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Gakal'zaal is the sixth planet in the Gakal star system with its capital city being Zikala. Currently under the control of the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai. The majority of the surface is covered by hills, steppes, and forests. Temperatures are generally low, but the average climate is considered to be more moderate and warm than Adhomai. Gakal’zaal is home to a large Tajara population, with an Unathi minority living at the equator.


Gakal'zaal was first colonized in 2452 by Tajara refugees who could not enter Tau Ceti or the Sol Alliance. The population organized themselves into semi-autonomous settlements that engaged in agriculture and trade with nearby worlds. Due to the similar weather to Adhomai, Tajara crops and livestock could thrive without a problem and soon replaced most of the native life. The planet was found by a band of pirates in 2455 and the locals were forced to pay protection money. Resistance among the local population soon followed, but with limited success. This continued until 2457, when a new fleet of the Hegemony, commanded by Lord-Admiral Yizarus, appeared and expelled the pirates. The planet was annexed by the Izweski Hegemony after a deal with a powerful Tajara family; the Drrawa'jur Dynasty that used this opportunity to expand their influence. Makar Yizarus, the cousin of the famed Admiral, was appointed as its overlord. The nations of Adhomai were not interested in interfering because of the ongoing war.

The Unathi conquest was not well received by most of the population, civil unrest and armed resistance continued against the new masters. The Hegemony was able to maintain control of the equatorial regions. Except for the Drrawa'jur, all positions of authority were occupied by Unathi settlers. Society was reorganized in a feudal manner similar to the Hegemony, with the Tajara being forced into serfdom. The economy was dominated by the Unathi nobility through the use of Unathi Guilds. Sk'akh priests were brought in an attempt to convert the Tajara; they only found some moderate success in the cities and among members of the Drrawa'jur family.

The Hegemonic control over Gakal'zaal was seriously challenged in 2461 when the Adhomai Liberation Army supplied weapons, training, and thousands of fighters to the Tajaran resistance. The low-intensity insurgency turned into open warfare when an organization known as the Gakal’zaal Liberation Front emerged to fight against the Overlord in 2462. Due to the succession crisis at Moghes and the breakdown of relations between Not’zar and Overlord Yizarus, the Unathi forces on the planet were left to deal with the insurrection on their own. After a year of guerrilla warfare and sabotage by the Tajara population living under Hegemonic rule, the colony was liberated with the fall of Zikala in 2462.

The liberation of Gakal’zaal brought sweeping changes; titles of nobility were abolished, the guild and the feudal systems were dismantled and proselytization of the alien faith was prohibited. The planet enjoyed a short period of independence as the Free Republic of Gakal’zaal. The young Republic joined the Democratic People's Republic through a referendum at the end of 2462. Despite the supposed democratic nature of this act, foreign freedom fighters were allowed to vote and the Unathi population was excluded from this decision. The colony is currently ruled by a military junta headed by Andranik Huwaytat, the leader of the defunct Gakal’zaal Liberation Front. Under Tajara control, the planet has become a base of operations for the Liberation Army forces. Weapons and DPRA citizens pass by Gakal'zaal daily, heading towards other systems such as Tau Ceti.


Gakal'zaal is divided between the Tajara majority and the Unathi minority. Because of the recent conflict and social changes, there is much tension and resentment between both sides.

The Tajaran sector is culturally similar to their Adhomian counterpart, learning towards the ideals of Al’mariism. They make up the majority of the workers across the planet. The food production of the planet relies entirely on the Tajaran rural population. Since the liberation of the planet, Tajara replaced the previous Unathi leadership. Positions of the authority in the government are held exclusively by Tajara, alongside with the right to vote.

The Unathi population in Gakal’zaal is made up of guild members, merchants, previous nobles, warriors, and settlers that were left behind or were too stubborn to leave. Present only in the equatorial regions, these Unathi are deeply involved in the trading and manufacturing sectors of the planet. Their legal status is nebulous at best, they are not citizens of the DPRA and have far less political rights than the native population. Despite being removed from their previous positions of authority, they exercise their influence through their economic power. Traditional Unathi clans and family structure on Gakal’zaal remained virtually unchanged since the liberation.

The Legacy of the Guilds

The Gakal’zaal Liberation Front failed to weaken the Unathi grasp over the planet’s wealth, despite the abolishment of the guild system and the nationalization of their property according to principles of Almariism. To avoid their mass migration and the collapse of the planet economy, the Unathi were allowed to maintain their positions and were given a share similar to the Tajara. Due to these circumstances, Unathi have a prominent role in the trade and can strongarm the colonial government in prolonging the status quo. The DPRA is attempting to dismantle this situation by incentivizing the population to open their own business and through the buyout of Unathi controlled shares.

Yizarus Brigade

The Yizarus Brigade is an Unathi guerilla organization fighting against the Tajaran government of Gakal'zal. Created from the remains of mercenaries, pirates, and warriors loyal to the previous overlord, this organization commonly engages in acts of banditry across the equatorial region. Looting and stealing are essential to the survival of the bridge; as they are outnumbered by the Liberation Army. They are led by one of Makar’s sons, Drokzisz Yizarus, who refused to abandon the colony that would be his inheritance one day.

Free Gakal'zaal Station

The Free Gakal'zaal Station, originally known as Makar Castle, is an orbital station floating around the planet. The facility was built by the Unathi to serve as their seat of power; it was abandoned after the planet joined the Democratic People’s Republic. The facility was taken over by the Tajara and turned into a spaceport. It has also become a smuggler's haven, as thanks to them, the large-scale transports of men and materials were possible. Now they enjoy a degree of immunity from the authorities, creating a large black market on the station.