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Founded on January 5th, 2320 after the signing of the Luna Convention of Galactic Law, the Interstellar Aid Corps (IAC) is a humanitarian organization that provides humanitarian relief and developmental assistance to troubled areas of the galaxy. It has a footing in most human space, with efforts focused on the underdeveloped frontier worlds. Its headquarters is based on Luna, with Chairman Tyler Henderson and a board of directors overseeing its operations as a whole.

Being a fiercely neutral, non-government humanitarian organization, the IAC is protected under intergalactic law. Harming IAC volunteers or workers is considered a war crime. They can be identified by their light blue uniforms, and 'blue-cross' emblem. Volunteers typically wear these, or an armband marking them as a volunteer.

It has 112 million volunteers and staff. The majority are medical workers, civilian volunteers, security personnel, or human rights investigators.

Operations in Human Space

Focused mainly in the frontier, the IAC is providing humanitarian and disaster relief across human space. They have refugee centers on Mars, in Tau Ceti, and several more on frontier worlds. Operations in the core worlds or inner colonies consist mostly of disaster response, with the IAC responding mostly to mining outposts suffering catastrophic disasters, or setting up healthcare facilities in areas where such things are limited or don't exist.

The IAC has a troubled relationship with Nanotrasen, as IAC investigators accuse the corporation of cutting too many corners in safety for its mining operations. IAC volunteers regularly respond to distress calls from Nanotrasen mining facilities, which are rarely equipped with any form of reliable medical care. Nanotrasen strongly denies IAC allegations, but after the 2450 Zeta Outpost Phoron Explosion relented and allowed the IAC to provide medical sleepers and medkits to Nanotrasen outposts.

On the frontier, the IAC has camps set up where anyone on the frontier worlds may enter and receive medical treatment. They also negotiate with pirates and raiders to allow IAC staff to treat captured slaves or hostages, even while trying to negotiate their release. IAC neutrality is not always respected, but for the most part they are universally trusted, or tolerated, while Sentient Rights investigators get busy relative to their distance from the Core Worlds. The IAC is not permitted inside the territories of the Empire of Dominia.

Operations in Skrellian Space

The Interstellar Aid Corps has limited operations in Skrellian space if only by virtue of the distance involved for travel and continued operations, but operates disaster relief and humanitarian assistance where required. Sentient Rights investigators are unusually well-informed in Skrellian space.

Operations in Unathi Space

Given the catastrophic and deteriorating conditions on Moghes, the IAC has been in intense negotiations with the Izweski Nation, the dominant Unathi power, in establishing relief operations on the planet's surface. Unathi stubbornness and mistrust of 'human meddling' holds back proper efforts, but the IAC has a very small presence of facilities on the planet that provide healthcare and food aid to needing unathi.

Operations in Tajaran Space

The IAC has a handful of facilities present on the surface of Adhomai, and provide medical aid to both factions in the civil war. They have continued efforts in trying to discourage the rebels and government from targeting civilian areas, and Sentient Rights investigators have recently been blowing the whistle on intentional targeting of civilians displaced by the war by both sides.