Stellar Corporate Conglomerate

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Stellar Corporate Conglomerate
SCC logo.png
Slogan The unbreakable chainlink, the one thing holding the Orion Spur together…
Headquarters Unknown
Chief Executive Officer Miranda Trasen
Official Languages Tau Ceti Basic, Sol Common, Tradeband
Official Colours Navy blue (#336699), cyan (#81d9ee), gold (#f1b61c)
Founded 2458 (Unofficially), 2462 (Officially)
Operating Region

This is the page for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, the organization the players work for. This contains very important setting information.

Formerly, the players worked for solely NanoTrasen - while this is technically true to an extent, still, this sentence is an open request to all wiki readers to report inconsistencies in this matter, to wiki/lore development for gameplay pages/lore pages respectively.

Formed at the height of corporate power in the galaxy, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate — unofficially known as the “Chainlink” due to its emblem —is a group exercising undisputed economic dominance over the Orion Spur. The Chainlink was founded to secure privately owned assets within Tau Ceti owned by the various megacorporations during the Solarian incursion by Grand Admiral Raymond Özdemir, who commanded the 35th Fleet of the Solarian Navy during its siege of the Republic of Biesel.

The Chainlink has essentially forced the largest economic influences into a corporation, with which the Trasen family holds an unsteady authority over. Though cooperation has been deemed “essential” at this point in time, the shaky peace still finds itself littered with cut-throat, espionage-ridden affairs as each megacorporation attempts to place itself on top. Though, their unlikely alliance comes as a result of Einstein Engines’ threat to their economic prowress, where the first trans-stellar corporation has maintained dominance within some of more influential sovereign states such as the Nralakk Federation and the Solarian Alliance.


Noteworthy members

  • Titanius Aeson, Hephaestus CEO
  • Alex Mason, Idris CEO
  • Liqin Hsiao-Li, Zeng-Hu CEO
  • Lydumila Zavodskoi, Zavodskoi CEO
  • Kubra Mobolaji, PMCG CEO
  • Chin-hae Hong, Orion Express CEO


The sheer size of the co-operating corporation’s influence, now tightly bound by their public front of allegiance to one another, is enough to sway many of the powers on the interstellar stage – while some of the larger political entities retain some measure of independence, they still ultimately rely on the constituent members of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate for their respective niches within the interstellar economy. Despite attempts by the Solarian Alliance to keep megacorporations in check; they’ve merely facilitated a deal with the devil, exchanging their reliance on the Chainlink instead for Einstein Engines.

The Chainlink, through its member companies and their cooperation, has domination of several economies within the Orion Spur. From banks to manufacturers, only a sliver of economic productivity in the Spur is controlled by others, the main threat to the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate being Einstein Engines. Despite the power of the Chainlink, Einstein has managed to remain competitive against them through tight ties with the Solarian Alliance and Nrralakk Federation, both the largest economies to exploit. As one of the eldest megacorporations, Einstein Engines has maintained a constant throughout humanity's journey to the stars, the consequences it wrought.

However, as the alliance grows older, it can be seen that the constituent megacorporations seek their own power; desiring to diminish NanoTrasen’s domination of influence over their affairs, so far. Conducting themselves in a manner to not directly oppose NanoTrasen, the various other megacorporations have begun leveraging their economic influence on nations; in particular, as seen with Hephaestus Industries’ planned expansion across Moghes. Yet another example is Idris Incorporated’s leveraging credit provided to NanoTrasen during its attempt to recapture control of Phoenixport.

Megacorporate Agendas

It is without a doubt that each and every constituent megacorporation has their own agendas with how the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate should operate, and most definitively to their own benefit. Though employees may find themselves “employed” by the Conglomerate, in reality they find themselves on long-term contracting agreements, still maintaining some ties to their original megacorporation, such as a Research Director from Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals would still remain employed by the megacorporation, even if technically they are contracted to the Conglomerate.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

Zeng-Hu seeks to combine the innovation of the megacorporations to its own benefit, creating technology that many play off as being fantastical. Though with the inception of the Conglomerate, the megacorporation has certainly benefitted from the shared technological ties to certain industries, it still seeks to ensure its technological edge through careful manipulation of its patents and intellectual property: ensuring it stakes its claim before anyone else when it comes to discovery and innovation.


NanoTrasen seeks to maintain the status quo of them being the dominant megacorporation, subverting the influence held by the combined might of the megacorporations to its own benefit, and will go to great lengths to ensure they remain on top – even so far as to diminish the Conglomerate’s influence to ensure their own is maintained. The Trasen’s openly claim that NanoTrasen will remain the most influential megacorporation, with Miranda clinging to her position as Acting Director to maintain the illusion that the corporation shall forever remain in the spotlight. Though the phoronics industry seems to be dwindling, the corporation seeks to expand its foothold in other industries that it enjoys sizeable market domination within.

Private Military Contracting Group

Conflict pays, and it pays well. The Private Military Contracting Group knows such very well. Ensuring a strong hand through amassing military-grade technology and fleets capable of assisting even the strongest actors on the interstellar stage is merely one element of their agenda, the other being reliance on the Conglomerate – indirectly the Private Military Contracting Group – to maintain stability within their borders, and even outside of them. Mercenary work is one of the oldest careers and simply one of the most profitable. The Group maintains the Conglomerate should broaden its capabilities to fight, routinely citing the need for such when referring to the Second Solarian Incursion of Biesel.

Orion Express

Though not so obvious as the other megacorporations, the Orion Express sees the future of the economy relying on its ability to provide delivery, both with goods and with the services it would offer to nations – in particular, growing the reliance of these nations to the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate to ensure that their removal would be too costly, with far too many drawbacks to the interstellar economy, so that a similar body to the Solarian Corporate Authority could not deny their vitality. By any means necessary, Orion Express attempts to leverage influence within the Republic of Biesel, even where it means causing drifts with the other megacorporations who rely on it to supply them with much-needed resources and equipment, which it knows keenly.

Hephaestus Industries

Hephaestus Industries, the manufacturing giant of the Spur, wishes to merely expand its foothold within its existing industries – terraforming, spacecraft construction, integrated positronic chassis manufacturing, resource extraction and lastly engine development. Similarly to Zeng-Hu, it seeks to combine the brightest minds within the Conglomerate to get a technological advantage, but with particular application to help its existing monopolies as opposed to Zeng-Hu’s broader wishes. The future resides within the furnaces of Hephaestus Industries, and Titanius Aeson seeks to ensure the interstellar stage knows it. Even with the damage wrought by the Solarian Corporate Authority, Hephaestus Industries seeks to ensure they remain in steady competition with Einstein Engines, and that the Conglomerate can only truly reach its potential when its bankrupted.

Zavodskoi Interstellar

Though the Solarian Corporate Authority saw it fit to revoke some of the megacorporation’s presence within the Solarian Alliance, Zavodskoi Interstellar still seeks to maintain strong ties. Majority of their footholds, outside of Dominia, flourish within the now NanoTrasen-free Solarian Alliance and are likely to keep growing if the megacorporation can maintain an amiable relationship with the nation. Though Zavodskoi Interstellar agrees with the Private Military Contracting Group’s own agenda, and sometimes even contributes to its growth within the Conglomerate, it ultimately believes that the Conglomerate should remain “neutral” in the face of interstellar conflict, and profit from the lucrative opportunities that arise from playing both sides.

Idris Incorporated

Money ensures the cogs of the machines are well-oiled, and who better to oversee the economic affairs of the Spur than Idris Incorporated and its CEO, Alex Mason. Leveraging the corporation’s extensive ties and financial resources, Idris Incorporated seeks to in-debt the entirety of the Spur with its profitable foresight – extending loans, and ensuring a healthy supply of Idris Reclamation Units into the market to ensure liability is kept to a minimum. Though it enjoys a sizeable foothold within the service industry, Idris Incorporated’s true agenda lies wherever the money leads.

Corporate Oversight

Though the “cooperation” of the megacorporations has proven to be beneficial, it is still common practice to poach workers from one another, and leak more classified information during these employee transfers, an attempt to combat these methods, the Chainlink has formalised a third-party oversight agency that acts independently of the other megacorporations. Commonly referred to as the Chainlink’s enforcers, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate Internal Affairs Agency has become notorious for its handling of those against the megacorporate agenda. Agents have widespread authority to disable any potential threats to the corporations through the soul-crushing bureaucracy, in particular through their knowledge of corporate regulations and laws that act as a powerful weapon against any that stand in their way.

However, outside of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate Internal Affairs Agency, much of the existing corporate oversight from the various constituent megacorporations has remained untouched, remaining as it was prior to the Chainlink’s formation. Despite this some agencies have been incorporated into the greater Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, operating as Human Resources. The Stellar Corporate Conglomerate Internal Affairs Agency are the corporate oversight, however, Human Resources are their legitimate investigative force in dealing with civil and criminal problems that might erupt across the various facilities within the Conglomerate.

Executives and Branches

The Chainlink is headed by the League of Chief Directors, from which ultimate authority is delegated to respective corporations. This League of Chief Directors is responsible for oversight of the entire Chainlink. Though, most of the lesser positions find themselves comprising mostly of former NanoTrasen employees, retained for their display of excellence during Miranda Trasen’s reign as Chief Executive Officer of NanoTrasen – though they have slowly become replaced through corporate restructuring, supported by all except NanoTrasen.

The Corporate Committee of Affairs – having only been founded in 2465 during the new financial year, though rather dull-sounding in name, attempts to off-set this imbalance by comprising of representatives placed by the other megacorporations; even vested with the power to determine the funding of the Chainlink, and ultimately veto the League of Chief Directors in a simple majority vote. Matters pertaining to the Chainlink’s operations are often overseen by direct subordinates of the League itself, who operate above the corporate employees and consist of major shareholders or high-ranking internal affairs.


Though once shrouded in secrecy, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate has become a staple of the Orion Spur, essentially acting as the puppet masters of the interstellar economy. With the earliest dated supply shipments being traced to 2458 – it appears that the constituent megacorporations within the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate have sought to cooperate with one another to ensure their economic dominance since the First Solarian Invasion of the Republic of Biesel; though within the shadows. Almost every element of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate had been hidden and concealed from the greater public, and more so from the scrutiny of those uncovering secrets that the most powerful individuals in the Orion Spur preferred to not yet be revealed.

However, following the Second Solarian Invasion of the Republic of Biesel in 2462, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate revealed themselves to the interstellar community at large; proclaiming their goal was to protect the financial livelihood of all their corporate clients and assets, and to ensure their facilities across the Republic of Biesel would not be diminished as a result of “rogue actors” – similar in circumstances to their original founding, after Admiral Michael Frost’s incursion into their profits.

Since its reveal, the Chainlink has gone on to ensure its dominance through several masterful techniques – mostly centring around the Corporate Reconstruction Zone; or the annexed Solarian territories by the Republic of Biesel. Pouring countless resources into stabilizing the region so as to further exploit it, the Chainlink has all but managed to prop the annexation as a legal undertaking of colonies abandoned by the Solarian Alliance during the Collapse. Though, their efforts have not gone without resistance, in particular, the Republic of Mictlan has proven to be rather ungrateful for the Chainlink’s efforts to uplift them. Sponsoring the Peacekeeper Mandate - a Biesellite military operation that aims to enforce their annexation, regardless of what the local inhabitants think - the Chainlink has managed to quell the majority of the Republic of Mictlan’s more unsavoury elements, though there still exists significant unrest across the eastern hemisphere of the planet.

Miranda Trasen maintains her dominance of the Orion Spur through her manoeuvring into the Director of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate; using her position to propel NanoTrasen interests to the dismay of the other constituent megacorporations. However, will this be the unravelling of the economic, and political entity that has so far been successful in their subjugation of the interstellar community, has not yet been revealed, but perhaps events in the future may change this.