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Writing is an integral part to paperwork and writing books! If you want to write an official department memo, or a good looking book, you're gonna have to know how to write it.

All official forms can be found and printed in request consoles on station.

To properly understand this, you need a basic grasp of BBCode or HTML. But don't worry, even if you don't know either, just try copy pasting the examples and replacing the text with your own! Once you're comfortable with that, try experimenting with what works together and how.


Writing is performed on paper using any standard writing utensil.

  • Pens come in a few different colors, black or blue by default, and some departments are provided with red pens. Pens have a variety of functions!
  • Crayons work much like pens, except that they are always bold, and lack the list, horizontal rule, and small tags.

Formatting Paper


To sign your name, use the [sign] tag. Remember that if you use the [sign] tag, your signature is unique and cannot be forged in most cases.

Your signature: [sign]


To insert a field from which you can start writing (instead of just using the bottom of the paper), use the [field] tag.

Reason for Request: [field]

New Lines

New lines can be created by using the [br] tag. Without this, anything you write will continue on the same line until it reaches the end of the page.

text above
text below


To make text bold, enclose it within the [b] and [/b] tags.

[b]This text is going to be bold.[/b] This text is not.


To italicize text, enclose it within the [i] and [/i] tags.

[i]This text is italicized.[/i] This text is not.


To underline text, enclose it within the [u] and [/u] tags.

[u]This text is underlined.[/u] This text is not.


To center text, enclose it with the [center] and [/center] tags.

[center]Type the center tags onto the paper like this![/center]


Create a list by using the [list] and [/list] tags. For every entry in your list, add a [*] in front of your entry. For example;

[list][*]Bullet one.[*]Bullet two.[/list]

Large Text

Make text larger, enclose it within the [large] and [/large] tags. Large text like this can be used for emphasis or for titles.

[large]This text is much larger[/large] than this text.

Small Text

To shrink text, enclose it with the [small] and [/small] tags. Shrunken text can be used to fit more information onto your paper.

[small]This text is very small![/small] This text is normal-sized.

Horizontal rules

To add a horizontal rule, use the [hr] tag.

text above
text below

Major Corporate Logos

To add the logo of some of the major entities, use the [logo] tag as a root, then add the appropriate suffix. All corporate logos have small versions, which can be used by adding "_small" after the company name. Example: [logo_scc_small]

NanoTrasen Logo: [logo_nt]
SCC Logo: [logo_scc]
Zeng-Hu Logo: [logo_zh]
Idris Incorporated Logo: [logo_idris]
Eridani Corporate Federation Logo: [logo_eridani]
Zavodskoi Interstellar Logo: [logo_zavod]
Hephaestus Industries Logo: [logo_hp]
Orion Express Logo: [logo_orion]
PMCG Logo: [logo_pmcg]
Golden Deep Logo: [logo_golden]

Major Political Flags

To add the flag of some of the major entities, use the [flag] tag as a root, then add the appropriate suffix. All national flags listed here have small versions, which can be used by adding "_small" after the national identifier. Example: [flag_be_small]

Republic of Biesel Flag: [flag_be]
Sol Alliance Flag: [flag_sol]
Coalition of Colonies Flag: [flag_coc]
Republic of Elyra Flag: [flag_elyra]
Empire of Dominia Flag: [flag_dom]
Nralakk Federation Flag: [flag_nralakk]
Izweski Nation Flag: [flag_izweski]
People's Republic of Adhomai Flag: [flag_pra]
Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai Flag: [flag_dpra]
New Kingdom of Adhomai Flag: [flag_nka]

Different Languages

To write in a different language, enclose the text within the [lang=x], and [/lang] tags, with x being the variable for the language when speaking. For example, [lang=1] will write in Solarian Common.

[lang=x] text [/lang]

Req comp-idle.gif Request Consoles

There are many pre-made forms available for use on the Request Consoles. These consoles can be found in nearly every workplace and contain a multitude of other functions. To print a form, open the Request Console menu and navigate to the forms menu. From there, you can select a certain department to look exclusively at that department's forms, click on the question mark to see a summary of the form, or click on the print button to print out the form.

The Request Console has other useful functions beyond just printing forms or sending departmental requests. Each console is able to fax a document, or stack of documents, to other consoles. To do this, make sure the console is set to it's main menu, then click on the console with the paper you wish to send in your active hand. A prompt will open where you can select which console to send the fax to. An exact copy will be printed at the receiving console.