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Access: Chaplain's Office
Qualifications: None, though a degree in Theological Studies would help.
Relevant Education: Nal'tor College of Career Excellence
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Hold services and funerals, cremate people, counsel the crew.
Guides: No external guides.

Also known as the Counselor, Presbyter, Rabbi, Imam, Priest, or Shaman the Chaplain's role is to provide psychological support to the crew who need it.

It is suggested that you use the radio to call people to the Holodeck when you are performing services, or to offer counseling in your office.


Each chaplain is free to invent the details of their rituals. However, it is best to keep it reasonable.

  • Funerals: You have a crematorium, for cremating those who have it designated in their records. Remember to strip a body before doing so. Some employees appreciate wakes being held for friends and loved ones. See below.
  • Psychological care: This includes counseling, pharmaceutical remedies (consult the chemist), and confessions. You can press the "window tint control" button to darken your windows, and ensure that no one outside of your office can hear any confessions. Most crew members rarely if ever submit to psychological care of their own initiative; offer to help when someone looks troubled. Prisoners are most often in need of attention. You are also responsible for providing emotional and psychological care for recently cloned, and are expected to provide counseling as they adjust to the reality of their new body.
  • Church Services: Give sermons and sing hymns. Feel free to make these up, just try to keep it relatively sane. Though you do not have a designated chapel, the holodeck can become one if needed.


If you decide to go the religious route, ensure your religion would be reasonably expected to be permitted on Nanotrasen stations. They are required to provide a multi-religious service, which means representation of many, many religions.

However you are free to propagate any present day religions you know of, or even invent one of your own! Just make sure it doesn't go against NanoTrasen and its values, and is not unrealistic, or you may well end up in the brig.

Contacting the Gods

The Pray command is like an adminhelp, but is IC, and should be worded deferentially (e.g. "Oh God, please grant your humble servant...). It is advised that you only pray later in the round; the gods have a habit of ignoring early prayers.

Prayers are more likely to be answered if they are somehow thematically appropriate: wishing for an RCD for no apparent reason is unlikely to be fulfilled, but praying for, say, a divine mission or the tools to complete such are more amusing to the gods.

You have candles and crayons in your locker. Candles can be set anywhere and lit (they eventually burn down). Crayons can be used to draw runes, graffiti, and letters, for any rituals or religious practices.

Do not expect any prayers to be answered. Gods are fickle beings. Nobody knows what they are going to do next in their great designs.


Your Book

You begin the shift selecting your god, religion name, and holy book appearance. It can also hold a small number of items in it.

Your book can be used to create more holy water, by using it on a container with water in it.

Holy Water

Holy Water can be used to convert a tile into holy ground when splashed on it. Holy ground cannot be crossed by the incorporeal (ghosts, vamps and wraiths using incorporeal move, wizard using jaunt.)

Holy water will calm a vampire, deconvert a cultist, and set skeletons and liches on fire.

However, Holy water is a different reagent than water, and therefore will not water plants, put out fires, kill slimes, or anything else specific to water.

Null Item Box

Using the Null Item Box will allow you to choose from three null items. The differences between them are their appearance, and what slots they fit in.

  • Null Rod: A basic, obsidian rod. Fits in your pocket.
  • Null Athame: A wavy dagger. Fits in your pocket.
  • Null Staff: A long staff. Can be worn on your back.

A Null Item can be used to remove cultist runes or temporarily silence a wizard. They also have a chance, when used on a cultist, to hit them, do nothing, or deconvert them. They also make for semi-decent melee weapons, doing 15 brute.


The Chaplain's office can be hidden from everyone but the AI with a single button press, and contains a crematorium for disposing of bodies. You have a null item, which can be a portable, and dangerous weapon.

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