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Security, Brig Timers, Maintenance

Head of Security
Head of Security
Access: All of medbay, All of security, All of research and development, Brig Timers, Bridge, Teleporter, Hydroponics, Atmospherics, Janitor's closet, Kitchen, Bar, Maintenance
Qualifications: At least 30 years of age, 10 years experience in security-related field and a relevant Bachelors or Masters degree.
Relevant Education: Apex & Ft Sunder Joint Military Academies - New Seoul Combat Training Centre - Kaltir Law Academy
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Coordinate security, maintain order.
Guides: Guide to Security, Corporate Regulations, Chain of Command

The Head of Security is in charge of the Security forces on the station. They command the Warden, Detective, and Security Officers and make sure that they don't ruin everything.

Job Description

Your job isn't to hunt people down, unless it's an urgent matter in one of the many places your normal security officers can't get into, so you can usually just sit in your office and let the securitrons and officers do it for you. You have more access to the station than anyone else in security, but less than the other heads. Try not to depend on it.

You are concerned with the following people:

  • Security Officers: These are your pawns, and it's your job to control them. If they're being incompetent resource wasters, yell at them and get them to fall in line. If they continue, tell them to stop or have them demoted. A security officer that does not do his job properly shouldn't even have this job in the first place.
  • The Warden: This is a special security officer who acts as the Brig's watchdog. Make sure he doesn't set and/or support unfair and bad brig times, that he doesn't leave the Brig, and he won't bother you. He also hands out equipment in emergencies, and will take over if you happen to be unavailable.
  • The Detective: The job of the detective is to investigate crimes, conjointly with the Forensic Technician. They specialize in interrogating suspects and witnesses, and pursuing leads. They are firmly under your command, regardless of what they may say.
  • The Forensic Technician: The job of the Forensic Technician is to investigate crimes, conjointly with the Detective. They specialize in analyzing evidence procured at a crime scene, and dispose of their own lab to do so.
  • Station Command: Should security or anyone else be acting out of their job description Station Command can be called in. They conduct their own investigations to determine whether someone has overstepped their power or authority. You have no direct authority over them.


Officers, Roll Out

The first step towards keeping the station safe is to ensure that your own officers aren't a threat. Security enforces the law, but they are not above it - and neither are you. Make sure that all of your personnel are familiar with the regulations regarding Corporate Regulations, and standard Security practices.

Once your force is up to speed on the rules and regulations, send them out on patrol. Pay attention to all the radio channels for any calls for help. If there are any, dispatch some officers to handle it, and make sure that the Detective collects any relevant evidence. Make sure that the Warden keeps the Security records up-to-date, not in the least because Beepsky can help your officers catch criminals who would otherwise evade them.

Laying Down the Law

Check to make sure that appropriate times are given out for violations of Corporate Regulations, and that your department only arrest people who have actually committed crimes. Remember, if they're doing something that you don't like but is technically not against the law, you can issue an official injunction - preferably in a official sounding language, written, and stamped with your Head of Security stamp - against it. Expect abuse of this power to be called out, however.

If one of your officers misbehave, yell at them, or in more serious cases, show them the inside of a cell. Keep them busy by sending them on patrols, leads, and follow-ups. An unoccupied officer is often a bad officer.

El Capitan

It is also important that you understand the relationship between Security and the Captain. The Captain's authority on the station is absolute, except where it conflicts with Corporate Regulations; the Captain cannot pardon criminals, cannot get away with committing crimes, and so on. The only time that Corporate Regulations can be overridden is when there is an imminent and overwhelming threat to the station. Other Heads of Staff are required to follow Corporate Regulations as well. However, this does not mean that you are the law. You are still outranked by the Captain. You can only arrest the Captain, or other Heads of Staff, if they've actually committed a crime. Until that time, you have to follow orders just like anyone else.

Finally, always remember to follow standard security procedures!


Your office is in the Brig. It holds various security equipment for use in apprehending and detaining criminals. Your office also has both a security records computer and a security camera potato which you can use to monitor the station from the comfort of your desk chair.


The holding area for prisoners. Only people with access to security can enter. It's still possible for normal crewmembers to view the cells through the windows behind them. As the windows are electrified, though, they're not a valid means of entry unless the person happens to have insulated gloves.

The brig also has blast doors in all of the windows, as well as the halls into the cells. There's a button to drop them in the warden's office and your office.

Prisoners may try to flee, so do something about the doors (portable flasher), or handcuff them to the bed as you investigate their items (make sure to then release from the bed and cuffs if they aren't dangerous). And, SET A TIME TO THE TIMER (the door won't lock unless you do this). Make sure to keep the time to the crime.

In the event that a prisoner has been deemed too dangerous to release, they can be kept in one of the secure holding cells.

Links to Other Departments

As Head of Security, you coordinate your actions with the captain, the other heads of staff, and your officers. You will often work with Medical, when a crime results in injury, when a prisoner is hurt, or when a patient is violent. When a criminal damages station infrastructure, you will work with Engineering to determine what happened and whether it's safe for your officers to investigate. Supply and Research can get you high-powered weapons if you need them. And do try to keep the janitor from thoughtlessly cleaning up the evidence.


Head of Security would theoretically be one of the easiest traitor jobs on station. You are the most heavily armed and armoured person on station, with about as much access as the Head of Personnel, and have the entire security department under your thumb. You are also seen as one of the most trustworthy people on the station. However, don't count on ever becoming a traitor by normal means, as you are Mindshield Implanted. But there can be situational exceptions to this rule, but it's unlikely it'll ever happen.

Even the Head of Security is not above the law and it can be very easy to be ousted as a traitorous element if the antagonist Head of Security isn't treading carefully.

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