Stellar Corporate Conglomerate

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The unbreakable chainlink, the one thing holding the Orion Spur together…
Each point of the chainlink represents the five megacorporations, with the sixth - protruding arrowhead point - being the Conglomerate, overseeing them all.


This is the page for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, the organization the players work for. This contains very important setting information.

Formerly, the players worked for solely NanoTrasen - while this is technically true to an extent, still, this sentence is an open request to all wiki readers to report inconsistencies in this matter, to wiki/lore development for gameplay pages/lore pages respectively.

Formed at the height of corporate power in the galaxy, the Chainlink - or more officially, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, is a group exercising undisputed economic dominance over the Orion Spur. The Chainlink was founded to secure privately owned assets within Tau Ceti owned by the various megacorporations during the Solarian incursion by Grand Admiral Raymond Özdemir, who commanded a battlefleet to besiege the system. After the incursion, the Chainlink has found itself willing and eager to supersede any and all higher authority placed before it, with no signs of stopping any time soon...

The Chainlink has basically bound the largest shareholders and chief executive officers of the corporations to the whim and will of the Trasen family, who hold an unsteady authority over the colorful cast. Cooperation has been deemed essential at this point in time. The corporations remain in a shaky peace, to contrast the cutthroat, espionage-ridden past. Of course, this doesn’t stop the greed, or the lust for the power and the glory - they’re just corporations, after all. The Chainlink’s largest threat is Einstein Engines - seen as the “first trans-stellar corporation,” this growing giant is older than all others on the galactic stage, and recently resurfaced in power due to the growing prominence of warp travel.


Current Director of Operations: Miranda Trasen, NanoTrasen CEO

Official Title(s): Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, SCC, The Conglomerate

Headquarters: Unknown

Current noteworthy members :

  • Titanius Aeson, Hephaestus CEO
  • Alex Mason, Idris CEO
  • Hou Hsiao-Li, Zeng-Hu CEO
  • Lydumila Zavodskoi, Zavodskoi CEO
  • Kubra Mobolaji, PMCG CEO
  • Hong Chin-Hae, Orion Express CEO

Primary Color Scheme: Navy blue, bright cyan, gold trim


To understate the influence of the young Chainlink is ridiculous - the sheer size of all cooperating corporations, even alone, are enough to sway the galactic powers. Before the Chainlink’s existence, this was more of a looming threat - now, with its mask off, the corporations have begun very loudly declaring their independence from smaller star nations. Larger political entities still remain some measure of independence from the corporations in their dealings, but ultimately all rely on the members of the Chainlink in the modern day.

Corporate Oversight

Whilst the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate is a loose unity of megacorporations beneath its banner, it operates with a rather laissez-faire administrative approach, with much of the pre-existing internal corporate structures remaining undisturbed. It largely has continued to operate similarly to that prior to the unveiling of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. Protocols agreed to during the founding of the SCC introduced the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate Internal Affairs Agency (SCCIAA) that acts as an impartial and unbiased investigator of Corporate Espionage or Acts of Corporate Terrorism aboard the assets in which are under their purview.

Executives and Branches

The Chainlink is headed by the League of Chief Directors, from which ultimate authority is delegated to respective corporations. This League of Chief Directors is responsible for oversight of the entire Chainlink. Matters pertaining to the Chainlink’s operations are often overseen by direct subordinates of the League itself, who operate above the corporate employees and consist of major shareholders or high-ranking internal affairs.

The Chainlink’s League of Chief Directors are mostly staffed by NanoTrasen, leading to the corporation having a rather solid influence, one higher than the others in the Chainlink.


Shrouded in secrecy at its core, this conglomerate is known for the vice grip it holds on the galactic economy. Reasonably so, the higher-ups are almost impossible to find, even the respective corporations’ CEOs taking to hiding due to how many nations deem their actions illegal. However, what is known lay below.

Formed in 2458 (at the earliest dating of its supply shipments which had reached private investigators) it is unclear the original purpose of the Chainlink. However, after its public reveal in 2462 after the second Solarian invasion of Tau Ceti, its purpose was touted as “to protect the financial livelihood of all corporate clients and assets.” Due to the recent appearance of the Chainlink, little history has been formed yet - stay tuned for more!