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Access: Library Private Study
Qualifications: None, though an applicable degree (Bachelors or above) would help.
Relevant Education: Nal'tor College of Career Excellence
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Read and write books. Stock the Library. Write short stories for the Crew with the Newscaster.
Guides: Guide to Paperwork, Guide to Communication Devices.

the Librarian spends most of his or her time in the Library printing out books, lending them out, reporting on station events, and interviewing people for their story. In practice, no one uses the library. Feel free to go and explore the station without fear of being yelled at. The External Archive goes across shifts, and books uploaded to it will be there in future shifts.


You will be giving out books, on the rare occasion that someone requests a book, and ensuring the library is stocked with a variety of books. You will also be replacing the Chaplain's Bibles if need be. While it's not your job, you can also use the Newscaster to write short stories. You will also be expected to upload people's novels to the archive, and may even write one yourself.

Your Tools

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner will be needed for checking books into the Check-In/Out Computer. It must be synced with the computer first, simply use it on the computer to do so. It has 4 modes, that are as follows:

  • Mode 0: Scan book to local buffer.
  • Mode 1: Scan book to local buffer and set associated computer buffer to match.
  • Mode 2: Scan book to local buffer, attempt to check in scanned book.
  • Mode 3: Scan book to local buffer, attempt to add book to general inventory.

Book Bag

Can be used to carry 7 books for convenience. Simply click on a tile with books on it, and your Book Bag will scoop up 7 of them. Makes stocking the library much easier.

Check-In/Out Computer

The Check-In/Out Computer will be your main method of doing most of your job. It has 6 options, some of which will open a new menu with options of its own.

  • 1. View General Inventory: Will open a list of all the books you have registered to the library's inventory.
  • 2. View Checked Out Inventory: Will open a list of all the books that have been checked out on the Check-In/Out Computer.
  • 3. Check out a Book: Will allow you to set a book as checked out, by enterring the title of the book, recipient of it, and total time that it will be checked out for before being late.
  • 4. Connect to External Archive: Will open a list of every book submitted to the External Archive. Use the CTRL+F shortcut to more easily find what you're looking for, or enter a specific number to print the book that is registered to that number.
  • 5. Upload New Title to Archive: Will allow you to add a new book to the External Archive. Write your book on a single piece of paper, then insert it into the Book Binder. After some time, a new book containing what you wrote on the paper will be created. Using a pen on the book, you can add to the contents, edit the title, or edit the author. Now, insert it into the scanner next to the Check-In/Out Computer, and click the "scan" option on the interface. Then, select the "5. Upload New Title to Archive" option on the Check-In/Out Computer, and set the author and genre of your book, then click the Upload to add it to the External Archive. This should not be abused, and while it doesn't need to be a masterpiece, duplicates of books, or overall low quality books should not be submitted.
  • 6. Print a Bible: Will print a new bible for the Chaplain, or anyone else who may want a bible.

Stocking the Library

First things first, stock your Library with books. At the beginning of a shift, the bookshelves will be bare. To fix this, use the Library's Check In/Out Computer and use its function, "4. Connect to External Archive". Here is where you can find books to stock the library with, or upon request to. They are sorted alphabetically by author name. You can use the CTRL+F shortcut to search for words, or enter a number into the "(Order book by SS13BN)" option to print a specific one. Books come in 5 genres. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference, Religion, and Adult.

Creating and Submitting to a News Feed

You can create a News Feed to submit stories to. Simply open up the interface of a news caster, and click the "Create Feed Channel" option. You will be able to set the channel name, and whether or not anyone, or only you can submit stories to it. Then, select the "Submit new Feed story" option to submit a story to a channel. You will be able to choose which channel the story will be on, either yours, or anyone else's that allows public submissions. You can then enter the actual text of the story itself under the "Message Body" option, and even attach a photograph from a camera to include in your story. You can the use the "Print Newspaper" option, and then the "Print paper" option to print a physical copy of all of the news feeds and stories submitted to them, to distribute.

You could also broadcast stories over the radio, however it is best not to do so over common, and instead use the "Entertainment" channel, 146.1. It is fine to advertise this over common, however don't advertise too much, or it would be just as bad as if you were broadcasting over the common channel itself. Though this isn't your job, this can still be used to entertain the Crew.


You have a backroom which can be hidden from everyone but the AI by simply closing the shutter, and you can often rely on the fact the library is not often frequented to attempt otherwise easily seen actions within it. In addition, Emagging the Check-In/Out Computer causes it to spit out an Arcane Tome. While you will not be able to use it unless a cultist, it could be used to misdirect security.

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