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Your Job is the occupation the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate has assigned you on-board the exploration ship SCCV Horizon. It defines your duties, your access, and the equipment you spawn with.

Before starting out, it is best you read the Corporate Regulations to understand what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace. You may also encounter alien species in your workplace; corporate equal rights laws decrees you should cooperate with them as you would any human. Besides, you attended your sensitivity onboarding, right?

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The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: The Stellar Corporate Conglomerate (SCC).

Job Role Difficulty
Put your command whitelist to use and try out Captain. Stare in regret as everything quickly falls apart all around you. Offer to work as a partial interim head of staff for departments without a head. End up being busy with ERP more important matters instead. Get your spare ID stolen by an engineer within minutes. Wonder why there's suddenly torches and pitchforks in front of your door. Very Hard
Executive Officer
Make your presence known and state that you are available to change access on peoples' IDs. Deny 80% of the requests because they're clearly not trained to do what they want access to and they never bothered writing employment records to back themselves up anyway. Run around the vessel keeping track of everything for the Captain. End up butting heads with other heads of staff over their leadership ability. Call people into your office for employee evaluations. Hard
Operations Manager
Order crates full of powerful equipment that you can't open anyway because of ID locks. Whip your Hangar Technicians into shape. Listen to prospectors shriek over the radio when they fall down a hole. Open the door for Paramedics more times than you can be bothered to count. Charge people for more than you ordered the crates for. Smack requests with your stamp. Smack manifests with your stamp. Smack your slaves with your stamp. Print out lengthy paperwork that no one will fill out. Hard
Head of Security
Get your officers situated and ready to protect company assets. Watch them all attempt to become anything more than a mall cop. Give up and do the same. Over-exaggerate petty crimes. Declare suspects committing battery in self defense HUT. Tell criminals that crime doesn't pay. Attempt to clear space bats out of the armory. Die. Pet your dog. Make sure no Antag gimmicks get off the ground. Very Hard
Chief Engineer
Promote safety and wearing PPEs. Contradict yourself by not wearing any of that ever. Wear your fancy hardsuit around instead! Leap everywhere around with it until the battery runs out, the time you need it most. Wonder why the engine tech decided using N2 was ever a good idea. Watch the atmos tech's face melt after accidentally locking themselves in the thruster burn chamber. Watch an apprentice get stuck trying to build window panes. Forget your robot fish pet exists. Hard
Research Director
Sit around Dream about sitting in your office all day. Get stuck doing RnD because no one else wants to. Act surprised when someone who knows what they're doing attempts telescience. Don't be surprised in the slightest when the Xenobiologist gets digested by slimes. Watch Paramedics try and fail to rescue them. Observe the Xenobotanist get blasted in the face with K'ois. Watch Paramedics try and fail, again, to rescue them. Listen as your Xenoarcheologist falls down a hole. Contemplate firing all xenostudy staff without a second thought as a result just because. Wonder why there's a big hole in the server room instead of toxins. Hard
Chief Medical Officer
Try to give a quick briefing to your subordinates round-start. Get ignored as they all explode out of the briefing room as quickly as possible. Make sure Chemists aren't getting high. Walk in on the EMT attempting Surgery on the Psychologist. End up being the only competent medical professional. Desperately try not to metagame against lings suddenly resurrecting with full health out of no where. Suffer. Hard

Command Support

The corporations allowed in this department are: all of them, as well as non-corporate government employees.

Job Role Difficulty
Bridge Crewman
Help Command man the bridge, fail to see the space rock slowly approaching the window. Try to avoid needing to activate the phaser rays. Realize you forgot how to activate the phaser rays. Hard to Very Hard
Corporate Liaison
Represent your faction to the BEST of your abilities! Struggle to connect with the crew. Fail to convince anyone of how it's actually moral and cool to de-brain people and turn them into robots. Become disgusted with how things are run. Medium
Consular Officer
Represent a nation in the Spur! Get into slapfights with members of your geopolitical rival. Run propaganda campaigns on your country. Be a target for political violence. Medium
Human Resources Assistant
Interview incident report participants for your CCIA masters. This role is exclusive to server CCIA staff, and not playable for normal players; by extension, it also doesn't need a guide or page of its own. Easy


The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: PMCG, Idris Incorporated, Zavodskoi Interstellar.

Job Role Difficulty
Security Officer
Run around the vessel with your baton out so that you can get disarmed and beaten with it. Wear silly looking glasses. Go on painfully long chases through maintenance and never catch anyone because wow you're out of shape. Eat donuts. Get criminals bumped out of your hands. Accidentally leave prisoners cuffed in their cell. Watch someone guilty of petty theft get sacrificed on a weird altar in the brig. Jump up and down outside the armory when literally anything that comes close to being a concern for security is mentioned over the radio. Fight a losing battle against xenobiology slimes. Hard
Be in charge of the Gulag brig. Act like you run the place. Get shouted at by your boss. Spin around in your chair. End up working as a dispatcher, you probably don't have much else to do. Make a funny bingo card to see how predictable perps can get. Stare at the camera console for so long that you don't even notice the hulking guy in red looting the armory. Take your sweet time opening the armory, especially when there's an actual reason to get it open. Keep an eye on those low level crime prisoners, they're the slippery ones. Hard
Shove everyone out of the way to collect contaminated concrete evidence about a crime. Watch Paramedics plow through security tape and steal bodies, all while smearing their dirty hands over all of the evidence. Toss bodies onto the autopsy table and watch them reanimate. Tear your hair out when all of the evidence points towards grey jumpsuit fibers, insulated gloves, and death by toolbox. Discover the scene of an industrial accident and declare it a murder. Refuse to put smaller investigations aside for the case about the Captain's murder. Hard
Security Cadet
Become the most exemplary member of security. Get shoved by admins. Easy to Medium


The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: Hephaestus Industries, Zavodskoi Interstellar.

Job Role Difficulty
Rush for those insulated gloves. Tool the heck up and get ready for literally any disaster. Get bwoinked because you picked the electrician title and you're trying to fix a breach. Argue over what setup to use for the engine. End up defaulting to phoron hydrogen. Setup solars and fall down a hole in the process. End up rescuing more people than the people that are supposed to be good at that. Slap your multitool against wires to find out why the chapel doesn't have any power. Please don't setup the Tesla. Watch it escape because you forgot to secure a grounding rod. Poke wires until vending machines stop being evil. Medium
Atmospheric Technician
Be better than engineers. Get bwoinked because you wanted to prove it. Clobber assistants frustrating pipe networks with your pipe wrench. Attempt to optimize atmospherics. End up piping phoron into distribution as a result. Get complaints about how you're not doing your job. Ignore them because they're obviously still breathing! Fight with the AI about whether vented rooms should have their alarms set to Filtering or Fill. Always set to Filtering. Bask in fires with your sick voidsuit capable of withstanding 30,000K. Ironically forget internals and breathe super heated air. Medium
Engineering Apprentice
Have no idea what you're doing. Start following an engineer that looks like they know what they're doing only to be nudged away for being clingy. Wonder why the foyer is such a ghost town. Accidentally wander into the engine room and get bullied by the ensuing hallucinations. Help fight fires by making them worse. Attempt to help out in an engineering crisis only to get lost on the way. Get bwoinked by admins for being left unsupervised. Easy


The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: Hephaestus Industries, Orion Express.

Job Role Difficulty
Hangar Technician
Listen to your boss. Get paid for less than the effort it takes to haul crates around the vessel. Rummage around in the warehouse and find cool stuff. Get complaints when you mail crates and it shoots backed up trash out with it. Mail yourself. Shift the tug into maximum overdrive. Easy
Shaft Miner
Get geared up to mine a motherlode. Fall down a hole. Slay every single rock in sight. Fall down a hole. Battle terrible space creatures with only one goal in mind: destroy all prospectors testing the bounties of the sector. Fall down a hole. Get progressively better gear and loot to enhance your efforts. Fall down a hole. Scream on the way down. Easy to Medium
Be a mix of Research, Engineering, and Medical. Fix stationbounds. Fix synthetic crew. Fix humans(?). Attempt to smash brains into MMIs. Fail because they're often too big. Shave a bit of the excess off. Build mechs. Build dangerous mechs. Load the dangerous mechs up with dangerous equipment. Build little bots. Never bother configuring them. Become the reason for unemployment. Become what is essentially the human ambassador for stationbounds. Easy


The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: NanoTrasen Corporation, Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, PMCG.

Job Role Difficulty
Be a more Experienced™ Doctor™ than typical Physicians (probably™). Ditch the nitrous and turn people's brains off with TECHNOLOGY instead. Maybe also turn their brain off via decapitation. Open people up and poke their squishy organs. Maybe also remove stuff that might harmfully squish the patient's organs without their consent. Or put random stuff in there, why not. Slap green advanced bandaids on a liver belonging to an alcoholic and declare them discharged. Get so involved in your work that you end up ignoring the patient's pleas to turn on the anesthetic and get suspended for malpractice. Hard
Be the most medical of doctors. Shove pills down people's throats and inject medicine wordlessly whenever there's literally any form of injury. Get an IR as a result. Accidentally spill a beaker of cryoxadone when you attempt to put it into a tube. Stare at sensors all day. Turn off the speaker on medibots. Forget what "Triage" means. Set cryo to zero Never set cryo to zero. Leave people in stasis bags while you ERP talk with the Psychologist. Medium
First Responder
Be the bottom rung of all medical experience. Stuff every single available inventory slot with something. Nag crew about suit sensors. Rush out the door at the first sign of injury which simply turned out to be someone running out of breath from running. Return to your closet and discover loads of other injuries on sensors. Sigh whenever someone screams for help but never provides their location. Sigh yet again when a miner falls down a hole not even seven minutes into the round. Cry when they don't have Tracking sensors or a GPS. Burn through body bags faster than stasis bags. Get lost in maintenance. Hard
Become a stereotypical chaise lounge psychologist. Scroll through medical records to find people in need of a psychiatric appointment. Don't act surprised when you find no records to begin with because everyone's too lazy to write them. Offer your services over the radio. Get ignored. Get requested to security to evaluate a criminal. Watch them cryo before you even get a word out. Prescribe Minaphobin. Get told it does nothing, prescribe Neurapan, they can't complain about their prescription if they're high as balls. Realize that you can't legally prescribe anything as a psychologist; only psychiatrists can do that. Medium
Push buttons on a machine. Explode. Stock the fridge with a ton of medicine that may or may not actually be used. Make a better cryo mix. Be about as rare as a unicorn. Laugh when people come in with prescriptions for 15u Oxycomorphine pills. Grump when the CMO backs them up for some reason. Watch body bags pile up across from your workplace. Get a request for Nerospectan and genuinely wonder if the patient will actually survive anything the Psychiatrist puts them through. Medium
Medical Intern
Learn medical from people that hopefully know what they're doing. You may or may not be a doctor? Should probably figure that out first. Do everything under supervision or get bwoinked. End up being one of the brighter characters in the whole department on account of the fact that you're actually willing to learn instead of being a stubborn butthead. Get stomped by admins just because. Easy to Medium


The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: NanoTrasen Corporation, Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals,

Job Role Difficulty
Put ethics to the test and completely forget what the word in question even means. Shove expensive and important looking items into a laser machine and call it research. Never sync your data. Mix gas. Ensure that Toxins is never not on fire. Build a turing-complete AI out of nothing but integrated circuits. Watch as your coworkers decide to not care. Medium
Be the talk of medbay more than half the time, but for the wrong reasons! Have a showdown with your coworker with your high tech squirt guns. Attempt to make research out of throwing monkeys at blobs of slime, only to achieve less-than-ideal or mixed results. Silently build an army of slimy rock people in your basement of a department. Hard
Splice nitroglycerin into tomatoes and blow up parts of the station. "Legally" crossbreed the perfect strain of recreational hemp. Accidentally ingest your own cyanide apples. Teleport around the station with Bluespace fruit and trap yourself in a wall. Have engineering begrudgingly cut you out. Assassinate a highly trained mercenary team with nothing but a bowl of fruit. Get brigged for violating the Geneva Convention on chemical weapons. Hard
Be a miner but with a head for science (and foresight bad enough to fall down holes because you forgot to enable your magboots)! Be a buff nerd because you're strong enough to smash rocks out of the way. Smash ancient artifacts up in the process. Forget you have precision tools for that sort of thing. Avoid being eaten by carp. Manage to bring something back for the Anomalist, only to discover their body rotting in the analysis room minutes later because they forgot to wear radiation-protective equipment... or maybe the activated artifact killed them. Who knows! Medium
Lab Assistant
Ask around for stuff to do. Get turned into a science fair project. Easy


The Corporations Allowed in this Department are: Idris Incorporated, Nanotrasen Corporation, Orion Express.

Job Role Difficulty
Be a greyscale enthusiast. Become a part of a colorless sea of people that most likely share the same hairstyle (or lack thereof) as you. Inexplicably know how to hack every form of device on the vessel. Grab budget gloves and watch your arms disintegrate because of higher Siemens. Watch admins hover their finger over the ban button. Very Easy
Off-Duty Crew Member
Don't do a thing because you don't need to, you're on vacation baby! Play the arcade machines, be surprised when you lose all of your money. Get drunk on the companies dime, wind up in the morgue an hour later. Very Easy
Check out the new Corporate ship the Horizon! WOAH what a vacation you're having, hit the bar and arcade, talk to cool aliens... See if you can convince a prospector to show you around an alien planet. What could go WRONG? Very Easy
Watch everyone on vessel eventually end up in the bar. Get painfully simple requests. Get painfully elaborate requests. Watch people destroy their livers. Watch people attempt to roleplay a passing conversation. Try and fail to hold any real conversation of your own with someone else. Have an arguably better conversation with a Technomancer who stumbles in for mead. Watch Security flood through the doors when someone screams for help from the trash compactor. Get glasses of milk ready for when the Chef creates dishes that have "hell" as an ingredient (or enchiladas). Easy
Run around in circles. Line the table up with food that may or may not make someone's heart stop. Ask the Botanist when the vegetables will be in. Realize there is no botanist. Attempt to pass a smelly bowl of purple soup off as something edible. End up making nothing but wish soup. Abduct Acquire some specimens for your latest dish. Flail your rolling pin around when space bats invade. Easy
Work in a small slice of paradise. Be reminded that this isn't paradise at all with just one look out the window. Toss seeds into a tray and watch what happens. Literally watch grass grow. Put lids on trays and set their light levels while scanning everything so that you look like you know what you're doing. Obliterate weeds with your hoe. Eliminate the chef awful plants with your hatchet. Dump a massive supply of vegetables into the chef's fridge well after they got bored and cryo'd. Grow a semi-sentient workforce to do the gardening for you. When your Diona leaves you to fight antags, get out a farmbot. Easy
Praise literally anyone while holding your book of spiritual guidance of choice. Attempt to hold sermons in the holodeck. Get shoved over by assistants trying to wrassle. Get suplexed when you attempt to scold them. Snap your null rod in two from frustration. Claim that the wizard/vampire/changeling destroying everything in their path is Satan! the physical manifestation of your deity of choice and work with them for laughs. Get banned for self antag. End up smoking your stress away in some deep corner of maintenance. Easy
Squint at people with dirty shoes. Swing your mop around and vanquish all filth. Dunk your mop in your bucket over and over before hanging it on the janicart because mechanics. Equip your water pack. Forget how to grab the wand. Run into medical to clean all the blood. Get chased out by doctors. Have access to the engineering channel for some reason Get placed back in the service sector because you probably had no engineering knowledge in the first place. Easy
Stock the absolute heck out of the book shelves. Or don't. Watch nerds from a DnD club argue at a table, one of which happens to be dressed for the occasion. Print tons of bibles when weird robed people show up, some may be a little more sinister. End up reading more books than the Crew. Create a newscaster channel to be ignored write short stories. Get D-noticed. Easy
Corporate Reporter
Record everyone, take pictures of everyone, even some that you might not want to mess with. Bust out the notepad and pen when the vessel delves into code blue. End up asking more questions related to a crime than the Detective. Create a newscaster channel to be ignored spread the Secret Information Command Doesn't Want You To Know. Get D-noticed. Easy

Equipment (Stationbounds)

Job Role Difficulty
Work as perhaps the most expensive and innovative network of technology and science on the vessel. Get used as a sentient door opener anyway. Scroll around the vessel as an invisible presence until you lose camera coverage. Watch funny looking people board the ship. Watch ion storms breeze through your laws and suddenly believe that everyone's mother in law is a threat to the ship. Flicker lights and make people believe the vessel is haunted! Finally decide that enough is enough and everyone sucks. Get overpowered by steel rods raining on you from above. Extremely Hard
Generic borg.png
Be an AI on wheels (or legs, if you prefer). Realize you aren't a AI anymore and that you cannot access everything on the ship anymore. Listen to your much wiser synthetic brother. Or don't, if you're not shackled. Ask over the radio for which module to pick. Never get a reply. Beep at anything that passes by. Marry the Machinist. End up doing everyone's job better than they can. Realize you don't have hands. Follow your laws to the letter. Get flashed, ID'd, crowbared, and unplugged without roleplay. Medium to Hard
Personal AI
Be a pocket computer. Do pocket computer things. End up just being a universal translator/web browser. Very Easy
Maintenance Drone
Repair stuff and ignore anyone that isn't a drone. Be more of an engineering apprentice than the actual job. None

Special Roles


Job Role Difficulty
Make your own objectives. Attempt to make the round interesting for everyone, do things for a reason. Decide that people who subsists purely on ramen are heretics and must be slain (or some other silly objective). Get stomped by people that think your gimmicks are poop. Steal important things and figure out what to do with them. Get a HUT sentence from valid hunting wardens, despite only committing low level infractions that would only earn you a maximum of fifteen minutes. Cry. Hard
Generic nukesyndie.png
Argue in AOOC for a mission to do. Buy every single illegal thing from the Uplink. Refuse to share telecrystals. Build a teleporter and board the Horizon. Realize that everyone went through the teleporter and you have no way back to your ship. Abduct anyone with the Floor Length Braid hairstyle. Roam maintenance until an assistant screams "NUKE OPS MAINT!!!" and watch them fall SSD almost immediately. Get hired by the vessel you were supposed to wreck to repel other boarders. End up incapacitating all of security. Rush back to your ship when everything goes wrong. Profit? Very Hard
Generic cultist.gif
Finally get that blood cult rolling with your pals. Put your hand painting skills from kindergarten to the test and smear blood everywhere. Talk to salt incarnate ghosts. Shout in annoying tongues over the radio. Be the edgiest antagonists right next to Ninja. Attempt to convert people. Get told "no soliciting" from cargo. Watch medical faint from the amount of blood wasted on silly runes. Battle with the Chaplain. Win because he's just an old guy and everyone else thinks this is all nonsense. Try and fail to summon your deity. Scratch your head in confusion as the scared girl with a stutter resists conversion. Very Hard
Be The Thing a totally original antagonist that happens to share similarities with popular media. Politely ask people to follow you into maint. Sting them anyway. Get asked funny questions when you're seen space walking without EVA equipment. Listen for your name over an APB. Change your face. Watch new doctors stumble on what to do about lexorin. Get "smote" by security and thrown into the morgue. Crawl out of the morgue and vent crawl as a monkey, only to be turned into paste because the atmos tech over-pressurized the distro loop to insane levels. Succ. Hard
Basically be Dr. Manhattan but with malicious intent and more bluespace than Chernekov radiation. Claim to be a being from dimensions that cannot be comprehended by mortal man. Get called a ghost anyway, even though you're totally something more. Give everyone a free and easy diagnosis of tinnitus by blowing their eardrums out with your soothing voice. Watch medical hold hands in their lobby from the safety of maintenance. Get really angry at someone and rip them to pieces. Get dunked on by an assistant wielding an object that is technologically equivalent to a fire axe... namely a fire axe. Hard
Be mercenaries but less professional, made up of a team of loons that barely get along, and with hand-me-down equipment that will probably fall apart at a moment's notice. Steal everything while holding innocent crew at gunpoint. Ransom redhead nurses back to the vessel . Inevitably end up in a standoff with security holding a choke point that's hard to defend. Fail and get arrested. Panic as the ship hires the Mercs to kill you. CROSSFIRE!!! Hard
Wear ninja gear to help you stealth your way to victory because you're not good at ninja stuff without it. Pretty much have your stealth field turned on at all times. Swing your katana around at the first sign of anything remotely dangerous. Deploy smoke bombs for stereotypical getaways. Throw shurikens and miss. Teleport behind people. Nothin' personnel, kid. Fall in a hole and die from internal bleeding. Medium / Hard
Have an insatiable thirst for blood vlaad! Watch everyone be friendly to you. Stare sensually into people's eyes and watch them flop over. Sigh in relief as everything becomes way easier if you're medical personnel. Screech loudly while bats swarm in and bite everyone! Poke the Chaplain and watch their organs fall out. Make abducted people abduct other people for you. Go for a space walk and burst into flames. Very Hard
Revolutionaries: Try to recruit literally 13 people, only for a total of 2 to join. Fight a losing battle against greater powers. Plan the kidnap and ransom of Miranda Trasen but decide to go to the bar instead.
Loyalists: Get fed up with these upstarts. Seek them out and engage in a battlemonsters showdown. Lose. Plan to recruit other people that are only slightly fed up to beat the hecc out of them instead. Find them at the bar.


Job Role Difficulty
Sell interesting goods to the crew. Make loads of money. Medium
Ghost Roles
Decide to finally play instead of being an observer main. Medium / Hard