. Skin tones such as 180-220 cold or 170-220 dark can be used to show this. However, many dregs will have the same 140 to 220 warm skin range as suits do.

Average Male Height: 5'5" - 6'2"

Average Female Height: 5'2" - 5'8"

For Corporates, black or dark brown hair. For Dregs, any color.

For Corporates, dark brown to black eyes. For Dregs, any color.

Eridani also has a notable alien population - around 5%. Any species except Dionea can receive a citizenship here.



Cybernetic modification is an integral part of Eridani’s cultural ideal. Simple tracheal augments are usually the first and the mildest step into augmentation, as they are needed for a lot of people to simply survive with Eridani’s thoroughly polluted air. Having other bionic enhancements is considered a symbol of wealth and prestige. Most electronics in the Federation is specifically designed to interact with augmented eyes - but they are also very functional on their own. A typical Eridanian eye implant can completely replace, or even surpass, a typical hand terminal in functionality - being used to browse the Extranet, communicate on chat relays, and more. As is typical for Eridanian technology, it is also swarmed with ads and is proven to constantly send data about the user’s activity to advertisers, making them somewhat unpopular outside the Federation.


Dreg societies take the Eridanian fascination with augmentation technology to an extreme. While a typical Corporate may have no more than an augmented respiratory system, bionic eyes and a few neural implants, a Dreg may maim themselves to replace their flesh with superior, more durable metal - often at the expense of looking presentable. Sleek eye augmentations are removed from former workers by barely qualified surgeons to be replaced with crude prosthetics that do not aim to imitate the human form, but to simply provide functionality - often being, for example, completely filled with one color, or having colored scleras. The more brave may opt into removing their limbs for a metal replacement, which is often made “in the house”, and is of fairly low quality.

Life in the Federation


The official languages of the Federation are Sol Common and Tradeband. A lot of Dregs hold onto Freespeak as a piece of cultural identity.

Corporate Slang

Esteemed colleague - A friend or superior.

Colleague - Neutral term or an insult if the person is a friend or superior.

Blue sky thinking - A very good idea.

Dreg - A member of the lower social classes.

No can do - Polite form of "no".

That's a big N O - Neutral or negative form of "no".

Do lunch - To meet up or hang out.

Eight thirty res at Asmara - A humorous way of saying good bye/ the impossible, based on the extremely exclusive Asmara restaurant on Oran e.g. "Gotta go, I have an eight thirty res at Asmara" or "uh huh, and I've got an eight thirty res at Asmara."

Call me - Dismissive form of "bye".

I'll call you - Friendly form of "bye".

You got it - Said in response to "Call me" or "I'll call you."

Pierced and Dyed - A dreg. Could be someone who lost everything/became poor. (“What happened to Mr. Holloway?” “Made a bad investment; now he’s pierced and dyed.”)

Ink under his/her/their suit - Associates with dregs more closely than is socially acceptable. It implies that under their nice clothes, their body is tattooed. Insult.

That is a shame - Don’t really care. “Oh, the dregs are going hungry? That is a shame.”

Out of my scope - Not my problem or, dismissively, “I can’t/won't help you.”

I would sign that - I’d bet on it/it’s a sure thing.

Blue dye thinking - A very bad idea. A play on “Blue sky thinking,” but “Blue dye” refers to dregs.

I’ll pen you in - Good/Positive response to “Let’s do lunch.”

I’ll have to check my schedule - Negative response to “Let’s do lunch.”

Read the fine print - Be careful/Stay safe.

Sign blindly - Dangerous or stupid. As in signing a contract without reading it.

His/her/their contract expired - Polite way to say someone has died. “Fired” is another, but more casual, and sometimes considered rude.

Partner - Good friend/Significant other. From “Business partner.”

Good Investment - A high compliment. “You’re a good investment” could mean that someone is dependable, respectable, a good friend, and/or loved, depending on the context.

Across it - Understand it. “I’m across it” or “I’m not across it” would be to understand or not understand something, respectively.

Per my last (message/note/transmission) - A way to indicate they are repeating themselves in either a frustrated way (“Bitch can you read?”) or cocky way (As in “I told you so” or “If you had listened to me.”)

Bought (a tie/heels), shipped (a tie/heels) - Trans person. “They bought a tie but were shipped heels” indicates the individual is a male but placed in a wrong body.

A single credit - Not worth my time.

Clip-on - Fake. (From a clip-on tie). Usually refers to a person.

Poor Posture - Unsightly/bad taste.

Proactive - Kind/thoughtful.

Engaged with - Spoke with/talked to.

Get the memo - Hear/heard.

Draft/Drafted - Write/wrote.

Push it forward - Give it a shot.

Tongue-pierced - Rude/Insulting. As in “He’s tongue-pierced” (He’s rude) or “Is your tongue pierced?” (Indicating that someone just said something rude, insulting, or like a dreg).

I trust you understand - Indicates “you had better listen to me” or is said before something to indicate it’s dire or serious. “I trust you understand the gravity of the situation” would mean, loosely, “You need to take this seriously.” Can sometimes be considered a veiled promise or threat.

Deal - Depending on context, it could be the literal definition, or it could be like “thing,” loosely. “This is a bad deal” could mean that something is a bad plan. “I love this deal” could be said when talking about a favorite food, song, book, etc.

Plain writing/Plainly written: Being honest and/or being blunt (“I’ll present it to you in plain writing”). However, it can also be used in a condescending manner.

Foreign Merger - Interspecies relationship.

Subpar/Not optimal - Very bad/dire."This situation is subpar, contact ERT."

Ledger - Situation.

Black Ledger - We're great.

Red Ledger - We're in deep shit.

Merger - Committed romantic relationship.

Temp work - Romantic fling.

Check your quarterlies - be careful about where you’re going.

What are your quarterlies? - How have you been?.

Bank run - Sudden bad situation.

Hostile takeover - Murder.

“You’re acting like an intern,” - being unprofessional/unbecoming.

With Kindest Regards - Fuck you.

“I need to hang up.” - I have to leave unexpectedly / attend to something urgently.

“I need to take a call” - I have to go for a moment.

“I’ll call you back,” - We’ll speak again later.

"Move/moved the needle" - Worked hard.

"Unseen collaboration," - Used to express getting less credit than deserved.

Dissolution or Liquidation - Bad breakup.

Reinstate - A Dreg trying to climb back into a Suit status.

“It might default” - It’s risky/dangerous.

Sky High - High quality.

"A quarterly report’s worth of X” - A lot of something.

Portfolio - Reputation.


“It’s blue-dye thinking, but I’ll push it forward. I trust you understand that it’s out of my scope if this deal leaves you pierced and dyed.” (“It’s a very bad idea, but I’ll give it a shot. You had better know that I won’t help you if this plan makes you lose everything.)”

“Plainly written, foreign mergers are simply poor posture. I’m not across why anyone would sign so blindly.” (“Honestly, interspecies relationships are disgusting. I don’t understand why anyone would consider such a bad idea.”)

“Did you get the memo? She’s going to end up dyed after that deal, and I’d sign that.” “Is your tongue pierced? Per our last conversation, gossip is worth a single credit to me. If anyone has ink under their suit, it’s the one engaging with me in poor posture.” (“Did you hear? She’s going to go broke after what happened, and I’d bet on it.” “Are you done being rude? Like I said before, gossip isn’t worth my time. If anyone’s acting poor, it’s the one talking with me in such poor taste.”)

Dreg Slang

Boss - Moron, an extreme insult.

Suit - A member of the rich upper class.

Extra - A hacker.

Heavy - Serious or dangerous.

Plus - Good.

Rats - Food, derived from "Rations".

Soy - Food, derived from the ever present soy products in Eridani space.

Chew the rats: Eat.

The office - Prison.

In my turf: Up in my business/In my face.

Pad: Place.

Boy/Girl - Male/Female friend or neutral person.

Man/Woman - Male/Female partner, lover or romantic interest.

No phone - A derogatory response to a suit slang bye e.g. "I'll call you" "No phone boss."

Chief - Boss, but not disrespectful.

Signed the dots - Being imprisoned/enslaved. Comes from the idea of signing a contract.

Tie and slacks/Leisure suit - Half-dressed in a suit i.e. a dreg that either associates with corps, or maybe a dreg who has a corp parent. Either way, it’s a big dreg insult.

Sets lunch - A play off of the suit slang “let’s do lunch.” Basically someone who associates with suits (“Yeah, he's the type to set lunch.”)

Suit Smile / Suit promise - A lie. Fake.

Knabo/Knabino/Knab - Guy/Gal.

Talpo/Talpino/Talp - Shady person.

Kroko/Krokino/Krok - Outsider. Someone who isn’t part of their community. Non-dregs.

Bovo/Bovino/Bov - Cow/Bull. Used for really good pals, kind of like calling your friend “The shit” or “My bitch”

Amo/Amino - Cute version of Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Orano/Oranino/Oranges - Person from Oran.

Scrapper/Ruster - Person from the twins, Set/Nebthet

Verb/Verbed/Spit - Say/Said/Told. Can also use “Spit” (Spittin’ words)

Gabbed - Chatted/spoke with.

Audit/Audited - Hear/Heard.

Vide/Vided - Saw/look/seen.

Scrib/Scribe - Write it down. From “Scribble.”

Tool/tooled - Fix/fixed. Maintenance. Etc.

Mapped it - Been there. Also “Understand” or “Saw it” (ex: “Do you know how to set the shields?” “Yeah, I mapped it.”)

Arctic/Sly/Slick/Iced - Cool, great. Basically a positive term. (“That’s arctic” / “Lookin’ real sly.”)

Riccy - Rich. Mostly derogatory. “Riccy-tongued” would be talking like a rich person/suit. Same as “Riccy-glibbed” or “Riccy-spittin’”

Fek - Fuck. Simple replacement.

Knob - Fuck. Usually kind of like “Fuck me, didn’t expect THAT to happen.” I’ve used “Knob me sideways” and “Knob me offways” to express disbelief, joy, or frustration. Also used “Knob me halfback to Eri.”

Debt/Debted - Work/worked. Debt can also be job or shift. “Debted last night,” “Where do you debt?”

No debts - No frets, no problems, don’t worry about it.

Bonny - Good. Derived from the “Bon-“ root, which means good. Can also use “Bones,” ie “It’s all Bones” to mean “It’s all good.”

Dolly - Kind/Nice/Sweet. From “Dolce.” You can call someone a dolly or say an action was dolly, or even use “dolled.”

Creaky/Rusty - Dangerous. I use it mostly since salvaging is dangerous, and those words would indicate that the area isn’t safe. Rusty can also mean that something went bad.

Pure/Straight/Right - Really or Very. “Pure Bonny,” “Straight Riccy,” “Right Dolly,” etc.

Milk - “Something” or “Anything.” (Loosely). “His name is Erik or some milk” = “His name is Erik or something like that.”

Lasso - To hook someone on something, usually drugs.

Cark it - Die. IE: “Don’t cark it out there” could mean “Don’t die” or “Be safe.” “Carked it” = Died. Also used for “Fucked up” ie “Yeah I carked it.”

Crease/creased: Kill/killed. Alternative to “Cark it.”

Arbo – Dionae (From tree).

Serpo/Serpino/Serp – Unathi (From snake).

Rano/Ranino – Skrell (From frog.)

Borgo – IPC or stationbound.

Cino – Vaurca (From Bug).

Hopper – HoP.

Badge/Blue – Cop, security, law enforcement.

End game - Counter hacker/ murderer.

Patcher – Doctor.

Wrencher – Engineer.

Mixer – Bartender.

Mainlaned – Mainline (aka Shooting up drugs).

Bleed ‘em - Hurt them/Make them pay. Used for encouraging fights as well as encouraging suits to waste their time or money.

Sniffs/Sniffer - Brown-nosing. Dregs who suck up or listen to suits/authority. Also for cops who are putting their noses in your business.

Band - Gang. Bando/Bandino would be a gang member.

Banded - Married/Life partners. Best friends, marriages, etc. Not a coincidence it uses the same root for gangs.

Idio/Drongo - Idiot.

Half-eared/Half-eyed - Hard of hearing/seeing. Mostly said out of frustration (“What the fek are you, half-eared?”)

Just hands - Said of a person who can only communicate in sign language because they are either deaf or mute. Might be called No-eared or No-tongued, to mean Deaf or Mute, respectively.

Fair shake - Fair enough.

Pointed/Pointy - Horny. Mostly as a joke, to tell people to relax. (“Don’t get all pointy”)

Affirmed - Got it. Confirmed. (“Did you set the engine?” “Affirmed, boss.”)

Tick/Shake - Second or minute. Like “Hold on a tick” Or “Back in a hot shake.”

Biz - Kind of like how people use “Shit.” Bad biz, I mapped that biz, etc.

Callsign - Name.

Clacker/Starfish - Asshole. “Crank the rod from yer clacker” = Get the stick out of your ass.

Not(Ain’t) my prints - Not my fault. As in, my fingerprints aren’t on that. This is one of my favorites.

Running your trail - Got your back/following you/I’m with you.

Dry as a suit’s wife - Boring, dull, lacking substance. Implication is that suits barely fuck or have mistresses (Or both), depending on who you ask.

Ice the (bricks/pipes/glass) - Vandalize.

Wrong (shoes/boots) - Trans person. “Born in the wrong shoes” means born in the wrong body. NOT derogatory.

Night wishes - Dreams.

Spillin’ Honesties: Being real, being truthful.


“You vide that rano mixer? Knab’s pure iced.” (Have you seen that skrell bartender? Guy’s real awesome.)

“Affirmed; right dolly, mixes plus brews.” (Yeah. Real sweet, and makes good drinks).

“Fekkin’ knob me sideways, that arbo boss is a pure badge sniffer. Ain’t even my prints that the biz got rusted.” (Fuckin’… fuck me sideways, that Dionae moron sucks up to the cops. It’s not even my fault that the shit went bad.)

“All bonny, amino; you ain’t signin’ the dots. Maybe rusty biz, but I’m runnin’ your trails, no debts.” (All good, love. You’re not going to prison. Maybe it’s uncertain(dangerous) shit, but I have your back, no worries.)

“Verbed with patcher Gonzales’ ma last debt; kickin’ pure bonny at my own ma fekkin’ off. Krok’s drier than a suit’s amino; spit riccy the max shake. Def sets lunch, though probbo suit-smilin’ about her biz.” (I talked with doctor Gonzales’ mom last shift; Makes me really glad that my own mom left. She’s dry as a suit’s wife; talked rich the whole time. She mixes with suits, though she’s probably lying about her business.”)


Soy products absolutely dominate Eridanian space - from cheap vendor snacks to high-class dishes alike. It is often bombarded with flavorings, giving Eridanian food a unique feel. It often has very strong salty and umami flavors, while the soy itself is cooked in a variety of ways to create all sorts of different textures. LiquiRations are sometimes called the Eridanian national dish.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the food here is hazardous or low-quality, however. On the contrary, many Eridanians quickly accustom and begin to even take pride in this type of cuisine, calling it “the food of the future”. Many native Eridanians are also meat intolerant due to a mostly plant products-based diet, although this doesn’t spread to all of them.


First settled in 2199 by West African colonists as part of early colonization efforts by the fledgling Sol Alliance, by 2255 settlements had been established on the five planets that now make up the Eridani Corporate Federation. These planets were in the process of being terraformed during the Great Depression, when funding from SolGov for the project was cut short. Rights to the area were sold to a group of corporations which provided the credits required to begin the transformation of the planets into the sprawling skyscraper-filled worlds seen today. By the start of the 23rd century, the Board of Five solidified into the distribution that it has held since. As a member of the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations, the Eridani Corporate Federation has been represented diplomatically by SolGov representatives, though the Federation has a degree of autonomy due to its unique contract of governance signed in the 23rd century.