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Welcome to the Aurorastation Wiki
The wiki for the Aurorastation branch of Space Station 13 with 4,458 pages (464 articles) since 28 December 2015.
Please feel free to contribute by creating a new article or expanding upon an existing one.

Most content copied or edited gratefully from /tg/ station and Baystation 12.
Editing guides copied/inspired by the Project Zomboid wiki.

Today's date for the SCCV Horizon

Thursday, 06 June 2466

About Space Station 13

Space Station 13 is a top down space simulation game that follows the activity of the crewmembers of various types of space installations depending on server.

Read more here.


Aurorastation is a Space Station 13 heavy roleplay server that takes place on the SCCV Horizon, a megacorporate starship. It focuses on character and setting interaction through both canonical events and noncanonical antagonist rounds.

The setting features a progressing canon and constant development.


The Aurorastation server is hosted by Arrow768, operating on modified Baystation12 code.

Download BYOND to play.

Aurorastation: Heavy Roleplay Server — SCCV Horizon : byond://

The Orion Spur

The Starmap; expand the collapsible, and feel free to open the image link in a new tab for a closer and more detailed look! ▶