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NanoTrasen Liaison
NanoTrasen Liaison
Access: The Representatives Office, the Bridge, and the Odin Shuttle.
Qualifications: At least 30 years of age, relevant education. You've convinced NanoTrasen Central Command you're worth loaning a Shuttle, and you are representing an Interest Group
Relevant Education: The art of the deal.
Supervisors: Station Command and your Interest Group
Duties: Representing your factions interests, conducting interviews and AMAs', Improving your interest groups image, Being Less Creepy than the old IAA role
Guides: Corporate Regulations, Station Directives, Guide to Law, Guide to Paperwork, Chain of Command

NanoTrasen Liaisons or Representatives act as the link between an Interest Group and their assigned facility. Their primary concerns are to ensure that the group they're representing is treated more favorably or just ensuring they're treated equally, within Corporate Regulations, via interviews and reports to Command Staff about misconduct.

Secondary responsibilities of a Representative include increasing awareness of whatever factions or cause they represent. For more information on the goal of different kinds of Representative, see: Interest Groups

Representatives can be played by characters of any Species that can be a part of the represented faction, by players with a Head of Staff whitelist, it is not part of Station Command however.


There are two variations of Representative, those being Corporate Liaison and Consular officer. They can both be on station at one time, allowing for a representative of a Faction to be there alongside a liaison from a MegaCorporation. It is encouraged that they will work together on matters if there is a NanoTrasen Liaison alongside a consular officer, so the consular can have an easier time getting important messages through to central command or station command.

Interest Groups

All Non-NanoTrasen Interest Groups get access to an External Comms Link in their Fax machine which enables them to contact their superiors, and receive an orders list on round start. While they do not get all of the benefits of working for NanoTrasen, they definitely do get other benefits.

NanoTrasen Liaison

  • NanoTrasen Liaisons are dispatched by central command to act as an on-station link between Central Command and Station Command. They can talk to command and crew on matters such as NanoTrasens interests aboard the station, advise Station Command, and issue various paperwork, including Contract Extensions, and situation reports. They can also make sure that central command is following Correct Procedure, and not doing anything bad in the eyes of the company.

Corporate Representative

  • On station liaisons from other Megacorporations with contractors on Station. They are supposed to represent the interests of their parent company, as well as to ensure the well being and prosperity of their contractors. They can pressure Command Staff, make requests, or even do back-alley deals and bribes in certain circumstances.

Tau Ceti Representative

  • Tasked by the Republic of Biesel government to ensure that Tau Ceti Law is being followed, and that safety regulations are being followed. They are to promote Biesel sentiment, and reinforce the image of the bright beacon of democracy. They may also issue Tau Ceti citizenship and passports in certain circumstances.

Sol Consular Officer

  • Dispatched by Solarian diplomatic missions in Mendell, their mission is to ensure the fair treatment and prosperity of Solarian citizens working on the Aurora. They are authorized to issue Alliance papers in certain circumstances. This also includes Consulars from the Eridani Federation who are included in the territories of the Sol Alliance.

PRA Consular Officer

  • Dispatched from the Peoples Republic of Adhomai to ensure the well being and interests of Republican citizens who are living in this far away Tajaran enclave. They are to encourage proper Republican values and make sure that party lines are being upheld.
  • They are the Party's eyes and ears on the station and are tasked with reporting any subversive behavior to the government. They are given a set of tools and access to the fax machine to deal diplomatically with possible subversive elements. They can also issue Honorary Party Memberships to any crewmember.
  • Consulars are Hadiist Party members and should always be loyal to President Hadii. They must be exemplary citizens and embody the Republican ideals. Cooperating with NanoTrasen authorities is also necessary due to the strict bounds between the Republic and the corporation.
  • PRA consular officers should encourage Tajara to relinquish their right to make use of the Tajaran Citizenship Act.

DPRA Consular Officer

  • Dispatched from the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai to ensure the well being and interests of Al'mariist citizens who are living in this far away Tajaran enclave. They are to encourage proper Al'mariist values and ensure that the rights of the Tajara people are being respected.
  • Consulars are employed by the civilian government and should display the values upheld by the Al'mariist ideology. They are given a set of tools and access to the fax machine to make sure that any DPRA citizen is working towards the future of their species.
  • While consular officers are part of the civil government, they can still harbor sympathies for the military juntas and Supreme Commander Nated. Cooperation with NanoTrasen is desirable when the outcome is beneficial to the Al'mariist cause. While direct opposition against the megacorporations is no part of the consular's duties, DPRA consular officers should do their best to support Liberation Army personnel on the field.
  • Consular officers should attempt to convince PRA aligned Tajara to acquire DPRA citizenship through the Tajaran Citizenship Act.

NKA Consular Officer

  • Dispatched from the New Kingdom of Adhomai to ensure the well being and interests of Royalists citizens who are living in this far away Tajaran enclave. They are to encourage traditional Tajaran values and ensure the cooperation between the New Kingdom and NanoTrasen.
  • Consulars are under the supervision of the Crown and should be model citizens. They are given a set of tools and access to the fax machine to make sure that any NKA citizen is acting in an upstanding manner. Cooperation with NanoTrasen is necessary, as the Kingdom is doing its best to acquire allies.
  • Consulars can be either nobles or commoners. Despite their origins, they were chosen by their support of the Royalist ideology.
  • Consular officers should attempt to convince PRA aligned Tajara to acquire NKA citizenship through the Tajaran Citizenship Act.

Hegemony Consular Officer

  • Hailing from Unathi owned space, these diplomats are here to reach the Unathi working on NanoTrasen vessels and keep the relations between NanoTrasen and the Hegemony in top shape. As a Unathi representative, you will need to carefully balance the morals of your homeworld and your diplomatic responsibilities.
  • You are recommended to call Unathi to your office, to speak with them and learn their origins. Talk about their clan back on Moghes, learn their religious ideals, find any... undesirables who might be hiding their clan name and ensure paperwork is sent to a Hegemony vessel documenting a possible Guwan hiding their Guwan title behind their old Clan name.
  • Consulars will always be noblemen, or even noblewomen. Either way, your clan is notable and you might be related to a Lord of Moghes in some way.
  • Hosting Feasts in honor of the Hegemon is always fun. Let everyone know you're rich, by paying for all their meals for the shift.
  • If a Guwan wishes to prove themselves capable of restoring their title, or creating a new one, you are one of the first steps. They must prove themselves worthy enough to be represented by you or someone you choose in a court. Afterwards, directly message the Lore Developer in charge of Unathi, or a deputy.

Jargon Federation Consular Officer

  • Having come all the way from Nralakk these officers are very well versed in local customs and culture. Being the natural diplomats, Skrell Consular Officers are very diplomatically savvy and knowledgeable and are on the station to remind other Skrell how far the Federation reaches. Thus a Skrell Consular Officer should strive to be the last person on the station to offend their host, while not being a complete pushover.

Dominian Consular Officer

  • Sent by the Dominian Empire, the job of Dominian Consular Officer is to dispell all perceived inaccuracies about Dominian first and ensure the loyalty of its subjects second. Dominia has had an understanding with NanoTrasen ever since its rediscovery by the other spacial factions and its officers ensure that this relationship lasts, despite the ideological differences.

Vaurca Consular Officer

  • Representing one of the hives, Vaurca Consular Officers are always a special type of Vaurca, a Ta also known as a Breeder. As the emotional centerpiece of Vaurca society, a Vaurca Consular officer is the ideal type capable of communicating and understanding all the other species in the system.

Golden Deep Consular Officer

  • As a representation of the Golden Deep, your duties are to ensure the continued relations between Nanotrasen and Golden Deep affiliates.
  • Golden Deep Consular Officers must have acquired their Golden Deep Citizenship.
  • A Golden Deep Consular Officers are more often than not highly esteemed merchants overseeing multiple fleets, or a membership holding, carefully vetted, synthetic made to engage as a diplomatic bridge between business partners.
  • You are recommended to promote the Golden Deep affiliates in the Republic of Biesel, as well as seeking out synthetics for purchase under the Golden Deep umbrella.
  • A membership within Golden Deep is not to be given lightly and Consular Officers are responsible for ensuring that any IPCs inducted into the group can increase its prosperity.

Coalition of Colonies Consular Officer

  • As a Representative of the expansive CoC, you are entrusted to act as the link between all the members of the CoC, their populace, and the Coalition as a whole. You are likely to interact with a wide range of people, so Coalition Consulars are normally excellent at conflict resolution and problem solving.

Species Consulars Permitted

Species Consulars Permitted
Humans Skrells Unathi Tajara IPCs Dionae Vaurca
NT Liaison
Tau Ceti
Zavodskoi Interstellar
Idris Rep.
Heph Rep.
Zeng-Hu Rep.
Vaucrae Hive
Golden Deep

Embrace The Bureaucracy

So, your shoes are polished, your tie is on straight, your stamp is inked up and there’s a full cup of coffee on your desk - what now?

Typically, the broad duties of a Representative can be sorted into three major categories:
  1. Awareness: Doing activities to spread awareness of your Interest Group are a very good idea to keep everyone happy, and most importantly, informed. A good representative might give seminars on the virtues and upsides of their Interest Group, or a Consular Officer might do a QnA or trivia for their faction. Get creative with it, and remember that certain factions will be trying harder than others, such as the PRA or Hegemony.
  2. Oversight: Doing activities that keep members of your Interest Group happy are a good idea. If a member of said Interest Group is unhappy, take them in and work out ways to make it better, such as talking to Station Command to improve the situation. In order for that to work, a Representative needs to be keeping track of members of their Interest group, in ways such as PDAing to ask them, or calling them in to your office for a chat.
  3. Protest: Activities taken in response to mistreatment. An example would be contacting the Captain, Head of Personnel, or Security when you suspect someone from your Interest Group is in danger or has been wronged. Another would be vocally protesting in response to someone from your Interest Group being arrested, even going as far as to negotiate for their release, or lessening of their punishment. Do not push this or it may lead to trouble!

Before you sign on for that first shift, recognize a hard truth about Representatives: you are not, strictly speaking, a necessary component of the station’s crew. By yourself, you cannot permit, prevent, or enforce just about anything. You are barely even part of the Stations' Crew.

Your ability to effectively do your job therefore relies on your ability to communicate with the station’s various Departments, and Station Command. Having good working relationships with the crew also makes it more likely that they will come to you with their problems, or report things to you, rather than leaving you to hunt for them, or to sit at your desk contemplating your coffee all shift.

In order to help build those working relationships, there are a few things Representatives should try to do.
  1. Do Spread Awareness: The only way you're going to get Station Crew on your side is if you get involved with the Crewmembers aboard the Aurora, in whatever way you may choose to do so, or your Interest Group entails.
  2. Do Not Cause Trouble: You are here with the express permission of Station Command and NanoTrasen, a permission that can easily be revoked, you don't want to test them, and any violation of Corporate Regulations should be strictly covert, if at all.
  3. Do Play Favorites: It is the express purpose of your job to advocate for your Interest Group, and thus, to play favorites. If you think that helping a Crewmember who is close to someone in it will aid in that, you should definitely do it if it fits your character. Though, you don't want others to know, as it could land you in trouble with a Security Officer, and thus, Station Command. It could also violate Server Rules in extreme cases, if in doubt, Ahelp.

Directive 12

"Command staff are expected to engage representatives through diplomacy and to consent to reasonable requests. The representative is not part of the station chain of command. The representative is granted special status in relation to corporate regulations;"

  • The representative does not serve brig time for low level infractions, the fine alternative can be used in those cases. The representative can serve brig time for medium and high level infractions, with command staff being able to contact Central Command requesting the revocation of the representative's privilege.
  • The representative's office offers immunity to the representative. Security may not enter to conduct arrests under normal circumstances. Entering or refusing to exit the office is considered trespassing. The office's immunity may be revoked by the captain or a captain level decision.

Read more at: Station Directives: Directive 12.


This scenario is unlikely as the NanoTrasen Liaison, as the Mindshield Implant all Liaisons are required to have prevents you from being brainwashed, However, if you're a Representative for a different group, and find yourself selected for traitor, congratulations! You are an antagonist trusted explicitly by your Interest Group, who will likely be thrilled to help you.
Wield your bureaucracy against the company you've signed up to act within! The morphic clerical kit may be of use to a traitorous Representative, as the stamps it provides allow you to forge command staff approval of just about anything. Through this, you can stamp approval papers to your fellows, have them lie to Command Staff about who they got them from, and then procure anything they'd like, thanks to you. If anyone questions what you're doing, remind them that you have the best interests of your people at heart.
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