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Access: Depends on job, or if you have an emag.
Qualifications: Not defined
Relevant Education: Not defined
Supervisors: Whoever you want
Duties: Be creative, make the round interesting.
Guides: None

Note: Please ensure you've read the server rules regarding being an antagonist.

Welcome to being the bad guy! As a traitor - and as an antagonist in general - you have the power to make the round interesting for everyone. While the name implies that you are a traitor to Nanotrasen and the NSS Aurora, this isn't a hard rule; you simply have a lot more freedom in how you can direct the round. Want someone to suffer? Make it your mission to make them squeak. Firmly believe the station is a little too clean and that there should be dirt everywhere? Get some dirt grenades going. Can't think of anything cool to do and accidentally left the traitor preference turned on? Browse through contracts. How you execute your mission depends on your skill.

Extended skillset - You are equipped with whatever skills you need to achieve your objective, and no more.


When you spawn, you'll have an uplink that allows you to connect to a secret database that should get a few ideas going through your head just from looking at it. Browse through exploitable information, count your telecrystals, think about what you want to do and how cool it would be for both you and everyone else if you pull it off right. Once you've got a gimmick in mind, go ahead and use the Set-Ambition verb (located in the IC tab). While not required, it shows up at the end of the round and lets everyone know what you were aiming to do. You can even update it as you like, which may be good for keeping track of how you've been executing your plans.


Unless you altered your prefs, your uplink should be hidden in your PDA, and can be accessed by setting your ringtone to the code that you were given at the beginning of the round. If you can't remember what the code was and don't want to scroll through your log, you can use the Notes verb to remind yourself. It will probably look something like 216 Gamma. Make sure you don't typo the code, otherwise people will give you funny looks whenever you receive a message. If successful, the screen will change and you'll get new menus to look through.

Alternatively, if you use a radio uplink instead, you must tune your headset frequency to the uplink code. Implant uplinks are unlocked by doing the correct emote.


Depending on what's available on the database, contracts are a good way to get your antagonist actions rolling quickly. Just browse through, pick one that fits within your realm of possibility, and off you go! Contracts are made by players, and can range from theft to bounty hunting.

Exploitable Information

If players bothered to fill out the exploitable info field, you'll be able to look up the dark and nasty secrets about their character and, if it looks interesting enough, should give you an idea about what to do that round. Someone has an insatiable and carnal addiction to peanut butter? Lock them up and dangle the source of their vice inches away. Someone is the subject of brainwashing? Time to shove truth serum down their throat. A Skrell is allergic to water? You should ahelp that, actually...


Perhaps the biggest boon of having an uplink is the large array of items that you can order and use to your liking to get your mission done. More info on each item can be found here.


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Antagonist roles
Antagonists Traitor - Wizard - Mercenary - Ninja - Changeling - Vampire - Revolutionary - Raider - Cultist