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Fellow or Contender.
Fellow or Contender.
Access: Depends on your starting role.
Qualifications: Not defined
Relevant Education: Not defined
Supervisors: Head Fellow or Head Contender.
Duties: As the Fellow you should first try to think up an agenda (Objective or gimmick) to aim for, and try to get the Crew onboard with it. As a Contender, your primary job is to stand against the Fellows and their plan, and try to get the Crew to stand against them as well, as noisily as deemed necessary.
Guides: This one currently.

Revolution (aka "Rev") is a game mode centred around a crew movement and counter-movement turning often bloody. In it, certain members of the crew (Head Fellows/Contenders) start out with the goal of recruiting other crew members and beginning a Crew takeover of the Station. The opposite of a Fellow is a Contender which exists with the primary purpose of thwarting the fellows agenda. You're given one free announcement to make as if you're Central Command. Use it wisely. your opposite gets the same, but if they use it to cancel out your own, you should ahelp (F1).Note that it must be proper and believable.

Extended skillset - You have no enhanced skills, you do this with the knowledge of your character (And maybe a little more if you can justify it).


Movement Leaders (of which there will be one to three) start with a single announcement. Fellow/Contender Leaders can convert people by right-clicking on an adjacent individual and using the appropriate verb, which will provide a popup prompt. They can also access the verb in their special abilities area. When someone chooses to convert, they will have a red/blue f/C over their head to identify them as an ally to your cause. You will have to be persuasive to win people over, good luck. Remember that you won't have free access to weaponry without people on the inside. However, there are ways to make your own. Reminder; you're given one free announcement to make as if you're Central Command. Use it wisely. Note that it must be proper and believable or people won't follow it.

The Fellowship

You have a hard job ahead of you. Convincing the Crew to join your cause is not an easy task, it takes a lot of force, a lot of manipulation, or a lot of persuasion. Each movement leader can have their own agenda, but you should work together in your operations as best as you can, there is little hope for success if you don't. You should coordinate your announcement and efforts to push your movement in your own way, that is what makes a good revolution round. Don't be afraid to coordinate with the Contenders in AOOC as well about your agenda and what they should be opposing. Good luck!

Reminder; you're given one free announcement to make as if you're Central Command. Use it wisely. Note that it must be proper and believable.

Fellowship Agenda Ideas

  • You might be unhappy with the direction of NanoTrasen and corporations as a whole, desiring Biesel to be returned to the control of the people.
  • You might think that the Phoron reserves of the Romanovich Clouds are being exhausted and soon a great scarcity will befall all of Galactic civilization if NanoTrasen doesn't start conserving the supply and mining it more efficiently.
  • You might be appalled with how NanoTrasen is treating other Corporations in Tau Ceti space and seek to end the monopoly in Biesel.
  • You might simply seek better working conditions for Xeno Species, counter to the ones provided by NanoTrasen currently.
  • You might see the general operations of the Aurora as abysmally inhumane, and seek to put an end to how it's run as a whole.
  • You might believe NanoTrasen is hiding things from you and the galaxy at large, and have discovered one of their biggest secrets -- That they have a nuke hidden on the NSS Aurora.

The Contenders

Similar to the Fellowship before you, you exist in parallel to them. Your job as a movement leader in the round is primarily to oppose the agenda they've laid out and drive conflict in the narrative ICly. You should try to convince the Crew to oppose their goals and try to form a resistance against them. Don't be afraid to coordinate with the Fellows in AOOC as well about the way you want to start out your opposition, you're only opposing them ICly, OOCly, you're both driving an entertaining round. Good luck!

Reminder; you're given one free announcement to make as if you're Central Command. Use it wisely. Note that it must be proper and believable.

Contender Motivation Ideas

  • You might believe the fellows are gearing up to overthrow the company that has by and large been there for you and the rest of Tau Ceti through thick and thin.
  • You might expect unruly elements to be behind the Fellowship forming, and have doubts to their sincerity.
  • You might hope to curry favor with NanoTrasen, and get a raise after this is all said and done.
  • You might plan to counter this movement and use the power you've gained by doing so to try to stage your own uprising against NanoTrasen.
  • You might believe the Fellowship has been formed for misguided reasons, and seek to put an end to it on that basis, through varying means.
  • You might simply be biased against the ones leading this Fellowship and seek to put an end to it.


Remember that your particular agenda in this can be up to you. There are many ways you can go about spreading your cause and the reason behind it. It's a spot where creativity shines. Try bribery - Go get some funds from the ATM, and set about trying to pay off those with questionable loyalty. Offer them contracts outside of NT if something goes wrong. Others can be persuaded by convincing them that they can get a promotion themselves out of this, as long as they remember who they owe the favor to... Give people reasons to think they can change NanoTrasen by doing this! Explain to them what their work is contributing to-- And convince them that it's nothing good, rake muck! Give personal blackmail, true or false out, on the Heads of staff. Maybe they already have a chip on their shoulder regarding some of command. Were they treated poorly, or perhaps it's something more petty? Consider it also an excellent RP oportunity to get you out of your workplace.

None of this is foolproof, and remember-- People can most assuredly betray you! It's heavily recommended you try to personalize your approaches-- Convincing often fails. Try not to get caught lying to two different people as to your intentions! They might turn on you, to the Fellowship, the Contenders, or even just to the unaligned Station Command.

Proper Announcements

Each movement leader is given one free announcement to make as if they're Central Command. Use it wisely. Note that it must be proper and believable. Making a Central Command Announcement that declares you Captain or commands Security to throw out the armory is bad form and will have your announcement ignored by the Station at large, be careful and reasonable. As a Fellow/Contender, you are Antagonists who are meant to drive the story. Escalation of conflict still applies to you.

Your announcement must be concise, within the realm of possibility and reason and be of sound structure and language considering you're posing as Central Command. Wasting the announcement is in violation of the server rules.

Converted Crew

For whatever reason, good or bad, you have turned to one of the movements. You should keep in mind the Agenda that lead you to join, and your character could actively use it to rile up their friends. Be sure to remind your movement leaders' of their promises. You will have to work together as a team to see this through, and Good luck.

Heads of Staff

You may receive some announcements from Central Command through the Head Fellow/Contenders. How you handle this can vary for your character, however, being needlessly suspicious of the announcement and refusing to follow it for nonsensical reasons is against the rules. You are expected to follow the announcement if it's within reason. Use the F1 hotkey to contact ingame moderation during the round if you're unsure.

Additionally, you may find yourself assigned as one of the leaders of the two teams, in that case, you should try to make sure that the Crew follows the announcements as laid out where reasonable, even by the opposing team. This is for the good of the round and everyones fun, afterall.

Station Staff

As a member of the general staff, Revolutionary rounds should be treated very similarly to every other round. if you see a Crewmember attacking another, you should do as your character would, likely to try stop them or report it to Security. Remember that mutiny and terrorism are still things you should avoid unless your leaders deem them necessary and your sense allows.

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