Republic of Elyra

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H. Sapiens / Human
Home System: New Ankara
Homeworld: Perispolis
Language(s): Elyran/Sol Common
Political Entitie(s): The Serene Republic of Elyra

The Republic of Elyra

One of the largest independent formerly-colonial states. This parliamentary republic was recently invaded by the insidious Liidra hive. Elyra is one of the few places in the Orion Spur where phoron can be found, a cornerstone of its economy. Owing its roots to Arabic and North African heritage, many parts of these cultures influence can be felt in the Republic.


The emblem of the The Serene Republic of Elyra.

The Republic of Elyra, or its more official name, The Serene Republic of Elyra, was formed during a large scale colonization and emigration effort from south western asia and northern africa during the early years of space colonization from Pre-Alliance Earth. It is made up of multiple star systems. It's national motto is "For Greatness We Strive". It's official language is Tau Ceti Basic, though several old-earth languages cling to life in small enclaves, such as arabic, persian, and farsi.

Population and Planets

The total population of Elyra is 17,353,349,200 based on the 2458 Census. This population is spread out over the nation's planets.


The capital planet Perispolis, in the New Ankara star system, has roughly 15 billion residents. The planet was originally an arid planet with a modest atmosphere and stubborn native ecosystems already present. Original Alliance-funded terraforming efforts transformed the planet into an Earthlike planet within a decade, allowing the population to flourish before and after independence. Commercial and service sector jobs remain the highest employer, second to refineries processing phoron or other minerals transported to the planet's orbit.


The second most inhabited planet with 1.3 billion people, Medina resides in the Jedeed Isfahan system. The planet has a thin yet breathable atmosphere which makes prolonged physical effort difficult without respiratory gear. However the planet is incredibly rich with mineral wealth due to its active geological history. Settlements on the planet are built to compensate for the high frequency of earthquakes.


In the Cairo United star system Bursa carries 700 million people. The planet sits farther out from the star than usual and thus has a predominately frigid climate year-round. Paradoxically hydroponic farm companies remain the highest employer on the planet, second to the shipyards that circle the planet. Several Elyran Defense Force bases also dot the surface, taking advantage of the harsh winters for wilderness survival training.


Colonized after independence and sitting in the Serene Riyadh system, the dwarf planet of Edirne carries only 50 million people. With the lack of an atmosphere the vast majority of the population lives in the various biodomes that dot the surface or in the orbiting space stations. Most of the inhabitants work as space miners taking advantage of the systems high concentration of phoron wealth.

Other Worlds

Ankara Station - The Republics primary space dock orbiting Perispolis. Dependant on importants from Perispolis, the station has a large service and banking economy. It is extremely heavily armored boasting multiple battle defence cluster stations equiped with state of the art blue space artillery and kinetic weaponry.

Qamar Station - A large station situated on the largest moon of Perispolis. It is self sufficent industrial station with primary Republic exports being computer components and machinery.

Nazar Flotilla - Large defense flotilla situated in the New Ankara. The flotilla's sole purpose is to detect and engage any Lii'dra hive ships that might enter the region. Due to its size and constant operation it has developed a large supplementary civilian population. Almost self sufficent, the flotilla still relies on imports from the Republic. It contains a large number of Offworlder Humans.

Tokat - A young mineral rich colony located on the outer regions of the Republic. Self sufficent with a mixed economy, it's primary exports are minerals for the Republic.

Errai Station - A former mining colony turned into a large rotating space habitat, the station is largely self sufficent with it's main import being water and it's key exports being services and banking.

Karistal Outpost - Located on a planet in the Republics frontier bordering Sol Alliance space, the outpost exists as a location of strategic importance. Reliant on Republic imports the outpost itself has a thriving artisan crystal cutting and shaping industry due to the rich crystal deposits in the outposts region. Many wealthy Elyrans spend large amounts of money to purchase crystal trinkets and even furniture from the outpost.

Antakya - A colony in mid Republic space. An airless world consisting of subterranean settlements it is largely reliant on Republic imports with its key industry being metal mining and processing.

Aemaq - A hot, chemical-water covered world in outer Republic space. Self sufficient, the settlements on the world are made up of flotillas dotting the waters of the planet. The water itself is unpotable but rich in exotic volatile organic compounds. These compounds alongside various art crafts are the planets biggest exports. The water industry is a large part of the economy on this planet.


Type: Parliamentary Democracy

Executive: Prime Minister

  • Current Prime Minister:

Rasheed Tatenda

  • Minister of the Army

Tau Kwadwo

  • Minister of the Navy

Daniyah Latifah

  • Minister of Diplomatic Affairs

Andile Nabil


  • Upper House: High Parliament
    • 550 Representatives; Two for every territory; unicameral legislature

Parties in Parliament

Elyran Freedom Party - A liberal party supportive of Nanotrasen. Currently holds the majority of seats.

The Serene Party - A conservative party against Nanotrasen.

Reform Party - A socialist party against NanoTrasen.

Al-Allah - A far-right conservative party with extreme religious undertones. Currently a small minority in the Parliament.

Judicial: High Court of Tranqulity

  • 8 Seats; Serve for life


Live my country, for the unity of our Elyra lives

To glory and greatness we march

For Elyra, we have sworn to live and work

For Elyra, we sweat and toil

For our Elyra, we await the call

From our Elders to our Children, we await the call

With haste we march, for Greatness

Oh my Elyra, we sacrifice for you.

With our blood and soul, we stand for you.

Oh my Elyra, Oh my Elyra, we are yours forever.

For greatness, we strive!

Long live our Elyra.


The Serene Republic of Elyra being a sovereign entity in the frontier has made the creation of a martial force a necessary development. Being exposed to foreign and at times volatile entities has led to the formation of the Elyran Armed Forces, also referred to as the EAF. They would emphasize on speed and precision when conducting their operations, employing equipment providing the capability to strike fast or to retaliate swiftly to a plethora of threats to the Republics safety. The recent aggression by the Hegemony and the Lii'dra has prompted extra funding to the defense program to improve their naval capabilities.

2nd Busra Army Corp aka “The Shield Corp”

An elite unit of the Elyran military that specialises in combating Vaurca combatant's, specifically the Lii'dra. Veterans of the various Elyran-Lii'dra conflicts, the men and women of the Shield Corp are renowned for their steadfastness and anti-Vaurca combat skills. Generally extremely wary of all Vaurca, their hatred of the Lii'dra hive burns extremely hot. Quite a few former members have found themselves working with NT for various reasons, usually as engineers, medical staff and security.


Official Currency: Colonial Dollar

Accepts Union of Sol Credit: Yes

The Serene Republic of Elyra is a modern service economy with strong resource extraction sectors, namely the phoron sector, which is one of the largest employers in the Republic. New Ankara in specific is home to several major financial corporations, either branches of Idris Incorporated or domestic banking services. The heavy industry sector of the Republic has been seeing large increases, with demands for domestic manufacturing of weapons, vehicles, and ships after the recent conflicts with the insidious Liidra. With the high education standards pushed by several governing coalitions in recent decades, engineering and mathematical fields have seen higher-then-average growth, with the Republic producing highly trained engineers and doctors who are desirable across human space for their skill and proficiency. This economic growth, seen as a testament to their hardy spirit, is not seen as a pure positive by all in the Republic - Elyran society has seen increasing levels of economic stratification and growing income disparity alongside the better standards of living on the major planets, and some parties call for social policies to combat what they see as an unwelcome change.


Ethnic Groups:

  • 56% Wasat
  • 31% Kharijiin
  • 11.3% Other (Humans of other heritage)
  • 2% Alien (Skrell, Tajara, Dionae, Other)


Tau Ceti Basic is the most spoken language in the Republic of Elyra, with Sol Common and Freespeak coming in a distant second and third. Tradeband is relatively rare, being spoken mostly by foreign immigrants and resident traders from across human space. A minority of pro-Sol people in the Republic speak using only Sol Common.

Religion: Secular; Religious Freedom; Variety of Religions

Culture: Based around Earth Middle Eastern and North African countries and religions. There is however a minority of other nearby yet foreign cultures that were part of the original colonization efforts.

Sub Races


The Wasat race makes up the largest portion of the population. They are descended from colonials from Arabia and Persia.

Skin Tone: 25 - 70

Average Male Height: 5'6" - 6'1"

Average Female Height: 5'4" - 5'9"

Black to light brown hair

Blue, green, brown eyes


The Kharijiin race makes up the second largest portion of the population. They are descended from colonials from North Africa.

Skin Tone: 60 - 120

Average Male Height: 5'4" - 5'7"

Average Female Height: 5'1" - 5'5"

Dark hair

Various shades of brown eyes


The Republic of Elyra was formed during a large scale colonization and emigration effort from south western asia (Middle East) and northern africa during the early years of space colonization. Sitting on some of the largest petroleum reserves in the world, nations of Arabia and northern africa found uncommon cooperation between one another to push their own space programs. This economic and scientific partnership soon encompassed even the nations in west africa with little or no petroleum reserves, as it gave them a competitive edge to the West. This was a matter of necessity and survival, as it was clear that the powers of the West would not willingly share resources that they were raking in from their advances into the resource rich final frontier.

So the loose coalition of nations formed their own faction within the Sol Alliance, but as with most of the nations of Earth developed the insatiable hunger for resources that began to exploit the colonists they had sent out. During the civil war with Earth, the colonies of Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait all declared their independence, storming understaffed Sol Alliance garrisons and outposts and seizing the ships and equipment. These planets and systems formed together out of necessity, creating the Coalition of Elyra. This name was taken from the elyra moth, which had been introduced to planets within the Coalition and bred exponentially, making it an extremely common sight in the colonies, and one of their shared characteristics.

After the First Interstellar War

Due to their distance, being farther out than most other factions, the Coalition was spared from most of the fighting. There were minor skirmishes, but for the most part the Coalition was left alone.

This left the colonies time to develop and observe, with many of the highest ranking Coalition officials noting the tactics and outcomes resulting from the conflict raging between the Sol Alliance and independent systems. General Abd Al-Hamid was one of these men: he called for the Coalition to transform into a Republic, claiming that no matter how the war ended, the Coalition would have to walk its own path. There was resistance to this notion, mostly from the old guard of colonists who had been born on Earth or were influenced heavily by those that were. It took three years and two constitutions being dissolved, but on December 1st, 2399, the Republic of Elyra that exists to the present day ratified its constitution. The constitution was broad sweeping, forming the basis of the government and Elyran society. It adopted the Westminister system of government, with a unitary parliament and a Prime Minister being the head of government as well as head of state. Prime Minister Fadl Hasim was the first to be appointed by his party, the Liberal Reform Party. Voting was briefly made compulsary, but the extreme resentment this carried had the plan being abolished a decade after it was instituted. The consequences of this are higher levels of political apathy, a problem that has began to show signs of giving power to major hard-line factions with the Elyran government.

Current Times

Elyra today is a modern, progressive nation struggling with identity. It carries neo-Islamic undercurrents in society and this religion remains the dominant faith - Sunni's, Shia's, and other sects are mixed in society as well as the other major religions of humanity. This mix of faiths has generally lead to a society of tolerance - this translates only in the major, progressive cities where there is a large educated middle class. Outside these cities where social investment is lower, religious and ethnic tensions exist that periodically erupt into violence. Domestically, the Republic is stable, enjoying positive economic growth in part due to its liberal policies and generally favourable relations with other independent factions. However, this growth is fueling the higher classes moreso than the lower classes - there is a growing trend of economic disparity beginning to rise, with the largest cities reaping most of the benefits at the expense of smaller cities and towns.

Frontier Militia, a very militaristic branch of Freedom, operate within Elyra currently, forever training and attempting to improve battle strategies.

Bursa Memorial

The Bursa Memorial was an initiative conducted in 2458 by the Elyran Parliament to house the names of the fallen and missing soldiers along with civilians of the Serene republic of Elyra during the Lii’dra aggression. The site of this is the location in which the hive ship landed. The site itself is separated into walls of different sizes also divided into different sections. Section A is reserved to the land forces, B for the planetside Air Force, C for the navy and D for non-combatants. Sections A-C have their walls separated by their unit or vessel they were stationed in while Section D reserved for non-combatants is separated by place of birth. Like many other memorials of the fallen, this place has an honor guard posted in respect and reverence to the martyrs that have laid down their lives in the name of their Republic.

Relations with Trans-Stellar Corporations

Due to Elyra's location, they sit with some of the largest reserves of phoron in their area. Nanotrasen was quick to notice this, and for the better part of a decade has been fighting tooth and nail to press claims on the deposits. The smaller systems that had initially depended on phoron mining and refinement found themselves muscled out by Nanotrasen, leading to a rising unemployment level and growing discontent about Nanotrasen policies in Elyran space. The Liberal Reform Party has attempted to pass tough legislation punishing Nanotrasen, but the Progressive party, in a coalition with the Workers of Elyra party, block these bills. There are rumours that Nanotrasen has many members of these parties in its pockets, and there have been some whistleblowers warning that Nanotrasen is corrupting Elyran democratic processes.

This has lead to sour relations with Nanotrasen, and Elyran military vessels repeatedly harass Nanotrasen shipping, attempting to either intimidate them or goad them into a confrontation to make it impossible to be politically viable to support Nanotrasen.

Potential Character Concepts

Characters from the Republic of Elyra are likely to:

  • Subscribe to the Islamic faith.
  • Have a dislike of the Vaurca, specifically the Lii’dra hive.
  • Have a dislike of Nanotrasen.

Here is an example character from the Republic of Elyra:

  • Yasmina Harrak, 34, is an Internal Affairs agent for Nanotrasen. She is stoic and a bit oblivious.
  • Harrak is 5’5” and fairly slim, probably 120 lbs. She takes heavy steps and has impeccable posture. She has dark brown eyes and curly, light brown hair, often kept in a bun.
  • Harrak moved to the Republic of Biesel for work, from her home of Perispolis. She lives alone, but visits her husband and children in Elyra during her rare breaks. Harrak is Islamic. Harrak is a strong supporter of Republicans.
  • Harrak hates all Vaurca, her despise only fueled further by recent Lii’dra attacks.
  • Harrak speaks Tau Ceti Common, Tradeband, and some Persian.

Here is a second example character from the Republic of Elyra:

  • Jaasir el-Galla, 42, is a head of security aboard the NSS Aurora. He is very team-oriented and industrious.
  • El-Galla is 6’1” and has a fair bit of muscle and fat, likely 190 lbs. He walks with purpose, his head held high, and moves regally. He has dark brown eyes and curly, dark brown hair that is kept short.
  • El-Galla left his home on Bursa to work for Nanotrasen and currently lives in Mendell City. He lives with his wife and four daughters. El-Galla is Islamic. Though not entirely comfortable with the party, el-Galla considers himself a Republican.
  • El-Galla has a dislike of most alien species, but especially the Vaurca.
  • El-Galla speaks Tau Ceti Common.