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Space Station 13 is a two dimensional, multiplayer, role playing game developed on BYOND.

What is it?

The game takes place on a fully destructable metal death trap ("space station"). In our setting, the space station has been replaced with a dynamic research vessel.

The primary purpose of the vessel is to research a newly discovered material called Phoron. Unfortunately the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, the megacorp that owns the SCCV Horizon, is not the only corporation interested in this mysterious new substance. Dealing with the threats posed by the many enemies of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate becomes an important part of the daily lives of the crew.

The game begins in the game lobby where you can customize your character and select which job you would like him to have. Jobs range from the Captain, to the heads of staff, to engineers, medical doctors, scientists, security officers, atmospheric technicians, as well as the chef and bartender to lighten the mood.

What do you do?

When the round begins you spawn with a job title. Now it is up to you to play with that job, doing all sorts of tasks. Each job has endless replay value. The game has an incredibly large number of systems, subsystems, and mechanics for limitless amounts of fun.

While you spawned with your fancy job title, someone else spawned as something much more special. Each of the game modes, excluding Extended, has some sort of antagonist whose job it is to cause you problems. These antagonists usually have objectives which range from stealing a specific item to the assassination of a crew member or even the complete overthrowing of the station. Different antagonist types have different ways of doing this.

  • Traitors are the most common antagonist type. Usually several spawn on board the station. They spawn with a Syndicate uplink which they use to get special items and weapons to aid them in their goal.
  • Changelings have special powers. They can absorb the DNA of crew members and transform themselves to look and sound like them.
  • Mercenaries are small teams of elite soldiers sent by rival vested interests to sabotage the ship.
  • Technomancers can use advanced technology to further their goals.
  • Revolution leaders spawn with conversion flashes which they then use to convert crew members to their glorious cause so they can aid them in overthrowing and killing the Heads of Staff.
  • Cultists use their own blood to make runes and talismans, which give them special powers and abilities.
  • Raiders seek to secure resources from the ship for financial gain.

And the best part of this is that you, with your fancy job title, have absolutely no idea who the antagonists are -- if any even exist.

Rounds on Aurorastation usually last for two hours, and they end when a player-held vote for crew transfer is called.

How do I play?

If you would like to play the game, head over to the Starter guide and follow the simple steps starting from "Connecting to the Server".

The only thing you need to install is BYOND. If you however need help you should look at this wiki. Use Discord to get in touch. Our Discord server can be found here.