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Ghost Roles

Ghost Roles are a unique system on the server that permits the inhabitation of certain mobs by ghosts observing the round. This is usually used to facilitate things such as emergency response teams or off-site special roles, but can also be used to spawn as maintenance drones any time during the round. To access ghost roles, use the “Ghost” tab and press the “Ghost Spawner” button.

Below is a list of all available default ghost roles and details.

Emergency Response Teams

One of these teams will arrive when the Emergency Distress Beacon is triggered, for better or worse of the station.

Nanotrasen Emergency Response Team


AKA “muh frags

Main article: Emergency Response Team

Supervisors: Nanotrasen Corporation

A paramilitary response team employed by NanoTrasen, fireteam “Phoenix” is the one portrayed in-game that is assigned to response in the Aurora’s sector of operations. They are based from the NTCC Odin. These are heavily armed, well-trained specialists dedicated to remedying any number of emergencies that may result in them being called. From engineering disasters to engaging hostiles, they are often prepared for the worst in training and gear. NT-ERT consists entirely of contracted mercenaries who have found employment by NanoTrasen in Tau Ceti, and their numbers are quite immense - themselves serving as the focal military presence in the system.

As they protect the corporate bottom line, NT-ERT can often be seen going to great lengths to ensure the station’s longevity and the crew’s survival. All personnel in fireteam “Phoenix” possess knowledge of captain-level classified information, such as the presence of the station’s nuclear failsafe.

Tau Ceti Foreign Legion


AKA “FOR THE REPUBLIC!” ad infinitum

Main article: Tau Ceti Foreign Legion

Supervisors: The Republic of Biesel officially, The SCC unofficially

The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is a renowned military entity in Tau Ceti known for its volunteer service, often utilized by immigrants seeking an easy path to citizenship. Rigorous training permits civilians to be seen in military activity, propped up as Biesel’s best and earning the name “Weekend Warriors.” The effectiveness of such an organization, however, is up for debate as a primary military. Yet, the excellent track record of the TCFL has seen their deployment across the entire system as an anti-piracy measure and a force for interstellar aid. The BLV (Biesel Legion Vessel) “The Tower” is the vessel presently assigned to the NSS Aurora’s sector by the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion. Its solemn dropship, the BLV “The Chariot” has visited the station many times in canonical relief efforts and recruitment drives. The teams assigned to the NSS Aurora consist of Prefects, Legionnaires, and Volunteers in descending order of expertise. Prefects are full-time enlisted individuals, Legionnaires are part time enlistee's with specialist training, while Volunteers may have any lesser degree of training to even the bare minimum.

TCFL are more often than not decent people in a situation where their government has tasked them to protect the station’s crew. Common sense must be used to align your loyalties accordingly - for example, you are not undyingly loyal to NanoTrasen, but you are trained military personnel all the same. Try to understand that failing to hold up to NT's expectations under their surveillance may get you in massive trouble as well, despite the fact you don't directly work for them.

Izweski Hegemony Kataphract Knights


AKA “Toggle run

Main article: Unathi, Unathi Honor

Supervisors: Chapter Leader, HONOR

Kataphracts, otherwise known as Saa’Izweski in the Sinta’Unathi tongue, are an ancient class of warriors that has recently been revived by Not’zar Izweski into active service. They are seen as the epitome of warriorhood and the best or the best of the Unathi species due to their battle prowess, recognized by either the Hegemon, an Overlord, or another Kataphract for strength and bravery as one would a knight. They’re sworn to defend the Hegemony and must strictly follow the Unathi Honor Code, but are only called upon in times of active war and thus spend the rest of their lives ranging across the galaxy in search of challenges to test themselves against. This particular band of Kataphracts has been summoned to the aid of the NSS Aurora as an ERT, wielding their flashy energy swords and shields, to do battle against whatever evil plagues the good people of the station. Their means of doing so are often quite different than other units, though, as Unathi honor favors one-on-one melee combat and fighting dishonorably can quickly have a Kataphract stripped of their illustrious title. Be sure you follow these laws and perhaps don’t charge directly into combat sword first. Or you can-- once.

Freelance Mercenaries


AKA “Money first

Main article: N/A

Supervisors: Your current employer, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate

The Freelancers are an available ERT role that involves playing, well, freelance mercenaries. Your goal is aligned with those of your current employer ; you’re an independent company of people-killers, after all. This is arguably the most simple of the available emergency response teams, however their kit is usually very powerful, making them desirable allies. Playing Freelancers involves your own private military company, provided you’re the leader, any details regarding it are essentially improv.

The SCC has already paid for you to respond to any potential distress beacons around your area of operations, so do not asked to be paid by facility command once you respond, as doing so is against the rules.

Interstellar Aid Corps

AKA “Where my guns at

Main article: Interstellar Aid Corps

Supervisors: The Interstellar Aid Corps

The Interstellar Aid Corps are an available ERT role that involves playing the members of the famed IAC. Your goal is to, no matter the circumstance, ensure the well-being of all individuals on the station with very little exception. Essentially, if they aren’t trying to murder you, you may as well be helping them no matter the circumstance. It’s not recommended to pick up this role without some basic medical knowledge in-game. It is important to understand as well that the IAC ERT is not going to hold your hand through conflict - as they lack any major weapons of their own. This is an Admin-spawn only ERT, do not expect to see it regularly.

Republican Kosmostrelki


AKA “Hadii's Grace Comrades

Main article: People's Republic of Adhomai, PRA Orbital Fleet Structure

Supervisors: The PRA orbital fleet, the Party Commissar

Republican Kosmostrelki are an available ERT comprised of extensively trained spaceborne infantry hailing from the nation of the People's Republic of Adhomai. Your goal as the ERT is the same as most others focused on combat, to defeat whatever is threatening the station. However, due to your extensive training, every member will have basic engineering and medical knowledge, with two specialists similar to those of the Free Solarian Fleet Fireteam. As of now, this is an Adminspawn only ERT.

FSFV Sforza Marine Detachment

Free Solarian Fleet Squad.png


Main article: Free Solarian Fleet Fireteam

Supervisors: FSFV Sforza Command, Admiral Pieter van der Rensburg, any SCC member corporation command staff

The Free Solarian Fleet Marine detachment is a available ERT comprised of a fireteam of former Solarian marines now loyal to the Free Solarian Fleets, and Admiral van der Rensburg. They are mercenaries hired by the SCC to patrol the Romanavich cloud for pirates, as well as respond to any distress signals.

Eridani PMC Medical Response Team


AKA "What do you need Esteemed Colleague?"

Main article: Eridani PMC Medical Response Team

Supervisors: Money, any SCC member corporation command staff

The EPMC Medical Response Team is a available ERT comprised of a Eridani Medical Section and it's accompany asset protection specialists. They are mercenaries hired by the SCC to respond to potential distress signals onboard it's installations, and have a heavy emphasis on medical knowledge.

Offship Roles

With the Horizon operating in mostly civilized and explored space, it will throughout the course of it's mission encounter people who are unassociated with the Horizon, whether it be the crew of an Orion shipping vessel, or the low-paid workers of a space bar near local mining areas. These people will be played by other players, and the positions fall under the category of offship roles, as suggested by the title of this section. There are many different offship roles, but all of them have the same basic idea which governs how they interact with the ship.

Things to know

Before we get to what roles there are, and how they should be played, there are some things that need to be made clear, both from the perspective of the ship and those playing the offship roles.

    • This is important to get out of the way. While some gamemodes might have third-party assets with offship roles that are antagonistic, offship roles are not the same as rolling an antagonist, or getting the spiderqueen spawn on older away sites. You are under the same rules of character believability as normal crewmembers. This also means that interactions between the crew of the Horizon and those playing offship roles are considered canon, with some caveats.
    • Playing offship roles like antagonists is a quick way to get a bwoink from the admins. It's considered self-antagging, and shouldn't be done.
  • The SCC doesn't want harmful incidents with it's flagship project that interfere with making money, and no-one wants to piss off the SCC.
    • Simply put, whoever employs you, whether as a crewmember of the horizon, or a elyran sailor on a naval patrol boat, does not want any incidents which could harm their relationship with anyone else. Escalation of, or starting any hostile situation except in the most dire of circumstances would be viewed IC'ly in the same way as not doing your job, and most assuredly end up in you being fired. When in doubt, match force, and start attempting to work towards de-escalation.
    • OOC'ly, act like you would with your normal crewmember characters, if conflict makes sense you are more then welcome to go for it. Don't do things you wouldn't do with a character you care about.
  • You're there to Roleplay.
    • While you're not required to interact with the Horizon, it is a nice thing to do. Tell a story with them, this could be stopping for supplies, asking if you could use their facilities to relax after a long journy, or anything your mind can think of, given the previous two points.
    • Don't stunt roleplay either, dogpiling antagonists and getting involved in security situations when you're presence is unnecessary will be considered valid-hunting in the eyes of administrators and moderators.
    • Sometimes the ship might also be dealing with too much to be able to tell a story with you as an offship role, there could be an active bloodcult aboard currently escalating with security, and they don't want to engage in the amazing idea you had of telling war stories by the bar as TCFL soldiers. Part of playing offship roles is understanding that there may be times where the ship does not require assistance, but also does not want you aboard to tell a story with them, and realizing that there will be rounds where the only interaction you get with the Horizon is limited and over holo-comms.

Orion Express Courier Ship

AKA "We have a delivery!"

Supervisors: Orion Express

Tasked with delivering a multitude of packages across the spur, the OX courier ship can be found in most regions of space, delivering it's packages. It's crewed by a captain and team of couriers, who, like the ship, have travelled around the spur.

TCFL Prisoner Transport

AKA "Let us go home..."

Supervisors: The Republic of Biesel

Fresh out of insurgency ridden world of Mictlan, you are a team of TCFL Peacekeepers led by your Prefect, escorting prisoners to their sentence in Tau Ceti. You won't be found outside of Tau Ceti space, so that limits you to the Romanavich Cloud, Tau Ceti proper, and the Corporate Reconstruction Zone. Your only goal is to get your prisoners back to Tau Ceti, but, you could use some relaxation on the journey.

Free Solarian Fleet Corvette

AKA "Y'all got some credits?"

Supervisors: Admiral Pieter van der Rensburg

Mercenaries for hire, the Free Solarian Fleets patrol Tau Ceti's space on contract with the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and Biesel Government. You hunt pirates and look for any work that might net you another payday. You are commanded by a former Lieutenant of the Solarian Navy, now your superior within the Free Solarian Fleets.

Space Bar

AKA "Who wants a drink?"

Supervisors: Yourself!

Seen in all areas of space, Space Bars have a simple goal. To serve drinks to their customers! They may be miners, travelers, or anyone! You don't care, as long as they don't do anything untowardly to you or your bar.

Southern Fleet Administration Survivors

AKA "Man fuck the skrell!"

Supervisors: They're all dead man!

Granted safe-haven by your allies in the Republic of Biesel, you represent the scattered remains of the former Southern Fleet Administration. You managed to escape the utter destruction of your battlefleet by the angered Jargon Federation, and the dividing up of your territory by rivals. Now you reside in dark corners of the Orion Spur, never venturing beyond it. Your only goal is to survive and find work in this strange new space you find yourself in.

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