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The languages of the known Galaxy are diverse. While many regional languages exist, there are few major languages which are of particular note for their large number of native speakers and status as official administrative and official species languages by governments and transtellars.

Human languages

Sol Common

With its roots in Mandarin Chinese, Common evolved as the official language of the Sol Alliance, with officials working to tie it together with a common tongue. It's spoken by state officials, taught in schools, and spoken by those who either feel a sense of national pride in the Alliance or otherwise fell sway to the culture. It became the Alliance' official language in 2105.

Tau Ceti Basic/Common

A spiritual successor of Esperanto, established in 2404 in Tau Ceti by Ceti intellectuals. Its unique, fully customized alphabet and structure allow it to be spoken even by most alien species. It's the official language of Tau Ceti and has growing traction in diplomatic circles and Universalists across human space. It is the most common trade language in human space and the official language of commerce in the Sol Alliance and numerous systems as well as being heavily promoted in non-human business schools.


Descended from latin and romance languages of old Earth, Tradeband remains the main tongue of the upper class of humanity. The language sounds elegant and well structured to most ears. It remains in popular use with traders, diplomats, and those seeking to hold onto a piece of a romantic past. It gained Sol Alliance recognized legal status in 2317 and is prominent in systems that have historically been major centers of trade.


A language of renegades and frontiersmen descending from various languages from Earth like Hindi combined into a multi-rooted jumble that sounds incoherent or even barbarian to non-native speakers. This language is the only common cultural identity for humans in the frontier. Speaking this language in itself boldly declares the speaker a free spirit. Often called 'Gutter' by Alliance citizens. It was Recognized by Sol Alliance as a spoken language in 2321. Considered a 'rough, informal' language, Freespeak is believed to have evolved in Martian slums, quickly spreading throughout the Galaxy. It is prominent in working class settlements across human space leading it to be the most common language in the frontier and second most common in the outer rim of known space. It is one of the few frontier cultural identity pieces.

Old Terran Languages

There are still remnants of older languages in the diverse human communities, but its speakers are small, rare, stubborn enclaves that are no longer recognized by the indifferent Alliance. Remnants of older major languages include:

  • Mandarin
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian