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Access: Depends on your ability to earn access, your vampiric abilities and your initial starting role
Qualifications: Not defined
Relevant Education: Not defined
Supervisors: No one
Duties: Be the very best, like no one ever was.
Guides: This one currently

Extended skillset - You aren't held to conventional standards on skills.

Antag OOC

This is a feature implemented to assist in certain antagonist groups plan things out, as a vampire. You will not really be needing it. Do keep in mind that abusing this and metagaming will lead to a warning and a possible antagonist ban. If you have any questions, please feel free to ahelp.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to NOT feast on AFK/SSD players as means to gaining power, please attempt to roleplay it and if you have any questions, feel free to seek administration assistance.

Backstory Synopsis

Vampires are individuals who, after attempting blood magic or being converted by a vampire themselves, have been corrupted by the Veil and given insidious power. As creatures of the night they have lost all need to eat or drink and are instead consumed with an unquenching thirst for blood to sustain themselves and to grow more powerful and grow ever closer to tapping the full power of The Veil.


  • Blood - Blood comes in two forms: usable and total. The usable blood can be considered your mana pool. It gets drained as you use more powers. Total blood can be thought of as experience points. They cannot be removed, and they will move you further up the power tree. You start with 30 units of usable blood. Be careful with your initial pool: if you expend it, you will start slowly frenzying. Blood can be acquired through people, drinking/eating blood, and from draining blood bags.
  • Progression - Vampire's progression is linear. The more total blood you train, the more powers you unlock. As the final step, you will unlock the Veil's full power, which augments the existing powers.
  • Frenzy - With the raw corruption of the Veil locked within your body, maintaining your sanity is a constant battle. Should you ever run out of usable blood, or become enraged through other means, you may find yourself frenzied. You are reverted to a snarling creature who only wants to consume blood until you are able to break out of it, and regain control. This is done by draining blood.
  • Everything Holy - As a creature of the Veil to some degree, you are vulnerable to holy influence. You will very quickly find the Chaplain resistant to your blood magic, and his artifacts harmful to your sanity.


A vampire's powers all come from blood magic. In essence, it's similar to the Cult of Nar'Sie's magic, but instead of relying on runes and knowledge of the casters, it uses the blood of the vampire's victims as payment for the super natural acts.

  • Drain Blood - The most basic power a vampire needs. Feeding. Your victim will be unable to resist from the moment you've sunk your fangs into them, and will not remember anything about the encounter, beyond having a pleasant interaction with your character. For every 10 points of blood gained, you drain roughly twice that from your victim. While draining blood, you also sate the Veil's desires, and thus lower your frenzy counter. Note that you cannot drain blood from anyone wearing an airtight helmet, and using this ability in public isn't advised given the fact that it plays a sound and produces a message visible to anyone that can see you.
  • Blood Heal - Uses the blood of your victims to heal you. You must not move or be interrupted in any other way while doing this act of magic. Eventually, all damage will be healed, including broken bones and damaged organs.
  • Glare - An area of effect stun ability. Knocks out everyone not wearing proper eye protection within a 2 tile radius.
  • Hypnotize - A targeted stun ability. Requires that you and your target remain stationary for a short amount of time. The stun effect lasts longer than that applied by Glare.
  • Presence - When toggled and activated, you begin emitting a positive influence towards other characters. Other players within sight range, if influenceable through blood magic, will see messages encouraging them to be warmer and more receptive towards your character than they normally would be.
  • Veil Step - Activated by right clicking on any tile in the game. You jump to that tile, provided that it's covered in shadows to some degree. If you're a vampire that's gained full power, you will also take anyone you're grabbing along with you.
  • Dominate - Activation mechanics are the same as hypnotize: both you and your target need to remain stationary and undisturbed for a short amount of time. Once you succeed in activating it, you get to issue a command to your target. For example, you can ask someone to open the doors to the armory, but you cannot ask someone to remain as your ally forever. A vampire having reached his full potential can dominate a victim instantly.

There are some conditions when using the Dominate ability:

  1. Dominate orders must be short term. So upon completion, or around ten minutes of attempts.
  2. The victim must make a good faith effort to follow it. Peoples characters and skill are taken into consideration, but no one should fail intentionally when they can clearly succeed.
  3. Do not tell people to kill themselves. Straight forward, it's pretty much ganking. The same applies to excessively telling people to kill each other.
  4. If an order violates the above, don't just ignore it. Send an adminhelp about it.
  • Diseased Touch - Infects a target with a lethal disease. The disease starts out in its last stage, and should kill the target relatively quickly. Or, at least disable them. This disease will not, however, spread to other people.
  • Summon Bats - Summons a set of bats that attack nearby people. The only creatures they ignore are the vampire who summoned them and their thralls.
  • Chiropteran Screech - An area of effect destructive and damage ability. You will destroy all windows and lights within a 7 tile radius, and stun all characters within a 4 tile radius.
  • Veil Walking - Similar to the wizard's jaunt ability, you become a Veil ghost. Activate the ability again to revert to your normal form. While in this form, you cannot be attacked, harmed, or touched in any way. As you remain in this form, you will continuously lose blood. Though you will lose more blood if you stay on a tile that's lit.
  • Enthrall - You create a blood bond between yourself and a mortal. You must have the victim in a grab to begin. Once enthralled, the victim will have to listen to your every command. You will become the most important person to them.
  • Embrace - You create a new vampire. Through replacing the blood of your victim completely, you can spread the corruption of the Veil to another mortal soul. The new vampire will awaken frenzied and hungry. And they will be, by no means loyal or bound to you.
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