Stellar Corporate Conglomerate Occupation Qualifications

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Within the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, we look to hire the best and brightest in a wide range of fields. Given the vast breadth of known inhabited space and the variety of university, doctorate programs and general experiences potential employees can be subject to, SCC HR has come up with these explicit requirements applicants much meet before being hired or allowed to work as a contractor.

IMPORTANT: Applicability

The following requirements and recommendations are applicable all Horizon crewmembers working for the SCC directly, or as a contractor employed by an SCC affiliate company. More on the SCC and it's affiliates can be found here.

Standard Requirements

All potential employees must be able to meet all of the following criteria to be considered for employment either directly or via contract by the SCC:

  • Must be a citizen or possess a work visa from all applicable governments
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be of sound-mind
    • Those with psychological disorders are subject to additional levels of psychological screening
  • Must understand Tau Ceti Basic without a translator
    • Must be fluent in speaking Basic or using Sign Language
  • Must have no outstanding warrants or bounties in recognized states

Standard Procedure

All potential employees are subject to the following pre-employment procedures, regardless of species, race, age, nationality and socioeconomic status.

The following are done in the order listed:

  • Two-tier background check
    • Employment and Educational History
    • Criminal Record
  • Routine Level-1 Psychological Evaluation
  • Interview(s) with HR and department head(s)
  • Sign binding non-disclosure agreement

Occupation Specific Requirements

For requirements on specific jobs, look at the job qualification section on specific job guides.

Jobs on Aurora
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Command Support Corporate Liaison - Bridge Crewman
Security Security Officer - Warden - Investigator - Security Cadet
Engineering Engineer - Atmospheric Technician - Engineering Apprentice
Medical Surgeon - Physician - First Responder - Psychologist - Pharmacist - Medical Intern
Research Scientist - Xenobiologist - Xenobotanist - Lab Assistant
Operations Hangar Technician - Shaft Miner - Machinist
Service Assistant - Off-Duty Crewman - Passenger - Bartender - Chef - Chaplain - Librarian - Janitor - Botanist - Corporate Reporter
Non-human AI - Cyborg - Personal AI
Special Merchant - Ghost Roles

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