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Considered the largest megacorporation within the Orion Spur, many will find themselves doing the biddings of NanoTrasen -- be it direct or indirect. Initially a biotechnical research company, it rapidly grew in size after the discovery of Phoron. The corporation’s monopoly on the resource catapulted it into the limelight, where it has remained for the last forty-odd years. Its acceleration into the spotlight has prompted many prying eyes to uncover evidence of rather questionable actions, with rumours perpetuating that they’ve instigated wars on both Adhomai and Moghes in an attempt to exploit the species for a profit.

NanoTrasen’s power has since begun to waver as their ability to supply Phoron dwindled -- resulting in their profit margins diminishing considerably. Whilst the corporation has attempted its best to hide its waning influence, the facade has begun to crumble with scrutinizing individuals being able to see its vulnerability.

Despite the effects of the Phoron Scarcity on the megacorporation, NanoTrasen has managed to secure itself as a crucial member of the newly-founded Stellar Corporate Conglomerate (SCC) with Miranda Trasen serving as the Acting Director of Operations -- which has managed to bolster the company and secure themselves as the dominant corporate presence within the Orion Spur.


Corporate Affairs


Miranda Trasen, Chief Executive Officer of NanoTrasen, sporting her new hairstyle!

Initially founded in 2366, the yet-to-be distinguished NanoTrasen was a small company revolving around genetic research and development on Mars. Xavier Trasen, Chief Executor of Operations for NanoTrasen (as well as its founder) managed to propel the fledgling corporation through the ranks after aggressively utilizing business tactics and effective patenting methods to buyout or destroy the local competition. By the end of the century, NanoTrasen had acquired enough capital to begin their operations on Biesel, even managing to secure mining rights in Tau Ceti.

It wasn’t until the discovery of Phoron in 2417 that NanoTrasen became a household name. The unearthing of the rosy crystals in the Romanovich Cloud, and the subsequent realization of its energy-producing potential, swiftly allowed for NanoTrasen to become a trans-stellar entity. Aggressively exploiting the new resources, as well as continued hostile business tactics, bolstered NanoTrasen’s position within Tau Ceti. Phoron’s capabilities made almost all other forms of travel obsolete, with the unveiling of the Bluespace Drive proving Warp to be slow, useless, and unprofitable in the face of this discovery.

NanoTrasen’s newfound wealth was speedily employed to bankrupt, absorb or bribe their way to the top. NanoTrasen’s power and scope grew exponentially, with all types of assets (stations, facilities, ships) cropping up across the Orion Spur. Within the decade, NanoTrasen had managed to secure themselves as the most powerful megacorporation, with their influence felt almost anywhere.

The declaration of independence by Biesel in 2452 has had a large impact on NanoTrasen, for the better that is. No longer under the purview or management of the Solarian Alliance, NanoTrasen capitalized on the planet’s vulnerability, successfully inserting themselves into the administration and its governance of the emerging republic. Whilst in recent times NanoTrasen has seen its influence wane slightly, they continue to reign supreme through tactical decisions and positionings. An example of such is its placement of their CEO Miranda Trasen as Acting Director of Operations for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate.


NanoTrasen has managed to intrude on all aspects of life, with its apparatus and employees being found in almost every nation-state across the Orion Spur -- be it their manufacturing, research, or orbital facilities. It is almost impossible to not know what, or who, NanoTrasen is in this day and age. Its monopoly on the supply of Phoron within the greater Orion Spur has resulted in controversial behaviour, with NanoTrasen managing to successfully scheme and insert themselves within positions of power, through either bribery or direct buying-out of politicians that hold authority. The Republic of Biesel is a good example of these measures, where it is all but said that NanoTrasen controls the administration of the Republic.

Internal Reputation

NanoTrasen has managed to secure a variety of different work benefits for its employees, a common reason among many of the reasons for their employment with the megacorporation. These benefits go above and beyond the regular salary or wages and include insurance, flexible work schedules and other things. NanoTrasen further solidifies its increased work benefits through further education and training courses offered by the NanoTrasen Academy, with the only clause being to continue being employed at the megacorporation. Additionally, NanoTrasen also offers subsidised dental care.


Current CEO: Miranda Trasen

Wealth beyond belief is hardly the characterizing trait of Miranda Trasen, who alone has held together the Phoron monopoly for the years after her father’s death in 2443. Maintaining a strong public image is among her greatest efforts, to grand success - the “good deeds” of NanoTrasen have spread word across Human space like wildfire since her rise to power. This is of course in desperation to mend the shattered reputation of NanoTrasen amongst the Frontier worlds that have come to despise the megacorporation, though whether the wealthiest woman alive has better aspirations than exploiting them is up for debate. Miranda has managed to establish footholds in the Coalition of Colonies’ space itself, branching out far and wide across the galaxy.

Miranda’s insistence on an outwards-facing smile has not kept her corporation out of a negative light, and weekly scandals are bound to be numerous for something so enormous. Nor has it managed to keep the press out of her daily dealings. Every move made outside of protected corporate property is tracked incessantly, with each step into new territories being either celebrated or rued with the public at large. Reasonably, Miranda can rarely be seen outside of the highest echelons of the corporation’s most secure facilities and ships with this in mind.

Official Title(s): NanoTrasen Corporation, NanoTrasen Biomedical

Motto: The leader in all things Phoron!

Headquarters: Mendell City, Biesel, Tau Ceti

Official Languages: Tau Ceti Basic, Sol Common, Tradeband

Primary Color Scheme: Navy blue, black, white

Executives and Branches


The NanoTrasen family.

NanoTrasen is managed by the Chiefs of Staff, who are advised and appointed by the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer, currently Miranda Trasen, has the ultimate authority over the corporation. Trasen herself is also a majority shareholder, making her the wealthiest human in the galaxy. After the Chiefs of Staff and Board of Directors, power is delegated to Sector Command composed of the Duty Officers and Central Command Internal Affairs (CCIA) personnel. Sector Command in turn delegates power to individual Station Command personnel.

Chief Research Director: Rook Keller, b. 2395

Rook Keller is an author of dozens of scientific journals, and a member of the NanoTrasen Upper Command, serving as its Chief Research Director. He was voted into his position after his predecessor was given the vote of no confidence among the Board in 2424. Keller is credited for countless discoveries regarding Phoron, as well as Bluespace. His most notable achievement is his equations that eventually lead to the establishment of Bluespace Gates across the Orion Spur. Before his introduction to the NanoTrasen Upper Command, Keller was already famous among the science community for his theories relating to decreased energy consumption in Warpdrives and eventually became the youngest person to receive the Scientific Inquiry Award in twenty-four-twelve at the age of 20. Initially, against Miranda Trasen’s rise to power as Chief Executive Officer of NanoTrasen, Keller has since become ambivalent regarding their position.

Chief Legal Director: Mori Takachika, b. 2410

Mori Takachika is a member of the NanoTrasen Upper Command and serves as its Chief Legal Director. She ascended into the position shortly after the resignation of her predecessor in 2449 and secured a majority victory in her vote of confidence among the Board. Before her appointment as Chief Legal Director, Takachika enjoyed a brief stint within the Central Command Internal Affairs Agency before eventually being transferred to the NanoTrasen Legal Team. She is regarded as one of the most experienced attorneys throughout the Orion Spur, mostly credited to her shrewd nature and knowledge of interstellar law. Takachika is a fierce supporter of Miranda Trasen and is often seen in the tabloids alongside her.

Chief Medical Director: Yehtlas Mualt-Quaat, b. 2243

Yehtlas Mualt-Quuat is a member of the NanoTrasen Upper Command and serves as its Chief Medical Director. They were placed into their position by Xavier Trasen shortly before the megacorporations expansion into the Romanovich Cloud in 2396, completely voiding the vote of confidence by the Board. They became the first Skrell to be appointed within the upper chambers of a human megacorporation across the Orion Spur. Before their appointment as Chief Medical Director, they worked alongside many other Skrell (including Ormish Jrolk) in Tuz'qlip Researchers in perfect cloning. They were also awarded Idol status after accruing fame through poetry revolving around the heinous actions committed by the tyrannical intelligence, Glorsh-Omega. Mualt-Quuat is a major advocate for Miranda Trasen, describing their relationship as that of “Qu’draa” due to the close friendship that the Skrell and Xavier Trasen shared.

The hierarchy of the NanoTrasen Corporation.


Originally establishing themselves on Mars as a small biotechnical company, NanoTrasen has since managed to spread themselves across much of the Orion Spur through a combination of hard work, grit, and Phoron -- digging a hold into a variety of locations. Whilst there several hundred branch offices, the largest and most well-known are:

Mendell City, Biesel, Tau Ceti: Zhengfu District hosts NanoTrasen’s Biesel Branch, which manages and supervises the corporation’s activity within the system. Its Art Deco architectural design makes it one of the more captivating buildings within the city. The cap of the skyscraper is used as advertising for the various subsidiaries owned by the corporation, lighting up the Biesellite Nightsky with its neon hues.

NTCC Odin, Biesel, Tau Ceti: Currently, the NTCC Odin serves as the primary administrative center of NanoTrasen. It has several residential, commercial, and industrial blocks and has managed to become one of the most populated orbital facilities within the Republic of Biesel. It is common for NanoTrasen employees to be housed aboard the NTCC Odin for a small fee. The NTCC Odin currently is the headquarters for the company’s Emergency Response Team trained to deal with a variety of situations and circumstances.

Olympia, Mars, Sol: The eldest, most grand branch office hosted by NanoTrasen previously existed within the flourishing archology of Olympia before its destruction during the Violet Dawn Operation. It was considered by many to be a representation of the engineering capacity of Martians, even earning the moniker “Martian Marvel”. Its crumbling corpse can still be seen from afar.

Eridani I, Epsilon Eridani, Eridani Corporate Federation: Whilst not as attractive as the other branches across the Orion Spur, the Eridani Branch is considered one of the most essential to the operations of NanoTrasen, especially considering it oversees all operations within the Eridani Corporate Federation, which has lead to its vault-like appearance in an attempt to deter and even prevent corporate espionage. It's often compared to that of prison by both upper and lower echelons of Eridani.

Foy-Niljen, Xanu Prime, Coalition of Colonies: NanoTrasen’s influence within the Coalition of Colonies can largely be attributed to the fact that the Kuenoi Branch is a gigantic building that hosts a variety of administrative and residential blocks, with employees working to manage over three hundred planets within the Coalition of Colonies.

Qerr'Malic, Nralakk, Nralakk Federation: NanoTrasen has managed to expand within the Nralakk Federation following the deregulation of its economy. Currently, NanoTrasen amounts to very little influence within the Nralakk Federation's economy, after having received a defeating blow following the leases for the Special Economic Zones being awarded to other megacorporations. Currently, its Qerr'malic branch is the regional headquarters within the Nralakk Federation.


The subsidiaries of all megacorporations are as endless as their own direct employees, with massive swaths of businesses being occupied or dropped on a daily basis on a galactic scale. Whether businesses flourish alongside or get crushed by the corporate powers is found to be a case-by-case scenario. This means that any independent business, at least outside of Tau Ceti and the Eridani Corporate Federation, can reasonably survive indefinitely without the megas grabbing them. However, should these businesses elevate to anything worthwhile, it is reasonable to assume they’ve already fallen to the whim and will of the economic rulers of the Orion Spur.

Getmore Corporation

"Get more of Getmore!”

Chief Executive Officer: Mataji Khatri, b. 2414

Getmore Corporation is a major subsidiary of NanoTrasen, often supplying NanoTrasen’s vending machines with their products or helping ship bulk goods for the company. The subsidiary uses the galaxy’s largest local shipping networks to keep its own Hephaestus-built rented superfreighters running, recovering from titanic debt that is rumored to take hundreds of years to recuperate from having rented the freighters in the first place.

The founder of Getmore Corporation, Chip Getmore, is shrouded in rumor and mystery and has long been the focus of media attention.


Getmore Corporation was founded by Chip Getmore shortly after the Mars Catastrophe of 2298, focused on producing cheap and accessible food for the masses of the red planet. The company was later acquired by NanoTrasen to supply its facilities, spreading from Mars to the rest of the NanoTrasen’s holdings. Getmore's products are among the most famous junk food brands in all of human space, feeding countless hungry children, college students, and employees.


Getmore is a major food supplier throughout the Sol Alliance and the Republic of Biesel. Many can find Getmore products in grocery stores, vending machines, and fast food restaurants all under the Getmore brand. The company also doubles as a major delivery service, boasting near-galaxy wide coverage and the fastest shipping speeds.

Major Brands

The major brands of Getmore Corporation are hugely encompassing and in a perpetual state of disarray. Old brands are dropped as fast as new ones are received very rapidly, supposedly conforming to the predictions outlined by scholars within the company. These scholars claim to cater to the “taste of the galaxy,” quite often in media reports.

The major brands that its founder Chip Getmore had outlined as “practically everlasting” lay below.

  • Getmore Nougat Candy Bar: A brand of simple nougat bar made with real sugar and no artificial preservatives.
  • Getmore Cup Ramen: A brand of cheap mass-produced ramen that self-heats with 10 mL of water.
  • Commander Riker’s What-The-Chips: A brand of bland, lightly-salted potato chips.
  • Scaredy’s Private Reserve Beef Jerky: A brand of beef jerky made from Getmore’s very own space-raised cows.

Hazel! Ltd./Hazel Electromotive

"Your friend, Hazel!”

Chief Executive Officer: Erich Ludtz, b. 2432

Hazel! Limited in Tau Ceti and Hazel Electromotive in Sol, is the newest subsidiary of Getmore and by extent, NanoTrasen. The company is known for the production and distribution of Hazels, a series of high-end shell IPCs in limited numbers, designed for domestic and service work, as well as managing a wide array of merchandise regarding them, from hardware and software to clothes.

The Hazel! Ltd logo.


Founded by Klara Seidel in 2410 in Earth, Sol, the company produced basic robotic apparatus and assistants for household chores. Upon relative success and the establishment of a branch in Harmony City, Luna, the company expanded into IPC production, creating the first Hazel in 2448 and the first synthskin covered Hazel in 2450, becoming a pioneer in shell frame IPC development and marketing. The opening of the Tau Ceti branch in 2460 marked the peak of their success, soon to be curtailed by the Phoron crisis, ending in their acquisition by Getmore to avoid financial ruin. While a subsidiary, the company is allowed a large degree of freedom and communication between the Sol and Tau Ceti branches. As a result, their internal structures and business practices are largely left intact.

Major Brands

  • Hazel

Hazel is the main product and focal point of the corporation. Released in series, these shellframe IPCs are designed for work in the service and domestic sector. Found in high end hotels, company headquarters, bars and private households, they are released in series and are marketed in Tau Ceti and the Sol core worlds. Their relatively few numbers, the fact that they all share the same face, female appearance and hazel coloured eyes make them distinguishable as a sought out and sometimes collectable item. Custom builds are also offered in order to suit a client’s specifications, though such units are few and far between, owing to their extremely high cost.


Hazels are released in series, with newer series supposedly sporting more advanced features in both hardware and software. While this is true for the older lines, the company has been accused by critics for making no tangible changes apart from cosmetic alterations. The company has since been releasing a new series every year, series 1 launching in 2450 with the onset of synthskin technology. The vast majority are built in Hephaestus factories in Sol space prior to being shipped for software and synthskin installation in Tau Ceti, a cost saving process that permits the products to be labeled as “Made in Tau Ceti”. Hazels follow a certain naming convention, provided their names have not been changed by their owners or themselves "Hazel #S-H(series number).(unit number)". An example of this formatting is Hazel #S-H1.01

While Hazels of the same series possess largely similar specifications, it is not unheard of for units to differ in regards to their given service skillset, language chips and character. More advanced software in the newest series has enhanced the units’ adaptability, allowing for the organic development of unique personalities if left unchecked.

Ingi Usang Entertainment Company

"Our stars are bigger than real stars!”

Chief Executive Officer: Minjung Romero, b. 2413

Ingi Usang Entertainment Co., abbreviated InUs, is a major subsidiary of NanoTrasen, handling the production, editing, and distribution of holovid shows, music, and other art mediums. The company is known for its increasingly comical upper-level decisions, currently driving itself into the ground - and its prices sky-high. As time went on, InUs products became more and more valued and since its stabilization in 2452, became the standard for gaudy fashion.


Founded by Songmin Sang in 2214, Ingi Usang Entertainment Company remained a fairly minor corporation until being bought out by NanoTrasen in 2340 for “strategic marketing”. Though InUs fared better, it was not until 2397 when Binyaria, a Venusian aerostat, opened the Chiye-Gyo District to corporate investment. Between the untapped Venusian entertainment industry and cutthroat corporate war with BP Entertainment Inc., InUs flourished by debuting musical groups that quickly became insanely popular. In 2438, the company moved its headquarters to the Chiye-Gyo District.

Major Brands

InUs possesses four major entertainment brands run by mostly independent subsidiaries, as well as dozens of clothing labels strewn across the company’s jurisdiction.

  • Cham Usang Records: Record label with numerous bands and solo artists called Chamus.
  • True Lifestyle: A holovid network focusing on life throughout the Sol Alliance with shows like Real Time Security, One Love For Many, The Solarian Culture, and Living Big: The Lives of the Famous.
  • ETX Network: A holovid network focusing on series shows occasionally broken up by Cham Usang Records material with shows like Love Me Right, Dark Days Ahead, No Names, and Chamu Hour with Sunmi.
  • Cuentas?: A holovid network focusing on news and celebrity gossip with shows like The Day with Njeru and Susanto, That Good Stuff, The Spotlight, and The Orion Network.

Nexus Corporate Security

"Serve, protect, excel."

Chief Executive Officer: Nathan Trasen, b. 2416

Nexus Corporate Security is NanoTrasen's private civilian security division, specialising in guarding corporate VIPs and high-ranking cabinet members of the Republic of Biesel. While still owned by NanoTrasen, a share of the company is held by the Private Military Contracting Group, and contractors are listed as both NanoTrasen and PMCG employees. They are known for their distinct black, red, and blue uniforms.


Nexus was founded by Xavier Trasen shortly after the establishment of Hyperion Data Nexus on Valkyrie, in 2418. After NanoTrasen significantly downsized its security contracting division to distribute more funds to research and development, its service industry, and its medical divisions in the wake of the phoron scarcity, Nexus has become the "face" of the company's security forces. Many of NanoTrasen's security personnel have ended up employed with Nexus, if they weren't already poached by Idris Incorporated or Zavodskoi Interstellar. Mictlan's expulsion of N4NL Incorporated from the Sankta Tereza system has left any future Nexus operations within the area nebulous.

Major Brands

  • Rapid Trauma Response Teams: In partnership with Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, Nexus now offers private emergency medicine for the wealthy of Tau Ceti, and there are plans to expand the trauma teams to Port Antillia. The initiative aims to revolutionize the field of emergency medicine through round-the-clock observation and providing medical services to those that manage to afford its extreme cost when necessary.


People’s Republic of Adhomai

NanoTrasen has played an important role in Adhomai since its discovery; through the support of the rebels, supplying the People’s Republic with technology, and offering job opportunities to the population. The PRA is NanoTrasen’s biggest ally on the planet, with much of its economy bound to the megacorp. Corporate interests are mainly focused on obtaining cheap labor and mining Adhomai’s rich mineral deposits. Despite the prosperity brought by this relationship, many Tajara are against the megacorporation’s interference in the affairs of the Tajara people. Alongside the political crises, NanoTrasen’s presence was one of the main reasons for the Second Revolution. Even after the Armistice, the People’s Republic continues its policy of maintaining a strong relationship with the corporation. Tajara working for NanoTrasen usually have more opportunities than with other employers.

Republic of Biesel

NanoTrasen holds an undisputed monopoly over the Republic of Biesel’s phoron reserves, and all newly staked deposits found under Biesellite banners. Needless to say, their power within the Republic is without contest due to this. At every echelon of the Republic’s government is some sort of NanoTrasen interference to advise and even direct the young nation’s every move. Inarguably the outcome of this has yielded positive results; now, the Republic sits on the largest wealth the galaxy has ever known, free of the debts that cripple the Alliance or the disarray of Coalition politics.

Ceres Lance

Ceres Lance, while previously based officially in Sol space (which is where they get their name), have seen increased activity within Tau Ceti under NanoTrasen’s remit. Following the brief war between Sol and TC, and the subsequent reveal of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, the Lance has seen further entrenchment into the NanoTrasen umbrella as they operate exclusively under NT contracts, going as far as to migrate their headquarters to the Odin where they can keep a closer eye on Bubble. Ceres Lance being a private military contractor, this relationship is purely professional, and NanoTrasen continues to keep them around for their unique skill set. It’s yet to be seen if the Lance will find themselves signing a more formal and permanent work agreement with the megacorporation.

Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations

NanoTrasen’s relationship with the Solarian Alliance is non-existent, after having been banned from operating within the confines of the nation’s influence after the climax of the King of the World. The bond between the two has always been strained at best, especially after the megacorporation’s funding of the Republic of Biesel’s declaration of independence in 2452. NanoTrasen’s continued protection of the fledgling republic since has garnered them little sympathy from Solarians in positions of power, even further dividing their relationship.

Notable Installations

NDV Icarus

The NDV Icarus is the hallmark of the NanoTrasen Navy and hosts almost ten thousand individuals at any given time. It is one of the largest vessels within the Orion Spur and has been at the forefront of both Solarian Invasions - having been branded as the main proponent of the Republic of Biesel’s defence. It uniquely maintains a military command structure, dissimilar to NanoTrasen’s other corporate assets. Despite having been commissioned almost three decades prior, the Icarus continues to reinforce its value as time goes on.

NSS Upsilon

Despite the NSS Upsilon being commissioned in the late 2450s, it has become a prominent member of the NanoTrasen research department. It overshadowed the efforts of NSS Aurora when it was introduced - causing a rivalry to flourish. The proximity of the NSS Upsilon and NSS Aurora to the NTCC Odin has caused tension among those assigned to the corporate assets. NanoTrasen has seized the opportunity to capitalize on this rivalry, going as far as to put them into competition in projects.

NSS Canis Minor

The NSS Canis Minor is notable for its importance to NanoTrasen’s biomedical wing and is one of the larger corporate facilities within the Republic of Biesel - specifically Tau Ceti. The NSS Canis Minor is accredited to being behind the majority of NanoTrasen’s biomedical brilliance, which has resulted in its prestige among scholars. It has incredibly high expectations of its pupils, as well as those that apply to attend either its research or medical training courses. It is due to these high expectations that the NSS Canis Minor has the largest number of drop-outs, with many referring to it as being incredibly difficult on their mental health.

NSS Orchard Moon

The NSS Orchard Moon is a resource extraction and refinement plant on the border of the Republic of Biesel and the Serene Republic of Elyra within Valley Hale. Though the deposit is not big enough to totally reverse the Phoron Scarcity, it is significant enough to mitigate the current consequences of the resource shortage - to those that keep the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate in their good graces, at least. It was attacked by the Southern Fleet Administration - the organisation hoping to destroy with siphoned phoron that created a photonic warhead - but was ultimately averted by the SCCV Horizon and several other corporate vessels called to defend the facility.