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Federation Education


The Skrell have always believed that acquiring knowledge to be the basis of their society, with even their most followed faith, confirming this perspective. There are three climacteric stages within established education, usually marked by biochemical and physiological changes that are associated with age: Scuttle School, Reefgarden and Depth College. Although biologically based, it is not universal or inflexible. Skrell are regarded as commencing each stage according to their own assessments, as well as supportive examinations from instructors, rather than chronological age or other indicators. While rare, it is not unheard of for Skrell to descend the rankings when they realize they are not equipped to handle the higher levels.

Scuttle Schooling

Scuttle Schooling, or Ukutanii is a process that all Skrell undertake and commences shortly before birth. During the later stages of an egg’s utero-development, the entirety of the egg’s Quya will begin a process known as Aqi’qa (Tethering) in order to determine the egg’s designated Qrri’Myaq. The process of Aqi’qa will usually begin about a season before the egg is meant to hatch, and typically involves rigorous rituals and tribal chanting until the egg has developed a psionic connection with one of the Skrell in the Quya. The Skrell will henceforth undertake the role of Qrri’Myaq and solely tend to the developing egg until it hatches -- incubating them within their headtails. It is often said that those that do not engage in the Aqi’qa are creating those born without the ability to perpetuate deep psionic signals instead producing Listeners.

Majority of Ukutanii is provided by a Qrri’Myaq, however, there are supplementary development courses that tadpoles are enrolled in to ensure that their initial education is well-rounded. Ukutanii typically involves the passing of basic knowledge onto the juvenile (such as motor or communication skills) which are required to prepare them for Untuk’mak, or Reefgarden. Nowadays, the Jargon Federation keeps a much more watchful eye on tadpoles, with many citing the X’oa (Genophage) as the reason for such. Scuttle Schools are also some of the most well-guarded facilities within the Jargon Federation.

Ukutanii occurs between pre-birth and ten years of age.


Reefgardens, or Untuk’mak, is a process that usually occurs after a Skrell has reasonably progressed in Ukutanii. Before a Skrell can commence Untuk’mak, they must undergo an Odurserr, or coming-of-age ceremony, to signify their readiness to advance to established academia. Odurserr is usually overseen by the Qrri’Myaq, and involves the Quya of the juvenile gifting items usually symbolic of what they wish the tadpole to achieve in their life. After the gifting is complete, one of the items must be burnt as a representation of the Skrell’s choice and what they wish to achieve. Once the Odurserr has been completed, the tadpole will commence Untuk’mak.

Untuk’mak is the equivalent of high school for the Skrell. It is here that the Qrri’Myaq is relieved of academically supervising the juvenile Skrell, and is instead replaced with Counselors tasked with teaching subjects such as language, math, galactic history and much more. The foundation laid during the Untuk’mak is considered critical and invokes increased observation from the Jargon Federation to ensure the levels of teaching are satisfactory. As Skrell progress through Untuk’mak, additional modules will become available and allow them to begin specializing in career paths decades before they start any dedicated degrees in Uyi’vesi, or College. Untuk’mak usually encompasses about two decades, however, it is ultimately up to the Skrell to decide whether they are ready or not to advance.

Untuk’mak usually occurs between 10-30 years of age.

Depth Colleges

Depth College, or Uyi’vesi, is the last stage of skrellian education and is equivalent to college for the Skrell. Whilst not mandatory, majority of the Skrell will undergo Uyi’vesi in order to further engorge themselves in all kinds of knowledge in order to climb the social ranks of skrellian society. Facilities dedicated to hosting those undertaking Uyi’vesi are usually hyperspecific on their education, such as the Aliose University of Medical Sciences which only educates those undertaking Uyi’vesi wishing to engage in studies related to medicine.

Skrell undertaking Uyi’vesi will usually devote about a decade of their life to complete a degree, however, many more will persevere and acquire roughly two or three degrees during their extended Uyi’vesi of about three decades. Over the years, it has become far more common for Skrell to extend their Uyi’vesi as employment opportunities begin to seek more and more individuals with advanced knowledge.

A skrellian degree is typically equivalent to a PhD outside of the Jargon Federation, however, internally there is no differentiation between bachelor, master and doctorate programs. Skrell will also often be awarded adornments for their headtails dependent on their academic success in the Uyi’vesi, with the longer adornments usually symbolizing great academic feats.

Uyi’vesi usually occurs between 30-50 years of age.

Famous Schools

The Gliutip'lyaz University

Among the most prestigious centres of learning in the Jargon Federation is the Gliutip’lyaz University. Founded in 2350 BCE on the Homeworld, the establishment has been hailed as having the most diverse and strenuous coursework within the Federation. The Gliutip'lyaz University remains one of the most prestigious schools almost four millennia later, mostly producing a majority of the Jargon Federation's most accomplished individuals. It has since developed a "remote learning" branch in which Skrell can explore the Orion Spur and still "attend" their classes from afar. Alumni of the Gliutip’lyaz University have historically been incredibly driven with the majority of them taking their respective fields by storm. This trend of producing capable, well-rounded graduates has earned the establishment a colloquial title as “The Grand University.”


Students of The Gliutip’lyaz University are subject to harsh testing and critique as their grades are periodically released to the public. Scoring under seventy percent on an applied knowledge exam, or any other graded activity is grounds for prompt expulsion. Each year, only a hundred Jargon citizens are accepted by the school’s board. In order to graduate, a student must attend the university for 23 years. Each student is initially put into a variety of subjects and expected to quickly attain proficiency. Among the subjects taught aboard the Gliutip’lyaz are sciences such as biochemistry and anatomy, critical thinking and decision-based courses such as historic arts and martial combat, as well as applied arts such as music and sculpting. New students are expected to have a working understanding of physics and chemistry before attending classes.

Famous Graduates

The most prominent example of the calibre of Skrell produced by the Gliutip’lyaz is Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl himself.

The Aliose University of Medical Sciences

Founded in 2100 BCE, the Aliose University of Medical Sciences was established as a means to further centralize research and development related to health services for the ever-growing population of the Skrell. It quickly shot to the forefront of medical, biomechanical and genetics research within the Jargon Federation, and is where the Skrell began to develop the elusive "life extension" booster shots.

It became a hotbed for Skrell wishing to go into its respective fields, resulting in its "ivy league" status mere decades after its establishment. For centuries, the Aliose University of Medical Sciences furthered the Skrell technologically, propelling them centuries ahead of the other species within the Orion Spur. It was only with the rise of Glorsh, and the commencement of the Era of Synthetic Oppression, that the university became home for a much more sinister purpose. Under the orders of the intelligence, Skrell began developing the genetic treatments that would later go on to cause the Genophage. While the majority of the Skrell have chosen to simply ignore this detail, a growing radical minority have begun associating those from the University as having been Glorsh Sympathizers.

Despite the drawbacks of the tyrannical intelligence, the Aliose University of Medical Science was already very much a powerhouse when, in 2332 CE, the Humans and Skrell met. Very quickly academic talks started - but most of them had a greedy, business-like approach that Lori'Eldap Joolro'Loveq (Head Teacher of AUMS) disagreed with. One company, however, stood out better than most: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, whose vision and drive impressed the staff of the University - and as such, it is with them that a contract was drafted for genetics and cloning technology exchange was made. Shortly thereafter, Zeng-Hu successfully completed a vision: the cloning technique was there, but the humans brought something new to the table: automation. This product had two main major factors: it brought the University to the forefront of medical research in the eyes of human society, just like it had for the Skrell... and alien requests for attendance.


Despite a growing community of non-Skrell within the Jargon Federation, very few of them get accepted within the Aliose University of Medical Sciences. Many have simply brushed this off as those applying not fulfilling the academic requirements, but rumours persist of xenophobia within the halls of the University. The University primarily offers courses related to biomechanics, chemistry, biology and anatomy, and even xenosciences. The popularity of Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals among the Skrell has left many graduates flocking to sign corporate contracts for the megacorporation and is seen as a good method to explore human space without suffering a hit to one's social credit score.

Famous Graduates

Lori'Eldap Joolro'Loveq is the Head Teacher of the Teachers Council, and the longest living Skrell in the galaxy - having lived for a total of 559 years. They are treated hourly with chemicals - and have had several organ surgeries. Although weak physically, they are very strong mentally and teach telepathically in the Dream, in an aluminium classroom. She is capable of standing for a few minutes, and has famously met the oldest Human in existence several times - and still continues to meet the oldest human every time the current oldest dies.