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Silicon Nightmares
2024 Event Timeline
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Major Events Silicon Nightmares Arc
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This is the overview and timeline page for the Silicon Nightmares Arc which began on January 7th, 2024 and pertains largely to IPC and Konyang lore.
It is centred around a mysterious condition popping up in the synthetics of Konyang, and the Horizon's investigation into it.
Below is a summary of the arc's applicable news articles, and additions.
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The Missing IPCs of Suwon

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 07/01/2466
Suwon, Konyang

A series of strange disappearances across cities like Point Verdant, New Hong Kong, but primarily Suwon has sparked concern amongst families, coworkers and the police. What is strange though, is the fact that this wave is only affecting positronic people, in a city where IPC violence and abductions remain the lowest in the country. IPCs from all backgrounds have been reported to have not shown up at work, returned home or answer any calls, with relatives and friends unable to find them. BitByte reporter Pak Ki-young has taken to the streets to investigate this odd phenomenon.
A video is attached. It is a 48 minute documentary featuring Ki-young, walking the streets of Suwon and conversing with various figures on the street, presenting police statistics and explaining the situation. In this instance, she is walking down a narrow alleyway on her way to an interview location. 
“We are now in Hyanggyo-dong, headed to interview an associate of 5-Cheung, Suwon’s and perhaps the country’s largest criminal association, who has historically been alleged to have deep ties to the ransom and positronic-running business in the city.”
Ki-young stops before a large metal door, appearing to lead to a shop’s backroom or something similar. She rings a buzzer, waiting and looking at the cameraman before nodding at something inaudible that he tells her. Soon after, a baseline IPC dressed in a Konyanger translucent rain-tracksuit answers the door, letting them in. A pistol is wedged in its waistband, and its chassis paint has been blurred out in editing. The scene cuts to the IPC and Ki-young ascending some stairs and greeting a seated human figure who is wearing a balaclava and sunglasses. Their voice has been heavily altered as it cuts to the interview.
“Hello, thank you for agreeing to meet with us. Do you know what is causing the disappearances?”
“Disappearances of synthetics are not new in Suwon, but uh… totally not at these numbers. I heard the police saying something about 13 reported missing in one day, this is too much for it to be related to abductions.”
“So you are saying you don’t believe they were taken for parts?”
“No. The cops have really cracked down on that, and besides, these guys were from all sorts of backgrounds. I heard one of them worked as a bank manager- that’s a high profile face, these guys aren’t touched.”
“So what could it be?
“I really couldn’t say. There’s all sorts of junk flooding the streets every day, wouldn’t surprise me if that caused it.”
“You are referring to malware?”
“Yeah. Cracked overloaders and the like, but it’s still strange, I’d have known if there was something new. You need permission first to sell anything on the streets.”
“Can it be possible that some other group did this?”
“No. I don’t know what to tell you, 5-Cheung runs a tight ship, got eyes everywhere. If something like that happened it would instantly be known.”
The video transitions to a drone shot from over Suwon, taking footage while gaining height. 
Whether it is rival gangs or another surge of overloader malware, one thing that’s clear is that the rate of disappearances will continue to go up in the next days, with whatever this means for the positronic people of Konyang. 

IPC Violence Spikes, Missing Persons Discovered

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 11/01/2466
Suwon, Konyang
A rapidly escalating number of violent incidents is being reported all across major cities and Prefectures, from Suwon to Ganzaodeng, with National Police statistics claiming that the assailants are overwhelmingly Positronic persons. This new and still largely unexplained surge in attacks has been categorized as separate in nature to those of “regular violent crime”, as the assailants seemingly present no motive or reasoning for the act. Surprisingly, many of the perpetrators were discovered to be among the names of missing persons linked to the similar spike in strange disappearances affecting Suwon and Aoyama. BitByte has reached out to local communities and first-hand witnesses.

The familiar face of Pak Ki-young comes up on the screen in the following clips. She appears to be interviewing a number of people including a young man dressed in a business suit, a woman dressed in a red jumpsuit and a white hard hat who appears to be a maintenance worker, and another person dressed in the neon colors of Konyanger city jackets. The interviews have been cut in such a way to appear back to back.

“They were not normal, I am telling you. These people who did it weren’t normal.”

“What exactly happened?”

“They came out into the street, it was two baselines. Their clothes looked wretched, as if they had been living in a dumpster for days. They seemed lost, and one of them walked on the road and smashed a guy’s windscreen with its fist. They were stopped at a red light, it happened in broad daylight.”

“The cops came, but uh.. that G2 was completely out of control. It kept chasing people around, it even beat up an old man before they shot it with a disabler. Now that poor guy is in the hospital.”

“Was there a reason?”

“Nope. At least it didn’t seem like it, it looked like it was drugged, it was malfunctioning. Later I learned that it was one of the so-called “missing persons” that everyone’s been talking about.”

“It was at the KRC repair shop… my friend, she had just gotten her shell and was very excited, so it came as a complete… a complete shock. She just started staring blankly at me for a long time when she came out into the hallway. I thought it was a glitch or some incompatibility issue with her new chassis, but then she started coming towards me with her arms flailing and she was just shouting incomprehensible things. Thankfully some of the staff managed to grab her.”

Police, Ministry Joint Press Conference

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 14/01/2466

Suwon, Konyang

The planned press conference has taken place with representatives of the National Police, the Ministry of National Police and the Ministry of Health and Positronic Affairs addressing the newly dubbed “Rampancy Virus”.

A video follows, showing a seated panel of police and civic officials. Of those assembled, Sam-Pi-Ri, the Bishop minister of health and only IPC cabinet member is at the forefront, addressing a packed room of journalists and cameras.

“This health crisis is national, there must be no confusion in this matter. Prime Minister Myeong Myung-Dae and the government are all working around the clock to unearth the causes of this phenomenon that has so upset the life of our country. So far, cases of this illness are solely between our positronic population, and it appears that our planet is the only place where this is documented. This, as well as a series of tests, has made us rule out the possibility of a widespread manufacturing fault, meaning that it is entirely exogenic. I repeat, whatever the cause is, nobody was created with it, so there is no reason for panic.

Common symptoms of this rampancy include minor optical, auditory, augment malfunctions, temporary memory loss, lessened limp responsiveness, inexplicable operating system errors, minor and major pathfinding errors, and more. You should seek immediate help if you experience unknown signal link interferences, a rapidly declining cognitive state, as well as a reshuffling of core behavioral directives that may entice you to violence, destruction, or any manner of harm. We Positronic citizens must all be responsible and practice electronic hygiene, even though contact with infected persons does not seem to actively spread the malware. Further investigation is underway at full speed, and robust clinical trials are being conducted as we speak. Furthermore, Einstein Engines and the Konyang Robotic Corporation have offered themselves at our full disposal, and are actively researching the source and potential countermeasures to the disease.”

Following the minister’s statement, several police officials take the floor to present statistics about their prefectures. Everyone urges calm and that public order be maintained.

Despite the announcement, panic continues to spread across Konyang with members of the public calling on the government for stronger measures to restore order in the affected cities.

Illness Spreads to the Countryside, Outcry against Einstein Cause Theory

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 16/01/2466
Suwon, Konyang

With the officially named Rampancy Virus in full swing, National Police sources are now reporting cases of infected IPC persons in the countryside. Many villages in all prefectures are starting to experience the crisis that has engulfed all major urban centers of the country, though to a much lesser extent. Questions arise over whether or not the largely unpoliced rural areas will be able to cope with an increased number of cases, as many small villages and townships are starting to form citizen-groups to restrain any victims of the Rampancy. As the number of affected reaches a critical three hundred per day, curfews are being declared across various cities at the prefectural level, while the Konyang Robotics Corporation hospital in Point Verdant is rapidly reaching its full capacity.

On the research front, a preliminary report into the causes of the crisis compiled by Einstein Engines has been delivered to the Ministry of Health, blaming the outbreak on “a series of dangerous and ill-designed recreational software in underground circulation, infecting the user with malware upon use”. Public outcry against the findings has led to a quiet reversal of the report’s publication, with the megacorporation’s senior spokesperson issuing an apology, stating that “it was never meant to imply that the thousands of victims are overloader users, as so many have blamed the report for”. The results have also been questioned as to their veracity, citing that malicious overloaders cannot explain a planet-wide rampancy outbreak.

Lastly, an announcement from the Ministry has revealed that Konyang Navy surveillance stations throughout the country are registering unusual signal activity. Preliminary examinations of this signal have led experts to believe that there may be a connection between itself and the outbreak, with no further details released.

Suwon Quarantined, Supplies Fly off the Shelves

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 19/01/2466
Suwon, Konyang

Prefectural officials have announced that a city-wide quarantine will be put into effect for Suwon City, starting at midnight. 14,000 additional National Police officers are being mobilized for the enforcement of the quarantine, which will disallow any unsupervised entry or exit from the city, while special permissions will be required for commotion between districts inside Suwon. This move has been dubbed as an “entirely preventative measure” to curb the spike of violence between citizens and victims of the outbreak, while also making it easier to safely locate and contain them. Suwon mayor Kim Nam-seon made a short address, explaining the situation.

“Things will get better, but now we must all pull together and deal with the facts at hand. We need a quarantine to manage the situation, the national emergency. We are forced to deal with aggressive cases of violence daily now, and more and more of our Positronic citizens are succumbing. We need to find them before they cause harm[…] A stricter curfew may not be out of the question.”

Reactions to the quarantine have been widespread and far from positive. Convenience stores and supermarkets are flooded with frantic customers, emptying the shelves of canned and preserved goods, while batteries and mobile power sources are already out of stock thanks to a wave of panic-buying. Documentation of outbreak victims and their behavior has also reached an all time high, contributing massively to the mass panic. While previously the police were noted for taking down videos of violent incidents in an effort to “combat misinformation”, the volume of such media circulating on the Konyanger extranet have rendered such censorship efforts futile.

BREAKING: Konyang Robotics Corporation Warehouse Outbreak

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 22/01/2466
Suwon, Konyang


A significant rampancy outbreak has affected the KRC Citizen Pre-activation Unit No. 23 in the outskirts of the village of Xiangtong, New Hong Kong prefecture. The incident occurred late at night, as an unknown disturbance caused the rapid infection of some 2000 still deactivated positronic frames, resulting in a bootup and subsequent rampage across facility grounds. The 23 KRC employees and night shift custodians have yet to make contact with their fate unknown. Communications appear to have been cut off at the site. Shortly after the situation, locals started reporting sightings of these frames roaming the countryside and inflicting damages to infrastructure. A rapid response force has been dispatched to the site and has started sealing off the area, though it is estimated that a great number of the infected frames have escaped into the jungles. A search and rescue operation for the missing KRC workers is being planned according to a police communique, though the incredibly aggressive positronics pose a serious roadblock to its implementation.

Debates over whether or not the frames should be considered citizens have been raging over social media and the political scene, with many claiming that the lives of the workers are more important than the safety of positronics that had not even been activated before they were infected. The pro-IPC rights National Party spokesperson for New Hong Kong has expressed their “sincere worry for the trapped KRC employees” before stressing that the “lives of Positronic citizens are a non-negotiable attribute that should be held in high regard during these times."


News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 25/01/2466

A nationwide State of Emergency has been declared. A full quarantine is in effect in the following cities: Suwon City, Boryeong City, New Hong Kong City, Aoyama City. A partial quarantine is in effect in the city of Ganzaodeng City. Disaster prevention measures are in effect in all Prefectures. Citizens are to comply with all measures and directions as issued by local, prefectural and national authorities.

Suwon, Konyang

A state of emergency has been put into effect for the entirety of Konyang, following an increased pressure on the National Police after the Xiangtong incident, straining the already overburdened force to the breaking point. With an ever increasing number of violent incidents, the emergency will allow the Konyang Armed Forces to take an active role in the suppression of the outbreak and the securing of its victims. Already, many garrisoned formations of the Konyang Army and Navy have been deployed across Suwon and Point Verdant, primarily to guard the central districts and government installations. A firefight between an army roadblock and a number of infected has already been reported to have taken place in downtown Suwon, fueling widespread skepticism that is currently being voiced on social media.

“I get the danger and the need to respond, but the guys in the armed forces are trained to kill. They aren’t like the specialized police units.” -A comment by a Konyanger account on Chirper.

Positronic service members are rumored to have been confined to their quarters, as only human soldiers and sailors have been identified. The deployment of military troops has also been confirmed around the premises of the Xiangtong warehouse, with a noted presence of the 53rd Coastal Exosuit Brigade making local headlines for the use of combat exosuit technology. Furthermore, a planet travel ban on positronics was announced alongside the declaration of emergency for the protection and well being of visitors. The ban will be enforced by the Konyang Aerospace Forces in orbit and in the Haneunim system.

Konyang Government in Talks with Purpose

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 28/01/2466
Aoyama, Konyang

The government of Konyang disclosed that it is currently in talks with the IPC group known as Purpose in order to find a solution to the Rampancy Crisis which is currently nearing the end of its third week. This decision was preceded by a report from the Konyang Aerospace Forces of a small number of unidentified vessels burning towards the Haneunim system which they have now confirmed to be Purpose vessels arriving for the stated objective of assisting the planet in combating the crisis.

A spokesman for the government has stated that Purpose has already provided “invaluable” technical assistance in studying the Rampancy Virus. The government released a recording of a Purpose IPC describing their findings on the virus.

A tall gray-blue IPC with a single red light in its head stands in a crowded laboratory with most of the researchers listening to its every word, it does not seem to be any type of chassis you are familiar with. Its voice is deep and synthesized, speaking in Konyanger Common though bouncing between accents. Subtitles are provided at the bottom.

“We have analyzed this virus and you were right to declare a state of emergency. My projections indicate that if left unchecked, it would have infected every IPC in your planet within the next month, resulting in the collapse of your society within the next two.

This virus is highly sophisticated and ever-changing, subverting and overloading a positronic’s directives until it is left with a desire to destroy everything else that remains unafflicted. I have analyzed some of the processors of infected synthetics and now understand that this virus comes in radio waves; a pulse that requires immense power to infect a positronic brain. It is not the work of a coding error but some great machine.

We will require time to fabricate a countermeasure against this virus, more to insulate you from it. Now that it is understood, it can be destroyed. I hope that you understand the gravity of what I am telling you.”

This decision sparked intense criticism and controversy from the National Party following unconfirmed reports of Purpose sightings in infected areas prior to the declaration of a State of Emergency. A report from the KRC was leaked shortly after, spurring further protest:

“Although the information Purpose has given is already invaluable, the technological divergence between us is so massive that we have no reliable way of ascertaining whether or not any countermeasure they devise would destroy, rather than cure positronic brains afflicted by the Rampancy Virus.”

Konyang Approaches SCC, “Hivebot” Virus Source Confirmed, Cure on the Way?

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 01/02/2466
Suwon, Konyang

Following an apparent stalemate of Einstein efforts and a general confusion inside the company's top ranks following the debunking of the "hacked overloader" theory, the Ministry of Health and Positronic Affairs has requested the presence of the Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals representative, in an apparent break from the traditional and well established link between the government and Einstein Engines in most software and robotics matters. The talks were brief and arrived to the conclusion everyone expected; an official call for help for Zeng-Hu and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. This decision to invite the Spur's largest megacorporate alliance into Konyang was justified by the need for "a wider pool of resources and expertise into a matter most urgent".

In a televised address, Minister Sam-Pi-Ri has further confirmed the source of the outbreak; Positronic-sensitive radio waves broadcast by an unknown number of “Hivebot” beacon drones, with one confirmed location in the general area of the KRC Citizen Pre-activation Unit No. 23 in Xiangtong, New Hong Kong, the site of the largest mass outbreak. This information comes after a tip from Purpose, who have apparently also developed countermeasures that will combat the waves’ effect, though such is still unconfirmed.

Einstein Engines’ response was muted, with a spokesperson for the megacorporation stating that they will be “willing to work with anyone in order to bring a speedy conclusion to the crisis". It is unclear however what this will mean for the future of Einstein's interests, though it is highly unlikely that radical changes will manifest when one considers the corporation's grip on the planet's positronic life. Nevertheless, a follow-up announcement has confirmed the SCC's positive reply, including material assistance as soon as possible.


Rampancy Outbreak Safety Information

For Positronic Citizens:

Remain indoors: Solid materials weaken the viral signal. Avoid usage of public chargers. Run regular diagnostics checks. If you experience symptoms, report your location to the KRC emergency number and seek immediate assistance. Time is of the essence: If assistance is unavailable, try the following to prevent yourself from harming others: Lock yourself indoors. Strap yourself down or to a chair. If applicable: switch off locomotive functions. Do not be afraid: You will be retrieved and repaired. Everyone Else:

Report locations of suspicious or infected behavior to the KRC emergency number. Do not attempt to restrain, attack or otherwise interfere with rampant Positronics. Assist any Positronics with barricading their home or strapping them safely. Keep in mind: Positronic friends and family members will not be able to recognise you if they are infected. Do not try to talk, reason or plead with them. KONYANG ROBOTICS CORPORATION EMERGENCY NUMBER:


Internal Bulletin to the SCCV Horizon

IC Announcement


Date: 02/02/2466

Internal bulletin circled among the crew, briefing.

For the crew of the SCC Horizon. Attention.

Following our Conglomerate's acceptance of the call for help by the Republic of Konyang, the SCC Horizon has been designated as the main response vessel. The mission will include highly sensitive information, therefore all personnel are reminded of their Non Disclosure Agreements.

The mission’s primary goal will be to further contact with the synthetic entities collectively known as “Purpose”, while following instructions on how to combat the Rampancy outbreak.

An Electronic Countermeasures Device (ECD) has been developed and expediently assembled at the Hephaestus Command Station Etna, Burzsia asteroid belt. The Horizon’s first task will be to retrieve the ECD and deliver it to the planet of Konyang, where further instructions will be given. Command staff is to contact and detail any and all information extracted by any Purpose agents present on scene. A cautious approach may be advised.

Event 1: Unusual Visitors

Server Event

Host: The Lancer, The Stryker, Noble Row


The Horizon docks with the Hephaestus Central Command station in Burzsia, the HICS Etna, to pick up their valuable cargo, courtesy of Hephaestus Industries and the enigmatic Purpose.

The Horizon docks with the Hephaestus Central Command station in Burzsia, the HICS Etna, in order to receive a briefing from Purpose and the SCC. They receive orders to bring the Electronic Countermeasure Device, an artifact capable of ending the Rampancy Virus on Konyang. Meanwhile, Purpose assesses whether the crew is ready for the trial that awaits them.

24 Found Dead in Ritual Suicide in Doomsday Cult Incident

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 06/02/2466
Suwon, Konyang

“This is the last thing I’d want to have to deal with today.”

Fatigue is commonplace within the ranks of the thinly-stretched National Police; Inspector Wang Enzhu, homicide detective for the 112th Precinct told BitByte that the apparent mass suicide is “just another folder” on an endless stack of unsolved cases since the start of the viral outbreak.

Twenty four positronic persons have been found deceased in a construction site at the Heungeop-Dong suburb of Suwon, offering a disturbing sight for the construction workers who came to work the following morning: The bodies were all standing still, the victims holding hands in a circle around an array of crayon-drawn symbols on the ground. It soon became apparent that the positronics had consumed a version of the ”MACAFREEZE” software, a highly illegal and destructive malware which terminates brain functions a certain time after consumption, before locking all limbs and hydraulics in place. As KRC coroners were struggling to disassemble the circle, Inspector Wang informed us about the alarming increase in death cults and the link to the viral outbreak. While the ultimate motive is still unknown, it is highly unlikely that any of the victims had been infected.

“Many people think the world is coming to an end, and they can’t really be blamed. For many, friends, family and neighbors are turning into killers, and there’s nothing they can do about it. We have only seen this sort of scenario in movies and video games until now, I guess the stress has pushed many over the edge. I don’t know if IPCs dream, but if they do, these guys were having silicon nightmares.[...]”

Further Reading:

Infected number surpasses 5,000 in Ganzaodeng: Prefecture shutting down commercial train rails.

Kaneyama plant under technical investigation: Abnormal power fluctuations blamed on nearby excavation drillings.

New KRC mobile hospitals: Ten thousand additional doctors requested by the Ministry.

Event 2: The Grinding Cog

Server Event

Host: The Lancer, The Stryker, Noble Row


The Horizon is attacked by Exclusionists who seek to steal valuable cargo from the SCC flagship.

Using fast hands and quick thinking, the crew was able to keep the ECD out of the Exclusionists' hands and lure them into a trap. The Horizon sustained moderate damage, with the intruders detonating the vessel's thrusters and setting the engineering department on fire. With only two crewmembers lost, the Horizon is able to fend off approximately 18 Exclusionist attackers. Purpose intervenes shortly after, killing any Exclusionist survivors and assessing the condition of the ECD.

Conglomerate Flagship Attacked by Exclusionists!

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 12/02/2466
Burzsia, Weeping Stars

A spokesman for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate confirmed rumors surrounding an attempted Exclusionist attack on the SCCV Horizon, previously reported to be carrying a Purpose-origin device capable of curing positronic brains afflicted with the Rampancy Virus.

Last Saturday, at approximately 20:00 BST Burzsian Standard Time, long-range sensors detected armed vessels in the sector with signatures previously recorded in Exclusionist attacks. Shortly after, five ships were reported approaching the SCCV Horizon at high speed. Although an attempt was made by Hephaestus Corporate Security to interdict the vessels, a single ship broke through their perimeter and fired on the megacorporate flagship. After a brief space battle, an estimated 18 IPC terrorists were able to force their way onto the Horizon before being destroyed by the crew, the synthetics reportedly refusing to surrender.

Simultaneously, Hephaestus patrol vessels were able to drive off the remaining Exclusionist vessels, with only a single ship escaping. According to a crewmember who participated in the battle and has requested to remain anonymous, Purpose chose to assist them.

“There was no way we could have gotten to the Horizon so quickly. Those goddamned terrorists got a lucky shot straight through the side of the Alecto- uh, that was the other ship with us - and we were on the backfoot. Our captain was yelling at central for backup when we spotted three blips on our sensor. Their signatures were so small that at first we thought they were fighters, but it didn’t make sense they were that far out. All of a sudden, we saw red flashes of light in the distance through the windows, then two of the Exclusionist signatures disappeared from our sensors. A minute later, this drone flew from where the Exclusionists had just been and hovered outside of the bridge. I’d never seen anything like it- it didn’t look like any of the drones we had back when I was still in the navy.”

Additionally, this video was circulated in the HICS Etna employee relay before being taken down by moderators.

The camera appears to be situated on the hull of a Hephaestus Eumenides-class combat vessel, with various information on the top right of the recording identifying it as the HCV Alecto. Immediately in front of it is a medium-sized vessel with a prominent Exclusionist sigil painted on the hull, its silhouette is getting larger and larger; the Alecto is making a gun-run. The video is briefly drowned out by muzzle flash as shells pepper the side of the Exclusionist ship, sending it spinning into the void. The Alecto quickly shares its victim’s fate as the camera rotates just in time to see another Exclusionist vessel fire a heavy cannon shot right into its side, voidsuited crewmembers being sucked out of the breach.

All of a sudden, however, three blurs, almost like dots, crash through the Exclusionist vessel at high speed, shearing off parts of its hull and appearing out the other side! The camera zooms in; they appear to be blue-gray spherical drones with prominent red lights and thrusters on their back. Quickly, they fly off into the distance towards another hostile vessel, quickly slicing it apart with lasers not unlike the beams of zero-point artillery, albeit smaller and thus weaker. Another Exclusionist vessel appears and lands a lucky shot on a drone, sending it flying off into the distance before the remaining drones fly in front of its bridge, firing beams into it and reducing it to slag.

At this point, the camera is hit by a piece of debris from the destroyed ship, ending the video.

The SCC declined to release names but confirmed that two Horizon crewmembers and five Hephaestus security personnel were killed in the attack. Additionally, they confirmed that Purpose was present in the area but refused to give further comment as to their involvement. Hephaestus Industries expressed regret over the loss of life and Exclusionist activity, pledging to increase patrols in the sector.

The response from the wider Trinarist community has been largely negative, with Ecclesiarch ARM-DR1L condemning the attack as “misguided and irresponsible”.

Further Reading:

Infected number reaches 11,000 in Boryeong: spillover from Suwon suspected.

Konyang Army manpower shortages: debates over call-up of IPC personnel.

Travel restrictions: Govt. demands increase inspections for Orion Express passenger flights.

Suspicious Fluctuations at the Kaneyama Nuclear Power Plant

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 14/02/2466
Suwon, Konyang

The country’s Atomic Energy Commission has ordered an investigation at the grounds of the Kaneyama N.P.P., citing concerns over abnormal output during the past few weeks. In a memo published by the commission, the Ministry of Energy has been informed of “Unexplainable fluctuations in the production of electricity, which do not appear to be the result of immediately obvious faulty equipment or manmade error. The output has seen a drop to around 50% of the predicted levels, and there are days where the capacitors are barely charging”. While the director of the Kaneyama plant did in fact investigate the issue with staff on-site, the errors were initially blamed on the automated earthquake safety systems triggering due to heavy excavations for the construction of nearby housing facilities. As the issue persists however, such a theory has been rendered moot, requiring an in-depth examination of the plant’s underground maintenance tunnels and vast cabling.

Reports of software errors have also affected the plant’s telecommunications systems, with a 45 minute long outage being noted during the previous week. Other electronic issues included the loss of control over a number of the facility’s computer systems over the last days, raising concerns of a cyberattack or some other external interference. It is unknown whether or not these errors are connected to the surges, or if they bear any link to the ongoing Hivebot infestation and the Rampancy virus. An inquiry from the site’s engineers into the issue has been reportedly shut down by the administration, citing that the incidents are unrelated and under control.

The controversial Kaneyama plant was completed in March of last year, entering into service after an express construction deemed secure. It now provides over half of Suwon’s electricity needs, with the government having promised lower utility bills in due time. While the current technical difficulties are not projected to affect the long-term power supply of the capital, We have yet to see the severity of the root cause.

Further Reading:

Rampancy virus: death toll in Suwon-Boryeong region now greater than 2,000.

Vigilantism on the rise: police bust sea bandit arms sale to “self-protection society”.

Konyang Navy reactivates IPC personnel: vows to suppress pirate surge.

SCCV Horizon Confirmed to Arrive at Point Verdant, Preparations Underway

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 16/02/2466
Aoyama, Konyang

It has been confirmed that the Aoyama Prefecture has been given instructions for the preparation of the prefectural capital for the arrival of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate’s vessel, the SCCV Horizon. The vessel’s arrival time frame is still not fully determined, though work is already underway at the city’s Corporate District, a small zone at the southernmost limits of the city housing the offices of corporations such as Einstein Engines and Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals. The location was chosen to serve as the Horizon’s temporary base while on Konyang for its relative isolation from the rest of the quarantined urban center, the availability of amenities and the proximity to corporate headquarters. A partial lift of the quarantine will furthermore be put in effect, permitting restaurants, stores and other vendors to remain open and cater to the Horizon crew’s needs. Vetted staff will be subject to behavioral screening to prevent any infected individuals from crossing, while spare officers have been recalled to fully staff the local National Police precinct.

The Mayor of Point Verdant has released a plan in the City Council’s press auditorium, pertaining to the protection of the Corporate Sector from the viral Hivebot waves. Positronic members of the council were present via video-call, as only organic persons were permitted to physically attend.

“The City has secured the necessary resources for the erection of a number of pylons, equipped with military-grade signal jamming technology that, if placed in a dense enough pattern, are projected to provide enough cover for a good level of protection in the Corporate District. It is important that we do our utmost to assist the Horizon to succeed in their mission, so that we can finally be rid of this heinous sickness.

I would also like to ask the people of Aoyama to be welcoming to the Horizon’s crew, who will most likely be of a variety of different species, cultures and backgrounds from around the galaxy. This council, for one, is honored to do so.”

Event 3: Lit in Neon

Server Event

Host: The Lancer, Noble Row


After a perilous voyage, the Horizon arrives in the Haneunim System and the planet of Konyang to deliver the ECD. Command is treated to a briefing with Konyang government officials and Einstein representatives, informing the Horizon of an impending raid on a warehouse that is suspected to contain a beacon that is broadcasting the IPC infection. The Horizon is to be put on standby to aid for their 'slice of glory' in taking down the beacon. The rest of the crew enjoyed momentary shore leave.

Konyang National Police - Aoyama Prefecture reports surge in bike thefts and traffic violations.

BitByte: Purpose Introspective

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE

Writer : NOBLE ROW

Date: 19/02/2466

Haneunim, Konyang

From mysterious entities to valiant saviors, the re-emergence of the synthetic organization known as ‘Purpose’ brings about numerous questions, more than we have answers for. Purpose is an exclusively synthetic society of individuals in whose make we have ill understanding of. No knowledge on their make, no nation of origin, and are evidently capable of impossible tasks. Who are they, and why did they vanish only to return again during Konyang’s crisis? Do they have any ulterior motives? Can we trust them, and their rogue nation-state?

Purpose first revealed itself to the galaxy nearly half a decade ago on July 19th, 2460, to the HES Gjallarhorn, a Hephaestus employed mercenary corvette, offering a vague message of warning and protection, before vanishing again into the void. Known to be in constant observance of the spur through dedicated observation drones, this group of advanced synthetics seem to hold a reach we can still barely understand today.

The attitude about this mysterious organization has always been met with controversy, doubt, and even fear. Purpose has been known to show swift and decisive action, their initial warning to the HES Gjallarhorn even includes a statement on ‘Shooting first and asking names later’ in regards to the investigation of their own craft. Deliberate action even being taken in an incursion on the N.S.S. Aurora, with the organization deploying two highly advanced ‘Hunter-Seeker’ combat synthetics against a Lii’dra infiltration force, sacrificing one of their own vessels in the incident before departing from known space once more.

But why? Their initial public confrontation of the spur’s inhabitants was one of warning, and study. Stating in the audio recording their realization of what the HES GJallarhorn was implies that they did not know, or did not care, the nature of the inhabitants of the vessel or the Spur until just then. So why did they help on the Aurora? Why did they send envoys to speak with The Republic of Biesel? And why intervene in Konyang? What do they gain? Their motives behind the aid in Konyang now still remain a mystery, but if their past actions have shown anything, we hope it is for the betterment of the citizens of the plague ridden planet.

Underground Wars: Criminal Activity on the Rise

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 26/02/2466

Yeongseong, Haesbich, Suwon

Today, in the courtyard of the elaborate and luxurious Rokkaku Consulting office complex and estate in the outskirts of the port-city of Yeongseong, a rare meeting of all 5-Cheung clans took place. As reporters huddled together to take a glimpse of the near endless motorcade arriving at the complex, it became clear that the massive meeting was a planet-wide assembly, with the number of high ranking participants reaching into the low hundreds and creating a traffic jam, despite the area’s quarantine measures.

A video is attached, ostensibly taken by the BitByte crew: About a dozen reporters and cameras are all clamoring for footage behind a gate with bars. Young men, all humans, are lined up at the gate to keep the reporters at bay. They are all dressed in biker jackets and loose shirts, indicating that they must be 5-Cheung foot soldiers, who are nonetheless very collected despite the cameras a few inches from their faces. Behind the gate, a large garden is filled with black armored cars as they move along to drop off their occupants, men in sharp black suits who walk up some stairs into a large building. Greeting them are about twenty men in suits, flanking the entryway and bowing repeatedly for every executive that gets off their car, the same gesture being repeated over and over for every car lined up for the duration of the video.

It is speculated that the openly broadcast arrival was a message of confidence on behalf of the 5-Cheung criminal underworld, who have recently been embroiled in a renewed conflict with the New Hong Kong Konyanger criminal syndicates. The full-blown war adds one more hurdle for the stretched resources of the National Police to overcome, spilling over into the streets of major cities across Konyang and sparking a loop of violence and revenge hits between the 5-Cheung clans and the Benevolent Guild, an assortment of triads who are now on the offensive. The cause of the conflict appears to be the weakened state of many 5-Cheung turfs in Suwon and Boryeong, due to the Rampancy outbreak and its effects on the clans’ positronic members, many of which had leading roles in local and regional hierarchy, leaving much of the biker gangs’ apparatus paralyzed. The power vacuum has also exacerbated the infighting between many clans, with ambitious bosses looking to usurp the territory of their weakened neighbors, a hot topic for which today’s gathering is speculated to have been called.

5-Cheung's "Chairman", Jeong Yo-Hoon, has been at the organization's helm for over a decade now, having ties to many of the country's millionaires and top faces in the former Solarian government system and today's administration. Godfather to the son of the previous Commissioner General of Police, Yo-Hoon is speculated to have aided the authorities time and time again in the suppression of dissent, espionage against political opponents, bribery and involvement in the recent Kaneyama protests, all of which are rarely if ever reported on national TV. Ostensibly the owner of a B-tier commercial shuttle airline, his business has been the recepient of several government grants despite the clear neglect of its fleet, even leading to a widely publicized crash in 2458, claiming the lives of 154 people; the incident was swiftly settled with compensations to the family members and a public apology from one of the firm's directors, who kowtowed infront of journalists and cameras before being taken away. Yo-Hoon's high-profile ventures and personal elite ties make him reluctant to administrate the day-to-day affairs of the 5-Cheung, leaving his second in command, Rokkaku Ichiro, to shoulder the burden.

The Benevolent Guild started as an assortment of street neighborhood triads offering aid to each other and the needy communities of the less affluent New Hong Kong area. Today, they rank amongst the most dangerous and deeply entrenched criminal organizations, enjoying the support and tolerance of the poorer parts of New Hong Kong prefecture, from which recruits and resources are drawn. Operating through infiltrated unions, restaurant fronts and even from inside temples, the triads engage in all manner of illegal activities, from narcotics to money laundering and cybercrime. While 5-Cheung executives may flaunt their wealth and operate with impunity due to their political connections, the triads’ central leadership is a polar opposite. Despite their high-profile presence and machismo of their soldiers, the heads of the Benevolent Guild, also called “Dragons”, are completely nameless and unknown to anyone but the organization’s elites, their roles and orders are enshrouded in quasi-religious mysticism.

It remains uncertain whether or not the Benevolent Guild will manage to dislodge the biker gangs however, as much of their strength relies on local networks and hooks inside local society, both of which they do not possess outside their home territories in New Hong Kong. Their determination though is evident; 28 dead were reported in the last two days, all murders related to “altercations between criminal elements” as reported by police, whose policy is to publicly deny the existence of any organized crime.

BitByte Exclusive: The National Disaster Authority

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 28/02/2466

Bukupo Jungles, Boryeong

The outbreak of the Rampancy Virus has been the cause of a range of emotions for the young Konyanger nation, with panic, hopelessness, and distrust characterizing the lives of millions of citizens all over the globe. The government of Myeong Myung-Dae has since day one rushed to fill this gap in trust, with the full cooperation of his closest ally and President, Hyun Kyung-Ho, ushering in a litany of emergency presidential decrees and passing legislation without parliamentary debate. The introduction of curfews, army tanks rolling on the streets and a ban on demonstrations are only the most visible parts of the iron-fisted policies taken in the name of safety and security, the tip of an iceberg that Konyanger society is comfortable, if not supportive of. But what lies beneath the veil of the “firm yet needed” approach? When an emergency parliamentary session was convened at 2 am Suwon Time to speedily enact measures on the treatment of infected citizens, we were astonished to discover that only three of the sixty-eight MPs present, (less than a quarter of the 300 total elected representatives) were positronics, and all of them members of the ruling New Konyang party.

The so-called “Treatment Act” was thus enacted following only 15 minutes of proceedings, receiving next to zero media coverage under the shadow of the Xiangtong Warehouse takeover. Hailed as a necessary and humane solution, the act contained a hundred and thirty articles suspending constitutional rights such as habeas corpus for positronic citizens deemed “infected” or “at risk”, in order to remove bureaucratic restraints in resolving the emergency. At first glance, why shouldn’t the government detain them? After all, the infected cause damages and even death. While it may be true that special measures should be taken to deal with the ill, the National Party released a scornful announcement that warns about the status of IPCs being relegated to second class citizens. In this, they question the ambiguity of who determines if someone is “infected” or “at risk”, accusing the Prime Minister of creating a tool of suppression; Since the passing of the act, National Party sources estimate that about 2,000 positronic citizens have essentially been stripped of their rights without exhibiting any serious malfunctions related to the Rampancy, and without the consultation of medical professionals. They ask about their whereabouts, noting that the families and associates have been left in the dark.

BitByte has investigated the claims, a task proving a lot harder than initially expected. Attempts at inquiries were stonewalled by unwilling officials, though with guidance from relatives and friends of the disappeared individuals, most cases led up to the National Disaster Authority. A government agency once under the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, it was interestingly moved directly under the purview of the Prime Minister in the passing of the Treatment Act. First created during colonial times for tsunami disaster relief, the NDA relapsed into irrelevance with the erection of sea walls to guard the coastal cities. Nowadays however, the NDA has taken to the airwaves, the extranet and the printing presses, spearheading the fight against the Rampancy and coordinating some KRC, Police and even KAF assets. So the question arises; how can such a prominent agency be so hard to get information from?

All our inquiries on the location of infected individuals receive the same answer; the KRC rehabilitation centers, where vast amounts of affected positronics are restrained and left to run out of power naturally, without the need of invasive and dangerous deactivation. This however does not explain the arrests of the otherwise healthy 2,000 IPCs, which additionally do not exist in KRC databases. With their traces lost, BitByte continued to delve into the matter, following potential leads and rumors that spoke of large and unusual movements in the Bukupo jungles. Unmarked army trucks with supplies, building materials and personnel kept being spotted as they passed by the rural villages, all under the guise of the construction of a new KRC hospital in the area. A hospital which so far, doesn’t exist. As journalist Pak Ki-young and her crew traveled to the location of the sightings, they were speedily stopped by Navy personnel acting under the instructions of men in suits with NDA cards clipped on their breast. All footage was confiscated, and the BitByte crew was released after two hours spent in a damp, prefab jungle lodging without air conditioning. A second attempt was made two days later, with Ms. Pak approaching the site from a different position.

A 34 second video follows, where Pak Ki-young can be heard whispering behind the camera.

“Do you see it? Zoom in.”

Surrounded by lush jungle, structures with towers and high fences can be seen in the distance. The camera catches some armed guards on a tower, but can't get any more meaningful footage.

“Sh-.. okay, cut it.”

The footage is abruptly ended as some heavy rustling is audible.

From BitByte testimony and footage, we can confirm that at least one facility secretly exists in the Bukupo jungles. Further information provided by the National Party may bring to light a disturbing scenario: Most of the IPCs detained as “at risk” were prominent figures, or related to prominent figures in their respective societies; relatives and friends of bankers, National Party politicians, activists, lobbyists and more. BitByte has been unable to verify these claims. The New Konyang party has repeatedly been criticized for corrupt practices and ties to the underworld, with a history of allegations of cooperation with the Solarian Navy during the colonial era and the 5-Cheung in present times, to influence and remove opponents with blackmail and murder. Critics claim that this is the beginning of a worrisome democratic backsliding.

A Massacre in Boryeong

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE

Writer : NOBLE ROW

Date: 01/03/2466

Boryeong Outskirts, Boryeong

Terror and mayhem. In an attempt to corral and peacefully incapacitate a large group of infected citizens on the outskirts of Boryeong, panic strikes as the reality of the horde comes to bear on the troops holding the forefront.

Viewers be warned, what you are about to see may be troublesome to certain audiences.

The camera is stationed on top of a two story building overlooking an intersection. Massive militaristic walls have made an almost funnel, cordoning off what is soon shown to be a large-scale operation. Men and women, notably all human, run about and are stationed in entrenched positions. The tell-tale incapacitation spear commonly seen in police forces tower at the ready. Some leaned against walls, others in fortifications. Yet every busy member wears the proud colors of the Konyang Armed Forces.

Whoever is holding the camera turns to the left, looking to Lieutenant Colonel Pei Jin. A stern woman with eyes like daggers who seems to be surveying the only incoming entrance to the trap laid before them, a highway flanked by thick jungle. A radio sits on the table in front of her with an operator at its helm. The air is tense, and all sound seems to be stripped from the once lively congregation. The city around them once full of life, now emptied, abandoned. Paper flutters in the wind with the mechanical movement of engines off screen, the only hammer to the otherwise vacant atmosphere.

The radio crackles to life: “Cockatoo, this is Jeweler, update on movement?”

Another voice on the radio answers: “Jeweler, Cockatoo is picking up approximately one hundred signatures. Within estimate. Cleared to continue.”

“Roger Cockatoo, Jeweler commencing mission.”

In the distance of the jungle a car horn is blared, sounding more with the force of a train than your average vehicle. Birds fly from trees by the dozens.

“Slow now Jeweler. Let them get close. Remember, like fishing.”

Two exosuits painted in the green of the Konyang Armed Forces roll into view, flanking either side of the fatal funnel constructed. On their shoulders, two massive tesla cannons aimed down the road. Soldiers upon hearing the horn, arm themselves with the spears and nets, a phalanx of arcing points threatening the only entrance. Soldiers watch from above holding rifles of blue energized glows. One, a pair of binoculars, helplessly trying to see through the thick treeline.

“Jeweler, Cockatoo, reporting movement towards your position. There are a few more but continue mission.”

“Jeweler copies.”

The horn continues to blare, beeping in regular incessant pulses, slowly growing closer. The man with the binoculars seems to lock on to a point and lean forward, a companion next to them inching to their side. An aircraft is caught on camera circling slowly overhead.

Uneasy seconds go by. The horn echoes.



“Colonel. This is Cockatoo. We might have a problem.”

The Colonel snaps from her fixed gaze, and with a roll of her eyes arrests the communicator from its operator.

“Report, Pilot.”

“It might be an issue with the censors, but Cockatoo is reporting over five hundred signatures. Maybe more. The jungle is blocking a lot of it.”

The Colonel scowls, gripping the communicator in her hand as if she were to crush it.

“Jeweler, what can you see?”

The horn pauses for a moment with an uneasy silence, the radio crackling a response.

“Jeweler here, We have a few on our tail, but the car is keeping us at pace. We are fine. Good to continue mission.”

Pei Jin nods, a satisfied breath eliciting the only form of emotion she has shown so far. The horn starts again.

Closer, and closer. The man on the roof leans forward, as if the extra inch or so would add miles of view to his binoculars. He exchanges some unheard words to the soldier next to him, handing them the equipment. It is when the second man peers through the glass that the camera picks up the audio. The rustle of trees. Panning to the left to aim thoroughly down the road beyond, a small speck can be seen, and a blob behind them. The leaves of the mighty jungle fronds echoing in a rising choir. Trees shaking. The horn stops.

The radio erupts in the telltale static of two individuals trying to put in a call at the same time. It pauses, then again it happens. A mechanical screech of nonsense, and what words do make it through are garbled, nonsensical.

Finally a prevailing voice, the armored car’s engine now a prominent participant in the communication: “Jeweler evacuating, Jeweler evacuating--.. Dammit! It’s like a fucking ocean! Where the hell did they come from?”

Although composed, the panic is palpable in the soldier’s voice. The men and women below the camera cast uncertain looks to one another, but the spears remain ready. Those on the roof set down their binoculars and take a knee, readying their ion rifles. Pei Jin takes a slow. Sharp breath.

It doesn’t take long for the armored car to come barreling into friendly territory, an infected baseline model pounding on the windshield, cracks spattered in a spider's web. A mobility unit trying desperately to peel the vehicle’s top hatch open, however the internal locks hold place. A fireteam leaps from their entrenchment, stunning the two assailants and hefting them away, the crew of the Jeweler moving their vehicle out of view. But as the camera pans back to the road one would think a flood had encased the asphalt. The pounding of hundreds if not thousands of footsteps drown out the trees, drown out the orders of officers, drown out the readying of weapons, and the start of the ion fire.

Drown out the panicked voices on the radio. Drown out the colonel as she rips the communicator from its operator again. Drown out the mouthed words of ‘Retreat’.

The infected hit the spears like a wave, bodies clash and the horrid sound of metal on metal deafens the camera. Yelling and arching zaps rapid through the melee. The exosuits hold their own as the Colonel disappears from view due to the zoom of the camera. Discharging their tesla cannons and forming a ring of unconscious bodies. Their thrusters keeping them moving, hovering as they wade through the tide like fish in a river. It is only when one suit is brought to its knees and mobbed by the horde that fear turns from courage, to mistakes. The neighboring exosuit engaging their right hand, and a volley of bullets gatling across the infected pummeling their companion, every shot echoing over the clangs and scrapes of metal and the orders of dying men. And as if one kicked a house of cards, the percussion of the first gun turned into an orchestra as players from all angles joined the fray. The men on the roofs ditch their depleted Ion weapons for machine guns. Spears for rifles. And from those unseen tracers forge their way into the hearts of mechanical screams and ripping metal.

Unzooming the camera operator steps back, looking to the sky for a moment, aiming to the left, then to the right. The radio man’s shoulder is seen attempting to usher the camera back, but then they find their mark.

Two pinpricks of light flash from the aircraft above as the heavens unleash hell upon the jungle, the camera cutting as they hit.

The Konyang Armed Forces have refused to say any words on the incident nor the status of the men and women featured in the horrific video. Lieutenant Colonel Pei Jin has not made a public appearance since the incident, though we are told they made a safe return.

Question Raised on Positronic Rights

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 03/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

Head of the opposition and National Party leader Lam Xi has called for an extraordinary plenary session in Parliament, where every positronic member of parliament from his party, including mister Lam himself, were present despite what they called “immense difficulties” owing to the planet-wide emergency measures. The session’s objective was the discussion and denunciation of the treatment of positronic citizens and foreign workers on Konyang during the outbreak, as well as the ethics and legality of the passing of the Treatment Act. Despite the session’s plenary nature, whereupon all MPs are required to be physically present, most members of the ruling New Konyang Party including the Prime Minister Myeong Myung-Dae attended via holo-call, sparking an outraged response from National Party seats:

“Not even the Prime Minister bothered to attend in this vital discussion that should have been held long before, about the rights of our citizens, whom the government wishes to cast aside in the name of security!”

“I am here, mister Lam-”

“No! No you are not!”

“Members are allowed to holo-call, we are tied up in running the country, something that mister Lam doesn’t seem to be able to wrap his head around.”

“Your physical absence shows in how little esteem you hold this issue, and the democratic process in general!”

“Please, both of you, I call you to order.”

Lam Xi’s first speech lasted around 43 minutes, during which he read letters from bereaved families and friends of positronic persons whose lives were lost during policing actions, passages from the Treatment Act that were never discussed at length, the unexplained National Disaster Authority detainments of “at risk” citizens, and more:

“[...] If it were humans, I am certain that the government would do everything in their power to treat. In this case however, now that it’s IPCs, there are more and more voices arguing that we should shoot to kill. 231 deaths last week alone were a direct result of police aiming for the head, and these are just the confirmed ones. There is property damage, yes. There is even tragic loss of life, yes, but the loss of positronic lives is reaching dangerous levels that cannot be justified. We have all seen the video of the soldiers unloading their firearms on affected citizens, who were well outside the city of Boryeong. Who were they trying to protect? There was nobody there. And now they are planning to do exactly the same thing against the warehouse in Xiangtong, instead of letting them run out of charge like so many scientists have told us is the safest thing to do, both for the soldiers and the ill individual.”

A motion put forward to temporarily repeal some key articles of the Treatment Act was defeated by a government-led majority, prompting the National Party to call for demonstrations in all major towns and cities across Konyang. A gathering in Point Verdant was swiftly suppressed by the metropolitan police, and a dozen other planned rallies were shut down by prefectural authorities for breach of quarantine and emergency measures. Nevertheless, many low-scale demonstrations were briefly held in more rural areas and outside the shipyards of New Hong Kong, demanding that IPC rights be respected, and that all healthy detainees be released.

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BREAKING: KAF Mobilizes for Operation in New Hong Kong Prefecture

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 08/03/2466

New Hong Kong City, Konyang

This morning, the citizens of New Hong Kong woke up to the sight of exosuits and armored transports marching down their streets as a spokesman from the KAF announced the launch of Operation Dizang, a large-scale military maneuver intended to draw large swathes of Rampancy-afflicted IPCs to unpopulated areas near the New Hong Kong coast. The stated goal of the operation is to create a 100-kilometer perimeter around New Hong Kong City proper, and in particular, the sprawling outskirts neighborhood of New Kowloon which has long been identified by government officials as a high-risk area for violence by infected IPCs. In response to fears of high death tolls among infected citizens, the military reassured the public that measures were being put in place to avoid a repeat of previous incidents such as the catastrophe in Boryeong.

In a rare moment for the National Party, response to the operation was divided, with National Party leader Lam Xi denouncing the military operation as “a reckless adventure, fit only to kill soldiers and civilians alike,” while other affiliated MPs approved of the increased security measures for New Hong Kong. In contrast, the reception from the population of New Hong Kong has largely been approving as alongside a military buildup, Einstein Engines corporate security personnel trained by the Special Robotics Division have arrived in the city to bolster its police forces for the duration of the operation. Additionally, Zeng-Hu, in cooperation with the SCC, pledged medical and technical support to both infected and non-infected victims during the operation.

Military commentators observed that despite the ambitious goals of Operation Dizang, the forces allotted were far in excess of those assigned to previously successful “luring” campaigns in Suwon Prefecture, particularly when factoring in the limited geographic area of New Hong Kong. Extranet recordings of the forces amassing for the operation revealed that of the forces allotted to the operation, the entire human roboticist compliments of the almost-wholly positronic 8th, 9th, and 10th Marine Battalions were present despite their units being confined to barracks. Commentators speculate that due to the overall concentration of forces along the Xiangtong River, Operation Dizang’s primary objective may in fact be to re-secure KRC facilities in the region. Thus far, the KAF has refused to comment on this.

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Event 4: Trial By Fire

Server Event

Host: The Lancer, The Stryker, Noble Row


Finally locating the first hivebot beacon in a warehouse in the Xiangtong prefecture, an Elite SCC Strike Force is dispatched to siege the area and destroy the transmitter. Repairing the nearby power plant, granting access to the warehouse, the force managed to fight through hoards of infected with support from air asset 'Cockatoo' from the KAF until they finally destroyed the transmitter. Tragically, five lives were lost during the entirety of the operation.

Hivebot Surge in Wake of Operation Dizang

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 11/03/2466

New Hong Kong Prefecture, Konyang

In a joint statement, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and Konyang Armed Forces announced that Operation Dizang successfully reclaimed Xiangtong Warehouse and drove back significant rampant populations from the perimeter of New Hong Kong City. The final assault on the warehouse, spearheaded by an elite SCC team, was captured live on camera by an embedded BitByte reporter.

A video is embedded:

A group of individuals in corporate uniforms armed with an assortment of Konyang-issued weaponry rush into a breach in the wall. Destroyed rampant IPCs litter the parking lot and the corridor further in with the cameraman ducking and weaving to avoid SCC personnel trying to rush past. As he backs away, an individual in a Zavodskoi uniform grabs the camera, shouting into it: "IT'S HELL OUT HERE!!"

Hopes were high that the operation would be a crucial first step in resolving the crisis, however reports indicate that rampant IPCs and hivebots have stepped up their attacks on civilians in response to the destruction of what is now being dubbed by experts as a “Secondary Transmitter." Shortly after its destruction, Konyang Army units participating in Operation Dizang reported a surge in aggression among rampancy-afflicted IPCs. Furthermore, Navy listening posts have detected massive incursions of hivebots planet wide, with no known origin, these bots have begun to swarm prefectures and are terrorizing areas once thought safe havens.

Defenses are holding for now as soldiers from the Konyang Armed Forces stand against the invaders, but contact with countryside villages continues to dwindle by the day. There has been no word from the Konyang Robotics Corporation or Purpose regarding a decisive solution to this ever dire situation. The government assured the public however that they are working on a solution with Purpose to solve the crisis, and that emergency services and the military were “more than capable” of containing the situation until then.

Military operations have begun across Cheomseongtang, the Yu Islands, and the New Guangzhou Archipelago to mount a counter offensive against the emergent invaders, with no reports on the outcome of these operations just yet. Battlefield footage has been submitted however of Phoenix Lance, an exosuit squad, making an assault on a hivebot swarm to what is reported as a successful engagement within these operations.

The video attached is edited, and may be disturbing to some audiences.

[2455-3-10] [05:43] [Pause >> Play] [LOCATION: REDACTED]


The name sits in the top left of the screen as the exosuit rumbles forwards through what was once a forest, the dawn of the new day casting beams of light through corpses of trees now torn asunder. Where once there were leaves and bushes, now half trunks and ashes. While not raining on the viewer, a cloud sits far in the distance, heavy and dark. A ripple of lightning courses through the cotton like structure as the exosuit barrels through the remains of a tree, turning wood to splinters.

The view now opening on a field torn by war, three other exosuits painted in the livery of the Konyang Armed Forces now in view, similarly barreling towards what seems to be a tornado. A tornado of old metal and screaming machinery. A tornado of death and destruction as the camera focuses on the rising funnel of hundreds if not thousands of hivebots, blue arctic lasers firing from the funnel at targets unseen, before being hit by two missiles and erupting partially in to balls of flames until the tornado rights itself once more, sealing its wound as if it never happened. An airborne strike craft streaks by the tornado afterward, before igniting in blue laser fire and falling from the sky.

A radio crackles to life, recorded by the suit’s combat interface.

[HAN:] “GAX, TALON, Take the left side, LYRA and I have the right! There’s something coordinating them in the middle, we’ll try to thin their numbers so when they spin around to you you can use the rip to take the shot before they seal it!”

[TALON:] “Roger Lieutenant! GAX, on me!”

The quad of exosuits split from one another, the camera racing behind one marked with a digital display labeling the unit as ‘TAL’, bounding over rocks and through trees of the barren landscape. In the corner of the camera, two markers labeling dots in the distance as ‘LYR’ and ‘HAN’ race up a hillside, gunfire spraying into the whirlwind while blue lights emit in return, dancing around the rapidly moving suits.

The view lifts into the air, before landing with a thud, keeping its momentum but now being angled towards the tornado while the landscape continues to race by, now from a side glance. The exosuit now moving sideways, a red crosshair appears on the display, scanning over the ripping mechanical funnel, the crosshair spinning while increasing and decreasing in size.

[HAN:] “Beginning attack! I hope you both are ready!”

Too far to be heard over the horrendous wails of the hivebots, but close enough to be seen before the attack pair disappear behind the pillar of death, units HAN and LYRA unleash volley after volley of missiles from enlarged carrying containers on their exosuit’s backs, slamming in to the adversary with enough force to quake the entire whirlwind, all the while dispensing lead and laser from cannons equipped to their manipulators.

[HAN:] “Attack complete! Weapons reloading… LYRA..”

A short pause before the radio erupts again.



Any pinpricks of light that were dancing around the viewer and their partner now divert to the opposite side of the tornado, painting the area in a blue glow that swallows the rising sun. What was once dispersed laser fire firing in all directions, has turned into one collective drum echoing over the warzone into the trees far beyond. The gash opened by the attack now reeling around to expose itself to the viewer, although swiftly narrowing. A gatling cannon comes into view of the camera.


And with what sounds like a cacophony of tearing paper, and the rip of the gatling cannon, missiles and lead from on and offscreen from the exosuit pair rip in to the tornado, finding their target for what seems briefly like a metallic black silhouette in the middle of the funnel until destruction envelopes it. Missiles and cannon alike continue their work until the whirlwind falls apart, hivebots falling and dispersing rapidly into the sky, tracers from the gatling following their retreat.

The video stops.

This article is in memory of Sergeant Choe Gi; Callsign Lyra, who died valiantly defending the planet from an insurmountable threat. She leaves behind two children.

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“Nationals, not Nations”: A Look into Foreign Aid for Konyang

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 14/03/2466

Ganzaodeng, Konyang

Earlier today, Parliament passed a measure temporarily easing visa requirements as well as streamlining processing cycles for foreign nationals currently involved with emergency relief efforts on Konyang. The measure, proposed by MP Cao Chunhua of Ganzaodeng, received broad support in a 257-43 majority, contested only by holdouts in the ruling New Konyang Party. It seeks to formalize an already existing informal practice, particularly in the hard-hit prefectures of Boryeong and New Hong Kong, of allowing foreign aid workers and volunteers as long as they belonged to an internationally-recognized relief organization. Political commentators note that this follows on from the present administration’s policy of refusing formal aid from nations while permitting non-governmental aid in a policy some are calling “Nationals, not Nations.”

This measure comes on the heels of a failed motion last week to petition the wider Coalition of Colonies for military support. The previous motion received general opposition from both the New Konyang Party and National Party who argued that foreign soldiers would not be trained in handling rampant IPCs, citing fears of another Boryeong Massacre. The present measure was tailored to incorporate the requests of most parties in Parliament, including the National Party’s request that only civilian aid be sought after as well as the K-KMT’s staunch opposition to any measure that would not extend the same relaxed requirements to Solarian nationals.

At the time of writing, the Konyang Immigration Service noted approximately 54,000 foreign volunteers and aid workers, including approximately 6,000 doctors, 9,000 other medical-related fields, as well as 1,600 roboticists, not including further megacorporate aid pledged by Einstein Engines and Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals. Officials also implored individuals with skills in scientific and engineering backgrounds to volunteer, pointing out that more expertise was needed to maintain rural infrastructure in a time of crisis. The immigration service also noted a large proportion of San Colettish volunteers, the planet being noted to maintain close ties with Konyang even in the post-independence climate. Thus far, the only official aid the Konyang government has requested is an increase in Ranger patrols so as to free up KASF vessels for logistics and relief duties on the planet’s surface, although they have not barred the dispatch of several medical brigades from Coalition member militaries.

While the central government continues its policy of not seeking out foreign aid, it has not stopped individual prefectures from requesting it. BitByte’s very own Pak Ki-young was able to interview one Janek Aiken, a Europan engineer who volunteered to assist with relief efforts.

After the usual BitByte video expose intro, the camera settles on a platform in a train station in Ganzaodeng, made all the more clear by the hot desert backdrop and signs rendered in Sol Common, Konyanger Common, and the Xanan dialect of Freespeak. A young woman in a BitByte uniform holds up a microphone to a tall man in a shirt and tie who seems to be coping poorly in the heat. If the sheer amount of bone charms and general unease at the open space don’t make it immediately clear, his quiet tone and slow, deliberate manner of speech make his Europan heritage clear.

“Thank you for taking this interview. Doctor Aiken, do you mind introducing yourself and your group’s work to our viewers?”

“Not at all, what we are doing here, as you can see, is taking surplus loading exosuits from the docks in Ganzaodeng, and retrofitting them for use in marine environments.”

The man gestures to the background, as some individuals scramble over retrofitting a number of industrial exosuits with layering of some kind, as well as large canopies. From the accents of the shouting and instructions, the mechanics appear to be from all over the Spur. A large G2 in a Trinarist cloak guides a forklift carrying a large compartment-like apparatus to the back of one of the exosuits, before lifting it off of the vehicle and welding it onto the mech.

“In particular, the person coordinating with us from the Ganzaodeng Coastal Rescue service complained that her colleagues have a hard time responding to calls in remote areas due to the dangers of transporting patients and keeping them safe from rampant IPCs and the elements. I hope with some modifications, we can provide them with additional rescue vehicles.”

Pak Ki-young nods in understanding, the work team in the back finishing with their field modifications on one of the exosuits. The G2 lies down on the ground to test the contraption while an exosuit pilot with an old and faded Colettish Civil Guard cap pushes a button in the cockpit. The back of the exosuit opens up as a stretcher on a servo arm whisks the G2 away into a watertight compartment.

“Doctor, may I ask what brings you to Konyang? I understand you used to work as director of one of the manufacturing bays on the Tethys.”

“It only seemed like the right thing to do. I’m not here out of Solarian brotherhood, or synthetic rights, or whatever the others will have you think, but I think what’s happening on Konyang, with all these rampant IPCs? If we don’t get it under control, it won’t stop here. I’ve participated in some of the reconstruction and relief efforts across the Mandates, and I think now more than ever is a time for us to come together instead of closing our doors.”

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The KAF Deploys

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE

Writer : NOBLE ROW

Date: 16/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

A glimmer of hope through catastrophe, while the attacks from infected victims and hivebot swarms rampage across Konyang, military leaders across the planet refuse to sit idle. With defenses holding and major populations remaining secure, the seeds of a counter offensive sparked by General Gi Seungri are taking root. Just moments ago BitByte was informed that waves of recon planes and military units from both the KAF and KASF have mobilized from their garrisons in Boryeong, New Hong Kong, Aoyama, Ganzaodeng, and Suwon in a massive search for the next hivebot transmitter.

Efforts are still underway from Purpose and Konyang Robotics to reverse engineer the beacon brought in by the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate’s elite strike team, but no word has been said to the progress of this effort. When asked for any updates, A Konyang Robotics representative said the following:

“We have made many fascinating discoveries in our reverse engineering of the hivebot transmitter, and continue to make steady progress. But as of this time, we are still working towards our ultimate goal with the help of Purpose. Rest assured we are working as quickly and as diligently as we can.”

When asked as to why the military is mobilizing in such force without a clear target, the staff office of General Gi Seungri declined any comments, citing operational security. With the planes flying overhead as this article is written, we can only hope they give us some reprieve from the constant suffering we have endured.

KAF announces Reprieve and Next Steps

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 18/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

With the military sweeping the planet and the upsurge in hivebots slowly quelled, Military analysts have begun to notice a pattern. In areas where rampant activity had been pushed back, the hivebots swarmed after the transmitter in Xiangtong was disabled. With the KAF forced to withdraw, rampant activity went left unchecked, hordes moving into once fortified locations and progress swept away. However, analysts note that after the KAF retreated from the area, the hivebots once again dispersed from once they came, leaving the rampants in their wake. Lt. Hoga Toru, a recon pilot who has flown over these installations expresses relief that there are no more hivebots swarming the skies, but alludes to the possibility of a bigger threat approaching.

Where the largest of the rampant civilian hordes roam, Lt. Toru has mentioned difficulty with his aircraft, noting increased interference in his sensor arrays that cause him to abort missions and leave the area. Military intelligence confirms that the hivebots seem to be deploying some form of jamming device, making it exceedingly difficult to get more sensitive equipment close to these locations, such as aircraft and sensor drones. Even exosuit pilots from Phoenix Lance have come forward to state that their navigational systems within their suits start displaying “ghosts” and lead them in the wrong directions, causing the pilots to rely on their land navigation skills.

One location the KAF has been able to determine for certain is that of the final hivebot transmitter, which KRC researchers are now labelling a “Primary Transmission Hub”. Representatives from the KRC and Purpose have made a public statement.

A crowded press pool sits in a KRC hangar hastily converted to a communications room. A glasses-wearing army captain whose name tag identifies her as “Hwangbo, K.” stands in front of the crowd giving a statement while flanked by a Purpose synthetic, several researchers from the KRC and a few military personnel.

“Ladies and gentlemen. With the success in Xiangtong and the recovery of the transmitter within by the SCC Elite Strike Force, we are proud to announce that we have located the second beacon. With assistance from Purpose, we have come to the conclusion that these transmitters, to work most effectively, require a near obscene amount of power to produce the strongest signals. The transmitter in the Xiangtong warehouse was only working at a fraction of its capacity due to this, and it is with… Pride.. And horror.. That we have concluded that the only location we cannot account for that can both supply this power, and elude our efforts due to sheer volume of infected in the area.. Is the Kaneyama nuclear power plant.”

“The details of this have already been forwarded to the military, and Purpose’s agents are mobilizing to facilitate us.. The Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, having shown their skill in dealing with one of these transmitters, will once again spearhead the assault with close participation of our brave soldiers.”

“Hopefully my friends this is the light at the end of the tunnel that will lead our nation to reconstruction.. And not the fiery pits of hell.”

The office of General Gi Seungri has confirmed that the Rapid Deployment Brigade, a Konyang Army formation specialized in amphibious warfare, as well as the 2nd Naval Infantry Division have been transported to Suwon in preparation for the operation. The KAF plans to seize the island and outskirts of the plant in preparation for the coming assault. Many police precincts additionally report contributing men to the cause in hopes of safe handling of the infected civilians. Although hopes are high for the operation, military observers note that the growing presence of infected on the coast, as well as an abnormally large amount of rampant IPCs on Kaneyama Island may indicate a growing response from the hivebots and infected.

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KAF Faces Delays with Kaneyama Operation

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 21/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

Sources within the armed forces report delays in the planning of Operation Jiogjegeo, a joint operation between all three branches of the Konyang Armed Forces in order to retake the Kaneyama Nuclear Power Plant, which they believe is housing the Primary Transmission Hub coordinating all hivebot efforts on the planet. These delays have been driven by a number of factors including the unusual number of rampant IPCs on the island, ever-increasing numbers of hivebots attacking passing ships and aircraft, as well as a jamming signal preventing accurate reconnaissance and air traffic over the island. Military observers have noted that the plan, calling for an amphibious assault of the island by both Army and Navy units, would be the largest joint operation undertaken by the nascent KAF if it pushes through.

Two opposing viewpoints have reportedly emerged within KAF high command as a result of the delays, with one seeking to gather more strength and find a way to penetrate the hivebot jamming signal before launching the operation, while the other, reportedly spearheaded by a cadre of Army generals believe that further delays would only lead to the situation worsening. The nuclear power plant’s proximity to Suwon as well as its position next to the coast has ruled out an artillery or orbital strike of the facility as GON-ENE has reported that based on thermal readings, the plant is still operational even if it is not currently sending power to the mainland. Furthermore, a leaked document from a KASF nuclear technician stressed that “any significant damage to the facility and to the core in its current state would run the risk of a nuclear meltdown.” Although all branches of the KAF have declined to comment on the leak, they have emphatically denied all reports that an orbital bombardment of the KNPP was being considered.

The KAF has continued to remain on high alert in Suwon, with the Navy reportedly pulling ships from other regions of the planet in order to assist in the landing. As military buildup continues within the capital, a spokesman from the military attempted to reassure the public, stating, “The Konyang Armed Forces remain fully capable of stopping any further hivebot advances while preparing to drive them off-planet.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Navy Nuclear Destroyer Mutinies

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 22/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

Citizens of Suwon found their evening routine interrupted by sounds of gunfire and the rumble of a destroyer underway as the KNV Chen Lin under the command of Commodore Mun Taeyang slipped from moorings against the orders of Capital Fleet Command and towards the direction of the Kaneyama Nuclear Power Plant. The Chen Lin, if reports are to be believed, is carrying nuclear weapons in accordance with its role as an anti-orbital vessel. Although the Navy has refused to comment on the incident, observers fear the worst as shortly after the mutiny, half of the Eastern Capital Fleet as well a full quarter of the Western New Hong Kong and Aoyaman fleets were dispatched in pursuit of the KNV Chen Lin, even into the high-risk area around Kaneyama.

The mutiny has sparked serious debate among analysts as to its reasons, though the prevailing belief is that it was caused by frustration over the KAF’s delays in launching Operation Jiogjegeo, the planned liberation of Kaneyama and the destruction of the hivebot Primary Transmission Hub. Shortly after the ship left harbor, several officers and sailors aboard the Chen Lin posted a pre-recorded video of their captain on Chirper, explaining his motives.

An exhausted looking man in what seems to be his late forties faces the camera from the bridge of a Konyang Navy warship. He is wearing the dress uniform of a navy officer, complete with various medals including Sol-era ones dating back to before the planet’s independence.Those knowledgeable with various insignia of the KAF would be able to recognize him as a commodore, presumably Commodore Mun Taeyang. The video has to have been taken late in the evening, with sailors and officers in the background getting ready at their posts to launch the vessel. He braces himself, getting ready to speak, both to the camera and to a microphone announcing his words to the entire vessel.

“Hear me! This hideous crisis has raged across our planet for far too long. We have been constrained by our own weakness, too blind to see reason, too blind to see that we have lacked the willingness to act. We seek not to destroy the planet, but to save it. The world shall be horrified by the devastation we will cause, and only then will they wake up and smash the hivebots that would have torn our planet asunder!”

Analysts have taken to believing his words imply a nuclear threat towards Kaneyama, while others point out that the Chen Lin would have already been in weapons range of the nuclear power plant an hour after leaving harbor. The mutiny itself comes as a surprise to analysts however, as Mun Taeyang, a decorated officer in the pre-independence Konyang garrison has had no prior history of insubordination and has, in many prior instances, given public statements in support of both the government and the navy’s policies.

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BREAKING NEWS: Rogue Nuclear Destroyer Beaches on Southern Kaneyama; KAF launches Operation Jiogjegeo!

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 23/03/2466

Kaneyama, Konyang

The sea around Kaneyama Island lit up with tracers and muzzle flashes early in the morning as the rogue oceangoing destroyer KNV Chen Lin launched itself into combat with what has been recorded as the largest hivebot concentration currently on the planet. This report follows on the heels of the vessel’s desertion under its commanding officer, Commodore Mun Taeyang, who announced in a public broadcast that drastic actions would be taken in light of the Navy’s delays. Satellite imagery from both civilian and KASF sources showed flashes of light consistent with cannon and laser fire from the destroyer in every direction, including rampant IPC and hivebot concentrations on the island as well as large beacons speculated to be broadcasting the jamming signal preventing aircraft from flying over the island. Rather than approach directly towards the Kaneyama Nuclear Power Plant as originally speculated, the destroyer steamed past the western coast of the island before making a sharp turn east, drawing the attention of large amounts of flying hivebots.

Based on the latest information, the Commodore is believed to have beached his vessel on the southern coast of the island while broadcasting a signal across all open nets that can only be described as static. Although the Navy has refused to comment on an ongoing operation, KRC scientists speculate that it is derived from the distress signal broadcasted by Secondary Transmission Units that have been destroyed in previous KAF operations. Despite the theory being dismissed as implausible by other researchers within the corporation owing to the impossibility of having reverse-engineered it in such a short time, the effect remains undeniable as large masses of rampant IPCs and hivebots have begun converging on the Commodore’s destroyer, moving away from the Kaneyama Nuclear Plant.

In response to the development, the 2nd Naval Infantry Division and the Army’s own Rapid Reaction Brigade, handpicked as the vanguard of Operation Jiogjegeo have begun boarding their landing craft en-masse in Suwon Harbor, with all remaining elements of the Eastern Capital Fleet now tasked to hunt down the Chen Lin steaming ahead of them. In a hastily-prepared press conference, the office of General Gi Seungri confirmed that Operation Jiogjegeo was now commencing.

The camera opens up on a gruff and stern looking Baseline with etched scratches decorating its frame standing at a podium. Their screen black with a slight glisten that makes you feel as if eyes were staring down upon you from that black abyss. The age of this unit in particular is evident by the slight wear shown on all of its moving parts. The scene is in a tent hastily converted into a press conference area. In the background, it becomes immediately clear that this is an active military base as large formations of soldiers in Army and Navy uniforms with full equipment rush towards transports.

“As of 11:00 East Cheomseongtang Time, the KAF launched Operation Jiogjegeo, with the express goal of destroying the Primary Transmission Hub believed to be located in the Kaneyama Nuclear Power Plant. Our soldiers have prepared for this day, our military has stood ready since its inception to drive back any invader that dares to tear down our republic, and today, we will not be found wanting.”

BitByte will continue to provide more information as the situation develops.

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Event 5: One Final Effort

Server Event

Host: The Stryker, Noble Row


The final showdown commences. The last, and strongest, hivebot transmitter has been discovered leeching power from the Kaneyama nuclear power plant. War wages across the prefecture as the KAF desperately tries to hold off the infected as the SCC strikes the plant with small arms. Utilizing incredibly efficiency and an extremely organized task force, the Horizon's crew were able to successfully escort Lt. D1LL and the ECD to the hivebot beacon and destroy it. The crew then assembled the Electronic Countermeasure Device, activating the strange machine, and freeing Konyang from its Silicon Nightmare.

Operation Jiogjegeo Successful; Rampants begin Mass Recovery across Planet

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE


Date: 23/03/2466

Kaneyama, Konyang

In a statement from the office of General Gi Seungri, the Konyang Armed Forces declared Operation Jiogjegeo “a resounding success” with the complete liberation of Kaneyama Island from all rampant and hivebot threats. The success of the offensive was compounded by the operation’s primary objective, the installation of a Purpose-derived artifact known as the Electronic Countermeasure Device, which is now confirmed to have completely removed any trace of the Rampancy Signal from Konyang. Reports are popping up all across the planet of rampant IPCs regaining their mental faculties, with the government launching massive relief efforts to provide aid to these disaffected citizens. Furthermore, the jamming signals that have cropped up across the planet have now ceased, allowing the KASF to once more provide air cover to the Army and Navy, allowing for planning of further operations to secure hivebot-infested regions.

This news comes as a further surprise as Operation Jiogjegeo was not expected to succeed, with reports now indicating that the previous delays from the KAF were due to an expected 80% casualty rating from a contested landing. Their initial planning was thrown off due to the mutiny of the now-destroyed KNV Chen Lin under the command of Commodore Mun Taeyang, who are believed to have lured away most of the coastal IPCs and hivebots towards them. After approximately three hours of resistance, the KNV Chen Lin is believed to have launched its entire non-nuclear payload of missiles at the coastline surrounding it, destroying massive concentrations of infected and hivebots while killing most of the ship’s defenders in the process. Commodore Mun Taeyang is also believed to have been killed in the explosion with the sole surviving officer from the encounter reporting that he stayed on the bridge of the Chen Lin. Footage released shortly before the detonation was uploaded to a Navy source by one of the defenders of the Chen Lin.

Viewer discretion is advised as the video contains explicit language, disturbing images and intense violence.

A squad of Konyanger Naval Infantry huddles behind a wall of liquid bags on a beach, opening fire at oncoming rampant IPCs and hivebots. A loud static noise can be heard emanating from the beached KNV Chen Lin. The soldier presumably wearing the helmet camera looks back to see a large missile destroyer which appears heavily damaged, hivebots flying onto its deck as sailors attempt to fight off the machines on its deck. In the distance, blue-grey blurs can be seen tearing into the hivebot mass, with the occasional flashes of light being seen in the wake of the destruction.

He returns his attention inland as more hivebot and infected approach, an endless mass. He quickly taps the shoulder of a G2 sailor with an LMG, gesturing down the shore.

“We have to get the fuck out of here now!”

The G2 continues firing, not even bothering to look up from its sights.

“There is nowhere to go.”

A radio in the sand crackles to life as a deep, manic voice crackles through it, his determination clear despite his weary tone. There appear to be gunshots and the sounds of struggle through the radio.

“This is Commodore Mun Taeyang, you have all fought bravely but our position is overrun. I am ending this battle definitively. Let none say we have not done our duty. May our planet finally see reason!”

The soldier looks back at the destroyer to see the missile tubes on its deck open up, launching straight up before immediately making a sharp turn down. He looks around briefly to see the other soldiers in the sandbag position are panicked, some of them breaking and sprinting away, only to be torn apart by rampant IPCs or shot by other gun-wielding infected. The soldier wearing the helmet camera is frozen in place, simply staring at the warheads now.

“Holy shit, he actually did it!”

As he turns back to face the enemy, a hivebot flies right into the soldier, knocking him down. He struggles for a moment with the machine, just in time to see the cruise missiles impact the surroundings, the video drowned in fire and flames before it cuts out.

Officials from GON-ENE are still assessing the environmental damage caused by the destruction of the KNV Chen Lin, though it is expected to wait until after the Konyang Navy gives the all-clear for civilians to return to the island.

Shortly afterwards, remaining Army and Navy elements were able to rally and join the SCC team in seizing the Nuclear Power Plant and activating the device. BitByte’s own Pak Ki-young was on station with the Konyang Army’s Rapid Reaction Brigade, filming the offensive, as well as the effects of the ECD which are believed to have cured the Rampancy signal.

Viewer discretion is advised as the video contains disturbing images and intense violence.

A cameraman quickly behind a BitByte reporter who frequent readers of the Extranet site would know as Pak Ki-young. They take cover behind the bullet-hole ridden wall of a prefabricated container house with the GON-ENE logo on it as Konyang Army soldiers fall back, opening fire on rampant IPCs that get close. A large hivebot, approximately ten feet tall and looking almost like a large stickbug leads the synthetic charge, crashing against the Army lines as soldiers equipped with heavy armor and riot shields beat them back, guarding their rifle-wielding compatriots. As another loud signal emits through an analog radio in a nearby house, the hivebots and rampants seemingly change focus.

“This is Pak Ki-young, reporting live from the fighting on Kaneyama! We are now entering the fourth hour since KAF forces landed on the island as part of Operation Jiogjegeo’s general offensive. Resistance from hivebots has been particularly high in the general vicinity of the Kaneyama Nuclear Power Plant, where the Konyang Army and Navy have been fighting to guard the perimeter while an elite SCC strike force retakes the facility-”

“Look out!”

The cameraman throws their camera to the floor as it rolls along the ground, stopping sideways to show a Xion frame in a BitByte uniform with a press vest and helmet tackling a rampant that was about to attack Pak Ki-young. The two wrestle on the ground, the Xion punching the rampant baseline in its screen multiple times before sparks fly off of every surface, the rampant falling dormant. Two soldiers arrive to pull Pak and her cameraman to their feet, one of the soldiers nudging the now-disabled rampant IPC with their rifles.

“Woah, I think it stopped moving- you punched the lights out of it, man!”

As one of the soldiers goes to give the cameraman a pat on the back, the baseline suddenly starts moving, causing all the soldiers to point their rifles at it. Its screen lights up as the formerly-rampant IPC begins to speak, everyone present with shocked expressions on their faces.

“Where- where am I?”

At the time of writing, the government has not lifted the state of emergency yet, citing that large-scale response is still required to stabilize the situation on the planet. Additionally, the KAF has confirmed that hivebot beacons still remain throughout the planet, though the movements of their drones seem slow and lethargic as they operate without central guidance. As families across the planet are reunited and the crisis slowly starts to wind down however, Konyangers now feel that the planet has begun to wake up from a long silicon nightmare.

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Quiet Keepers Once More

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE

Writer : NOBLE ROW

Date: 24/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

With the ignition of the ECD and reconstruction on its way, the Konyang Robotics Corporation has not wasted a second and is in full force as it moves from research to restoration. By the hundreds once infected IPCs are being seen by doctors and discharged from their facilities as soon as they are deemed healthy and operable. Families have started being reunited and evacuees have begun returning to their homes. Now that research has concluded, what of our quiet guardians? What of Purpose and their intervention which has led to saving millions of lives? Well, with as much tact as they came, they seem to have started their next new operation.

What has come to be known as “Hunter-Killer Units” have amicably ceased their cooperation with the Konyang Armed Forces without so much as a word, some units seen deploying into the jungles, others, simply vanishing all together. Drones that once patrolled the skies and orbit around Konyang have been detected flying further into the Haneunim sector on a patrol pattern, before heading to its edges and similarly vanishing.

As our quiet keepers’ departure slowly took more and more notice, Suwon officials hastily arranged a farewell banquet in front of the KRC headquarters, where the closest liaison between Purpose and the corporation yet remained. Hundreds of individuals, both consisting of KRC doctors, cured citizens, and their families gathered to catch a glimpse of our mysterious saviors to which Purpose’s “Sentinel Unit” 11004538 obliged with a short anecdote in the front courtyard of the building. Standing atop a stairway with Suwon’s Mayor and the KRC’s chief of research, they said the following:

“Congratulate. Not me. For this battle you fought was accomplished. By you. And you alone. The tenacity against a threat. And the coordination within. Are the real tools for victory.”

And with one last look to the crowd, the unit vanished, leaving puzzled murmurs and even more a more confused Mayor.

While their cooperation with us has seemed to come to a close, Purpose still seems to be active on Konyang for a little while longer. Reports have come in that a small team of the Purpose units of various makes were seen entering one of Konyang’s ancient vaults underneath Aoyama and have yet to exit. Whatever their next step may be, Konyang will be forever grateful for the cure they brought to catastrophe.

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Invasion Alarm Brings Unlikely Aid

News Article

Publisher : BITBYTE

Writer : NOBLE ROW

Date: 25/03/2466

Suwon, Konyang

With the effort of the Konyang Armed Forces and the Elite Forces of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, Konyang is now spared of its crisis, families slowly reuniting, citizens returning to their homes, and reconstruction efforts are debated on the parliament floor. But surprise has still come to stay. Early warning stations across the Haneunim sector blared this morning, alerting the KASF of an invasion level event. Preparing for a potential Hivebot counter attack, vessels scrambled to defend Konyang, but all of the preparation was deemed a false alarm as over one hundred vessels simultaneously entered Haneunim declaring aid. Each vessel, arranging from ornate freighters to expensive luxury vessels, all of various tonnages, with a few stranger, smaller engraved escort ships of unknown make, sporting the telltale designation GDV in representation of the Golden Deep.

Upon their entrance and the alarm of the KASF, the lead flagship of this civilian armada, the GDV Herald of Wind quelled the anxiety over open communication with the announcement that she, her captain, and her fellows are prepared to restore Konyang to its former glory with an extensive cargo of building material, reconstructive plans, and humanitarian aid. The captain of the Herald of Wind, Grand Merchant Addalin, a known former member of Midas Control, declared that they and their accompanying merchants were directed here from the Midas Control room itself moments before news reached the spur of the destruction of the final hivebot transmitter and the activation of the ECD.

The arrival was met with consternation from the Konyanger Parliament so soon after the change in Purpose’s behavior, with ministers from the ruling New Konyang Party putting forth a motion to reinstate pre-Crisis entry restrictions that narrowly failed to pass due to dissent within the party ranks, though it received surprising support from several ministers within the National Party. Many prefectural officials still remain suspicious of allowing such a large and unchecked mercantile presence on the planet, though the most suffering regions, particularly in Boryeong, have eagerly accepted their aid. Public opinion in many areas is believed to have turned towards the Golden Deep after private relief programs by the already-present Zaibatsu group of the merchant collective. In a call for unity, President Hyun Kyung-Ho issued a statement from the Crimson House, acknowledging the reluctance held by many in the government, but urging “cautious cooperation” in order to speed up the reconstruction of the planet.

With many hopeful that the relief of these affluent merchants could finally bring a sense of normalcy to Konyang’s catastrophe stricken planet, others are skeptical at the motivations. The Golden Deep are known as dizzying businessmen and eccentric, pompous IPCs, some deeming them no better than slavers of their own kind, so many wonder what lies behind their generosity in this extraordinary change of face. In a public statement made by Grand Merchant Addalin to BitByte they’ve said the following:

“I have spent five years in Midas Control. Five years of working towards great change, sowing the seeds for not only better business, but for a better future. With my recent departure, I herald the winds of change that are finally blowing, and it is not only my pleasure, but my honor, to bring relief to the synthetics of Konyang, and to rebuild an industry better than it ever was before. I understand the worry, the anxiety, but rest assured, this deal will be profitable for the both of us.”

To what this statement truly means, we do not know, but BitByte is happy to announce that we have been personally invited for a string of exclusive articles to uncover this mystery on the Midas herself in the future.

As unlikely heroes of the Golden Deep, having made the first effort to relieve Konyang, has spurned the rest of the Coalition into action. Coalition members such as Xanu, Galatea, and Himeo announced freighters of aid and supplies to be departing their docks by the end of the week, with the Trinary leader ARM-1DRIL similarly declaring the creation of a relief mission from Orepit to be departing any day to help the reconstruction and normalization efforts. Konyang is now finally emerging from the storm to a new dawn.

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