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Medical Intern
Medical Intern
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Operating Theatre, Virology
Qualifications: 18 years old and enrolled in any medical institute, preferably 25 or older if in residency
Relevant Education: Lunar University of Medical Science - Skalamar University Of Medicine - Biesel Institute of Medical Sciences - Aliose University of Medical Sciences - Trizar State Medical Academy
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer, probably the rest of medical too
Duties: Assist Medical, be babysat by the people who know what they're doing
Guides: Guide to Medicine

Welcome to the medbay, greenhorn! If you're in this position then that must mean that you have absolutely no idea what you're doing! Or maybe you do have a semblance of an idea of what you're supposed to do, but aren't comfortable enough to play a fully fledged doctor yet. Regardless, the intern role is widely (and rightfully) regarded to be the learner role, so if you do actually know what you're doing then graduating from this role to what you'd like to play to allow other people to join as the learning role would be the kind thing to do.

It's worth noting that the intern role is not designed to graduate to the Physician role specifically; you can shift to attending physician work if you want to, but interning is vague enough to let you intern for whatever you want in medical, really: surgery, emergency medical response, pharmacology... whatever role you want to get into, the intern role will be sure to get you started! Just don't expect to be able to do the job much without supervision. So what can you do? Well, pretty much anything as long as its within the scope of what you're trying to learn; obviously you wouldn't know a thing about how to operate the chemistry equipment if you're interning to be an EMT, and you probably shouldn't concern yourself with that anyway unless you're interning to be a chemist. For obvious reasons, interning for one position and learning everything about it, only to 180 and decide to intern for another position in order to obtain medical omniscience would be pretty frikkin' weird. Don't do that. Below is a list of things you can do (assuming you were taught) depending on what you're interning for:

  • Interning to become a Physician: Triage, using syringes/hyposprays, operating IV drips, first aid, medical diagnostics (health analyzer and body scanner use), sleeper and cryotube operation, etc.
  • Interning to become a Surgeon: No, you don't have to be a Physician before transitioning to this role... if you aren't some 18 year old at least. You can do pretty much everything a Physician can, and you can do surgery.
  • Interning to become a Pharmacist: Chemistry dispenser and ChemMaster operation, first aid (if you're certified).
  • Interning to become an EMT: Triage, using hyposprays, first aid, health analyzer use, sleeper operation.

If anyone asks, interning to become an attending physician/surgeon is usually considered "residency". In other words, if you're working on becoming a cool medical doctor dude, then it's safe to say that you're a medical resident.

Medical Department
Head of Department Chief Medical Officer
Personnel Physician - Surgeon - Psychologist - Pharmacist - Emergency Medical Technician - Medical Intern
Relevant Education Lunar University of Medical Science - Skalamar University Of Medicine - Biesel Institute of Medical Sciences - Aliose University of Medical Sciences - Trizar State Medical Academy
Useful Guides Guide to Medicine - Guide to Surgery - Guide to Chemistry - Guide to Cadavers
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