Idris Incorporated

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Idris Incorporated
Slogan Astronomical Figures. Unlimited Power.
Headquarters Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West African Union, Earth, Sol Alliance
Chief Executive Officer Alex Mason
Official Languages Tradeband, Tau Ceti Basic
Official Colours Teal (#3A6F6F), cyan (#00d1d4),

black (#1e2221), white (#E0F0F0)

Founded 2152
Founder William Idris
Operating Region

Idris Incorporated is an interstellar corporate bank headquartered in the Sol Alliance, though after the Solarian Collapse its branch in the Republic of Biesel has grown to become its most prominent base of operations. Representing the largest banking institution in the Orion Spur, they hold a practical monopoly over banking and financial services throughout human space. Idris financial advice is regarded by millions of businesses as something short of divine guidance, the bank able to predict, influence and even control the flow of stock markets in Sol and beyond, power frequently used to bend situations and create favourable openings. Since providing secure credit storage for individuals, corporations and governments alike require a robust security presence, Idris fields one of the largest private security forces spread throughout its vast number of facilities, vaults, banks and commercial establishments. To that end, a sizable synthetic division has been developed to reinforce and partake in various activities, most notably debt reclamation.

Furthermore, the company manages a number of luxury product chains, hotels and high-class entertainment centres in a multitude of worlds across the Spur, expanding their clientele and becoming the go-to provider for powerful and influential elites of all calibres and tastes.


Corporate Affairs


Idris Incorporated was founded in the Ivory Coast by the American-Ivorian investor William Idris in 2152, as pressure grew for a secure way to store credits and have them transferable across solar systems. Idris Trust was, at the time, one of the few banking institutions that offered interstellar services based in Sol, making them one of the most experimental, yet immensely convenient choices for business firms. Idris Trust was one of the first corporations to expand its base of operations to the extra-Solar colony of the Eridani Federation, contributing to a gradually-expanding trans-stellar range.

Biesel's growing urbanization in the 2190s and beyond led to an increase in the personal wealth of its population. Many of these wealthy citizens were climate refugees from Earth, or high-ranking executives looking to carve out a piece of the newly-settled planet for themselves. NanoTrasen, Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, and Necropolis Industries had cornered the markets on research and development, while Hephaestus Industries was a giant in the field of shipbuilding. But the migration of the wealthy elite and the relative lack of markets that catered to them led the Idris family to branch into luxury goods and customer service, purchasing several ship manufacturing contracts from Einstein Engines to create a fleet of luxury cruisers and yachts, and prepare their other vessels for shipping other products all over the known galaxy.

Idris Trust rebranded to Idris Incorporated, meanwhile buying out or absorbing several smaller luxury brands into itself. Its new focuses made it a giant on Luna and Biesel. Through the power of branding, it quickly developed a reputation for legendarily thorough service courses that produced some of the finest chefs and mixologists in human space. All the while, every buyer was encouraged to use Idris banking, which spread across the Spur like wildfire and gave the megacorporation the title of the biggest bank in the known galaxy.

Prior to the discovery of the positronic brain, Idris was one of the few corporations that eschewed simple robots to assist in service work. The company had managed to secure the loyalty (and fear) of many of its employees by luxurious paychecks or predatory loan contracts, and a point of its advertisement was that it relied on purely human service and no automation. But in the wake of the discovery of the positronic brain in 2407, Idris was one of the first megacorporations to adopt a line of "branded" IPCs, for security, service, and piloting. Still, the company is famed for its top-of-the-line human staff in the service sector, with many acclaimed chefs and mixologists to accompany the high brass on their business trips.

In the modern day, Idris Incorporated is under the stewardship of the mysterious newcomer Alex Mason, acting as a member of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. While Mason seems to hold the reins, the Idris family still hangs behind the scenes, directing the company at their inscrutable and often nonsensical whims.

The bank has begun offering hiring bonuses to those who work for other major interstellar corporations to draw people away from their competitors. However, they are still in a struggle with NanoTrasen due to its large employee base mainly using the company's bank as their method of storing funds, preventing Idris from having a large number of members. This has strained relationships between NanoTrasen and Idris Incorporated, though the relationship between Alex Mason and Miranda Trasen is allegedly as sunny as ever.

Influence and Reputation

Idris Incorporated exercises authority over seven million major banks spread across human space and beyond, and has come to find itself in virtually every major power's pocket in some form or fashion. While not openly contesting NanoTrasen's net worth, Idris and its services can be found to extend as far as its looming superior can see.

Idris possesses the financial information of nearly every human in the galaxy, and a significant amount of aliens as well. Because of this, it is an incredibly secretive corporation, and much of the information of its inner operations is behind NDAs given to every prospective employee. Idris employees are forbidden from even discussing their training, and there are rumours the company threatens or bribes those who speak negatively of the company's inner workings or management to keep the corporate image as spotless as possible. Employees who have proven themselves are often well-paid, and all Idris employees are well-trained.

Behind the glossy, classy exterior, an "Idris loan" is almost universally understood to be a contract which it is incredibly difficult to break out of. Complex legal jargon and long terms of agreement are usually targeted at young, desperate, unfortunate, or all three; the few whispers of Idris' training programs point to them being harsh and exacting, with severe fines if one drops out early. This is to say nothing of the repute of Idris Security and Reclamation Units, who have stories floating around of causing broken bones and severe bruises to debtors.

Any accusations of dubious conduct tends to fall apart or be settled out of court for ludicrous amounts of money. All the same, Idris' reputation preceeds it, meaning few would have the courage to stand against one of the most powerful megacorporations in the world... if they could find any evidence of it.

The Idris Family

The Idris family is highly secretive, though their images serve as advertising for their many products. Their current patriarch is the aging Adram Idris, who stepped down in the 2450s to hand stewardship of the company to Alex Mason. Closely connected to the Eridani Corporate Federation, they seem to have adopted the augmentation culture of Eridani as well as its cutthroat business practices.

Adram Idris: The current patriarch of the Idris family, Adram Idris is the grandson of William Idris and was the first to adopt the branded line of Idris positronics to the company. While he is officially retired, it is an open secret that he pulls many of the strings behind the scenes, and continues to have a presence on the board of executives. Whispers of rumours that Adram is slowly succumbing to senility have done his reputation little favours along with his obvious fraility when he appears in public, though official statements say he is as keen as ever.

Rabia Idris: Neé Rabia Kabadou, Adram Idris' wife of eighty years has assisted organisation and planning of Idris' customer service training programs since she married into the family. She is reputed to be a rather arrogant, temperamental woman, her rare statements to the press often punctuated by passive-aggression, perhaps why her statements are rare or delivered through her daughter Leina.

Leina Idris: Leina Idris is the first child of Adram and Rabia, and is the chief executive officer of Celestial Cruises. She known for her almost oppressive charm and excitable demeanor, and acts as the face and publicity of the Idris family. She has cut deals with both Hephaestus Industries and Einstein Engines for cruise-building contracts. As she ages, much of her duties as face of the family have been passed down to her daughter, Lubanzi Idris.

Markus Idris: The second child of Adram and Rabia, Markus is a considerably private man who acts as chairman of the board of governors. Usually considered professional and polite, he is reportedly unhappy with Alex Mason's ascension to CEO over him.

Lubanzi Idris: Lubanzi is the daughter of Leina Idris and her husband, Emilio Gbagbo. She is the chief executive officer of Caishen Jewellers; her presence in the media is one of the most widespread of the Idris family, taking a more candid and amiable approach to the media and publicity. It is suspected by some she has taken on this role in an attempt to downplay the rising discontent with Idris's controversial reputation and the vicious reputation of her family.

Kouamé Idris: The son of Markus Idris and Marie-Therese Kamu, Kouame is currently a high-ranking male model with Le Soleil Royale. Interviews show him to be somewhat dense, but friendly and easygoing with the press.

Positronics and Idris Incorporated

"We have authority to reclaim your security as per your loan agreement. I am cleared to use reasonable force to achieve this directive. Do not resist."

While Idris rarely permits free IPCs with exemplary histories to be recruited to their service department, the most common positronic presence in the corporate are the "brands" of owned synthetics that operate within the various departments of the company.

Idris synthetics are usually dressed in the teal and black of the company uniform, and if Shells, are usually distinguishable as non-human by stylized "seams" in the synthetic skin on their face and decorative antennae. On some occasions, they are designed to physically fit in with the populace of the planet they are manufactured on or assigned to. Idris shells usually wear teal makeup, such as facepaint, lipstick, and eyeliner. The chassis colour of non-shell units ranges from cream, to teal, to black. Most commonly, they are programmed with high-class Lunan or Silversun expatriate accents. Organic Idris Incorporated employees in the same field as an Idris unit (for example, a guard to an IRU, or a cruise director to an IAU) are always considered as possessing seniority to the IPC, and are expected to obey the orders of organic personnel except when it directly conflicts with their self-preservation drive, or if it may cause undue loss to the company.

Security Sector

Idris Incorporated security synthetics are perhaps the most notorious aspect of the corporation; they act as loan sharks and cold, uncompromising asset protection and reclamation units. There are two types of synthetic; Idris Reclamation Units and Idris Security Units. Both kinds are maintained by human handlers, who will often coordinate "departments" of security units. Hierarchy between reclamation and security units is often determined on a case by case basis by the units’ handlers. This ensures orderly and efficient management in environments where IPCs may be without the immediate oversight of their human superiors, such as if the units are shipped to another facility for a contract.

Both reclamation and security units are carefully monitored by their human handlers and undergo regular check-ins. Uniformity and obedience is expected, where behavior outside the norm often results in loss of any autonomy they may have, or even wiping. Idris Security and Reclamation units are expected to wear the “Idris Unit coat” found in the Loadout under the Xenowear - IPC tab.

Idris Reclamation Units are Shell frames constructed and programmed to investigate, interrogate, and reclaim securities or assets from a client in arrears. They are also employed for corporate investigative work and can carry out information-gathering on "problematic" or "at-risk" employees. In the interest of carrying out their various directives, Reclamation Units are granted authorization for the usage of "reasonable force" against clients, "reasonable" meaning never trending towards irreparable injury or death. They typically operate in teams of two units, who may have themed names and appearances. Reclamation units are designated by the prefix IRU-[Name].

When security is needed for a VIP event or a vessel travelling into dangerous space, Idris Security Units are deployed. Security units are usually baseline or Hephaestus G2 models, though Shells and G1 models exist. These teams are accompanied by a human asset protection manager (who rarely engages directly with a threat), who will command the operation and make note of any lost assets or damages. IPC security teams consist of between 2-6 IPCs per human handler. Security units are designated by the prefix ISU-[Name].

Given the sensitive nature of their field, security synthetics are barred from purchasing their freedom, and have their positronic brain wiped when they are sold. Many IRUs and ISUs are sold second hand or loaned out to various corporations who usually utilize them for security or investigation work.

Service Sector

Almost all service sector Idris IPCs are Shell frames, though some baselines and Bishop frames exist as backline chefs or pilots. They fill a wide variety of roles within Idris' company sector, from acting as bank tellers, to piloting cruise ships and tourism vessels, to serving customers as chefs and bartenders. Idris service units are designated by the prefix IAU-[Name] if a pilot, and ICSU-[Name] if otherwise.

While it is in theory possible for an Idris service unit to purchase their own freedom, depending on their current stationing, this is incredibly rare and difficult. IPCs stationed in places where their freedom may be purchased are closely watched, and will usually be cycled out at a regular pace or have their contract adjusted to prevent their own purchase with gathered funds.

Executives and Branches

Alex Mason, Idris' Chief Executive Officer.


Idris is run by the Board of Governors, lead by Chairman Markus Idris. The Board of Governors oversee the general function of the bank, with teams in Sol and Tau Ceti managing more local problems.

Idris Family Patriarch: Adram Idris, b. 2353

With his life after retirement shrouded in mystery, the centarian has been at the forefront of Idris for over half a century. While not a member of the Board, Adram Idris’ decision to promote his protege, Alex Mason, as the new chief executive has raised questions about the real figure behind the administration. A once personal acquaintance of Xavier Trasen, Adram’s role in the expansion of the banking institute into Tau Ceti has been key to the truly all-encompassing reach it enjoys today. Head of the Idris family and estates, his combined personal and family wealth is one of the most closely guarded secrets, arousing the interest of analysts and conspiracy theorists whose most conservative estimations regularly place him as either the first or second wealthiest private individual, alongside Miranda Trasen. No matter the case, he has regularly shunned personal and family publicity, enforcing strict policies of privacy and avoidance of public appearances which only the younger Idris can get away from.

Chief Technology Officer: Carol Cojocaru, b. 2380

An old name in Idris, Cojocaru earned his position not from backroom dealing or business acumen, but by an unerring belief in technological innovation. First making a name for himself as a roboticist in charge of ISUs back in 2423, in Chicago. As the first shells began to be produced, the Earther quickly realized the immense potential of shells in the company’s facilities and was quickly accepted into the nascent Idris Reclamation Unit program. As it became clear that the program would find more success in other systems, he quickly transferred after proposing a plan to roll out Shell workers in most of Idris’ Earth enterprises, earning a promotion to Chief Technology Officer with his relentless drive to have them implemented across the entire company. Many suspect the strain of such a massive change to the company in a short time broke Carol, with the man suffering a heart attack by 2454 at the age of 48. Since then, his worldview seemingly changed, with the old roboticist acting fiercely resistant to change - indeed, attempts to contract IRUs out to other companies were stonewalled by him until 2460. The man is personally known for his surprisingly good insight, volatile personality, and immense caution. With the man getting older, many of his subordinates are waiting for the opportunity to unseat a head they now view as overly conservative.

Executive Member: Stanley Dittmeier, b. 2414

Another Lunarian born in affluence, Dittmeier’s career started at a young age, entrepreneuring in various fields, pitching dodgy inventions and products in various attempts of achieving a successful business. Never the type of person to give up, his persistence despite the failures and toeing the line of financial ruin allowed him to enter a wide social network of business individuals, including the Idris affiliated Alex Mason. Impressed with his character, business bravado and willingness to push the line in the name of profit, it wasn’t long until he had granted Stanley the position of personal secretary, a rank which followed Mason and his rapid climb to the top. A result of blatant utilitarianism, his elevation to the Board of Directors in the vague role of “Executive Member” has resulted in many controversies within inner circles. However, his undoubted usefulness as a crafty, underhanded deal maker and close confidant of Alex Mason renders him immune from open criticism.


Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Earth, Sol: As the most ancient and arguably most developed branch in Sol, Abidjan directs the corporation’s significant activity in Alliance space, centred around the core worlds and the Sol system itself. The birthplace of Adram Idris himself, it is regarded as the primary stronghold of Idris influence in the Alliance. Branch directors are often at liberty to strike deals and preserve a working relationship with an increasingly uneasy government after the formation of the SCC. Though major issues with the Alliance are easily settled or mitigated due to Idris’ influence over the fragile Solarian economy, relatively good relations and agreements with Einstein Engines have roused complaints from Nanotrasen factors, the Board often claiming such as necessary for the status quo. From a more local view, the Abidjan branch dominates the city with its innumerable Idris affiliated businesses, casinos and banking facilities. The headquarters complex on the outskirts is the largest and most guarded private area in the city and possibly West Africa, serving as a base for the corporation’s every need in the system, a private shuttle port offering a direct connection to the planetary orbit and Unity Station.

Nouvelle Caen, Luna, Sol: If Abidjan is the brains of Idris' Solarian branches, Nouvelle Caen's Diamandis Hotel and Resort is the soul. A sweeping, artistic complex of glass, steel, and concrete, framed with wood accents, Diamandis includes an exhibition hall that hosts the annual Le Soleil Royale fashion show, the more recent Idris Positronic Exhibition, and Caishen Jewellers' finest new wares and discovered jewels. It is an old building, built shortly after the dome's founding, refurbished and expanded several times, and the heart of its complex is where the original Idris Diamandis hotel lies. Despite its austere, glamourous reputation, Diamandis has several restaurants and bars that are more accessible (yet still expensive) to the general public, and some of its rooms can even be purchased for a night or two by a middle-class Lunarian.

Mendell City, Biesel, Tau Ceti: Idris Incorporated’s branch in Mendell City can be found near the edge of the Phoenix Park District, exerting control over all operations in Republic space and skyrocketing in importance as the main representative of company interests in the wider megacorporate world, after the creation of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. Recent funding and a shift of more focus to the Republic has allowed for immense renovations with a brand new skyscraper, “The Tower”, catching the eye as the tallest in the district and the second the whole of Mendell, coming face to face with the marginally higher Nanotrasen Headquarters. The surrounding complex serves as a base of operations for the Tau Ceti security and reclamation divisions, providing living quarters for Idris employees and guards as well as an underground warehouse for synthetic storage. Center to Mendell’s commercial district, its presence has created a shift, moving the centre of the City’s financial sector to its surrounding area with the help of the centralised Idris Mendell City Bank, the planet’s main and most important banking establishment.

Eridani I, Epsilon Eridani: The Eridani I branch serves as the overall Idris headquarters for the Eridani system, regarded as the third most important corporate branch. Idris’ presence in the Eridani market and society is not as vast as Hephaestus, often struggling to compete against them. Nevertheless, Idris banking remains king amongst the rest, the Eridani elite enjoying significant benefits as incentives compared to other areas, for their much needed continued support. Idris facilities are scattered throughout the megacities, the higher echelons occupying the higher locations. The headquarters themselves are situated in various skyscraper complexes all over the city, a product of the tremendous corporate entanglement and complexities dominating the Federation. The Eridani I branch is also home to Idris’ newest bid into the cybernetics and synthetics division, possessing facilities that serve as the main heavy-duty maintenance station for Idris synthetics, as well as the main centre for research in augmentation technology and software development.

Silversun, Middle Colonies, Sol Alliance: The Silversun branch of Idris is the final regional branch, dedicated to serving as the headquarters for company interests on the planet. Tasked with directing the corporation’s meddling efforts in the government through the Tourism Development Group of Silversun, the local Idris offices are staffed with expert political manipulators and lobbyists. The vast, planetary-scale investments have rendered Silversun the busiest and most populous regional branch, making the physical presence of the corporation impossible to miss on nearly every corner. Planned by some of Sol’s most renowned architects, Idris buildings blend in perfectly with the serene environment of Silversun. In practice however, vast underground complexes form a network of storage and office spaces, as well as living quarters for the many Expatriate employees. All this is done in order to avoid interference with the pristine environment as much as possible, the more complex and common above-surface compounds and skyscrapers being avoided as much as possible. Lastly, the planet serves as a popular vacation spot for the majority of mid to high tier executives; a company-sponsored leave on Silversun is considered a standard and often a much-appreciated reward for productive and valuable employees.


The subsidiaries of all megacorporations are as endless as their own direct employees, with massive swaths of businesses being occupied or dropped on a daily basis on a galactic scale. Whether businesses flourish alongside or get crushed by the corporate powers is found to be a case-by-case scenario. This means that any independent business, at least outside of Tau Ceti and the Eridani Corporate Federation, can reasonably survive indefinitely without the megas grabbing them. However, should these businesses elevate to anything worthwhile, it is reasonable to assume they’ve already fallen to the whim and will of the economic rulers of the Orion Spur.

Celestial Cruises

“Witness beauty and splendor.”

Chief Executive Officer: Leina Idris, b. 2393

A subsidiary of Idris, Celestial Cruises has been touted as one of the most famous examples of the fabulous lifestyle one can have with Idris. It maintains fleets of 400 meter long “Star-gazer” ships, vessels with glass dome tops holding a miniature environment along with numerous holodecks, clubs, and entertainment centers within their decks. Maintained by contracted engineers and staffed by Idris employees and IPCs, these exclusive cruises have become popular in a select few nations in the Orion Spur.


Founded in 2332, Celestial Cruises was an ambitious project by Naia Idris to capitalize on a possible market: Luxury space cruises. The company sky rocketed in 2341 after unveiling the first Star-gazer, with cruise tickets selling out in minutes. Maintaining constant expansion while retaining its luxurious image, Celestial Cruises opened a Republic of Elyra branch while also drafting possible plans to expand into more settled Coalition areas and the Empire of Dominia. Unfortunately, the collapse of the Sol Alliance has dug deep into the company’s profits and cancelled those plans. With a majority of its primary branch’s Star-gazers lost or trapped in warlord held lands, Celestial Cruises’ CEO is forced to gamble with expansions to Elyra’s cruises while attempting to establish a Republic of Biesel branch.


  • Sol Alliance: The mainstay of Celestial Cruises since it began, the Sol Alliance branch was its most developed and advanced fleet of Star-gazers. Several rings of voyages dotted the Sol Alliances territory, stretching from the borders of the Traverse to the Weeping Stars region. Silversun was the nexus of these voyages, with vacation plans that allowed one to enjoy a cruise right before settling into their resort on the beautiful planet. As such, when the Sol Alliance collapsed so did the income of Celestial Cruises. While smaller flight paths within the Sol Alliance’s shrunken territory continue on, they remain far from the poorly-protected borders of the sector.
  • Republic of Elyra: Opening up shortly after Elyra’s formation, Celestial Cruises was well-received by the citizens of Elyra. With a primary loop between Persepolis, Aemeq, and Medina, Celestial Cruises is popular for those who wish to tour the jewels of the Serene Republic. The Republic of Elyra branch also attracts business from the Coalition, PRA, Hegemony, and Dominia. With Sol’s branch cut down, The Republic of Elyra’s branch has seen more investments in the hopes of becoming the new primary branch for Celestial Cruises.
  • Tau Ceti: Quickly developing as a new source of income to offset the loss in the Sol Alliance branch, the Tau Ceti branch holds some of the company’s hopes in solving the issues the Solarian collapse caused. With just a single Star-gazer preforming circuits within the capital system, operations are limited for now. Should their newly claimed systems become settled by the SCC, Tau Ceti could be the perfect site for rapid expansion.

Caishen Jewellers

“The best of the galaxy in your dresser!”

Chief Executive Officer: Lubanzi Idris, b. 2437

Caishen Jewellers is the leading jewellery company in the Spur, with its hand in several markets in the major nations. Any jewellery, from rings, tiaras, necklaces, bangles, to piercings can be found in their stores or bought custom made and designed from the company’s site. Cainshen Jewellers’ business model revolves around finding “exotic” locales or artisans to have custom pieces made from, giving buyers to have a wide selection of choices while allowing Caishen to rack up the price for supposedly premium hand-made goods.


Caishen Jewellers began in Eridani in 2367. Decades after the discovery of Skrell and their arrival to several systems, a wave of interest in Skrell fashion occurred in Eridani. It was during this time that the founder, Juno Idris, sought to find a way to use this trend. Their answer was to begin Caishen Jewellers. At first using Skrell and Eridani artists to provide their custom goods, branches and contacts were established with the Tajara and Unathi after humanity’s contact with them in 2418 and 2433 respectively. Now, Caishen Jewellers offers a diverse range of artists and pieces for one to gain, if they’re willing to spare the credits for it.

Major Brands

Moghean Majesty: Partnering with local goldsmiths and silversmiths in the Izweski capital of new Skalamar, Caishen offers pieces made by the expert hands of clans with centuries of experience and history in their productions. Some common pieces include bracelets made with family names artfully written upon them in Sinta’Unathi and ring earrings with religious charms looped through them. Calligraphy in Sinta’Unathi is the most common marker of a Unathi-made piece from Caishen Jewellers, etched onto almost every piece made.

Tajaran Treasures: Caishen retains contacts with several Tajaran artisans from across Adhomai. These include the carpenters and woodcarvers of Zatushka and the watchmakers of Baltor. Common pieces from this brand are lifelike and detailed wooden statuettes or ornate watches made of rare materials and beautiful clockwork. Oddly there also exists a small niche market for supposed war trinkets and items made of material left over from the Second Revolution.

Jewels of Nralakk: The oldest brand for Caishen at almost a century, pieces handmade by Skrellian master craftsmen still capture the attention of buyers today. Common choices are beautiful shining chains that can be made to be worn anywhere on one’s body, and piercings that can be surgically embedded to form a pattern. These products also find their way into the hands of the Skrell living in communities outside of the Nralakk Federation, as both a status symbol and a proud display of their culture.

Discount Diamonds: Cheap and easily available, Discount Diamonds is surprisingly the most successful of Caishen’s brands. The affordability of their synthetic diamond pieces has allowed anyone to purchase one, and their stores often sell out of these pieces before new shipments can arrive. Mass production and shifting trends have led to this jewellery being mass produced, shipped out, and inevitably dumped in junkyards when the next big trend happens. This has made Discount Diamonds a massive source of free “gems” for the destitute, such as dregs.

Le Soleil Royal

“Vouloir, c’est pouvoir!” (Translated from Tradeband: “When there is will, there is a way!”)

Chief Executive Officer: Emilie de Couturier, b. 2427

A massive fashion conglomerate - the largest in the Orion Spur - originating on Earth, Le Royal has centuries of experience - though some of its employees will brag about having over a millennium of experience - in crafting the best clothing known to humanity. Le Royal’s business model relies on being the best of the best of the best, with no others even coming close. It, unlike other Idris Incorporated subsidiaries, employs no known positronic workers. Its current Director, Emilie de Couturier, had cited the “more creative nature of humans” as the reason for this decision, which has brought Le Royal into some conflict with its parent company. But as long as the money keeps coming into Le Royal hand over fist, any change to its current business model is unlikely.

Major Brands:

Walk Like Idris: Producers of the finest footwear in the Orion Spur (as long as your feet aren’t clawed), Walk Like Idris is the most well-known of Le Royal’s brands thanks to all Idris Incorporated employees being issued a pair of their shoes upon completing their probationary period (the cost is subtracted from one’s paycheck, and buying these shoes is not optional). From the boardrooms of Eridani to the banks of Mendell City, everybody that’s somebody is walking like Idris.

The Aspirants: A collective name for Le Royal’s constituent luxury clothing brands, The Aspirants specialize into the creation of extremely high-end and high-quality clothing. Custom orders are very common, and the conglomerate is famous for its ability to complete custom orders quickly while meeting a bar of quality met by no other fashion house. While it produces for clients as far afield as Domina and the Coalition, it only accepts orders for human clothing.

Wear Like Idris: The more affordable - but still prestigious - relative of The Aspirants, Wear Like Idris produces fashionable clothing for the more typical resident of the Orion Spur, including non-human customers. Its trendy clothing - and its stores - can be found on almost every planet in the civilized Orion Spur, making it one of the most widespread subsidiaries of any corporation.

Synthetic Fashion: While Le Royal does not employ synthetics, it does design and produce clothing for them - including the infamous coats commonly associated with Idris Reclamation Units. As it primarily produces clothing for shells, Synthetic Fashion clothing is deliberately designed to be light and breathable to allow for maximum cooling. This has unintentionally made it quite popular on hot planets such as Medina, and there has been some talk of expanding the brand’s focus on the human side of their market.

Corporate Relations

Einstein Engines

Idris and Einstein have a generally positive relationship, with little need for competition. The vast majority of Idris-owned Shell IPCs are manufactured by Einstein, and their robotics division has allegedly developed several enhanced combat modifications for higher-end Idris Reclamation Units. Idris vessels tend to favor Einstein-produced warp drives over NanoTrasen-produced bluespace drives, with the exception of some of their higher-end security vessels and luxury yachts which advertise speed of travel as a major bonus. Following Solarian nationalization efforts, Idris and Einstein are the two most influential corporations in the Alliance, with Idris having paid high fees to avoid nationalization of its assets. This has given the two corporations a mutual goal - maintaining their own prominence in Solarian affairs, and ensuring that future anti-corporate legislation remains directed at their rivals. Einstein and Idris have both heavily invested in their own PR within the Alliance, remaining invested in Sol's future development.

Hephaestus Industries

Hephaestus and Idris remain on good terms, despite Hephaestus CEO Titanius Aeson's reported dislike of Idris CEO Alex Mason. Idris purchases many Hephaestus-made IPCs, particularly industrial models, for use as part of its security branch. Due to the lack of overlap between the two corporations' respective fields, little opportunity for conflict has arisen between Hephaestus and Idris, with the two corporations having been known to align on several issues - maintaining their power in the face of the increasingly antagonistic Sol Alliance and establishing further influence in the Republic of Biesel as NanoTrasen's control declines being the two main issues on which Hephaestus and Idris align.


NanoTrasen and Idris have never been fierce rivals, though Idris's continued prominence in Sol and its expansion into Biesel has led to tension between the two megacorporations. As Idris expanded its banking operations into NanoTrasen's center of power, NanoTrasen attempted to hold onto their banking business in Tau Ceti, incentivizing its employees to only make use of NanoTrasen banking instead - despite the many advantages that Idris held as a competitor. So far, Idris has been gradually expanding its presence in the Republic's financial sector, with many NanoTrasen employees switching to the use of Idris banks despite their employer's wishes. Idris has begun offering hiring bonuses to NanoTrasen employees in an effort to further weaken their power over Biesel's financial sector, as well as establishing branches in many of the former Solarian worlds of the Corporate Reconstruction Zone, where NanoTrasen holds much less direct influence. Though NanoTrasen has issued little official response to this, Idris transport vessels seem to commonly come under attack by pirates in the Reconstruction Zone, with many speculating the phoron giant is attempting to undermine confidence in Idris's renowned security.

Orion Express

Orion and Idris have little in the way of competition - though Orion has expanded into the service sector, they have targeted a very different clientele than Idris aims for. Idris relied on Meng Logistics Incorporated for several deliveries to Silversun prior to the formation of Orion Express, and reportedly advocated for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate's purchase of the small shipping company in 2463. Orion avoided the wave of Solarian nationalization by formed after the creation of the Solarian Corporate Authority, but Idris has wielded its remaining influence in Sol against the voices pushing for Orion to be subject to the same harsh penalties of the rest of the SCC - ensuring that, at least for now, Orion remains able to operate freely in Alliance space.

Zavodskoi Interstellar

Zavodskoi and Idris have been frequent competitors in the fields of security and IPC manufacturing, leading to a long-running mutual rivalry between the two corporation. Lyudmila Zavodskoi is known to have a personal distaste for Alex Mason, and Zavodskoi has frequently undercut Idris security operations in the Sol Alliance and Republic of Biesel. Zavodskoi employees are strongly discouraged from using Idris financial services, which NanoTrasen has done its best to encourage as many Zavodskoi employees in Biesel opt to make use of NanoTrasen banks instead. Idris has marketed its security division extensively as a high-class security option, with unstated implications of the marketing casting other corporations' security as little better than thuggish mercenaries, which Zavodskoi unsuccessfully attempted to sue Idris over. Though their rivalry is not as intense as that of Zavodskoi and Hephaestus, the two corporations remain on far from friendly terms.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

Idris and Zeng-Hu have never been direct competitors, with the two corporations operating in radically different sectors. Many Idris-patented cosmetics are manufactured by Zeng-Hu labs, and the pharmaceutical giant is known to favor Idris transport vessels for its high-value cargo. Rumors are commonly spread on the Extranet that Zeng-Hu genetic modification has been used to enhance Idris executives to be superior to their competition - though these are widely derided as nothing more than conspiracy theories. In recent years, the two corporations have come to face a common threat - the rising anti-corporate sentiment within the Sol Alliance, historically a stronghold for both Idris and Zeng-Hu. As Idris maintains one of the best relationships with the Alliance, and has proved one of the most difficult corporations for Sol to shake the influence of, Zeng-Hu has allegedly hired Idris public relations specialists to maintain their image within Sol, attempting to ensure that Alliance citizens maintain a favorable view of Zeng-Hu's operations.

Relations with Trans-stellar Factions

Relations with all corporations are heavily tied to every echelon of even the most detached factions in the Orion Spur. As the corporations have seeped into every facet of one’s livelihood as far as the eye can see, few find it unimportant to maintain some degree of knowledge on the megacorps.

This megacorporation’s noteworthy relations with the major powers are below, and may be very important to you.


When megacorporations arrived to Crevus following first contact with the Tajara in 2418, none captured the eyes of the locals better than Idris Incorporated. The company enjoyed major success in the city in the decades since their establishment there. Idris products fly off the shelves and into the hands of buying consumers looking to hop on new fashion trends or to improve their own wardrobes. Any two-bit gambler worthy of the title or rich scion makes sure to wear at least one Idris watch or tailored shirt minimum when they’re out on the town. Tourists regularly come to Crevus on Idris transports to partake in a safer Tajaran cultural experience. The company is even patronized heavily by the ruling crime families that allow it to co-partner on some of their businesses. ISUs are present there as well to function as security for Idris employee housing at the Pam Hu District, the company’s mall, and are rented by some of the rich to function as bodyguards.

Crevan workers make up the bulk of Tajara that work for Idris. Those who enter the service economy tend to be run of the mill citizens or failed entertainers. Those who work for the security teams are former crime family enforcers. The skills these street-hardened men and women gained in that line of work translate well into the corporate environment they found themselves in after signing on. While their cheap price matches their quality, these Tajara make up for it with a vicious eagerness for their work. They can typically be found running night security, transporting credits, or as cost-effective security details. Due to the Tajara bans and prevailing xenophobia, Tajara were never used at Idris installations within the Sol Alliance or in Elyra. Recruitment of Tajara has steadily increased following the end of the Second Revolution.

Golden Deep Collective

Although opinions may differ between merchants, the Golden Deep and Idris Incorporated generally have an amicable, albeit cautious, relationship. Largely due to the Idris brand and an emphasis on customer service, many Idris retired synthetics from the service field find themselves purchased instead by the Golden Deep. Moreover the Golden Deep and Idris commonly engage in trade, supplying the mega-corporation with exotic luxury goods from across the galaxy. However some Golden Deep synthetics have voiced concern for the increased relations with the human run corporation.

Solarian Alliance

Idris arguably maintains the best working relationship with the Alliance of any megacorporation aside from Einstein Engines thanks to its focus on luxury goods and banking instead of creating dangerous breakaway states or crashing the interstellar economy. The megacorporation paid its way out of nationalization efforts by the Alliance following the Solarian Collapse and continues to dominate the banking, tourism, and luxury goods sectors of the shrunken Alliance. While it does not dominate the Alliance's economy to the extent of other corporations Idris' deep banking and luxury goods connections throughout the Jewel Worlds make it extremely difficult to dislodge and quite popular among most movers and shakers in the Solarian political scene. While Idris Incorporated tourism facilities can be found throughout the Jewel Worlds - particularly on Europa - it has the most control over Silversun, despite protests from many residents of the planet at their home being turned into a massive resort for wealthy Solarians. Idris incorporated often does business with Einstein Engines in the Alliance, despite protests from NanoTrasen.

New Kingdom of Adhomai

After the end of the Second Revolution, Idris Incorporated was quick to establish itself in the New Kingdom of Adhomai. Besides offering loans to the government and the nobility, the corporation is also heavily involved in the service sector. Idris provides alien luxury goods to the nobles while exporting Adhomian handcrafted items, such as the famous Baltor watches, to the galaxy. Thanks to the growing royalist tourist industry, the megacorporation is now investing in opening luxury resorts throughout the Kingdom.

New Kingdom Tajara hired by Idris will usually be employed in its service sector. However, many sought employment in their security departments because of the influx of veterans caused by the end of the civil war. Idris Incorporated is regarded as the best corporation to work for in the NKA's public opinion; being one of its employees is considered a matter of pride. Tajara who seek employment in other megacorporations that share the same sectors with Idris are considered to have gone with a second-rate option.