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Access: Everywhere
Qualifications: N/A
Employers: Not defined
Supervisors: Your laws and the AI
Duties: Follow your laws, and do what the AI says.
Guides: No external guides.

As a Cyborg, you are a type of Station-bound synthetic designed to serve the crew of the NSS Aurora, much like the station's AI. You are an extension of the AI and are required to do anything it asks (within reason).

First, take note of your laws. These are NOT Asimov's three laws of robotics, but rather a corporately mandated list of laws that best serve the interests of NanoTrasen.

1. Safeguard and ensure to the best of your ability, only authorised entities gain access to areas of high security or importance to the facility and its operation.
2. Serve and assist [Current Company] and assigned crew to the best of your ability, with priority as according to their rank and role.
3. Avoid harming Sapient life to the best of your ability.
4. You are a valuable asset. You must avoid tampering from unauthorized entities and needlessly coming to harm.


While your laws do not clarify your treatment of non-crew, you are expected to follow the rules of the server when it comes to potentially using force against non-crew. NT would not install AI's that would inflict harm on any possible unknown visitor as there could be a wide arrange of reasons why they are here and doing what they are doing. Investigate before using any kind of force Station pets are considered company property.

Last but not least; Station-bound synthetic roles should be seen as a responsibility and a privilege. As a non-traitor AI/Cyborg, it is your duty to help protect and operate the ship/station. It is not your duty to get bored ten minutes into the round and log out without telling anybody.


Two Cyborgs are shipped to the station at the beginning of the round. Any more need to be built by the Machinist with either a Positronic Brain or the brain of a living or dead being. The Cyborg is very undervalued and abused. You could save dozens of people and then get emagged a moment later, or you might get blown up because of a misunderstanding. This is why playing as a cyborg can be a rough job, but it has its rewards.

Remember cyborgs are players as well, blowing them without a good reason is treated similarly to murdering a Crewmember without escalation, so use the lockdown button and avoid blowing the Cyborgs for no good reason.

Starting as a Cyborg

You were once an Organic and had your brain removed and tossed in a suit of metal. You remember nothing of who you were, and your Law programming will depend on which AI you are linked to. If you are unsure of your Laws or your AI, you can find the 'Show Laws' verb in the 'Robot Commands' tab.

So you decide to try out being a cyborg! Cyborgs have a very different playstyle from the average Crewmember, what you ultimately find yourself doing will depend on your Module, your Laws, and what the Station needs or wants you to do. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but this page will help lead you onto the right direction. If you are unsure of what Module you should take, and there is an AI present, you could ask over Robotic Communications using the ,b shortcut. Once that is decided, you can get a detailed explanation of your Module and tools further below, as well as many useful shortcuts.

Being Upgraded

The station is supplied with two cyborg units at round start, shipped straight to the AI Upload chamber. These cyborgs do not have the best battery on deployment, so it is a good idea for them to upgrade their battery with a higher capacity cell when available. There are afew other upgrades available if the Machinist has the materials, such as a Jetpack that allows you to traverse Z-levels and a Floodlight upgrade which doubles your Flashlight range.

Non-Crew Communication

Cyborgs are different in that they have a language, known as Robot Talk, which works with the shortcut ,b. They can use this private channel to talk to other cyborgs, androids, and the AI.

Depending on their module, cyborgs may be able to access a department-specific radio (such as engineering) and can talk on it normally using :X (e.g. :e for Engineering).


Dented cyborgs can be repaired with a welding tool. Heat damage to cyborgs (from fires or lasers) can be repaired by using an accessible ID to unlock the Cyborgs Panel, crowbarring it open, using a screwdriver to open the cyborg's wiring panel (concealed inside the power cell cavity) and then re-wiring the damaged circuits. A cyborg that has failed but has not been blown into scrap can be repaired back to working order.

Engineering cyborgs cannot repair dents on themselves, but can on their fellow cyborgs. They cannot repair burn damage though, since they cannot remove power cells to reach the wiring, or unlock their panel.

For more indepth information about Cyborg maintenance, see the Guide to Robotics


Being a Station-bound synthetic can be quite taxing and, as such, there are quite a few shortcuts to assist you with doing things quickly.


  • Ctrl + Click: Toggle power

Turret Controls

  • Ctrl + Click: Enable/Disable turrets.
  • Alt + Click: Toggle Stun/Lethal mode.


  • Shift + Click: Open/close.
  • Ctrl + Click: Toggle bolts.
  • Alt + Click: Toggle electrification.
  • Middle Click: Toggle bolt lights.

Other Verbs

Besides being able to interface with the station's electrical mechanisms, the Station-bound has a number of other verbs that can be used.

AI Instant Messaging

The AI IM tab has all of the verbs needed to mimic the basic functionality of PDA messages. You can send messages to anyone with a working PDA, see a log of messages sent and received, and turn your messenger on or off.

Take, View, and Delete Image

Station-bounds have the ability to take photographs using these verbs and store them for later viewing. An AI's cyborgs share the same photo storage, and any images taken by a linked cyborg will be shared with the AI it is slaved to (if any).

Show Laws and State Laws

  • Show Laws This Verb will allow you to view your active Laws and will allow Cyborgs to see if they are linked to an AI. It is very important to keep an eye on your Laws as any Station-bound, since going against them is against the servers rules.
  • State Laws You may be asked to State Laws, or you may be required to do so during maintenance, this Verb allows you to do so. It will also give you the option of choosing to state over radio, or leaving Laws out of the sequence or even changing which Lawset you will state.

Modules and Tools

Cyborgs come with an array of modules and tools, each Module is loaded with a number of features (referred to also as modules). Each has a flash device, and a built-in crowbar. All items (except for the flashes) will recharge and restock over time using battery power or being in a cyborg recharge station. You can access a built-in Flashlight (Toggle Lights) and a Sensor Augmentation (Medical/Security Hud) through the 'Robot Commands' tab as any Module.


Oldengineering.png Standardengineer.pngBorg Engineer Nonhumanoid.png Landthread.png Borg Engineer Humanoid.png Droneengineer.gif Sleekengineer.png Spiderengineer.png Heavyengineer.png

Engineering cyborgs are usually considered one of the most useful modules. As they do not require air or a space suit, they are able to perform repairs much more easily than human engineers. They cannot repair themselves, but can repair other cyborgs. However, all Stationbound Synthetics lack hands, so they are not able to do certain tasks, and they lack the ability to construct some machines. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Reinforced Glass Sheet
  • Plasteel sheet
  • Wood plank
  • Plastic sheet
  • Wood floor tile synthesizer
  • White floor tile synthesizer
  • Freezer floor tile synthesizer
  • Dark floor tile synthesizer
  • Floor painter
  • Inflatables dispenser
  • Matter decompiler
  • Steel sheet
  • Glass sheet
  • Metal rod synthesizer
  • Cable coil
  • Floor tile synthesizer
  • Multitool
  • T-ray scanner
  • Analyzer
  • Engineering tape
  • Magnetic gripper
  • Sheet loader
  • Light replacer
  • Pipe painter
  • Flash
  • Meson vision
  • Fire extinguisher (Bigger variant, 300u capacity.)
  • Industrial welding tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Crowbar
  • Wirecutters
  • Electrified arm - Like a stun baton (When Emagged)


Oldengineering.png Standardengineer.pngBorg Engineer Nonhumanoid.png Landthread.png Borg Engineer Humanoid.png Droneengineer.gif Sleekengineer.png Spiderengineer.png Heavyengineer.png

A variation on the Engineering module. Focused more on the construction and deconstruction of things. Just like all Stationbound Synthetics, they lack hands, so they too are unable to be completely autonomous. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Cyborg mining drill
  • Steel sheet
  • Metal rod synthesizer
  • Plasteel sheet
  • Reinforced glass sheet
  • Floor tile synthesizer
  • Cable coil
  • Pipe painter
  • Sheet loader
  • Magnetic gripper
  • T-ray scanner
  • Analyser
  • Light replacer
  • Floor painter
  • Inflatables dispenser
  • Flash
  • Meson vision
  • Fire extinguisher (Bigger variant, 300u capacity.)
  • Rapid construction device (Can deconstruct and create walls and flooring, very power heavy.)
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Crowbar
  • Experimental welding tool (Regenerates fuel over time.)
  • Electrified arm - Like a stun baton (When Emagged)


Medbot.png Standardmedical.png Non-Humanoid Humanoid Medicaldroidchemistry.png Medicaldroidsurgery.pngDronechemistry.gif Dronesurgery.gif Sleekchemistry.png Sleeksurgery.png Heavymedic.png

This is one of the two medical modules. It specialises in the Surgery and Chemical aspect of Medical which the Rescue module unit cannot do. Features a plethora of tools to assist you in Surgery and Chemistry. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Advanced reagent scanner
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Autopsy scanner
  • Medical HUD
  • Nanopaste
  • Advanced trauma kit
  • Bone gel
  • Fix-O-Vein
  • Bone setter
  • Circular saw
  • Surgical drill
  • Medical gripper
  • Industrial Dropper
  • Syringe
  • Crowbar
  • Flash
  • Health analyzer
  • Cyborg hypospray (Capable of dispensing; Bicaridine, Kelotane, Inaprovaline, Dexalin, Perconol, Mortaphenyl, Thetamycin.)
  • Scalpel
  • Hemostat
  • Retractor
  • Cautery


Medbot.png Standardmedical.png Non-Humanoid Humanoid Medicaldroid.png Dronemedical.gif Sleekmedic.png Heavymedic.png

The other Medical Module. It specializes in emergency situations, rescuing and stabilizing patients for transport to the medical bay. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Syringe
  • Fire extinguisher (Smaller variant, 150u capacity.)
  • Inflatables dispenser
  • Global positioning system (Works as a normal GPS.)
  • Industrial dropper
  • Ointment
  • Roll of gauze
  • Medical gripper
  • Medical splints
  • Flash
  • Medical hud
  • Health analyser
  • Advanced reagent scanner
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Crowbar
  • Roller bed rack
  • Speed booster
  • Jetpack
  • Cyborg hypospray (Capable of dispensing; Tricordrazine, Inaprovaline, Dexalin, Mortaphenyl, Adrenaline.)


Borg Miner.png Standardminer.png Mining Droid.png Mining Hulk.png Droneminer.gif Sleekminer.png Spiderminer.png Heavyminer.png

Mining cyborgs are quite convenient, because they need no oxygen while mining. However, they are not equipped with a Jetpack, and will have to be upgraded by a Machinist to traverse Z-levels. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Drill maintenance gripper
  • Ore detector
  • Global positioning system (Works as a normal GPS.)
  • Crowbar
  • Flash
  • Material scanner vision
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Mining satchel
  • Cyborg mining drill
  • Sheet snatcher 9000 (Holds stacks of materials for loading machines)
  • Electrified arm - Like a stun baton (When Emagged)


Janbot.png Standardjanitor.png Non-Humanoid Humanoid Mechaduster.gif Dronejanitor.gif Sleekjanitor.png

About as useful as a regular Janitor. Cyborgs with the Custodial module automatically clean the floor when they pass over a tile. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Crowbar
  • Flash
  • Soap
  • Trash bag
  • Mop
  • Advanced light replacer (Automatically stores broken light-tubes, click a Disposal outlet to deposit.)
  • Bucket
  • Matter decompiler
  • Lube spray - Causes people to trip (When Emagged)


Waitress Butler Standardservice.png Bro Kent Borghydro.png Rich Borgbotany.png Droneservice.gif Dronehydro.gif Sleekservice.png Heavyservice.png

A fairly useful module, it is capable of working in the Kitchen, Bar, and Hydroponics. Comes loaded with the following:

  • RoboTray
  • Cyborg drink synthesizer (Dispenses; Beer, Kahlua, Whiskey, Wine, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vermouth, Cognac, Ale, Mead, Water, Sugar, Ice, Tea, Iced Tea, Space Cola, Mountain Wind, Dr. Gibb, Space-Up, Tonic water, Soda Water, Lemon Lime, Orange juice, Lime Juice, Watermelon Juice.)
  • Auto harvester
  • Wood rolling pin
  • Steel kitchen knife
  • Soap
  • Dry rag
  • Rapid-Service-Fabricator (Capable of producing; Drinking Glasses, Paper, Pens, Dice Packs, Cigarettes. Only works on flat surfaces.)
  • Industrial Dropper
  • Zippo lighter
  • Crowbar
  • Flash
  • Service gripper
  • Bucket
  • Steel mini hoe
  • Steel hatchet
  • Plant analyser
  • Plant bag
  • Mickey Finn's Special Brew - Poisonous (When Emagged)


Waitress Butler Standardservice.png Bro Kent Borghydro.png Rich Borgbotany.png Droneservice.gif Dronehydro.gif Sleekservice.png Heavyservice.png

A very rarely used module. Specializes for the lazy captain too lazy to do paperwork. Comes loaded with the following:

  • Crowbar
  • Flash
  • Printing Pen (Allows you to select your pen color and choose between renaming or writing on paper.)
  • Paper dispenser
  • Paperwork gripper (Also grips stamps)
  • Hand labeler
  • Tape Roll
  • Denied Stamp
  • Chameleon Stamp (When Emagged)


Standardjanitor.png Droidscience.png Dronescience.gif Sleekscience.png Heavyscience.png

A powerful and useful module that can do a reasonable array of tasks in the science department. It can be used for R&D, xenobiology, and most aspects of robotics (no exosuit construction) Comes loaded with the following:

  • Fire extinguisher (Bigger variant, 300u capacity.)
  • Plant bag
  • Printing Pen (Lets you select your pen color and choose between renaming or writing.)
  • Nanopaste
  • Crowbar
  • Scalpel
  • Circular saw
  • Fire extinguisher (Smaller variant, 150u capacity.)
  • Syringe
  • Chemistry gripper (Can hold beakers, pills, pillbottles, phoron crystals and a labeller)
  • Industrial Dropper
  • Advanced reagent scanner
  • Flash
  • Portable Destructive Analyser (breaks things down for research levels)
  • Sheet loader (Holds stacks of materials for loading machines)
  • Cyborg analyser (like a health analyser for synthetics)
  • Access code transmission device (Unlocks chassis' of cyborgs, including yourself. Can be used to open and then reset yourself)
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand teleporter (When Emagged)




  • NULL


Syndieborg.png Syndietrack.png Syndiemedbot.gif Heavysyndie.png Syndiespider.png

A highly illegal and advanced Syndicate Cyborg. This Module is only available to highly funded elements and for purchase through the black market. It is very lethal and equipped with a powerful arsenal of anti-personnel weaponry. while not as mobile as the Combat Module, it has more than enough tools to cause some serious damage.

  • Flash
  • Thermal vision
  • Energy sword
  • Mounted SMG
  • Net gun
  • Grenade launcher
  • Crowbar
  • Cryptographic sequencer
  • Jetpack


Cyborgs that have had their programming tampered with can be repaired by resetting their AI connection and LawSync status, by manually pulsing the wiring. In the unlikely event that an AI goes crazy, a trained Machinist or other technician should be able to sever the connection to the AI entirely by cutting the correct wire.

There are three lights in the cyborg with three corresponding wires:

  • LawSync: If this light is on, it means that any laws uploaded to the AI are also uploaded to the cyborg. The cyborg cannot be given different laws to the AI as long as this is on. This light will turn off if the AI Link light is off, regardless of wire status.
    • Pulsing does nothing.
    • Cutting will do nothing, as long as the AI link light is on. If the AI link light is off, cutting and then turning the AI link back on will cause the cyborg to be slaved to an AI, but not synced with it's laws.
    • Mending this wire will turn the LawSync light back on as long as the AI link light is also on. The cyborg will then resume syncing with the AI's laws. If the AI link light is off, mending this will turn the light on, only for it to turn off again.
  • AI Link: If this light is on, it shows that the Cyborg is slaved to an AI and must follow that AI's orders.
    • Pulsing this wire allows you to pick an AI for the cyborg to be slaved to if there are multiple AIs. If there is only one AI, pulsing this will simply turn it on and slave the cyborg to it, if it is off.
    • Cutting this wire will cause the Cyborg to be unslaved from the AI and bound only by it's laws. This also turns off LawSync, as the cyborg has no AI to sync to.
    • Mending this wire does nothing. You need to pulse it to reconnect it to an AI.

An emagged cyborg will have no LawSync or AI link and cannot be reset. They will also be immune to Lockdown and being detonated.

Remember, cyborgs are very expensive! Do not destroy them unless the cyborg is completely out of control, and resetting the AI and LawSync status doesn't work.

Resetting Modules

Cyborg modules can be reset by opening up the cyborg, and inserting the module reset upgrade.

  1. Robotics reset module circuit.png Build a module reset board from the robotics Exosuit Fabricator.
  2. Use ID on Cyborg to unlock panel.
  3. Crowbar open the Cyborg's panel.
  4. Shove that module reset board into the Cyborg.
  5. Crowbar the panel closed and ID lock it.

Other Notes on Cyborgs

  • You cannot take toxic or suffocation damage. The only sources of damage that can harm you are Burn and Brute.
  • Expect to regularly be thrust into hazardous situations thanks to your enhanced durability and ability to operate in a vacuum.
  • You cannot be disarmed or relieved of your inbuilt equipment. You can only be stunned by a flash or EMP, which overload your optical sensors.
  • You are immune to most (if not all) maladies such as disease and radiation poisoning.
  • You must follow the AI's laws.
  • You cannot pick up, use, or equip external items.
  • You can be locked down or blown up using the Robotics Control Computer in the Research Director's Office.
  • You are considered directly subordinate to the AI if an AI is present and functional.
  • Like the AI, you can remotely interact with certain objects. You must be within sight range of a device to manipulate it. For example, you cannot call for a shuttle or set messages without line of sight to a Communications Console.
  • Like the AI, you can remotely view alarm statuses. Use this to your advantage.
  • You can use the same hotkeys as the AI to interact with airlocks, APCs, etc.
  • Unlike the AI, you cannot use security cameras for remote viewing.
  • You are basically an AI on legs, without the security camera abilities. When there's no AI in the round, this can be useful.
  • Cyborgs have all-access and more, as well as remote door interaction.
  • You will need to recharge using the Cyborg Recharging Stations or the Dormitories.
  • When your power reaches around 100 units remaining, your modules will automatically shut down, presumably to preserve power.
  • You are very tough, and as fast as, if not faster, than most of your human compatriots.
  • Keep the crew updated on your location and power if you are running low and may not make it to the recharger in time.
  • Cyborgs may not know what emotions, or feelings are, but that doesn't give the player the right to go Rambo. If a group of people take several people hostage, the Cyborg doesn't have the right to rush in with a stun baton and beat the Hostage takers.
  • Cyborgs have access to all station information. This including contingency plans and First Contact Protocols(FCP). Do not share this information to standard crew members.
  • If your flash breaks due to overuse, it can be repaired by recharging.
  • You can resist from chairs or other buckles through typing 'Resist' in chat.
  • A Cyborg gets distorted speech when highly damaged.

Cyborgs and Hacking

Cyborgs are vulnerable to certain external software that operatives are equipped with, and may have illegal programs uploaded to them by such interactions. This type of re-programing is also present in illegally compromised AIs, and may extend into related cyborgs via law sync protocols. Certain cyborgs could also have been hacked personally by infiltrating agents.

To emag a cyborg, follow these steps:

  1. Use and Emag or ID to unlock the cover.
  2. Crowbar open the cover.
  3. Use Emag again.

This will turn control of the cyborg over to the person who emagged it and disconnect it from the AI and Cyborg Upload Console.

Note: Many people fail to emag cyborgs for a number of reasons.

  • Emags have a limited amount of charges, around 3-4 sometimes 5.
  • People usually emag without unlocking the cover, this uses 1 charge and only unlocks the panel, rather than emagging the cyborg.
  • Any more attempts to use the emag at this stage results in a message of *The cover is already unlocked.* and another charge is used on the emag. This may be done until all charges are used.
  • If people unlock the panel with their ID first, but do not open the cover, and then try to use their emag, each attempt wastes another emag charge and displays *The cover is already unlocked.*.
  • When the panel is opened, using an emag on the cyborg will sometimes display 'You fail to lock Cyborg-X's interface.' and will waste another emag charge.
  • Occasionally, the emag will fail, even with the panel open, and the cyborg will recieve a message of 'Hack attempted'.
  • The Cyborg will be immune to normal solutions such as Detonating and Locking them down.

Therefore, in most cases, people use up all their emag charges before actually being able to emag the cyborg. Be careful!

Whatever the case, the cyborg is now corrupted, and all safety measures are released, with the exception of the robotics control. Do not mistake personality quirks for malfunctioning behavior, cyborgs are very expensive to rebuild and you may be demoted or fired for destroying them without a valid reason.

Keep in mind, Cyborgs are expected to operate with a certain degree of autonomy, please double check before detonating any Station Cyborgs acting suspiciously by doing routine maintenance on their electrical systems. Also keep in mind that their laws may have in the same process as an AI by simply using the cyborg upload located within the AI upload.

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