Skrell Cuisine

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Skrell Cuisine

Common Ingredients


  • Aqoliz are large molluscs that originally survived along the coasts of the Homeworld but have since spread across the stars thanks to their usage as cattle by the Skrell. They are mainly kept for their meat, however, more and more Skrell have begun milking the Aqoliz instead, resulting in its usage to create a staple meal known as Nycii. The meat of the Aqoliz is often remarked as being similar in texture to escargot, but much sweeter.
  • Gnazillae are a slug-like species originally found on Paa’kiim, a colony within the Traverse. Colonists initially discovered the species after conflicting scans related to the fertility of a plot designated for the colony’s first agricultural production facility. Further investigation eventually yielded the discovery of these insects, who feasted on the soil’s nutrients after a massive migration. They have since exploded in popularity, and are regularly farmed alongside Dyn, which they seem to avoid for some reason. The meat is noticeably sour when raw but develops into a nuanced and sophisticated garlicky taste after boiling.
  • Neaera are a primate-like species found across the Jargon Federation, and sometimes within the greater Orion Spur, due to their versatile biology that allows them to survive in even the most inhospitable environments. They are supposedly eerily similar looking to the Solarian Chimpanzee, according to many. Skrell began farming the animals long before first contact with humanity, harvesting their organs for elaborate desserts. Their eyes are considered the tastiest part of the species.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • A fruit known as Dyn is native to the bogs, marshes, and river deltas of the Jargon Federation. In order for Dyn to flourish and thrive, it requires a lot of water, so it is cultivated exclusively within hydroponics across colonies. There are very few natural plantations outside of the Homeworld; those that do are often closely monitored by the Jargon Federation to ensure environmental preservation. Dyn can be roasted, blended into a puree or boiled to create tea.
  • A bioluminescent red seaweed-type vegetable that lives within the ocean floor and floats along the surface like algae, Fjylozyn is the namesake of Fjylo. Globetrotters were warned against sailing across the large glowing areas of red as the plants, after attaching to their crude nautical crafts, would effectively anchor the vessel in place as it began pulling it far below the surface to a trapping structure similar to that seen in the Solarian Venus Flytrap. In time, it was domesticated and became a good source of protein for vegetarian/vegan Skrell. It is usually boiled and tastes similar to sweet turnips.
  • The Wulumunusha fruit was originally found exclusively in the alpines of the Homeworld, but it has now spread throughout the Jargon Federation into almost every colony. The Skrell expanded into the arctic regions of the Homeworld and discovered the hardy Wulumunusha which seemed to survive even in the cold weather conditions, eventually causing several polar colonies to depend upon it for survival. It was discovered soon after that the leaves of the plant could be made into a powerful psychoactive tea, which would eventually become an important recipe for religious rites. The fruit of the Wulumunusha is often roasted, then mashed. The dish is rather bland, but spices usually solve this problem.
  • Masaraaq is a fungus that flourishes within the caves of Aliose and is native to the chilly planet. Its mycelium network often grows wildly out of control without regularly pruning, and pervaded almost every crevice of the caves they were found within. For a brief period, some believed the species to be a sentient creature, but it was quickly discredited by numerous government-supported Idols. Masaraaq is often shredded and used within SkrellSnax.


  • Nycii is created using the milk secreted by the Aqoliz and has become a staple of the skrellian culinary landscape. To make Nycii, one must first steam it and then leave it to sit within a cold dark room while it matures over the course of about a season. After maturing, it becomes a thick, cheese-like substance that is often given to tadpoles in their early days. It is said to be initially sour, but it eventually develops into a savoury aftertaste.
  • Jyalra is created using Dyn and involves peeling and then mashing the fruit. The blue puree is often used as meal replacements by scientists, due to its relatively easy and time-efficient production. It is one of the most sold “junk foods” within the Jargon Federation but has unfortunately not been released to the greater Orion Spur. Many often remark Jyalra tastes considerably different to Dyn, and is far more dry and savoury than its original ingredient.
  • The Skrell consider Gnaqmi to be a delicacy, composed of fried Neaera organs filled with boiled Fjylozyn. A number of people have compared the flavour to that of a jelly pastry, with a delightful sweetness hidden in its first bite. Skrellian formal dinners are often round off with Gnaqmi. The dish is said to "complete" the meal and is a staple of many public events. It is often referred to as the "perfect combination", as the two ingredients complement each other’s tastes.

Cooking Apparatus


This cooking apparatus is mainly seen in lower-income areas. A large shell with a makeshift lid is placed over a fire and filled with water and various ingredients to make stews and soups. Due to the size of the shell, these dishes will often feed whole families. Fjylozyn is often boiled in the So’kii, then used in further complex dishes, while the sweet broth remains behind.


A small box-like appliance that is normally made of stainless steel. There are various buttons and knobs on the side that control the power as well as a timer. Inside there are what seem to be 3 light fixtures within the box as well as a small, built-in plate. Molluscan, or other foods, are placed on the plate. Three “flavour bulbs” are then added to the appliance. These bulbs can be mixed and matched to encompass many different flavour pallets. Once the machine is turned on the flavour bulbs will begin to heat the molluscan leaving it with a nice, flavorful sear.


The Kona is a metal drum that holds around 4 Liters of liquid. It is accompanied by a baseplate that connects to the bottom of the Kona. Once the cook fills a Kona with a type of meat and liquid of their choosing they place it onto the baseplate. Once activated the Kona rapidly infuses the molluscan with the flavour and nutrient of the chosen liquid. This is similar to rapid brining or pickling. Kona’d Gnazillae infused with juiced Dyn has become a common meal across the Jargon Federation.

Pā Walā

This strange cooking instrument is a common sight in the houses of many Skrell. It is comparable to a human flattop grill but it seems to be separated down the middle. The flattop on the left is searing hot while the flattop on the right is ice cold. The Pā Walā is traditionally used to make many complex dishes by preparing the top of an ingredient to be warm while the bottom is nice and chilled. The perfect combination of hot and cold is something that many Skrell try to emulate but few can master. Many artic traditions that utilize this method suggest that the Pā Walā originated within polar villages on the Homeworld, utilizing searing fires and freezing ice to roast Wulumunusha.


Preparation and presentation of a meal are very important to the Skrell, as well as if the aromas are strong enough to get their interest. Private dining with another Skrell is considered to be extremely trusting for the species, mainly due to the communal outlook usually found in most aspects of life. Traditionally, meals were eaten by Quya as a way to unite their family, sharing stories and experiences of their day. As a matter of skrellian culture, eating alone is extremely taboo, as it is considered incredibly wasteful.

Skrell exclusively use their hands when eating, in a process known as Mon or “with hands”. The act of eating with one's fingers is believed to be far more beneficial than eating with utensils because the bacteria that collect on the fingers leads to better gut health. In addition, it makes those who eat more focused on their meal, instead of letting their minds wander. Those who bend the knee to utensils often state that they are disconnected from their meals, with studies even showing increased illnesses for those who do. This has just reinforced the standard of Mon among the Skrell.