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Emergency Response Team
Emergency Response Team
Access: All
Qualifications: Not defined
Relevant Education: Not defined
Supervisors: NanoTrasen CentCom
Duties: Make sure the station is secure.
Guides: No external guides.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is the elite asset protection service of the Nanotrasen corporation, you are a member of ERT Phoenix, the team assigned to oversee research facilities in Tau Ceti, including the NSS Aurora, amongst other stations.

Who am I?

A good question, you are a trooper of the ERT, a highly trained operative ready to work with his (or her) team in order to return the station to survivable conditions.

Upon spawning you will be given a number of choices. So lets talk you through them: Name- The first pop-up you will get is to enter your name, don't forget your rank though! For your first time it is advised you label yourself as a Trooper (Tpr. [name]), as you become more experienced you may well get a chance to be a squad leader, known as a Leading Trooper (L/Tpr. [name])

The full rankings and their abbreviations are:

L/Tpr [name] - Leading Trooper Melons. NOTE: Reserved for Humans or Skrell

S/Tpr [name] - Specialist Trooper Melons

Tpr [name] - Trooper Melons

All species found on the Aurora can be a member of the ERT, except for any non-base IPCs, vaurca, and diona. Additionaly, only humans and skrell can be leading troopers.

Remember when you spawn in, to change out of your duty uniforms into your combat uniforms, unless otherwise ordered by the team leader.

Who else is in my team?

Alongside you will be other troopers, generally 2 or 3, but depending on the situation we can have multiple teams working together. In addition to troopers, there will be the team leaders, in exceptional circumstances NT may see fit to deploy a Sub Officer to lead the larger teams, or an ERT Commander.

You can identify who is who by the colour of their jumpsuit or body armour, or their specialty by the colour of their hardsuits. Trooper - Your uniform and body armour is marked with green highlights, or a red EVA suit. Leading Trooper - Your team leader will be wearing a light blue highlighted uniform and body armour, or a light blue EVA suit. Specialist Trooper - They run around in a white medical or yellow engineering hardsuit or armor. Commander - ERT Commanders will have old highlighted uniform and armour.

NT!! Navy - Copy.png

What do I do?

As a member of the ERT, your objective is to handle the emergency situation that the station has reported by any means necessary, and return the station to normal operations.

You have a selection of powerful equipment, an ID with all-access to the station's airlocks, and the authority to take charge of the station if you need to in order to accomplish your mission. However, remember that the Heads of Staff and Captain are the real people in charge of the facility. Your team shouldn't be relieving them of their duties or overriding their authority without a good reason for it, such as one being hostile, actively obstructing the mission or assisting hostile elements, or refusing to perform their job functions.

Once the emergency is contained, your team is expected to hand back control of the station to the crew and depart, or at worst, facilitate an evacuation or emergency crew transfer. ERT members should not indefinitely maintain control of the station.

As a member of the team you have a choice of three specializations:

Security - Drawn from the Fleet Security Force generally, the security specialists wear red hardsuits and well versed in weapon handling drills, hand to hand combat, arresting procedures as well as other skills such as basic first aid.

Engineering - The engineer specialists don orange hardsuits and are well trained in construction and deconstruction and are able to repair the vast majority of faults on a station, or get you into just about any room.

Medical - Medical specialists will be seen with white hardsuits, they are trained in advanced emergency first aid and are essentially field doctors, capable of stabilizing and treating patients and supporting station medical staff.

What tools do I need?

What a very good question, the specific tools you will need will vary by situation, but can be split into 2 categories, your essential tools and your task specific tools.


  • ERT-S Suit Control Module: The hardsuit you will always want to bring. Make sure to fit it out with the modules in the Leading Trooper's room.
  • Black Webbing Vest: A webbing vest.
  • Magboots. Your hardsuit already has magboots. Don't get these.
  • Mounted Laser Cannon: If your hardsuit doesn't have a mounted laser cannon, put one in the hardsuit. Acts like a laser cannon would, but it's mounted.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Standard night vision goggles.
  • Handcuffs: Self explainatory.
  • Combat Belt: Holds grenades, ammunition, C4 and other things. Always get one.
  • Stun Baton: It's a stun baton.
  • Flash: A standard flash.

Now, onto the weapons you can pick.

  • Plastic Explosives: Precise explosives that blow up the wall or airlock or floor you place them on. Self explainatory, bring one or more if you need to break into an area you have no access to, such as a bolted AI core.
  • Machine Pistol: An SMG that switches between single fire, 3 round burst and short burst. Usually not worth bringing over the Bullpup, but if you need to pick one make sure to replace the magazine, as it comes with 9mm rubbers and not lethals. Uses 9mm magazines.
  • Ion Rifle: Useful if you're going to be fighting synthetics such as cyborgs or IPCs, disables them in very few shots.
  • Energy Rifle: An energy weapon with 20 shots that can switch between stun and kill. Doesn't recharge by itself like the advanced energy gun, worth bringing if you're going to need a laser weapon.
  • Bullpup Assault Carbine: One of the best weapons you can pick, comes with 10 shots in each magazine and can switch between single shot, 3 round burst and grenade launcher. Generally the weapon you will want to pick, as it does quite some damage. The underslung grenade launcher is able to fire frag grenades. Uses 5.56mm magazines.
  • Grenade Launcher: Shoots grenades, can't shoot frag grenades anymore. Generally not worth bringing due to the fact that your hardsuit already has a grenade launcher. On the rack where the grenade launcher is, you will find frag grenades. You may want to take some.
  • Automatic .45 Pistol: Generally the sidearm you will want to pick, acts like a .45 pistol but can fire in single shot, 3 round bursts and short bursts. Uses .45 magazines.
  • Energy Pistol: Five shots, can switch between stun and kill. Inferior to the auto .45 in stopping power.

You will have access to two vendors, the SecTech which sells the standard things such as flashes, pepperspray and handcuffs, and the Nanosecurity Plus, which sells more specialized things, and the vendor you will want to focus on. It sells the ammunition you will need, and also sells tactical masks, tactical shields, and tactical knives. Get those, in addition to the ammunition you will be using for the weapons you chose.


The engineering area has a lot of things, but most of them won't be used often. Let's look at the things you'll be using often.

  • ERT-E Suit Control Module: Always, always get one. Comes with a mounted RCD.
  • Insulated Gloves: Your hardsuit's gauntlets are already insulated. Don't bother.
  • RCD: Your hardsuit already has a mounted RCD.
  • Tool Belt: Get one. You'll need it for the tools.
  • Superior Welding Goggles: Useless, as your hardsuit's helmet already works as welding goggles.
  • Emitters: Sometimes you will be called to deal with blobs, or you'll need to get into the AI core. Emitters are useful for this, so if you need them, bring them.
  • Stun Revolver: Grab one if the troopers stole all the energy pistols and auto .45s.

There are various vending machines, and you'll need those. Let's take a look at them.

  • Vendomat: Sells proximity sensors, igniters, remote signaling devices and such. Not really useful.
  • YouTool: Sells the tools you will need.
  • EngiVend: Sells multitools, mainly. Also sells various electronics.
  • Robco Tool Maker: Sells everything that the YouTool and EngiVend sell, in addition to other things.


  • ERT-M Suit Control Module: Always, always get one. Comes with a mounted chem injector.
  • Medical Crate: Contains surgery tools.
  • On the table next to the medical crate, you will find all the medkits you will need.
  • Hyposprays: There are 6 total hyposprays. Grab however many you need.
  • Medical Belt: Grab one to stuff your trauma kits and hyposprays in.
  • Your chem dispenser 3000 is one of a kind. It's able to instantly distribute pretty much every chemical you will ever need. Fill beakers and hyposprays using it.
  • Blood Packs and IV Drip: Self explainatory.
  • Stun Revolver: Grab one if the troopers stole all the energy pistols and auto .45s.

Leading Trooper

The Leading Trooper's Room contains a lot of useful things. Let's look at everything.

  • ERT-L Suit Control Module: The hardsuit that identifies you as the L/Tpr. Get it, wear it.
  • Scout Rifle: A sniper rifle that you can scope in with. Uses 5.56mm AP rounds, you can get more from the Nanosecurity Plus in the Security room. Shoots in single rounds or two round bursts. Useful for scouting areas and shooting from afar, also does a good amount of damage.
  • Module Rack: This rack contains a lot of modules. Put whichever modules you need inside your hardsuit, distribute the rest to the troopers. They're all very, very useful.
  • InteliCard: It's an intelicard for carding artificial intelligences.
  • Advanced Energy Gun: An energy weapon with 10 rounds that can switch between stun and kill, and self recharges over time.
  • Death Alarms: Distribute to the troopers if you need to.

The Special Operations Mechbay

Beyond the standard Armory, there are three vehicles that can be chosen should the situation warrant it, defer to your L/Tpr for permission should you desire to take one. They are located in the Special Operations Command room. They are:

  • Hoverpod: Not the most useful choice, but it's an option. Practically useless in all situations.
  • APLU "Firefighter": This one is more useful, but depends on the situation. If the Station is on fire, or you outfit it cleverly, it may be worth taking.
  • Odysseus: This one is much more useful if the Medical ERT were to decide to take it.
  • Exosuit Attachments: Around the room are many many different modules, a Mounted Sleeper, a Drill, an Energy Relay, a Syringe gun. You should attach some of these if you intend to take an Exosuit.

Assault Armories

Ontop of the normal armament available to the ERT, there is a special equipment storage reserved for Admin and Event use, spread around the Special Operations department, these include:

  • Light Machine Gun (LMG): The LMG has a very high rate of fire, it's probably better used with another weapon as backup.
  • AI Upload Circuits: Many different circuits to choose from, including a direct reset to NT Default.
  • Gygax Exosuit: In the same room, you can find multiple Exosuit attachments including a mounted Ion cannon and Armor boosters.
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