Necropolis Industries

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The primary logo of Necropolis Industries.

Necropolis Industries

Necropolis Industries is a manufacturing and development conglomerate founded in 2259. They specialize in all forms of weaponry, ranging from small arms and squad weapons, to armored vehicles and combat RIGs, as well as being a prominent name in the field of gene modification.


Current CEO: Kazimir Boytsov

Official Title(s): Necropolis Industries, Necropolis Research

Motto: Genetic perfection.

Headquarters: Tolyatti, Soviet Union, Earth, Sol

Official Languages: Tradeband, Tau Ceti Basic, Sol Common


Sol: Headquarters located in Tolyatti, Soviet Union, Earth; two research and development facilities on Earth; research and development facility on Luna; manufacturing facilities on Earth; major DNA bank located on Earth.

X’yr Vharn’p: Research and development facility located on Dominia; major DNA bank located on Dominia.

Executives and Branches


Necropolis Industries is run by the Administrative Board, lead by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kazimir Boytsov. The Administrative Board ensures the company is running smoothly.

Chief Executive Officer: Kazimir Boytsov, 57, Human

Chief Medical Officer: Vasilisa Trusova, 59, Human

Chief Research Officer: Milanei Volvalaad, 47, Human

Chief Security Officer: Gerharde Meirran, 53, Human

Chief Information Officer: Erik Rozhkov, 65, Human

Chief Risk Officer: Onufri Zuykov, 54, Human

Chief Legal Officer: Rollan Demidov-Levy, 49, Human

Chief Financial Officer: Minos Palamaras, 59, Human


Necropolis Industries has rapidly expanded from its home in the Sol Alliance, reaching to most of human space. Here are the locations of their primary and largest branches.

Tolyatti, Soviet Union, Earth, Sol: The headquarters of Necropolis Industries can be found in Tolyatti. The skyscraper complex consists of three Necropolis buildings, a Kumar Arms building, and a ConTec building. The complex is relatively austere and compact, though this can be said about any Necropolis building.

Cape Town, South Africa, Earth, Sol: The Cape Town branch sits on the edge of a small cliff, overlooking the ocean. The Cape Town branch is known for being surprisingly beautiful for a corporate building, let alone a Necropolis Industry building.

Harmony City, Luna, Sol: The Harmony City branch sits slightly hidden from public view, with many workers complaining about the long, twisting alleys that one must walk down to get to the building. Nevertheless, the Harmony City branch is the second largest branch of Pavlov Industries.

Nova Luxembourg, Dominia, X’yr Vharn’p: The Dominian branch can be found near the city center, prominently overlooking the Court of Chalser. Residing in what was once a bank, the grandiose exterior encloses a large genebank and research building that is well known for its incredibly high security.


Founded in 2259 by Durante Necropoli, Necropolis Industries grew on the back of an innovative invention, the combat RIG suit. Although initially cumbersome, heavy, and expensive, demand for them polished them to the form we now know. Their growth only skyrocketed further with the outbreak of the First Interstellar War, where demand for space-capable armor was at an all time high. After the end of the war, and shortly after acquiring Kumar Arms, they have since diversified heavily into gene modification technology, being one of the largest researchers in the field, and prominently associated with the Empire of Dominia’s efforts in this area. They are famed for skill and quality of outcome in the area of gene therapy, biological limb replacement, and DNA manipulation. Wise financial decisions have ensured their dominance of arms procurement all across the Orion Spur, especially in the Sol Alliance. Many unique weapons developments have fueled their continued hold on the weapons market, with development of tools such as the energy machete, pulse rifles, and sonic weaponry. Some detractors claim that in recent years they have delved secretly into bio-weaponry, but this has always been denied by Necropolis representatives.


Kumar Arms

"The best defense is a Kumar offense."


Kumar Arms is considered the backbone of Necropolis Industries, founded in the Soviet Union, Earth in 2114. They are one of the most prominent manufacturers of small arms and hand held weapons, with a long history of selling to any customer willing to pay their prices.


Sol: Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Earth; with four major equipment manufacturing facilities across eastern Europe.


Chief Executive Officer: Freia Salsnivna, 37, Human

Chief Security Officer: Peter Ivanov, 47, Human

Chief Engineering Officer: Nirbaan Sehwag, 66, Human

Chief Information Officer: Jingya Dayal-Zhang, 59, Human

Chief Procurement Officer: Sumit Jadhav, 37, Human

Chief Development Officer: Ivan Malinov, 54, Human


Kumar Arms, also known as the Kumar Machinery Development Bureau, is one of the most famous and well known arms manufacturers in the Sol Alliance, with a long history stretching back to their founding in February 2114 by Ilyich Kumarvna. Since their founding, they have sold arms to nearly every country, army, or private military company in history. Their reputation for reliable, high quality, easy to use products is well deserved, and their weapons can be found nearly anywhere in the galaxy. Acquired in 2290 by Necropolis Industries after a series of poor financial decisions following a burst of growth in the First Interstellar War, they have continued to adapt to and lead rapid developments of new types of weapons.

Confiance Technologies

“Have confidence in Confiance.”


Confiance Technologies (ConTec) is a subsidiary of Necropolis Industries, founded on Luna in 2427. They remain a successful, though minor, company focusing on AI and synthetic component manufacturing.


Sol: Headquarters in Firefly City, Luna; two research and development facilities on Luna; two major equipment manufacturing facilities in Luna’s orbit; one research and development facility in Monaco, France, Earth.


Chief Executive Officer: Ilya Moules-Polorov, 43, Human

Chief Research Officer: Florian Chen-Gomez, 56, Human

Chief Technology Officer: Yulia Milosolov, 61, Human

Chief Engineering Officer: Amelia Meng-Wasem, 54, Human

Chief Brand Officer: Martin Laslenev, 38, Human

Chief Quality Assurance Officer: Wei Duhon-Huang, 47, Human

Head Legal Officer: Jayden Flores-Trahan, 41, Human


While perhaps not being the most innovative or highly profitable corporation, Confiance Technologies was founded as part of an effort to diversify Necropolis Industries’ profit base into more stable fields. It is not uncommon to find circuits, diagrams, wires, and various parts produced by them in robotics and synthetics across the Sol Alliance.