Skrell Cuisine

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Skrell Cuisine

Throughout their history, Skrell place importance on the ability to harvest resources from their environment in order to sustain themselves. Whilst there are small nuances in Skrell preferences across the Federation, most will enjoy meals comprised of ingredients from their homeworld; Qerrbalak.


With most, if not all, dishes being devised of a few certain key elements - it is no surprise that there are massive agricultural sectors devoted to producing these instrumental ingredients in order to provide the Skrell throughout the Orion Spur with their favourite meals. Originating from the oceanic regions of their homeworld, the Skrell will commonly use algae, aquatic flora, and edible molluscs with flavorful marinades, amplified by a myriad of other fruits and fungi found on the surface of the Homeworld. Skrell place great importance on the aroma of a dish, the more pungent the dish the more enjoyable it is believed to be; with some even going as far as to refuse to engage with a meal if the scent cannot be detected.


The preparation of such dishes depends on the intricate details of the respective dish: some taking less than ten minutes to prepare, with some on the opposite spectrum taking weeks. With such, there are three common methods used to produce the dishes across the Orion Spur;

  • Shok, a method first used by the Skrell almost a quarter of a million years ago, is the practice of cooking very thinly sliced ingredients in a deep pan with little to no oil. It is common to cook all the ingredients at the same time in order to preserve the high temperatures produced by the heat production point. Frequently used to produce Qilvo.
  • Ecarc, a method devised by the evolving Skrell to begin preparing raw meat. Ecard is described as simmering a protein on a low heat, combined with ocean water, over a period of a day. Ecarc primarily takes place in a shallow pan, just deep enough to hold a small quantity of ocean water. Frequently used to produce Xuq'qil.
  • Kon’Qa, yet another method formulated by the Skrell to prepare dishes with primarily aquatic ingredients. Kon’Qa refers to the scalding of said aquatic ingredients for a brief period, usually lasting until the water begins to boil, then quickly removing the respective ingredients in order to douse them with cold, running water to stop the cooking process. Usually made with the use of a bowl, producing Lortl.

Ehin Diagram

Early on in Skrell development, the formation of a food diagram was deemed to be necessary in order for all available resources to be efficiently used to produce meals that the Skrell could use to provide sustainable nourishment to all aspects of their body; be it mentally or physically. It was composed by Ehin Yuxtol in 2109 BCE, and is designed as for every portion measured, it must be comprised of three equal parts: one part protein, one part organic produce and finally another comprised of starches.

Dining Etiquette

The Skrell view the preparation, and presentation, of a meal as incredibly important - combined with whether the aromatic scents are pungent enough to garner interest of said meal. It is considered incredibly trusting for a Skrell to be invited to partake in private dining with another, due to the consistent presence of looming threats issued by rivals that would usually strike when a Skrell is in isolation - meaning public spaces were far preferred. It is still considered as much as a vulnerability as it was then as it is today for one to participate in private dining, due to the constant threat posed by not only rivals but also their associates.

Formal Dining Etiquette

Upon dispensing invites, the host is expected to prepare for Wreles (loosely translating to soiree) over the next couple of days. Whilst seating plans are made available, they are hardly ever utilized by the Skrell; instead remaining on their feet and engaging with the other guests attending the Wreles until the meal is served. The period before the meal is served is called Vlorqii (First Dialogue). The Skrell will then seat themselves, and commence eating the meal. Following the completion of the meal, the Skrell will commence Vlorqoo (Second Dialogue), concluding the event and disembarking.

Informal Dining Etiquette

Once an invitation has been extended, the host commences preparation of the meal long before their guests arrivals - using a Sraso: a thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. Commonly used over a hearth situated within a preparation chamber. The meal is expected to be ready when guests arrive, and after an exchange of dialogue, will be served.

The first helpings of the meal are served by the host - in no particular order. The informal gathering doesn’t use utensils, and instead will eat with their hands after rigorously washing them when they enter the Skrell abode. Thereafter, the leftovers are situated in a position that allows all guests to be able to reach for additional helpings if they so wish.

During the meal, Skrell will frequently engage in conversation - with those not doing so being seen as rude. Upon completion, Skrell can either finish the entirety of their meal to show their gratitude or they can also choose to leave a portion on their dining mat, expressing their dissatisfaction with said meal. The Skrell will then briefly exchange additional dialogues before departing from the abode.