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Access: Only public
Qualifications: Not defined
Relevant Education: Not defined
Supervisors: Your employers, or no one
Duties: Steal from the station, cause havoc or trade.
Guides: This one here

Raiders are members of a gang of pirates and thieves that steal aboard NT stations to, well, steal valuable items and commodities. SKREEE!

Raiders must secure resources from the station, by gifts, trades, or theft and then make a quick getaway in their shuttle. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Resources (E.G Metal, Glass, Plasteel, Phoron, etc.)
  • Engineering equipment
  • Persons of interest

Raiders have an encrypted radio channel which can be accessed using Headset.png:t

Extended skillset - You are equipped with whatever skills you need to achieve your objective, and no more.

The Heist

What you have been tasked to steal will vary from round to round, but it will likely include some high tech items and maybe even crew members, in order to steal these things you have...

Remember:' You can change the frequency on your headset to 145.9 to talk on the common channel.


Your ship comes loaded with some low tech weaponry that favors common pirate tactics of running and hiding.

Dart Gun- Comes loaded with tranquilizer darts loaded up with sleep toxins. Valuable tool in incapacitating and capturing crew. The dosage is only enough to knock out the unfortunate for a minute or so.

Powered Crossbow- Fires superheated metal rods and is much more effective after being charged up fully, which takes around five or six seconds. In space it is an incredibly potent tool, able to fling off targets into space at pretty fast speeds. Also comes with the added bonus of pinning people to walls if they happen to be within a tile or so of them.

Pneumatic Cannon- The fire-anything gun, literally, it can fire anything at targets. Useful if you're running from crew member and just grab any nick nacks as you high tail it outta the hot zone. Needs to be connected to a tank of gas to be useful at all, the pressure can be set to make it more or less lethal.

Armor- Various sets of voidsuits and hardsuits can be found around the ship and on the raider base.

The Skipjack

The greatest asset at the raiders' disposal is their ship, a small yet durable skipjack. The ship has the ability to travel to various parts of the station z-level as well as mining, allowing the raiders to keep on the move and avoid capture by the crew. There is a cool down period in between each jump. The central room of the skipjack is the storeroom, racks filled with various weapons and suits, the port wing of the craft houses a small brig and the starboard wing is home to a crude medbay. The two wings are connected to airlocks which allow entrance and exit.

Antagonist roles
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