Tajaran Emigration

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Leaving Adhomai

The Tajaran emigrants are a common sight in many parts of the galaxy - such as Tau Ceti - and there are plenty of reasons for someone to leave Adhomai; seeking refuge from the conflict, searching for better opportunities in life or starting a career with NanoTrasen. While emigration to another planet is seen as something positive, the isolated position of S'rand'marr has created a hazardous path that many must overcome to leave their homeland.

Leaving Adhomai is the start of the long journey, with few cities having access to a shuttle port and abusive loans being acquired to pay for a seat in a shuttle. Republican citizens may have better opportunities, as they the ones with more access to official NanoTrasen and human-sponsored flights, with Nal'tor hosting the largest shuttle port on the planet. It is possible for a mega-corporation, or even the PRA, to pay for the flight of a new employee, something that would allow them to avoid many of the possible problems and dangers of their journey, as their departure will be watched by a few Republican space ships on orbit.

For the members of the New Kingdom of Adhomai and the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai, the possibilities of leaving Adhomai are fewer. It is common for them to rely on smugglers and other less secure ways. There is a large market for smuggling, mostly due to the blockade once imposed by the Republic's space navy, and moving products and people out of S'rand'marr has become a lucrative business. Buying their way out of their home may either require some form of official support - such as accepting working as an agent for the DPRA in foreign soil - or paying an individual know as a “Ha'rron”, that will allow the migrants to leave the orbit in an illegal, and most of the time not safe, shuttle. The Republican ships are known for turning a blind eye to those smugglers, due to either their corruption or the benefit that their services provide to Adhomai. In the rare case, they are forced to take action, usually, under the suspicion of the vessel carrying something of strategic value, the admirals of the Republic may order a suspicious target to be shot down without mercy, or boarded if capturing a hostile agent may be proven possible.

Due to the recent Armistice, many smugglers and Ha'rron have officialized their business. Branding themselves as legitimate transport pilots and companies; offering a cheaper alternative to NanoTrasen flights. Despite this, the conditions and safety of their ships have not improved greatly.

The Journey

After boarding a transport ship, either a NanoTrasen craft or a smuggler's convoy, the migrant will start a long journey, to cross most of the frontier, heading to the richest planets closer to the core of the Sol Alliance.

NanoTrasen carriers may enjoy a safer passage, due to the possibility of having a security team aboard and bodyguards of their own, a powerful disincentive to raiders. The luxury of having their own seats and proper infrastructure is also present to the ones that had the opportunity of having their leave patronized by a megacorporation. Stops and technical problems may happen, but really few of those incidents could be proven to be troublesome cases to NanoTrasen’s engineers and officers.

Smugglers' transport ships’ conditions may vary widely, from large cargo ships to small and overcrowded spacecraft. Safety can be granted by a group of hired guns or only the weapons that the Ha'rron and the passengers are carrying. Raiders attacks are a constant threat, as those ships are seen as easy and valuable prey, with low security and filled with good and possible captives. Many Tajara are taken to frontier slave markets, after being captured by pirates, with forced manual labor or domestic servitude being the most common use for them.

Technical problems and forced stops are also the banes of smuggling ships, as an engine failure could force a spacecraft to drift aimlessly in the void, until rescue or the demise of its occupants. The frontier also has a collection of hostiles worlds, either by the nature of what dwells in there, or their inhabitants, with many smugglers, avoid any stop on them unless needed. Reports of crew vanishing or being attacked when stopping in spaceports are also common, both by the local authorities or the tales of the Tajaran migrants.

A Tajara migrant may pass, or even stop with or without enough luck, in the territories of the Coalition of Colonies, Republic of Elyra and the Sol Alliance. Most smugglers avoid those routes, as their illegal situation could cause trouble with the local law, while more daring ones utilizing the better-developed infrastructure of those nations to save them time and possible unfavorable encounters in the future. It is also not uncommon for the passengers to just be left in those systems, away from their original destination, by more unscrupulous Ha'rrons.

Traversing the Sol Alliance is now a greater challenge than it was in the past years, due to the former Tajaran ban imposed by their government. The growing instability and tension in Solarian territories are also another factor that contributes to the dangers of the journey. Being caught during the crossing by the law-enforcement forces may result in deportation or imprisonment if done illegally.

Common destinations

Common Tajaran immigration destinations include the Republic of Biesel and other more prosperous human nations. It is common for many migrants to be employed by megacorporations, such as NanoTrasen, or join gangs and criminal organizations if unable to find proper employment.

While the Sol Alliance and Earth were once popular destinations for many Tajara leaving their homeland, mostly due to a famous movie that depicted the human city of Detroit as a paradise for immigrants, it now impossible for them to enter the system after the Solarian collapse.

Most smuggling transports can reach and land on the planets of Tau Ceti with little difficulty, as countless ships leave and come to the system, due to the Republic of Biesel being considered a heaven for business. The few unfortunate smugglers that may be boarded or captured by law enforcement may face prison or deportation. The crew they are transporting may be returned to their home nation by authorities if they are found to be guilty of any crime, or granted asylum if it is suspected that they are nothing but immigrants.

Tajara Revolutionary Army

The Tajara Revolutionary Army is a militant organization operating within the territory of the Human Wildlands. Originally a civil movement advocating for alien rights in Sol, they were radicalized by the Solarian instability and the Adhomian Cold War. The group took up arms intending to force the Alliance to grant more rights to Tajara residing in Sol. The Revolutionary Army has been involved in bombings, assassinations, robberies, and shootouts with the Solarian authorities. Little is known in regards to its internal structure; its cells operate under a decentralized command structure. It is currently suspected that the organization is being supported by the Adhomian nations.

Following the Third Tajara Ban and the collapse of the Solarian Alliance, the Revolutionary Army evacuated the Tajara still living in the Solarian Core territories. Their mission then shifted to offer protection to the Tajara living in the wildlands from persecution. The Revolutionary Army cooperates with the Solarian warlords as long as their interests align - the Restoration Front is the obvious exception to this rule. Outside of supporting the Tajaran immigration and presence in the Wildlands, the group is deeply involved with smuggling groups. While not directly active in Tau Ceti, the Revolutionary army is supported by the Biesellite Tajaran community. Despite their seeming union around the defense of the Tajara people, the Revolutionary Army is slowly fragmenting due to the political influence of the Adhomian powers over its members.

The Tajaran community of the Republic of Biesel

Obtaining a work visa or refugee status is not difficult in the Republic of Biesel, due to the liberal immigration policies and the influence of NanoTrasen in the system. The large Tajaran presence on Biesel also has facilitated the stay and adaptation of many migrants to the system. However, high crime rates, discrimination, and high tensions, caused by many still carrying their old alignments and beliefs to this new world, are some of the hardships that a new immigrant may encounter.

The Tajaran community in the Republic of Biesel is the second most numerous alien society, only behind the Vaurca in sheer numbers, with the great majority of its population living in Biesel. The Tajara have a longstanding history with the system of Tau Ceti, with a large portion of it being marked by periods of tension and poor relations.

Life on Little Adhomai

Little Adhomai, also known as Imperial Plaza or District 6, is the home to most of Mendell city’s Tajaran population. While having a high crime rate, with youth gangs and illegal business being a common occurrence, it is known for being the birthplace of several cultural trends, such as the Little Tajaran Electro swing and the so-called Greasers.

District 6 is usually divided into several sections by its inhabitants, each of them being related to their place of origin and alignments, such as supporters of the People’s Republic preferring to live in their own regions, together with other individuals that may share their a common ideology. However, it is not uncommon for clashes to happen between supporters of the different Adhomian factions, and such conflicts might escalate into riots or further violence. This situation has escalated greatly since the Armistice, due to the growing presence of governmental elements in the area.

Organized crime, such as gangs and protection rackets, are a common factor in the life of those that might call the Imperial Plaza their home. Most criminal groups may profess alignment to the People’s Republic or the Adhomai Liberation Army, and they are commonly used by those two powers to further their own agendas on Biesel’s territory. Unaligned gangs do exist, but they lack the power and support of those with benefactors. Rumors of Raskariim cults becoming increasingly popular among the youth are also not unheard of.