New Blades Old Wounds Arc

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New Blades, Old Wounds
2024 Event Timeline
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This is the overview and timeline page for the New Blades, Old Wounds Arc which began on April 20, 2024 and pertains largely to Unathi and Skrell lore.
It is centered around the relationship between the Izweski Hegemony and the Nralakk Federation, and their joint humanitarian efforts on the planet Moghes.
Below is a summary of the arc's applicable news articles, and additions.

Hegemon Announces Talks With Skrell!

News Article

Publisher: Sinta Articles

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Triogenix


"Awake, dear heart, awake."
-The Tempest, Act I Scene II

Hegemon Not'zar reaches out to the Nralakk Federation, hoping that recent upheavals will allow old grudges to be laid to rest.

In a surprising announcement from Skalamar today, Hegemon Not’zar Izweski announced that he intends to hold a diplomatic summit with the Nralakk Federation, which will be led by High Speaker Seleta Sarnac. The office of the High Speaker followed up on this, stating that Hegemon Not’zar understands that there is a long and often-troubled history between Sinta and Skrell, and he hopes that the two nations can enter into a more prosperous relationship in future.

The talks are set to take place on Ouerea, in several weeks’ time. Many have speculated as to the Hegemon’s choice to invite the Skrell delegation to Ouerea rather than Moghes - while some believe it is simply due to the planet’s large Skrell population, others believe that the Hegemon intends to call the Skrell to account for the planet’s occupation during the Contact War.

The Skrell delegation’s agenda, as well as who their representative will be, remains to be seen. The office of the High Speaker confirmed to us this morning, however, that the Nralakk Federation has accepted the Hegemon’s invitation. Their envoys will likely be en route to Uueoa-Esa already, and many wait apprehensively to see what the Federation hopes to get from these talks.

Some among the nobility have been outspoken against the Hegemon’s decision, however - with many protesting the inviting of Skrell to Izweski space, blaming them for everything from the Ouerean Rebellion to the Contact War itself. Perhaps the most outspoken of these was Lord Juyzi Izaku of Mudki, who invited representatives of Sinta Articles to a press conference in the city to issue his statement.

Lord Izaku was certainly passionate on the matter, claiming that "The Skrell, they get inside a man’s thoughts, to twist his mind and strip his honor! You see them, small and weak as they are, and you think they are harmless, but they can manipulate your very spirit - look at the slaughter on Ouerea, barely more than five years ago! It was driven by them, twisting innocent Sinta to anarchy and murder, and now the Hegemon wishes to treat with them? He must be careful, lest he find himself dancing on their vile and twisted strings.”

While the Lord of Mudki is certainly the most outspoken, he is not the only one of the nobility to object to these talks. Several among the nobility have petitioned the Hegemon to turn away from this plan, citing the occupation of Ouerea and subsequent rebellion as proof that the Skrell cannot be trusted to negotiate in good faith.

We at Sinta Articles hope for a resolution that is beneficial to the Hegemony and its people. As always, we shall keep our readers updated on these talks as they develop.

Ormish Jrolk Departs For Alien Stars

News Article

Publisher: Warble Enquirer

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Triogenix, Brotendo


“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”
-The Tempest, Act II Scene II

The Federation's representative departs for Ouerea.

Grand Advisor of Economic Development Ormish Jrolk has announced their temporary departure from Federation space today - leading a delegation to the planet Ouerea, a warm and hospitable world currently under the rule of the Izweski Hegemony. The ruler of the Hegemony, Hegemon Not’zar Izweski, extended formal invitations to the Nralakk Federation to send a delegation to Ouerea, in the hopes of laying to rest past hostilities between Unathi and Skrell.

The Unathi, for those of our readers who are not aware, rapidly descended into global nuclear warfare following first contact with the Federation and the Solarian Alliance - during which a delegation of Federation diplomats was sent in the hopes of brokering peace between the two warring sides, and preventing needless loss of life. These delegates were murdered, their shuttle shot down by the group known as the ‘Traditionalist Coalition’ (Unrelated to the Homeworld Traditionalist Coalition party), a radical collection of Unathi micro-states opposed to further dealings with the Federation and humanity.

Since that day, the Federation has had little contact with the Unathi - though for several decades, Federation officials administrated the colony on Ouerea, due to the Hegemon’s inability to do so during wartime. Following the end of what the Unathi have come to call the ‘Contact War’, the Federation graciously returned control of Ouerea to the Unathi, though a substantial Skrell population remains on the planet.

Reportedly, the delegation was approved with an overwhelming majority by the Grand Council, with only the Homeworld Traditionalist Coalition voting against. Coalition leader Overseer Nalo Gir-Roq referred to the delegation as “a mistake” during an address to the Council, claiming that for the Federation to involve ourselves further in the affairs of the Spur at large only serves to weaken our position on the interstellar stage. The Coalition was thoroughly outvoted, however, with all other parties standing in favor of the Ouerean talks. Grand Advisor Jrolk and the Federalist League cited the dangers of pirate and Marauder activity on the Federation’s southern border, claiming that forming stronger ties to the nations of the Sparring Sea is a proactive measure to ensure our national security against such threats in future - while voices from the Free Skrell Union cited establishing further connections to Hephaestus Industries as a key reason for building diplomatic ties to the Hegemony.

The talks are scheduled to begin in several weeks' time. Questions of whether these talks will lead to future involvement in Unathi affairs, or further connection with alien nations, remain unanswered for now - though the Federation watches eagerly to see what will come of the Ouerean summit.

Nralakk Delegation Arrives, Talks Begin

News Article

Publisher: Sinta Articles

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Triogenix


“Yet, with my nobler reason 'gainst my fury
Do I take part; the rarer action is
In virtue than in vengeance.”
-The Tempest, Act V Scene I

The talks on Ouerea begin, and speculation abounds on what each side hopes to gain.

The delegation from the distant Nralakk Federation has arrived, entering the Uueoa-Esa system early this morning before landing on Ouerea properly. Led by Ormish Jrolk, their ‘Grand Advisor of Economic Development’ - a role similar to a Master of Rivers - the delegation was promptly shown to a hotel in New Skalamar’s Founding District, where the talks are set to take place.

High Speaker Sarnac was present to welcome the delegation, along with her entourage. To the clamoring of spectators Unathi, Skrell and human alike, they entered the hotel, where the talks have begun in earnest. Though it is very early in the process, our correspondent on the scene was able to glean some insight as to the agendas from both sides.

It appears that the Hegemon, via the High Speaker, has demanded reparations from Nralakk for the occupation of Ouerea, claiming that they had no right to meddle in that world’s affairs and that it was shameful that his father was forced to resort to drastic measures to reclaim what is rightfully an Izweski colony. The Skrell have not taken this well, with their delegation claiming that the Federation was the only reason Ouerea survived the Contact War at all, and that Hegemon S’kresti’s actions were an act of rash bravado, where he could have instead negotiated with the Federation to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. The Skrell delegation also mentioned a shuttle of their diplomats destroyed by Traditionalists during the Contact War, claiming that as the ruler of all Moghes, Hegemon Not’zar bears an obligation to make amends.

So far, neither side seems to be bending on their demands - though the diplomatic process can be a lengthy one, and negotiations have only just begun. Rumors abound on the streets of Ouerea, however, with many claiming that Guildmaster T’zakal of Hephaestus Industries may be invited to the talks. As yet, Hephaestus Industries has not made any statement on the matter, and these rumors may have little merit to them.

As always, we at Sinta Articles will keep our readers updated on these talks as they progress, and we express our deepest hope for a mutually beneficial resolution.

Talks Continue On Ouerea; Hephaestus, K’lax Invited

News Article

Publisher: Sinta Articles

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Triogenix, Desven


“The hour's now come;
The very minute bids thee ope thine ear.”
-The Tempest, Act I Scene II

The talks continue, and new faces are seen at the table

The diplomatic talks on Ouerea seem to be making swift progress - while we do not have any further information on how both parties’ agenda is shifting, word from the inside is that attitudes have begun to soften, and that both sides are moving closer to an agreement. What that agreement is, and what it will entail for the Hegemony at large, remains to be seen.

Hephaestus Industries has also announced that they will be attending the talks at the Hegemon’s request, with Guildmaster T’zakal issuing a statement that due to the guild’s strong ties to every part of the Hegemonic economy since their recent reorganization of the major Hegemonic guilds, the outcome of these talks is of deep importance to Hephaestus.

Guildmaster T’zakal arrived on Ouerea yesterday morning, and spent the day touring the recently-completed Aquacultural Center One - before arriving by shuttle in New Skalamar last night, and traveling straight to the site of the talks. What role Hephaestus may play in this negotiation is as of now unknown.

The K’lax Hive have also announced that they will be in attendance at the talks. As one of the largest and most influential vassals of the Hegemon, the Vaurcae of Tret are instrumentally positioned within our nation’s economy, with one of the Hive’s representatives stating that “Since our arrival, the K’lax and the Sinta’Unathi have held a shared destiny - and if the Nralakk Federation is to be involved in that destiny, we will be included in the discussions.”

The K’lax delegation at the talks is reportedly being directed by the Queen Vedhra, with representatives of her brood having arrived on Ouerea this afternoon. Sinta Articles reporters attempted to get in contact with the K’laxian delegation in order to elaborate on why the High Queen elected not to send a representative from her own brood, but were unable to clarify. Our correspondents contacted Lady Ta’Akaix’Maz'roth'isek K’lax, the leader of the K’laxian delegation, who stated “The High Queen trusts in her servants’ ability in a matter that will affect the Hive in its entirety. Though I serve the Queen Vedhra, my role at this summit is to stand for all the K’lax.”

With the talks soon to enter their second week, we eagerly await further information. As always, we will keep our readers updated as the situation develops.

Senator Trang Condemns Hephaestus Role in Nralakk Summit

News Article

Publisher: Sol Alliance News Network

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Triogenix


“The truth you speak doth lack some gentleness
And time to speak it in.”
-The Tempest, Act II Scene I

The Ouerean summit gains attention from across the stars - and not all are happy to see Hephaestus take such a role.

Senator Le Hanh Trang has issued a public statement with regards to recent talks between the Nralakk Federation and the Unathi-ruled Izweski Hegemony, condemning the invitation of Hephaestus Industries. In a live statement from Unity Station today, the senator stated that “It is a dark day for the Spur when a megacorporation sits at a table with two nations, and negotiates as an equal. We in the Alliance know too well the damage that these corporations can cause - the actions of NanoTrasen have been devastating to the Alliance and its people, and Hephaestus themselves have exploited my homeworld and its people for generations. While this is not unexpected of the Unathi - a species new to the interstellar stage, who do not understand the danger that unchecked corporate power poses - I would expect more wisdom from our long-time allies in the Nralakk Federation than to allow such a predatory force to influence their affairs. I hope that both sides of these Ouerean negotiations realize the foolishness of their actions, and reconsider inviting Hephaestus to their discussion.”

Senator Trang has often made such statements against the megacorporations of the Spur, having been a leading figure in the implementation of the Solarian Corporate Authority and the nationalization of corporate assets across the Alliance. SANN reporters reached out to the Nralakk Federation consulate on Unity Station, and received an official response informing us: “The Nralakk Federation is well aware of all risks involved in these negotiations, but we do not make our decisions based on fear. Rest assured that our representatives shall act with the wisdom that we pride ourselves on, and that we extend our hopes that ill-founded fear is not allowed to jeopardize the friendship between our two great nations.”

SANN has also reached out to staff at the Alliance embassy on Moghes for comment, but we have only received a fax informing us that the Alliance has yet to take an official stance on the matter. Time will tell whether or not Senator Trang’s words will reach our allies in the Federation, however - or whether Hephaestus will keep its seat at the negotiating table.

Agreement Reached on Ouerea!

News Article

Publisher: Sinta Articles

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Triogenix


“And as the morning steals upon the night,
Melting the darkness, so their rising senses
Begin to chase the ignorant fumes that mantle
Their clearer reason.”
-The Tempest, Act V Scene I

Old grudges are settled, and new accords are struck.

The High Speaker has announced that the talks with the Nralakk Federation, which have been ongoing for nearly a month, have reached an end, with both parties finally reaching an agreement. She was photographed with the Skrell representative, Ormish Jrolk, proudly announcing the signing of the newly-named Nralakk-Izweski Mutual Prosperity Agreement.

The agreement is a lengthy one, but our correspondents have gathered the main points that are most likely to impact our readers, and what they may mean for the future of our own nation and our newfound friends in the Nralakk Federation. The agreement entails the following:

  • The Nralakk Federation will formally acknowledge its unlawful occupation of Ouerea - while both parties recognise the difficulties the Contact War posed to colonial administration, the Federation will formally acknowledge that control should have been returned immediately following the end of the war on Moghes, and that Hegemon S’kresti should not have had to resort to military action to see our colony returned to us. The Federation has declined to comment on the Sol Alliance’s role in the Ouerean affair, stating that it lies outside the purview of the summit.
  • As a form of reparation for their interference in Sinta affairs, the Federation will offer the assistance of its scientists in combating the spreading of the Wasteland, as well as assisting in medical treatment of those harmed by radiation.
  • The Hegemon has made a formal trade agreement with the Federation, and is set to begin exporting raw materials to Skrell space soon via Hephaestus Industries. Guildmaster T’zakal has strongly endorsed this announcement, welcoming the opportunity to expand further into alien markets.
  • The Hegemony will permit the ships of the Federation’s ‘Qukala’ (their primary military force) to dock at any Izweski colony, station or port. This will allow our new trade partners to assist the Izweski Navy in ensuring that cargo vessels are capable of safely traveling through the Badlands and Sparring Sea without threat of piracy.

While some still remain skeptical of the Nralakk-Izweski Mutual Prosperity Agreement, the mood across the Hegemony overall is one of celebration, as the Federation’s commitment to the restoration efforts on Moghes has been declared.

An initial group of Federation scientists and healers is set to arrive within the month, to begin working to both treat radiation-related disorders among the population and to work with the brightest minds of the Hegemony in accelerating environmental restoration efforts on Moghes. High Speaker Sarnac made a public address from Skalamar, having seen the Skrell delegation safely depart from the system, bound to return to Federation space. From the Izweski keep, the High Speaker addressed the assembled press, stating:

“It has been a long and arduous negotiation - but both the Hegemon and myself are pleased at this outcome. The rabble-rousing of some who believe the Skrell hold some sort of nefarious agenda can be safely dismissed - and on behalf of myself and Hegemon Not’zar, I wish to welcome the aid of our new allies in the Nralakk Federation in the restoration of our world. May the Great Spirit bless this new agreement, and the wisdom of our Hegemon in seeking such a powerful ally.”

The Nralakk Federation has also made plans for the reopening of the embassy in Skalamar, having made an agreement with Hephaestus Industries to begin construction on new premises immediately. Though an ambassador has yet to be appointed, Grand Advisor Jrolk did make a brief statement to Sinta Articles earlier today, stating on behalf of the Nralakk Federation their satisfaction with the agreement reached - and that they look forward to the age of future cooperation between our two nations that this agreement heralds.

We at Sinta Articles strongly congratulate the Hegemon for this alliance, as well as the offer of assistance from our new friends in the Federation. As always, we will keep our readers updated as the situation develops further.

Event I: Strange Bedfellows

Server Event

Host: RustingWithYou


Via Hephaestus, the SCC is invited to participate in the humanitarian program. Fresh from their recent successes on Konyang, the SCCV Horizon is deployed to the Uueoa-Esa system.

The Horizon crew was invited to the Grand Ouerean Hotel in New Skalamar, while humanitarian program representatives inspected the vessel. While the crew enjoyed the hotel's many amenities, command met with representatives of the Hegemony, the Federation, the K'lax Hive, and Hephaestus Industries, who briefed them on the significance of their mission. The Horizon was informed that their first major mission would be to assist the town of Kazseres, located in the southern Tza Prairie.

Event II: Brave New World

Server Event

Host: RustingWithYou


The Horizon crew deployed to the town of Kazseres to provide aid and survey the region alongside Federation staff. Though some difficulties emerged, the mission was overall a success.

The Horizon crew landed in Kazseres, located in southern Tza. After exploring the town and meeting the locals, the Horizon crew began working to provide food and medical aid, while the ship's engineers worked on infrastructure repairs and the research team surveyed the region with the Nralakk Federation personnel. Eventually, the crew encountered a pair of Gawgaryn who had been stealing humanitarian supplies, and found themselves in a tense standoff. Though the hostage perished, the two Gawgaryn were captured and sentenced to death by the local lord. Engineering was able to partially repair the Kazseres Hydroelectric Dam, and a comprehensive survey produced by the science team indicated that the region could recover from the damage of the Contact War. With their mission a success, the crew departed Kazseres.

Humanitarian Mission to Tza "Major Success"

News Article

Publisher: Sinta Articles

Writer: RustingWithYou

Editors: Lent23, CaptainGecko


“O brave new world, that has such people in it!”
-The Tempest, Act V Scene I

The humanitarian mission to Kazseres is well-received, despite some minor setbacks. Locals of the region are hopeful for what may come.

Following the signing of the Nralakk-Izweski Mutual Prosperity Agreement, the newly-launched humanitarian program has made its first major stride in the town of Kazseres, located south of Kutah in the Tza Prairie. Following the assistance of a team from the Nralakk Federation, aid was provided by the crew of the SCCV Horizon, a foreign corporate vessel brought to assist by Hephaestus Industries.

Our reporters visited Kazseres shortly after the Horizon’s crew departed, and locals tell us that the difference is already noticeable. The artificial Lake Kazseres which the town is built around has been restored to its former glory, with a team of Horizon engineers having made initial repairs on the grand Kazseres Hydroelectric Dam - once the pride of the region. Reportedly, former residents in the wider Tza Prairie are considering returning home, as both the dam and the area’s rich mines are scheduled to reopen towards the end of 2466.

Hephaestus Industries repair crews are set to begin work on the dam and mines, and reportedly fish populations are to be reintroduced to the lake thanks to Hephaestus aquaculture centers on Ouerea. Our correspondent in the field spoke to Lord Khuzar Mogarakh of Kazseres, who was present for the corporate mission. Lord Mogarakh was unable to speak for long due to his duties, but informed us that in his eyes: “The mission went well, and I am pleased to hear the dam may one day returned to working order. I am told by our honored guests from Nralakk that this land can be healed, and that my Kazseres can be restored to the peace and prosperity it once knew. Some of the aliens were rowdy and disrespectful - but others showed great honor and wisdom. If the rest of the Hegemon’s program goes as the mission here did, then I have high hopes for the future of our world. The spirits have blessed not just me, but all of my subjects upon this land today.”

The leader of the Nralakk Federation team, one Qu’vesi (Nral’malic: “Star Graduate”, a highly accomplished scholar) Aqaz'Par Maqzi, seemed to agree with Lord Mogarakh’s optimism. They informed us that while the full report on the region’s wellbeing is still being put together, the data that they acquired alongside Horizon scientists indicates a bright future for Kazeres and the region as a whole. Qvs. Maqzi gave their warm thanks to the corporate research team who aided the Federation personnel in their efforts, stating that “The research done by the scientists of the Horizon will be invaluable in the future of the restoration efforts here. I cannot thank them enough for their work, and I hope that they see such success elsewhere.” Federation staff are scheduled to remain in Kazseres, and are reportedly preparing to work with Hephaestus Industries on restoring the Kazseres Hydroelectric Dam to working order.

The mission did not run completely unhindered, however - reportedly a group of Gawgaryn from the Wasteland to the south had approached Kazseres, looking to steal humanitarian supplies from the locals in need. When discovered, the Gawgaryn kidnapped a Horizon employee and attempted to flee, before they were captured by corporate security and local law enforcement - though tragically, their hostage was murdered before the criminals were apprehended. The Gawgaryn were found guilty of theft, murder, banditry, and dishonorable behavior, and sentenced to execution for their heinous crimes. Though we could not reach him for comment at this time, Overlord Hutay’zai has reportedly deployed his own sworn warriors to several towns in southern Tza to protect against further incursion from these dishonorable raiders.

The humanitarian efforts across the Tza Prairie continue, with plans reportedly being made to expand operations to similarly afflicted regions of Moghes in the days ahead. We were unable to receive any information as to the program’s next major endeavor at this time. For further news on the humanitarian program, and for all Sinta news Spur-wide, remember - stick to the source you know you can trust. Stick to Sinta Articles.