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Motto: Victory to all or Death to the last

The Serene Republic of Elyra being a sovereign entity in the frontier has made the creation of a martial force a necessary development. Being exposed to foreign and at times volatile entities has led to the formation of the Elyran Armed Forces, also referred to as the EAF. They would emphasize on speed and precision when conducting their operations, employing equipment providing the capability to strike fast or to retaliate swiftly to a plethora of threats to the Republics safety. The recent aggression by the Hegemony and the Lii'dra has prompted extra funding to the defense program to improve their naval capabilities.

The EAF is a modest volunteer based military with the nations phoron exports permitting them to purchase and develop equipment to suit their needs, maintaining contracts with mega corporations. The Armed Forces also provides an optional National Service program lasting two years, in which the national servicemen goes through three phases, basic training, specialization training and field experience respectively. This permits the EAF to have an experienced active force and a large reservist force in the event of emergencies. Reservists are additionally called on a yearly basis to attend a refresher course in which the core basics and principles are instilled and trained into them once more.


The EAF is divided into two main branches, the army and the navy. Each branch of the armed forces having their own independent airforce.

Elyran Army

"For Greatness, we standfast"

A land based force focusing on mechanized and motorized formations to permit them to swiftly react and adapt to situations as they unfold. Their main task is to garrison Elyran territory, able to mobilize at a moment's notice to meet any hostile threat with the ferocity and resolve of its uniformed men and women. A notable example of an Elyran Army formation would be the 2nd Busra Army Corp, also called “The Shield Corp” in honor of their stand against the Lii’dra assault. Holding back and containing the Lii’dra until the intervention of the Federation Tup Commando, forcing the Lii’dra off the planet and into the depths of space.

The Army much like other armies also boasts their own branch of the Special Forces, the Elyran Special Service, alternatively called the “ESS”. The ESS conducts special operations both at home and abroad. A notable example of their act is during Lii’dra aggression, where small formations were deployed to gather intelligence and conduct strikes with the aim of halting or at the very least slowing their advance. Their motto is “Day or night, we will be there.”

Elyran Navy

"Dutifully among the stars, for you."

The first line of defense against all threats, their fleet is mostly composed of escort class ships tasked with anti-piracy and smuggling operations across Elyran space. The recent aggression by the Hegemony and the losses during the Lii’dra conflict has led an expansion program, contracting Nanotrasen to assist in construction efforts of further spacefaring vessels to ensure the security of Elyran space.

The Navy is also responsible with manning a plethora of outposts throughout Elyran space and has their own form of ground forces, with a similar mindset as army, the Navy deploys their marines using a variety of strike crafts and transportation. Ensuring quick deployment and acquisition of mission objectives giving little respite to opposing forces. Their motto is “By our will and resolve” The Marines also have a special forces branch, called the Elyran Naval Special Service, with a focus on special operations in the void of space. The ENSS is notable for their joint operation with a Synthetic Liberation Cell, in which President Dorn was rescued and brought back to Elyra. Their motto is “With swift and precision, we acquire."