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Access: Armory, Security, Brig Timers, Warden's Office, Prison Wing, Maintenance
Qualifications: At least 25 years of age, applicable criminal forensics degree or 7 years experience in Prisoner Management field.
Employers: Zavodskoi Interstellar, Idris Incorporated, The Private Military Contracting Group
Supervisors: Head of Security
Duties: Ensure the arrested prisoners don't escape, issue weapons to security, manage the Brig.
Guides: The Standard Procedure, Corporate Regulations, Guide to EVA

The Warden is a member of the security staff and is responsible for the brig and the prisoners. He also has access to the armoury and is responsible for handing out equipment. He has control over the Brig and the Prison Wing. Much like the rest of the department, wardens are expected to have EVA training.

Watch Hound

Half of your job is to look after the prisoners; make sure they aren't abused or given unfair sentences and that they don't escape. The other half of your job is to arm security with weapons in emergencies. You are not a Security Officer and should not leave the brig if possible. However, you may operate as an officer shall the need arise, under the permission of your HoS.

If you have no prisoners to watch out for, you can be helpful to your team by coordinating with officers over your radio channel, checking cameras when people call for help, and updating arrest records. You can also do roll call every so often, to make sure that the officers are still alive and well. You have the opportunity to make Security run like a well-oiled machine, but don't start acting like your boss.

Also make sure you keep track of what's in the armory. You start with a list of everything in the armory and should keep track of who and what is being taken and their reason why. Moreoever, make sure the armory stock is well-balanced. Sometimes, the people at Central forget to stock a certain type of weaponry, whether lethal or non-lethal; and it is your job to make sure the situation is remedied before it's too late. It is important to note though, that the crew armory is not your responsibility. Leave it and it's operations to command staff.

Remember to follow Corporate Regulations

Things to Know

As a Warden, you have full control over the entirety of the Brig. Other than that, you are on the same level as everyone else in Security. You report to the Head of Security just like every other officer.

Unlike every other officer, you have the independent authority to issue arrest and search warrants as long as there is sufficient cause to. This responsibility is not an indicator of elevated rank - it just allows security to function appropriately when the Command Staff normally responsible are missing. You should not be issuing warrants unless your normal oversight (in the form of a Head of Security or the Captain) is not present. Even then, it's a good idea to ask or inform any present command staff if the warrant is a for a crime of level 200 and above. Any warrants you issue independently will be subject to review by either of these people later on.

Have an advanced knowledge of Corporate Regulations and ship Directives, and also be aware of all CCIA Notices. There aren't many people who want to be brigged for no reason, and nobody wants to be held until transfer without due cause. If necessary, you might even need to release a prisoner for being held unlawfully.


To help your wardening ways, grab a pair of cuffs (for prisoner transportation) that are in a box in the armory, and a stun baton. You already have a taser and a pair of sunglasses. Several portable flashers are in the armory. These CAN and will be useful in securing the brig during attacks. Make sure no one gets your ID, and you know who the Head of Security is, as you need to defend your equipment from would-be thieves. Nobody other than yourself, the Head of Security, and the Captain are allowed into the armory; walking into the armory without authorization is considered trespassing.

You also have a box of blank id-cards in your closet. These can be used to process prisoners who have "lost" their own id-cards. To do so, get one of the blank id-cards from the box in your closet, remove any gloves the prisoner might be wearing, then target their hands and click on them with the blank id-card in hand. This is done to imprint the biometic details of the prisoner onto the id-card. Once you have done that, you can use the id-card to sentence them as usual.

Don't Sit Around

Sitting at your desk is alright, but you should make sure to scan the cell blocks every once in a while to make sure no one is hurt in the cells, or there are any areas of break in. Your job is to protect all of security from people busting in, or out. A quick sweep every few minutes should be fine, being a warden is a mostly relaxing job, just make sure to stun anyone who is behaving suspiciously in security and hold them till the Head of Security comes. Remember, talk first, disarm second, kill if that's your only option (it never is).

If you are going to sit around, it may be worthwhile to update the security records for your prisoners. Seriously. Update the security records.


You start with gloves, an energy gun, armor, and sunglasses. You have access to a ton of guns, and a ton of other things no ship member could dream of. Problem is, you have poor access to the ship, but you have a whole brig to play with. You are less likely to be "needed" compared to a Head of Security, and less likely to be expected to respond to call than a security officer. Yet, running about ship will attract attention, so get done what you need to, do it fast, and remain in the safety of the brig.

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