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The Megacorporations are major defining factors to you if you happen to be working for one of these employers.

They are listed below, and your expectations can completely change depending on who you're from.

You have the ability to play as an employee in every megacorporation on Aurora, with the exception of Einstein Engines.

NanoTrasen Corporation


Main article: Nanotrasen Corporation

NanoTrasen is the largest, and arguably most powerful, megacorporation in the Spur.
While its monopoly over Phoron fueled its meteoric rise, Nanotrasen's presence has infected all aspects of life in nearly every segment of the Spur.
Their employees can be found in almost every industry, and benefit from the many worker's benefits the company provides.
These benefits are often why many employees choose Nanotrasen over other corporations.
Regardless, their employees come from all walks of life reflecting just how far Nanotrasen's influence reaches.

Hephaestus Industries


Main article: Hephaestus Industries

Hephaestus Industries is the foremost industrial power in the galaxy.
Their ability to manufacture the greatest range of products is unparalleled among the megacorporations, solidifying its position - begrudgingly, beneath NanoTrasen.

Hephaestus contractors are known for their free and hardy nature, being mostly individuals sourced from opposition of the Sol Alliance.
This has gone so far as to make their primary language Freespeak, one known for its connection to the rebellious Mars.

Idris Incorporated


Main article: Idris Incorporated

Idris Incorporated is the greatest banking conglomerate in the galaxy.
Their reach extends as far as NanoTrasen's, despite a rather centralized and shady family administration.

Idris contractors are usually renowned everyday service personnel, the highest class even.
They delve frequently into security contracting as well - their own claim to quality simply being the "Idris expectation."

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals


Main article: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals is the largest pharmaceutical employer and medical research corporation ever devised.
Their coverage of the galaxy is spotty, but they have grown massively in recent years.

Zeng-Hu contractors are very often exactly what they're slated to be.
The formalities involved with practicing medicine are extensive (even in the 2400's) and as such Zeng-Hu is known to employ only the best.
Especially for positions on other megacorporate installations.

Zavodskoi Interstellar

Zavodskoi Interestellar.png

Main article: Zavodskoi Interstellar

Zavodskoi Interstellar is defined as the largest (and, at this point, the only) major arms manufacturer in the known galaxy.
Their reach extends to whoever needs weapons at any time - from killing machines to angry looking boots, they sell it all.

Zavodskoi contractors are known to contrast their company's edgy and intimidating exterior.
Politeness and cooperation with employers, and encouraging polite cooperation with others is the name of the game.

Orion Express


Main article: Orion Express

Orion Express is a newcomer to the galactic stage, but has proven to be quite influential already.
Their focus is on logistic operations throughout the Spur, and their ships can be found anywhere the other megacorporations are found.
While they are known throughout the spur for their unskilled workforce, plenty of skilled workers are employed to pilot the ships, maintain and build the robots, and manage the company.

Private Military Contracting Group


Main article: Private Military Contracting Group

The Private Military Contracting Group, PMCG for short, is a coalition of security and medical contractors from throughout the Spur.
The organization itself has few employees who work to hire and contract out the numerous and diverse groups under its banner.
Because of the nature of the PMCG, many of the contractors under its name are as diverse as the groups which make it up.

Einstein Engines


Main article: Einstein Engines

Einstein Engines has managed, on multiple occasions, to outperform the other megacorporations and continues to improve as each day passes.
Due to shortages of Phoron across the Orion Spur, alongside rigorous technological improvements in their warp drive designs,
they have been given an edge against the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate which they often find themselves at odds with.
The calculated expansion and eventual domination of the collapsed Solarian Alliance has further cemented their foothold in the Orion Spur.