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Access: Custodial Closet, Maint Tunnels, Engineering Foyer, Research halls, Security halls, Medical halls
Qualifications: Atleast 17 years of age
Relevant Education: Nal'tor College of Career Excellence
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Pick up trash, Clean floors, Do minor repairs, Re-Stock vendors, Replace broken lights
Guides: Guide to Communication Devices

As the Janitor, you are expected to do minor repairs, light replacements, vendor refills, and keep the station clean and tidy. It's also a good idea to link your PDA to the Janitorial Requests Console and the engineering ringer terminal.


List of Equipment

  • Galoshes: Galoshes will prevent you from slipping on absolutely everything except for space lube.
  • Bio Suit: Useful for toxic messes, or cleaning snot and vomit due to viral infections without risking infection yourself.
  • Mop, Mop Bucket, and Wet Floor Signs: The mop will hold 30 units of water, and can be used to clean multiple tiles at once, by clicking each of them, and waiting for the timer for each one to run down. It uses 1 unit per tile mopped. The mop bucket will hold 100 units of water, and can be pulled behind you or loaded on the Janicart for convenience. Wet Floor Signs are recommended when you have made a floor wet by cleaning it, so people do not run and slip on the water.
  • Water Tank and Bucket: The Water Tank can hold 1000 units. The Bucket can hold 120 units. You can set the transfer amount of each container by right-clicking it and selecting the "set transfer amount" option, in order to speed the transfer of fluids.
  • Kitchen Sink: An infinite source of water, that can be used to refill the bucket. The transfer amount set on the bucket will control how many units the sink will put into the bucket.
  • Space Cleaner: A small spray bottle of non-slip, cleaning agent. Will instantly clean any tile it touches. Can be sprayed a maximum distance of three tiles. Must be loaded with space cleaner to clean.
  • Janibelt: Can carry some of your tools, such as space cleaner, cleaner grenades, or a light replacer.
  • Omni-Vendor: Contains canisters for reloading vendors around the station.
  • YouTool: Dispenses tools, for doing minor station repairs, and maintaining the Janicart
  • Cleaner Grenades: Grenades that will spread a cleaning foam that will clean every tile it touches in a radius of roughly 4 tiles. However, the foam will slip anyone who walks on it until it disperses after a few seconds. Your supply of them is limited, so try not to use them lightly.
  • Trash Bag: This is used to pick up litter you see in the hallways.
  • Replacement Lights boxes: Contains replacement lights for much of the station.
  • Mouse trap boxes: Contains mouse traps. They can be primed, and then set on any tile. Once set, they will trigger when any mob walks over them, and deal a small amount of brute to them. Can be hidden under things by right-clicking it and selecting the hide option, once it has been primed and set on a tile.
  • Back pack watertank: Must be worn on your back. Remove the nozzle to use it by right-clicking it and selecting the remove nozzle option, and put it back by clicking the watertank. Has a range of 4 tiles, and sprays 3 wide. Will instantly clean any tile it touches. It must be loaded with space cleaner to clean.
  • Light replacer: Used to easily replace lights and remove the broken ones. Can be used on a light replacer box to load it.
  • Flashlight: Used to see in dark areas, and find broken lights in dark areas.
  • Janitorial Cart: This is your useful Janitorial Cart. It can be loaded up with most of your kit: trash bags, light replacer, wet floor signs, mop (note: you must alt-click to get the mop on the cart), and mop bucket. It, coupled with your janibelt allows you to carry everything you need to help keep the station clean.

Janicart Deluxe Trolley

A convenient power cell powered vehicle that will instantly clean any tile it runs over and pick up trash.

Preparing and Using

In order to prepare the Janicart, you must first load it with a bucket full of water. Fill the bucket next to it with water, put a lid on it, screwdriver the Trolley open, and insert the bucket into the trolley section of it. Now, pick up the key, and climb up on the engine part of it by clicking and dragging your sprite onto it. Insert the key, and turn it on using the new "Vehicle" tab, which will have opened once you have climbed onto the Janicart.

  • Hoover: Can be toggled using the toggle hoover option in the Vehicle tab. Once on, the Janicart will suck up any items small enough to fit inside of it that you run over with the Janicart. This is useful for picking up large amount of clutter or trash very quickly.
  • Mopping: The Janicart will automatically clean any messes you run over with it, so long as bucket inside of it is full. This is useful for quickly and easily cleaning large amount of mess.
  • Replacing the power cell: Screwdriver the engine part of the Janicart to open it, and then use the crowbar to remove the power cell. You can also replace it with a better power cell if you choose.
  • Emptying the Janicart's vacuum: Screwdriver the trolley section of the Janicart, and use a crowbar to empty it of all hoovered items.
  • Refilling the Janicart's bucket: Screwdriver the trolley section of the Janicart, and use a wrench to remove the bucket in order to refill it.


Listed below are the jobs you will be expected to perform aboard the station.

Cleaning Duty

This is the main task associated with janitors. You should always keep a space cleaner bottle handy if you're walking around doing other things and see a stain, but if you see a larger mess or get called out somewhere to clean up, head back to your closet. Grab the blue bucket and fill it with water from the large tank, and fill your yellow mop bucket with it. If it's a radium spill from chemistry put on your hazmat suit, otherwise simply pick up a mop, get a wet floor sign or two, put on your galoshes, pull the yellow bucket and head to the area that requires cleanup.

To clean, simply use the mop on the bucket to wet it, and then click the tile you want to clean. Before you start, put down a wet floor sign near the area that you are scrubbing and leave it there for about 5 minutes after you're done, so that people are aware of the slipping danger. It's also nice to warn people over the radio in order to further ensure that Security don't arrest you for creating a workplace hazard. Now you can return to your closet and put away all your equipment, seeing as they're extremely movement-impeding and it's good for RP.

IMPORTANT: If you're cleaning up a crime scene, MAKE SURE THE FORENSIC TECH HAS ALREADY BEEN THERE AND DONE HIS THING. Otherwise, Security will be very upset with you.

Litter Picking

You have a trash bag in your closet in order to pick up all the litter people leave lying around - put this on your cart every round before you go out on janitor patrol. Right-click the trash bag to select between 'Pick up one item at a time' and 'Pick up all the items on a tile', depending on the magnitude of litter you're dealing with, and simply click the items you want gone with the bag to put them inside. Use the bag on a disposals bin to empty everything within and the bin will automatically activate to get rid of all the disgusting garbage. Common litter you will need to dispose of include cigarette butts, snack wrappers, and discarded pens.

Low-Level Maintenance

Arguably what you will spend most of your time doing. Usually, this means replacing broken lights, using the spares you have in your closet. While you're doing this, make sure to take the broken light you just replaced and put it in your box. When you run out of working lights, take the broken ones down to the auto lathe, put them in, and then make some new ones. If the station gets hit by an electrical storm, get ready to work hard, because this means that more than half of the station's lights have been blown. Use the flashlight if you're having a tough time working in heavily affected areas.

You will also be expected to perform minor repairs, such as replacing floors and repairing tables, chairs, and windows. However, as a Janitor, you do not have the required technical knowledge to do anything more extensive, such as repair walls, wiring, or piping.

Waste Management

Disposals is located beneath the bar, in maintenance. In order to dispose of the trash gathered there, you will have to activate the crusher. It is best to warn the station when you do so.


You have a large amount of general and departmental access, though many of the areas that may contain anything especially dangerous/useful are still unreachable without breaking in. You have access to multiple tools for slipping people. You have spray bottles, and a back pack watertank, which can be filled with other, more dangerous reagents. You have various materials, which can be used to construct useful tools and improvise armor and weapons.

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