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This guide was written by player LanceLynxx (AKA Natascha Sukhoi) with edits to fit the wiki. If you wish to learn more about telescience, feel free to ask LanceLynxx to ICly teach you or check out some IC books he has written by searching "Natascha Sukhoi" on the Web Interface Library:


The experimental teleporter is a scientific marvel, that although seemingly complex at a glance, has quite a simple method of operation, though the inner mechanics are a physics wonder.

In this book, i won't delve into the detailed internal fuctioning, however, I hope to elucidate the basic operation procedures for the endeavoring scientist.

Although simple in operation, the experimental nature of bluespace tunneling will also test your patience, intelligence, and if you rush things, possibly your body’s resistance to the vacuum of space and shearing forces.

Good luck, aspiring telephysicist!

Getting Started

Upon arrival to the workstation, you will be met with your job tools: The Teleporter Console, GPS units on a table, and the Telepad.

Before anything else, you will need to pair the Telepad to the Console. To do this, take a screwdriver and take off the cover of the Telepad. Then, acquire the linkage information with a Multitool by scanning the data port. Proceed to screw the Telepad shut, and connect the Console with the pairing data from the Multitool.

The Console will now recognize that it controls that specific Telepad.

The GPS Units

The GPS units on the table are vital for your job; They are used for calibration, mapping, and checking where the Telepad Destination is, without having to get out of the lab or requiring cameras.

Take a GPS and rename it to something unique, to make it easy to find, then place it on the Telepad. Take another GPS for yourself and rename it as well, so you can check the first GPS unit’s location. Keep it on you at all times while operating the Telepad.

The other units are spares that you can use in case of loss, for triangulating, tracking, landmarking, and other uses.

Understanding the Console

The Teleporter works according to the physical concepts of Projectile Motion.

Assume the way you launch an object at a target, much like a canon or artillery: To hit the target, you must face a certain direction, set the angle of the launch, and the amount of power.

The same concepts apply to bluespace tunneling operations, but viewed from a top-down perspective of the plane, instead of from the side.

Therefore, we must understand the operation of the Console controls, as follows:

  • BEARING: The direction of the Destination, relative to the Telepad, in degrees, from a top-down perspective. (0 for North; 90 for East; 180 for South; 270 for West)
  • ELEVATION: The angle of the bluespace tunnel launch, in degrees (Ranging from 0-90 degrees)
  • POWER: The amount of power provided to the bluespace crystals and graviton generator.
  • SECTOR: Defines in what Z-Level the Destination is.
  • SEND & RECEIVE: Defines the type of operation.
  • FUNNEL-WARP CALIBRATION: Specifies the graviton field size generated, enabling the teleport of up to a 9 square meter area from the center of the Telepad
  • RECALIBRATE CRYSTALS: Equalizes the electric charge differential and resets the quantum microfluctuations of the crystals, known as Offsets.

Important Notes

  • As a general safety procedure, avoid teleporting yourself unless you are experienced.
  • The center/origin of the teleport will always be the location of the Telepad, thus, the Direction is relative to it. You can check this information at the bottom of the Console's screen.
  • Available Power depends on the installed Capacitor type, and on how many Bluespace Crystals are inserted into the Console. Refer to the Research & Development division for more information.
  • Increasing the Warp-Funnel area will increase bluespace tunneling area of effect, drawin more energy, and decreasing the available Power, and thus, the Distance possible to reach is shorter.
  • Bearing determines the Direction, while Elevation and Power determine Distance.
  • Be wary when teleporting near Asteroid sectors. Should the teleport lead to a hole, the object teleported will fall through the Sector, unto the Sector below it. This is extra important if you're dealing with Sector 3 or 2, as a venture into a hole will lead you to deep space, out of communications reach, and likely result in broken bones when re-entering the Asteroid's gravity well.
  • It is good practice to avoid any critical teleports when nearing the point of recalibration, to avoid losing something (or someone) after the last teleport. Check the Console information screen constantly.
  • Creating a bluespace tunnel to a solid structure may cause localized gravity wells due to alteration of mass due to the graviton generator. This can cause severe damage to both the structure affected as well as any teleported items or organisms, presenting a hazard.
  • Teleporting a Bag of Holding/Quantum Container will create an interference with the graviton generator and cause errors with operation. Avoid doing so, unless absolutely necessary
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