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Access: Bar
Qualifications: At least 18 years of age.
Employers: Idris Incorporated, Nanotrasen Corporation.
Supervisors: Executive Officer
Duties: Mix drinks, and serve them.
Guides: Guide to Drinks

As a Bartender, it's your job to supply the crew with drinks, alcoholic and otherwise. However, you are expected to regulate the amount your patrons drink, and cut them off if they're too drunk/becoming too rowdy.

Preparing the Bar

You can set the barsign to your preference by swiping your ID on it. It is also recommended that you set up the EFTPOS if you would like to charge people for their drinks. Additionally, you can pre-prepare drinks, and put them in the Drink Showcase, or on the bar, to entice people to try them.


  • Shotgun: Found on the gun rack behind the booze dispenser. This is for breaking up bar fights and self defense. Taking outside the bar area is a criminal offence, so leave it within the bar. If you feel uncomfortable leaving it where anyone who hops the bar can grab it, close the shutters with the Bar shutters button.
  • Shaker: Can fit 120 units. Useful for mixing recipes which are difficult to do in smaller amounts.
  • Zippo: Useful for lighting other people's cigars and cigarettes. Have them put their cigar/cigarette in their mouth, then light the lighter, target mouth, and click on them in help intent to light their cigar/cigarette.
  • Screwdriver: Used to remove cartridges from the booze and soft drink dispensers.
  • Formal closet: Containing 2 formal uniforms like the one you spawn with, 2 pairs of black shoes and 2 top hats. There is an additional top-hat on the table next to the Booze-O-Mat.
  • Booze-O-Mat: Dispenses bottles of different drinks/fluids, glasses, and other bar-related items. If it runs out of bottles, ask the Janitor for a booze resupply canister.
  • All-In-One Grinder: Used to grind fruits, vegetables, and other items you obtain in order to get more fluids for your drinks. If the item you grind produces more than one reagent, you could ask the chef to use his CondiMaster Neo to sort them into multiple condiment bottles.
  • Booze dispenser, and soft drink dispenser: This is what you will usually use to make and serve the various requested drinks and cocktails.
  • EFTPOS Scanner: Used to charge people for drinks. Not needed, should you decide not to charge for drinks
  • Drink Showcase: A freezer to put extra cocktails in so they don't litter the bar counter.
  • Booze closet, beer keg, and a box of beanbag shells: Found in your back room, the Booze closet contains space beers, while the box of beanbag shells contains more non-lethal ammunition for your shotgun. The beer keg is next to the Booze-O-Mat.
  • Pun Pun: A monkey. Can hold items if you put them in his hand.

Serving Drinks

Main Article: Guide to Drinks

You are expected to serve drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, plain and mixed, to the various people of the ship. However, you always have the right to cut someone off if you feel it is best, such as when they are vomiting and passing out from alcohol, or are beginning to act violent. Some cocktails will require special ingredients, which can often be obtained from the chef, or gardener.

The minimum drinking age throughout Biesel is 17 so theoretically every employee should be old enough to serve, feel free to check though.


You have a backroom which is hidden from everyone but the AI, and a gun with non-lethal rounds. You can also poison the drinks of anyone who comes to your bar, but there is a chance they may taste it and call you out.

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