Tau Ceti Foreign Legion

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Tau Ceti Foreign Legion
Tau Ceti Foreign Legion
Access: All
Qualifications: Not defined
Relevant Education: Not defined
Supervisors: The Biesel Government
Duties: Make sure the station is secure.
Guides: No external guides.
A recruitment poster for the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion.

Founded in 2459, the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is a military force employed by the Republic of Biesel consisting of mostly volunteers of all recognized sentient citizens. It primarily comprises of immigrants and external parties seeking citizenship or stakes in Tau Ceti, which the Republic offers in exchange for participation. It can often be seen working with NanoTrasen assets wherever possible, extending operations slightly further than most NanoTrasen ERT officially reach. As such, the Foreign Legion can be seen regularly patrolling areas nearby the N.S.S. Aurora and the Romanovich Cloud.

Currently, the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is called via an SOS beacon utilized in an emergency. It has a chance to receive the signal from their posting near the Upsilon and intercept towards the Aurora however uncommon.

Who am I?

You are a volunteer or officer of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, a sparsely trained government official given the authority to respond to and solve issues in and around Republic space. You are a member of Task Force XIII - Fortune.

Upon spawning upon BLV The Tower, you will be given a number of choices. So let's talk you through them:

The first pop-up you will get is to enter your name, don't forget your rank though! For your first time it is advised you label yourself as a Volunteer Officer (Vol. [name]). As you become more experienced you may well get a chance to be a squad leader, known as a Prefect (Pfct. [name]).

The full rankings and their abbreviations are:

Pfct. [name] - Prefect Melons

Another recruitment poster for the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, showcasing the benefits Synthetics gain when enlisting.

Lgn. [name] - Legionnaire Melons

Vol. [name] - Volunteer Officer Melons

All species found on the Aurora can be a member of the Foreign Legion emergency response team. There is no species restriction on TCFL lead officers.

Who else is in my team?

Alongside you will be other officers, generally 2 or 3, but depending on the situation we can have multiple teams working together. In addition to volunteers, there will be the senior officers responsible for leading the team.

You can identify who is who by three separate visual representations. These are distinguished by accessories provided to the specific members of the team that can be pinned to your armor's chestpiece by holding the accessories in your hand and clicking on the chestpiece. This works for the normal vest armor as well.

Volunteer (Vol.) - Your armor has no ribbons or specialist pins and is a bright blue across its entirety.

Legionnaire (Lgn.) - Your armor has two bright yellow markers, an accessory able to be placed on the chestpiece of your hardsuit/vest.

Prefect (Pfct.) - Your armor has a long ribbon across your right shoulder wrapped around your arm and a solemn pin across your left breast. It is an accessory placed on the chestpiece of your hardsuit/vest.

What do I do?

As a member of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, your objective is to handle the emergency situation that the station has reported by any means necessary, and return the station to normal operations.

You have a selection of moderately powerful equipment and a set of ID cards with basic access to most departments and maintenance across the station. You carry the authority of the Republic government, however, note that this may very well be deemed irrelevant in the face of NanoTrasen or the crew given circumstance. One should use this authority to assist in remedying the situation on board and to further any set objectives in place by the team lead. You can get to the station via either the Dropship (BLV Chariot), or the individual drop pods.

Once the emergency is contained, your team is expected to depart, or at worst, facilitate an evacuation or emergency crew transfer.

As a member of the team you have a choice of three specializations and one possible ghost role:

Volunteers - Drawn from on-call volunteers, these are moderately versed in weapon handling drills, hand to hand combat, arresting procedures as well as other skills such as basic first aid. Unmarked hardsuits.

Engineering Legionnaires - More specialized team members who are more often than not paid, these are well versed in most engineering procedures and can get the team wherever they need to go. Marked by specialist medallions.

Medical Legionnaires - Also specialized team members, well versed in most field treatments and surgical procedures to keep their team or the crew alive. Marked by specialist medallions.

Pilot Legionnaires - While only available as a ghost role, the pilot is also a specialized team member. They are well versed in piloting anything they can get their hands on.

What tools do I need?

The specific tools you will need will vary by situation, but can be split into 2 categories, your essential tools and your task specific tools.


Every Tau Ceti Foreign Legion volunteer dons the same uniform and sets of armor with ranks distinguished by accessories mentioned previously. These are as follows -

  • Retrofitted Military Hardsuit Control Module: A refit of a very old construction hardsuit. Essentially your only EVA gear so take it if there's any chance you're entering vacuum.
  • Foreign Legion Armored Suit: A set of armor and a helmet with much the same protection of the hardsuit without the massive slowdown.


  • Tactical Shield: A collapsing tactical shield.
  • Black Webbing Vest: A webbing vest.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Standard night vision goggles.
  • Handcuffs: Self explanatory.
  • Combat Belt: Holds grenades, ammunition, C4 and other things. Always get one.
  • Stun Baton: It's a stun baton.
  • Flash: A standard flash.

Now, onto the weapons you can pick.

  • Plastic Explosives: Precise explosives that blow up the wall or airlock or floor you place them on. Self explainatory, bring one or more if you need to break into an area you have no access to, such as a bolted AI core.
  • Bolt Slinger: A long blaster rifle that must be wielded to fire accurately. Has a scope and a large ammo capacity.
  • Blaster Carbine: A short, inaccurate blaster which can be fired with one hand and stored in backpacks. Has burst fire.
  • Blaster Pistol: A tiny blaster pistol meant for self defense. Has burst fire.
  • Gauss Thumper: A huge unwieldy ballistic rifle and the only ballistic weapon available to the TCFL. Seven shots, decent damage, can be loaded with ion slugs for pesky synthetics.

You will have access to a vendor - the SecTech which sells the standard things such as flashes, pepperspray and handcuffs.

Engineering Legionnaire

The engineering area has a lot of things, but most of them won't be used often. Let's look at the things you'll be using often.

  • Insulated Gloves: Essential for any manipulation of powered wires. Don't hack anything without these.
  • RCD: Useful for deleting doors, floors, walls or making them.
  • Tool Belt: Get one. You'll need it for the tools.
  • Superior Welding Goggles: Pretty useful when you aren't wearing a hardsuit, as the hardsuit already provides eye protection.
  • Emitters: Sometimes you will be called to deal with blobs, or you'll need to get into the AI core. Emitters are useful for this, so if you need them, bring them.
  • Stun Revolver: Grab one if the volunteers stole all the blaster pistols.
  • Specialist Medallions: Pin these to your chestpiece.

There are various vending machines, and you'll need those. Let's take a look at them.

  • Vendomat: Sells proximity sensors, igniters, remote signaling devices and such. Not really useful.
  • YouTool: Sells the tools you will need.
  • EngiVend: Sells multitools, mainly. Also sells various electronics.
  • Robco Tool Maker: Sells everything that the YouTool and EngiVend sell, in addition to other things.

Medical Legionnaire

  • A freezer with bloodpacks.
  • On the table next to the freezer, you will find all the medkits you will need.
  • Hyposprays: There are 6 total hyposprays. Grab however many you need.
  • Medical Belt: Grab one to stuff your trauma kits and hyposprays in.
  • Your chem dispenser 3000 is one of a kind. It's able to instantly distribute pretty much every chemical you will ever need. Fill beakers and hyposprays using it.
  • IV Drip: Self explanatory.
  • Stun Revolver: Grab one if the volunteers stole all the blaster pistols.
  • Specialist Medallions: Pin these to your chestpiece.

Pilot Legionnaire

  • Their uniform.
  • Their jacket.
  • A padded helmet.
  • A blaster pistol.
  • A burning need for speed.


The Prefect's room contains a lot of useful things. Let's look at everything.

  • InteliCard: It's an intelicard for carding artificial intelligences.
  • Death Alarms: Distribute to your team if you need to.
  • Seniority Ribbon: Pin these to your chestpiece.
  • Energy Knife: This is a better tactical knife. Shove it in your boot.
  • Energy Barrier: It's a massive shield, can fit in your pocket.

The Garage

Beyond the standard Armory, there are three vehicles that can be chosen should the situation warrant it, defer to your Prefect for permission should you desire to take one. They are located in south eastern portion of the base. They are:

  • Retrofitted Speeders: Slow in atmosphere, extremely fast in EVA. Useful for moving across the surface quickly and not getting lost forever.
  • Combat APLU: A slightly intimidating APLU with a welder laser, additional armor, two passenger compartments and a drill. Useful in most any situation, though slow.
  • Odysseus: This one is much more useful if the Medical specialists were to decide to take it.

Assault Armory

On top of the normal armament available to the TCFL, there is a special equipment storage reserved for Admin and Event use, locked behind unlabelled blast doors. Inside is:

  • Jotun: An aging Alliance main battle tank which is impervious to mostly any armament obtainable on station. Uh oh.

Working On The Aurora: Weekend Legionnaire

It is possible to be a member of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion and also work on the Aurora, with some stipulations.

1) Working for the Legion is like taking a 2nd job. The split in responsibilities, and the split in loyalties to a government agency and the private corporation of NanoTrasen, means you cannot be both part of the legion and in security or Command.

2) All rules on escalation and emergencies still apply. You should not use your status as a legionnaire to self-antag, hunt down antagonists, or otherwise throw yourself into station emergencies.

3) Don't cryo or ghost as your character then spawn in as that character in an incoming Legion squad. It's embarrassing and would make you look desperate.

4) Don't ask incoming Legionnaires to give you weapons or gear when they're coming in. You can help in your current job by doing that job - or staying out of the way unless asked.

Generally, the Legion is a militia. It is not a Spec Ops team and you are not made a martial arts expert who does not fear death by being in it. That said, the spirit of these rules is to not valid antagonists - helping respond to other emergencies like fires or venting situations can be fine! If you are unsure, ahelp!

The highest rank you can be as an on-station Legionnaire is a Volunteer or Legionnaire. If you are a Legionnaire, try picking a job that compliments your specialty, like engineering or medical doctor.

In terms of special skills, a Legionnaire has a reason to have the knowledge to use voidsuits or hardsuits, and anything in the basic first aid kits.

Volunteers can train 1 - 3 days a week on a flexible schedule and get access to scholarships and specialized in-house training that can let them advance to become Legionnaires.

Legionnaires train 3 - 4 days a week, giving a higher time investment, and are either coming from a specialized profession or plan to get into one when they're out.

Jobs on Aurora
Command Captain - Head of Personnel - Head of Security - Chief Engineer - Research Director - Chief Medical Officer
Security Security Officer - Warden - Investigator - Security Cadet
Engineering Station Engineer - Atmospheric Technician - Engineering Apprentice
Medical Physician - Emergency Medical Technician - Psychologist - Pharmacist - Medical Intern
Research Scientist - Roboticist - Xenobiologist - Lab Assistant
Supply Quartermaster - Cargo Technician - Shaft Miner
Civilian NanoTrasen Liaison - Assistant - Visitor - Bartender - Chef - Chaplain - Librarian - Janitor - Botanist
Non-human AI - Cyborg - Personal AI
Special Merchant - Emergency Response Team - Foreign Legion - Ghost Roles