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"NanoTrasen is the leader in all things Phoron... And more! Across the galaxy we provide the finest Phoron-combustion generators and Phoron byproducts, such as the Supermatter engines and singularity fields to bring power to your neighborhood! We continue to make significant advances in other major fields ranging from the hydroponics, to genetic research, to information technology and robotics! As a proud employee of our corporation, we encourage you to take active part in continuing to advance our scientific knowledge for the good of the human race, and your pay check!"


NanoTrasen is the corporation the player works for by default. Formerly a biotech research company NanoTrasen Corporation’s size, influence, and wealth exploded to previously unthinkable heights after the discovery of Phoron and bluespace. It has a net worth of 730 trillion credits and 440 million employees and a vast fleet of ships and stations.

However, NanoTrasen remains an extremely controversial mega-corporation, accused of buying Tau Ceti outright, bribing politicians, and performing illegal experiments in the frontier of human space. NanoTrasen is rumored to have their hands in every level of Tau Ceti's government in addition to a reputation for mistreating their workforce in the name of the bottom line. The corporation is also suspected of instigating wars on Adhomai and Moghes for the purpose of manipulating the species' into lucrative deals for profit.

NanoTrasen is a centerpiece corporation of the newly-founded Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, with its chief executives having heavy sway in the Conglomerate's dealings.


NanoTrasen maintains a heavy direct pressure over roughly 75% of human states and factions, with numerous NanoTrasen manufacturing sectors, research and development laboratories, and orbital facilities. NanoTrasen property can be found in most of human space if one looks hard enough.


Current CEO: Miranda Trasen

Wealth beyond belief is hardly the characterizing trait of Miranda Trasen, who alone has held together the Phoron monopoly for the years after her father’s death in 2443. Maintaining a strong public image is among her greatest efforts, to grand success - the “good deeds” of NanoTrasen have spread word across Human space like wildfire since her rise to power. This is of course in desperation to mend the shattered reputation of NanoTrasen amongst the Frontier worlds that have come to despise the megacorporation, though whether the wealthiest woman alive has better aspirations than exploiting them is up for debate. Miranda has managed to establish footholds in the Coalition of Colonies’ space itself, branching out far and wide across the galaxy.

Miranda’s insistence on an outwards-facing smile has not kept her corporation out of a negative light, and weekly scandals are bound to be numerous for something so enormous. Nor has it managed to keep the press out of her daily dealings. Every move made outside of protected corporate property is tracked incessantly, with each step into new territories being either celebrated or rued with the public at large. Reasonably, Miranda can rarely be seen outside of the highest echelons of the corporation’s most secure facilities and ships with this in mind.

Official Title(s): NanoTrasen Corporation, NanoTrasen Biomedical

Motto: The leader in all things Phoron!

Headquarters: Mendell City, Biesel, Tau Ceti

Official Languages: Tau Ceti Basic, Sol Common, Tradeband

Primary Color Scheme: Navy blue, black, white

Executives and Branches


The NanoTrasen family.

NanoTrasen is managed by the Chiefs of Staff, who are advised and appointed by the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer, currently Miranda Trasen, has the ultimate authority over the corporation. Trasen herself is also a majority shareholder, making her the wealthiest human in the galaxy. After the Chiefs of Staff and Board of Directors, power is delegated to Sector Command comprised of the Duty Officers and Central Command Internal Affairs (CCIA) personnel. Sector Command in turn delegates power to individual Station Command personnel.

Chief Executive Officer: Miranda Trasen, 47, Human

Chief Research Director: Rook Keller, 67, Human

Chief Security Officer: Nathan Trasen, 44, Human

Chief Naval Director: Marcus Mathers, 60, Human

The hierarchy of the NanoTrasen Corporation.

Chief Personnel Director: Quix Repi’Weish, 209, Skrell

Chief Relations Director: Andrew Reynolds, 55, Human

Chief Legal Director: Mori Takachika, 53, Human

Chief Medical Director: Yehtlas Mualt-Quaat, 218, Skrell

Chief Engineering Director: Nigel Brent, 59, Human


With their headquarters in Tau Ceti, NanoTrasen has spread throughout much of human space, digging into every hold the company can find. Here are the locations of their primary and largest branches.

Mendell City, Biesel, Tau Ceti: The Mendell City branch in Zhengfu District oversees much of NanoTrasen’s activity in Biesel. There is a small water garden on the ground floor for public use that is surprisingly serene, considering the owner and the nearby looming skyscraper. Security is extremely tight in the facility, though no simple visitor would be the wiser.

NTCC Odin, Biesel Orbit, Tau Ceti: The NTCC Odin serves as NanoTrasen’s primary administrative center. Broken up into a residential, industrial, and commercial blocks, the NTCC Odin houses employees and helps create more revenue for NanoTrasen. The company’s Emergency Response Teams are also based on the NTCC Odin.

New York City, United Americas, Sol: The New York City branch is responsible for NanoTrasen’s activity in Sol. NanoTrasen’s New York City Headquarters stands directly next to the World Trade Center, considered a very fitting placement by observers. It is rumored the Trasen family penthouse is in the NYC building, though none know for sure.

Oran, Epsilon Eridani, Eridani Corporate Federation: The Oran branch is in charge of NanoTrasen’s activity in the Eridani Federation. Though not as prominent as other megacorporations in Eridani, NanoTrasen manages to keep its place by recruiting Eridanians solely based on talent, ranging from suits to dregs to tunnel runners and everyone between.

Kuenoi, Xanu Prime, Xanu: The Keunoi branch oversees NanoTrasen’s activity across the Coalition of Colonies. As apart of the corporate complex building with the other corporations in Cingnim District, NanoTrasen protects its assets by having a visiting time of one hour, between 3 AM and 4 AM, and imposing heavy fines on “trespassers” and by pushing for harder convictions on corporate espionage charges.


Miranda Trasen, Chief Executive Officer of NanoTrasen, sporting her new hairstyle!

Formed in 2346, Nanotrasen started out as a small company, whose research was mostly based around gene-therapy in the heart of human space, Mars. NanoTrasen was effective at patenting methods that lead to more cost effective medical coverage plans for business use, primarily through aggressive business tactics than personal research brilliance. Many minor medical research facilities ended up on the unpleasant end of Xavier Trasen's desire to make a name for himself and shark-like approach, and were bought out and taken apart for his company's capitalization. By the end of the decade, NanoTrasen became a trans-stellar entity specializing in genetic engineering and medical research.

In 2417, NanoTrasen discovered Phoron in the Tau Ceti system in the Romanovich Cloud. This new resource allowed the generation of immense amounts of electricity and could be used as fuel for FTL travel, out-dating everything that had come before it. NanoTrasen began exploiting this new resource aggressively, setting up numerous stations and outposts in Tau Ceti to exploit the resource while sending out many new probes and drones to discover more.

Research facilities, stations, ships and other installations were being built faster than ever. NanoTrasen, capitalizing on its newfound wealth, managed to bankrupt and absorb many other companies on a larger scale than ever before and soon changed their name to its modern form. This only further increased NanoTrasen's power and scope, ratcheting it up to the status of a true super-corporation, the most powerful business-empire in the known galaxy.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a shadowy intragalactic organization made up of highly-trained, highly funded, and highly dedicated operatives. Their ultimate objective is to destroy Nanotrasen and any government that supports it. Their activities are broad and their methods are varied. The Syndicate is responsible for hundreds of acts of terrorism as well as inciting civil unrest. The Syndicate has had its hand in nearly every major galactic event since the 2440's. It has agents in most other megacorporations and receives financing from them or directly siphon funds - along, reportedly, with supplies from Zavodskoi Interstellar. The Syndicate is also branching out to infiltrate and influence major governments, or to find allies in the various spy agencies.

Their operations in recent years became lulled as the agency began to stagnate in the face of effective Nanotrasen counter-operations or major busts by law enforcement. The organization has had traces of itself scrubbed by Republic officials during this stagnation, binning any and all reference to the Syndicate in face of bribery and other, less polite means of influence from the Company. The major influences on the Syndicate as a whole take little to ascertain - those being Hephaestus and Zavodskoi, as well as Einstein Engines itself. Each decisive strike against NanoTrasen would be for the benefit of seeing its power dwindle, and the slow collapse of the corporate giant could easily be filled in by the vultures circling over their head.

The Criminal Scum and You

Syndicate paraphernalia is not an uncommon sight in dark corners of some NanoTrasen installations, though it is important to consider the steps NanoTrasen has taken to ensure the destruction of this. Most, if not all non-command and security staff characters would have little to no idea of the Syndicate’s existence. Security would know very little beyond the name, and Command would likely recognize the Syndicate as a hidden, or perhaps already long-defeated enemy. Mindshielded individuals would certainly recognize and seek the destruction of Syndicate paraphernalia as it is seen.


The subsidiaries of all megacorporations are as endless as their own direct employees, with massive swaths of businesses being occupied or dropped on a daily basis on a galactic scale. Whether businesses flourish alongside or get crushed by the corporate powers is found to be a case-by-case scenario. This means that any independent business, at least outside of Tau Ceti and the Eridani Corporate Federation, can reasonably survive indefinitely without the megas grabbing them. However, should these businesses elevate to anything worthwhile, it is reasonable to assume they’ve already fallen to the whim and will of the economic rulers of the Orion Spur.

Getmore Corporation

"Get more of Getmore!”

Chief Executive Officer: Mataji Khatri, 52, Human

Getmore Corporation is a major subsidiary of NanoTrasen, often supplying NanoTrasen’s vending machines with their products or helping ship bulk goods for the company. The subsidiary uses the galaxy’s largest local shipping networks to keep its own Hephaestus-built rented superfreighters running, recovering from titanic debt that is rumored to take hundreds of years to recuperate from having rented the freighters in the first place.

The founder of Getmore Corporation, Chip Getmore, is shrouded in rumor and mystery and has long been the focus of media attention.


Getmore Corporation was founded by Chip Getmore shortly after the Mars Catastrophe of 2298, focused on producing cheap and accessible food for the masses of the red planet. The company was later acquired by NanoTrasen to supply its facilities, spreading from Mars to the rest of the NanoTrasen’s holdings. Getmore's products are among the most famous junk food brands in all of human space, feeding countless hungry children, college students, and employees.


Getmore is a major food supplier throughout the Sol Alliance and the Republic of Biesel. Many can find Getmore products in grocery stores, vending machines, and fast food restaurants all under the Getmore brand. The company also doubles as a major delivery service, boasting near-galaxy wide coverage and the fastest shipping speeds.

Major Brands

The major brands of Getmore Corporation are hugely encompassing and in a perpetual state of disarray. Old brands are dropped as fast as new ones are received very rapidly, supposedly conforming to the predictions outlined by scholars within the company. These scholars claim to cater to the “taste of the galaxy,” quite often in media reports.

The major brands that its founder Chip Getmore had outlined as “practically everlasting” lay below.

  • Getmore Nougat Candy Bar: A brand of simple nougat bar made with real sugar and no artificial preservatives.
  • Getmore Cup Ramen: A brand of cheap mass-produced ramen that self-heats with 10 mL of water.
  • Commander Riker’s What-The-Chips: A brand of bland, lightly-salted potato chips.
  • Scaredy’s Private Reserve Beef Jerky: A brand of beef jerky made from Getmore’s very own space-raised cows.

Hazel! Ltd./Hazel Electromotive

"Your friend, Hazel”

Chief Executive Officer: Erich Ludtz, 34, Human

Hazel! Limited in Tau Ceti and Hazel Electromotive in Sol, is the newest subsidiary of Getmore and by extent, Nanotrasen. The company is known for the production and distribution of Hazels, a series of high-end shell IPCs in limited numbers, designed for domestic and service work, as well as managing a wide array of merchandise regarding them, from hardware and software to clothes.

The Hazel! Ltd logo.


Founded by Klara Seidel in 2410 in Earth, Sol, the company produced basic robotic apparatus and assistants for household chores. Upon relative success and the establishment of a branch in Harmony City, Luna, the company expanded into IPC production, creating the first Hazel in 2448 and the first synthskin covered Hazel in 2450, becoming a pioneer in shell frame IPC development and marketing. The opening of the Tau Ceti branch in 2460 marked the peak of their success, soon to be curtailed by the Phoron crisis, ending in their acquisition by Getmore to avoid financial ruin. While a subsidiary, the company is allowed a large degree of freedom and communication between the Sol and Tau Ceti branches. As a result, their internal structures and business practices are largely left intact.

Major Brands

  • Hazel

Hazel is the main product and focal point of the corporation. Released in series, these shellframe IPCs are designed for work in the service and domestic sector. Found in high end hotels, company headquarters, bars and private households, they are released in series and are marketed in Tau Ceti and the Sol core worlds. Their relatively few numbers, the fact that they all share the same face, female appearance and hazel coloured eyes make them distinguishable as a sought out and sometimes collectable item. Custom builds are also offered in order to suit a client’s specifications, though such units are few and far between, owing to their extremely high cost.


Hazels are released in series, with newer series supposedly sporting more advanced features in both hardware and software. While this is true for the older lines, the company has been accused by critics for making no tangible changes apart from cosmetic alterations. The company has since been releasing a new series every year, series 1 launching in 2450 with the onset of synthskin technology. The vast majority are built in Hephaestus factories in Sol space prior to being shipped for software and synthskin installation in Tau Ceti, a cost saving process that permits the products to be labeled as “Made in Tau Ceti”. Hazels follow a certain naming convention, provided their names have not been changed by their owners or themselves "Hazel #S-H(series number).(unit number)". An example of this formatting is Hazel #S-H1.01

While Hazels of the same series possess largely similar specifications, it is not unheard of for units to differ in regards to their given service skillset, language chips and character. More advanced software in the newest series has enhanced the units’ adaptability, allowing for the organic development of unique personalities if left unchecked.

Ingi Usang Entertainment Company

"Our stars are bigger than real stars!”

Chief Executive Officer: Minjung Romero, 53, Human

Ingi Usang Entertainment Co., abbreviated InUs, is a major subsidiary of NanoTrasen, handling the production, editing, and distribution of holovid shows, music, and other art mediums. The company is known for its increasingly comical upper-level decisions, currently driving itself into the ground - and its prices sky-high. As time went on, InUs products became more and more valued and since its stabilization in 2452, became the standard for gaudy fashion.


Founded by Songmin Sang in 2214, Ingi Usang Entertainment Company remained a fairly minor corporation until being bought out by NanoTrasen in 2340 for “strategic marketing”. Though InUs fared better, it was not until 2397 when Binyaria, a Venusian aerostat, opened the Chiye-Gyo District to corporate investment. Between the untapped Venusian entertainment industry and cutthroat corporate war with BP Entertainment Inc., InUs flourished by debuting musical groups that quickly became insanely popular. In 2438, the company moved its headquarters to the Chiye-Gyo District.

Major Brands

InUs possesses four major entertainment brands run by mostly independent subsidiaries, as well as dozens of clothing labels strewn across the company’s jurisdiction.

  • Cham Usang Records: Record label with numerous bands and solo artists called Chamus.
  • True Lifestyle: A holovid network focusing on life throughout the Sol Alliance with shows like Real Time Security, One Love For Many, The Solarian Culture, and Living Big: The Lives of the Famous.
  • ETX Network: A holovid network focusing on series shows occasionally broken up by Cham Usang Records material with shows like Love Me Right, Dark Days Ahead, No Names, and Chamu Hour with Sunmi.
  • Cuentas?: A holovid network focusing on news and celebrity gossip with shows like The Day with Njeru and Susanto, That Good Stuff, The Spotlight, and The Orion Network.

Relations with Trans-stellar Factions

Relations with all corporations are heavily tied to every echelon of even the most detached factions in the Orion Spur. As the corporations have seeped into every facet of one’s livelihood as far as the eye can see, few find it unimportant to maintain some degree of knowledge on the megacorps.

This megacorporation’s noteworthy relations with the major powers are below, and may be very important to you.

People’s Republic of Adhomai

NanoTrasen has played an important role in Adhomai since its discovery; through the support of the rebels, supplying the People’s Republic with technology, and offering job opportunities to the population. The PRA is NanoTrasen’s biggest ally on the planet, with much of its economy bound to the megacorp. Corporate interests are mainly focused on obtaining cheap labor and mining Adhomai’s rich mineral deposits. Despite the prosperity brought by this relationship, many Tajara are against the megacorporation’s interference in the affairs of the Tajara people. Alongside the political crises, NanoTrasen’s presence was one of the main reasons for the Second Revolution. Even after the Armistice, the People’s Republic continues its policy of maintaining a strong relationship with the corporation. Tajara working for NanoTrasen usually have more opportunities than with other employers.

Republic of Biesel

NanoTrasen holds an undisputed monopoly over the Republic of Biesel’s phoron reserves, and all newly staked deposits found under Biesellite banners. Needless to say, their power within the Republic is without contest due to this. At every echelon of the Republic’s government is some sort of NanoTrasen interference to advise and even direct the young nation’s every move. Inarguably the outcome of this has yielded positive results ; now, the Republic sits on the largest wealth the galaxy has ever known, free of the debts that cripple the Alliance or the disarray of Coalition politics.

Ceres Lance

Ceres Lance, while previously based officially in Sol space (which is where they get their name), have seen increased activity within Tau Ceti under NanoTrasen’s remit. Following the brief war between Sol and TC, and the subsequent reveal of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, the Lance have seen further entrenchment into the NanoTrasen umbrella as they operate exclusively under NT contracts, going as far as to migrate their headquarters to the Odin where they can keep a closer eye on Bubble. Ceres Lance being a private military contractor, this relationship is purely professional, and NanoTrasen continues to keep them around for their unique skill set. It’s yet to be seen if the Lance will find themselves signing a more formal and permanent work agreement with the megacorporation.

Stations, Merchant Fleet and the Fleet Security Force

The NanoTrasen corporation maintains a large fleet of ships and stations for varying purposes, ranging from research to transport to medical to exploration. These ships form the backbone of NanoTrasen’s transportation of personnel, cargo, and research from system to system and planet to planet.

The military arm of this fleet is known as the NanoTrasen Navy, which is overseen by the Chief Naval Director and his Sector Commanders. The fleet Utilizes ships from simple patrol frigates to impressive drone carriers, like the NDV Icarus that patrols the space around the Aurora and Exodus. Some ships even have attachments of ERT teams that can respond to emergencies across their respective system.

Every mega-corporation has some sort of orbital fleet to protect their assets, but NanoTrasen is notable in that it is the only mega-corporation that fields a fleet completely independent of government contracts or subsidies. This has lead to accusations against NanoTrasen of fielding the equivalent of a mercenary army, one that can easily intimidate governments and is large enough to require a consolidated effort from the entire fading Sol Alliance to defeat.

Much of the NanoTrasen corporate Navy has been repurposed and loaned to the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate who now possess unparalleled force projection in the galactic stage.


NCV - NanoTrasen Corporate Vessel

NSS - NanoTrasen Space Station

NMV - NanoTrasen Martial Vessel

NTCC - NanoTrasen Central Command

NTHQ - NanoTrasen Headquarters


Some of its largest and/or most expensive holdings are listed below.

Prefix Name Type Role Location
NTCC Odin Station Central Command Tau Ceti
NSS Baldr Station Central Command Sol
Research Services
NSS Upsilon Station High-scale Research Station Tau Ceti
NSS Aurora Station Phoron Research and Mining Station Tau Ceti
NSS Canis Minor Station Medical School and Research Station Tau Ceti
NSS Exodus Station Auxiliary Research Station Tau Ceti
NSS Apus Station Xenobiological Research Station Sol
NSS Ara Station Defence Research Station Sol
NCV Clark Ship Exploration Vessel
NCV Asimov Ship Exploration Vessel
NCV Von Braun Ship Super Freighter
NCV Archimedes Ship Super Freighter
NCV Amundsen Ship Super Freighter
NCV Armstrong Ship Super Freighter
NCV Anchieta Ship Super Freighter
NCV Baudin Ship Probe Carrier
BioMedical Services
NSS Canes Venatici Station Hospital Station Tau Ceti
NSS Canis Major Station Hospital Station Sol
NSS Carina Station Triage Center Sol
NSS Phoenix Station Triage Center Tau Ceti
NCV Tesla Ship Hospital Ship
NCV Maxwell Ship Hospital Ship
NCV Curie Ship Cryostasis Freighter
Security Services
NSS Cephus Station Processing Station Sol
NCV Murphy Ship Transport
NCV Cato Ship Transport
NMV Patton Ship Patrol Vessel
NMV Brooke Ship Patrol Vessel
NDV Icarus Ship Drone Carrier Tau Ceti
NMV Oceanus Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Poseidon Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Apollonius Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Gloria Verdantes Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Sierra Ontago Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Xavier Trasen Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Vern Clerk Ship Escort Cruiser
NMV Gelligaer Ship Response Cruiser
NMV Glynneath Ship Response Cruiser
NMV Paladin Ship Response Cruiser
Telecommunication Services
NSS Orion Satellite Interstellar Communications Array Sol
NCV Volans Ship Repair Freighter
Power Services
NCV Ikon Ship Mobile Power Facility Tau Ceti