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Early Development

Skrell begin learning before they're even hatched, simply by being near their caretakers. Guardians will passively form a sort of telepathic bond between the children, which is made through caring for the unhatched egg. If guardians do not form this telepathic bond, it's likely that both of them won't feel they're being cared for - and is thought to cause more rebellious children.

Once the eggs are born, they are very fragile and inquisitive yet can swim on their own, however cannot walk until age 5-10. Around this time, caretakers will train them to better use their communication skills - talking back and forth telepathically, while also talking in Nral'malik to show what words mean.


Kindergardens make up the whole of teaching from ages 5-19, and are often large buildings built with gardens, science labs, holodecks, and libraries. Counselors and teachers will take over education, teaching subjects like language, science, math, social guidance, and galactic history until 10. Recently, Tau Ceti Basic has been added to kindergarden teaching - to allow easier exploration of other stars not owned by skrell.

Secondary classes in kindergardens are taught to ages 10-19, teaching the equivalent of everything high schools do while also beginning to incorperate Federation ideals in daily living - Unitarian, altrustic, and democratic ideals are encouraged heavily, all coming together in the ultimate goal of ensuring all newborn Skrell value the Federation and its goal of Peace and Learning. Kindergardens are all government run, with high budgets and police guards, and are one of the most heavily guarded areas in Federation civilian space.

After leaving the kindergardens, Colleges and universities begin to take applicants.

Colleges and Universities

Basic colleges take in students for non-specialized roles, and to graduate you must go through 10 years of schooling - which includes experience in the field. These colleges teach you how to do a multitude of jobs, and encourage taking on researching a secondary subject or art as a hobby. To get a reliable job in any of the combined sciences in the Federation, however, you must go through 2-3 colleges in similar fields. This is why Skrell from the Federation are often regarded as being overachievers, knowing more about a broad subject than others who just went for one school year. Each individual Jargon schooling program credit is regarded as an equivalent to a PhD in human space, but Jargon Federation itself lacks distinguishment between bachelors, masters and doctorate programs.

Colleges have recently been made to allow students to leave Federation space while still learning through field trips, where the teacher will take them to other nations in the galaxy and display how the locals operate. Students are to always remain together and must have armed security officers - recently made a requirement by the Federation's first exploration of the Unathi homeworld of Moghes after several incidents.

Skrell 'field trips' are famously known for being very annoying to locals, who complain 'They just won't stop asking questions.'

Famous Schools

Gliutip’lyaz University, The Grand University

Among the most prestigious centers of learning in Skrell space is the Gliutip’lyaz University. Founded in 2350 BCE, the establishment has been hailed as having the most diverse and strenuous coursework within the Jargon Federation. Although originally based on the surface of Qerr'Malic, the main campus of the university is now a ship capable of bluespace travel. When outside of the Nralakk system, the Gliutip’lyaz travels between multiple systems within Federation space, its destinations change depending on curriculum.

Alumni of the Gliutip’lyaz University have historically been incredibly driven with the majority of them taking their respective fields by storm. This trend of producing capable, well rounded graduates has earned the establishment a colloquial title as “The Grand University.”


Students of The Gliutip’lyaz University are subject to harsh testing and critique as their grades are periodically released to the public. Scoring under seventy percent on an applied knowledge exam, or any other graded activity, is grounds for prompt expulsion. Each year, only a hundred Jargon citizens are accepted by the school’s board. In order to graduate, a student must attend the university for 23 years. Each student is initially put into a variety of subjects and expected to quickly attain proficiency. Among the subjects taught aboard the Gliutip’lyaz are sciences such as biochemistry and anatomy, critical thinking and decision based courses such as historic arts and martial combat, as well as applied arts such as music and sculpting. New students are expected to have a working understanding of physics and chemistry before attending classes.

Famous Graduates

The most prominent example of the caliber of Skrell produced by the Gliutip’lyaz is Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl himself.

Aliose University of Medical Sciences, Aliose Uni

The Aloise University of Medicine Sciences was founded in 2100 by the Federation as a means to improve upon the species genetically, bolstering health services for the whole of the species. The university continues to be a forefront of medical, biomechanical, and genetics research in the galaxy ever since its conception, and is one of the major factors in giving the Skrell such bountiful lifespans. The most impressive feat in medical sciences to date has been cloning - at first met with skepticism but now extremely highly regarded for the creation of the Tup Commandos in 2350 that make up such a large amount of the Federation's Navy and Military.

The Aliose University was also very much regarded as a powerhouse of high-quality students when first contact with Humanity happened, and for the years following a single company set its eyes on trying to hire every single graduate - Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals. The Aliose Teacher Council at the time saw this as mildly concerning, but soon Zeng-Hu had come to them with a drafted plan for mutual gain - a chance to invest in the bustling company-nation of Epsilon Eridani, which the Teachers Council accepted.

Zeng-Hu had achieved its initial plan of bringing cloning technology to Humanity, while also connecting ties to the core of the Federation's medicinal research. Continued research between both Zeng-Hu and Aliose Uni has vastly increased the lifespan for both species, and has gifted the galaxy with synthetic organs and augmentations, as well as implants.

Famous Graduates

Lori'Eldap Joolro'Loveq is the Grandcouncilor of the Teachers Council, and the longest living Skrell in the galaxy - having lived for a total of 559 years. They are treated hourly with chemicals - and have had several organ surgeries. Although weak physically, they are very strong mentally and teach telepathically in the Dream, in an aluminum classroom. She is capable of standing for a few minutes, and has famously met the oldest Human in existence several times - and still continues to meet the oldest human every time the current oldest dies.