Notable Skrell

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Notable Skrell

For as long as written and oral records have been kept, Skrell society has had a score of outstanding individuals within it who made their mark on the species’ history. Many minor historical figures have been forgotten since the Tzqul Archive was sealed, while others were merely reduced to footnotes in history and forgotten as their historical relevance waned over the millennia. With this said, planets within the Nralakk Federation are known to keep their own detailed records of notable figures that would otherwise be forgotten by Skrellian society at large, with most even receiving their own dedicated display or wing within local museums.


Lori'Eldap Joolro'Loveq

Birthdate : May 5th 1901

Joolro'Loveq was the oldest living Skrell in existence -- Born in 1901, they were the Head Teacher of the Aliose University of Medical Sciences. They were on a strict medicinal regimen to help prolong their life, along with several surgical treatments such as organ transplants. They were capable of standing for a few minutes, and famously met the oldest Human in existence several times - and continued to meet the oldest human every time the oldest died.

Joolro'Loveq died in 2465 and was buried in a large mausoleum on Aliose constructed by the C'thur on the orders of the Grand Council. This mausoleum rests on top of the newly built Orq’wesi Medical Complex, a treatment center for rare diseases.

Ju'qoli Yeeboq

Birthdate : Feburary 14th 2287

Ju’qoli Yeeboq, or ‘Ju’qoli Qu’, literally meaning ‘Ju’qoli The Bright’, is the leader of a Federation Resistance cell known as Plurqh’Quq - Freedom Fighters. Their ultimate goal is to see a widespread rebellion against the Federation Government, and is known to read celestial events to guide their actions towards this goal. Ju’qoli is known to transmit speeches live through radio and Viv-ID, which are prone to censure by the Federation. Despite the Government’s attempts to prevent these pirate broadcasts from reaching their audience, many of them have been recorded and regularly circulate through the extranet. Most of these broadcasts speak of a coming age where Skrell who ‘cast off the domineering Federation’ will be rewarded with freedom, and the cosmos will ‘open up’ to them.

Ockq Oona

Birthdate : May 8th 2301

Ockq Oona is a revolutionary hacktivist known by most Skrell as the founder of the Raqa’Nuul, or ‘Cybers’. Born on the fringes of the Traverse, their upbringing and dour opinion of the Federation as a whole prompted them to create a group with the objective of changing Skrell society for the better. While Oona is a self-taught programmer, they have many accredited degrees in various computer science fields from Mars University which they are known to use as a means to project a more competent image for themselves and their resistance cell. With that said, the Federation regularly highlights the extensive body modification Oona has undergone as a way to discredit them; many Government broadcasts that mention Ockq Oona will describe them as more robot than Skrell, with subtle references to Glorsh-Omega to influence how Federation citizens perceive them.

The Latent

Birthdate : ???

Not much is known about The Latent, with only vague pieces of information disseminating across the sub-faction of the Resistance in which they lead. Rumours persist about their appearance; both tall and short, light-complexioned but also dark-complexioned. In reality, few ever get to meet The Latent, and those that do are considered the highest of the Oqolk-Kora order, who swear on their own lives to protect the identity of their leader. The Nralakk Federation has openly stated that reporting any known information about the Oqolk-Kora Leader will result in an increased social credit score.


Birthdate : ???

Similarly to 'The Latent', there's not much known about Psi other than their mononym and their leadership of the Subversives Resistance Cell. The Nralakk Federation has put a bounty system in place allowing citizens of the Federation to report any information on Psi, incentivised by an increase in Social Credit Score if the information can be substantiated.


Birthdate : ???

The infamous Admiral of the Ti'Rakqi, Xioshi has been a plague on the Federation for over a century since his ascension to command in the pirate fleet. Little is known about the Skrell's history before he joined the ranks of the Ti'Rakqi.

His piracy career is a thick collection of cunningly won engagements and strategic genius. He's widely regarded by both the Ti'Rakqi and Qukala as the Spur's leading master of asymmetrical warfare.

Almost as concerning as his genius, Xioshi is known to be a powerful psionic user and listener. In every trial undertaken to receive advancement, Xioshi flattened his opponents in tests of psionic skill. Some Qukala reports suggest that when Xioshi is in personal command of a fleet action, he directs his Captains from his flagship using his abilities and a retrofitted Nlom beacon.

Weashbi Jrugl

Birthdate : July 24th 2357

Weashbi Jrugl was born on the Skrell homeworld in 2357 CE to an archaeologist and an engineer in the ruins of a city between Heshy’Qlip and Xyla as their parents were working at a dig site. As they grew up, they gained a drive to learn as much as they could about the animals and people of their homeworld. In 2377 CE, they applied and were accepted to the Gliutip’lyaz University. They rose to the challenge of the rigorous schooling environment and social setting of Gliutip’lyaz University and left the school in 2400 CE as a much more skilled and well-connected individual.

Jrugl worked as a xenobiologist for thirteen years before Skrell made first contact with the Tajara. They were one of many xenobiologists who quickly gained a keen interest in the species, and it was not long before they had released their first research paper on the alien species. Jrugle made it their goal to produce and compile research into easily digestible papers so that every Skrell in the Federation could learn about the Tajara if they had an interest. This pattern of research and publication went on for many years regardless of the subject, making Jrugl a well-known and popular figure in their field as their work was something that most Skrell could find approachable. At one point, Jrugl came under scrutiny when it was revealed that they were publishing research papers under a pseudonym, and was given an ultimatum by the rest of the Grand Council: either publish all works officially or not at all. All of the Councillor's work was made public following this, revealing Jrugl to be prolific in the scientific community even after they were elected.

Jrugl came to work alongside humans often, both as a means of comparing notes and interacting with their strange cultures. In early 2451 CE, Jrugl attended an event in which a Solarian Alliance ambassador bragged about the amazing capabilities of their AI; the ambassador claimed that an AI had found the highest prime number possible. Annoyed and proud as they were, Jrugl used their mathematical knowledge along with strategies they had learned during their decades of study to quickly prove the ambassador wrong. Weashbi Jrugl, in a fit of stubbornness, had discovered a new “highest known prime number” in only a few hours.

Weashbi was already a well-known xenobiologist by this time, but this stunt involving prime numbers launched them into celebrity status. The Grand Councillor at the time commended their work, as did most Skrell across the galaxy. Politicians moved for the ruins Jrugl was born in to be renamed in honour of Weashbi Jrugl. Jrugl found the decision to be in poor taste, so the ruins were instead renamed in honour of Jrugl’s ancestors who perished there during the reign of Glorsh-Omega. The area is known today as the Jrugl’Qlip Ruins, and reclamation efforts have been planned to make the outskirts surrounding the ruins into a hub of scientific study.

When it came time for a new Grand Councillor to be elected following Rixa Tep-Wul stepping down, Weashbi Jrugl won by a landslide in the 2453 election. Skrell across the galaxy knew them by reputation and their work, so they chose them to represent their interests in the Grand Council. Since then, Jrugl has pursued many ambitious goals. Most notable of these goals is their administration’s work to reintegrate systems that were not present for the Tresja Agreement back into the Nralakk Federation.

As the incumbent Grand Councillor during the 2463 election, Jrugl relied on their accolades during their first term, as well as promises of further prosperity under their leadership should they be re-elected. During their second term, they enacted various reforms regarding the Tupkala, as well as establishing Special Economic Zones throughout the inner systems, allowing most of the Megacorporations in the Spur to operate - at least in a limited capacity - within Federation Space.

Ormish Jrolk: The renowned Skrell scientist.

Ormish Jrolk

Birthdate : July 19th 2097

Jrolk was born on Aweiji during the Era of Synthetic Oppression and had survived beneath the tyrannical intelligence for almost a century before its disappearance within the Tri-Qyu Nebula. Despite their hardship, Jrolk went on to complete four degrees at the Grand University on Qerrbalak; Biochemistry, Physics, Genetics and Biotechnology. Their several degrees allowed their career to prosper, even under the ever-watching tyrannical eye of Glorsh-Omega.

Jrolk is one of the most influential Skrell across the Orion Spur and was merely a little over two hundred upon the discovery of humanity in 2332. They were one of the first "ambassadors" meant to close the divide between the two species, soon becoming Zeng-Hu’s Chief of Research and assisted in perfecting cloning technology for use both within the Nralakk Federation and the greater Orion Spur. They are also considered the creator of the fertility treatments the Nralakk Federation uses today, having worked alongside Nalo Gir'Roq. Many have said Jrolk is a wise individual, mostly due to his advanced age and status as an Elder among the Skrell. Even with their reputation however, Jrolk failed to be elected as the Grand Councillor of the Nralakk Federation. Instead, they were appointed by Weashbi Jrugl to be Grand Advisor of Economic Development.

Kalq’Qi Weibii

Birthdate : February 12th 2161

Hailing from the Traverse, Kalq’Qi Weibii announced their running for the Grand Councillor’s seat in the 2463 Elections alongside both Ormish Jrolk and Weishbi Jrugl. Weibii is renowned across the Nralakk Federation for their involvement in reintroducing the various colonies left in isolation after the fall of Glorsh-Omega. They are considered a legend amongst other Representatives for their efforts in the Tresja Agreement signed in 2245 CE.

Weibii was born within the last years of the Era of Synthetic Oppression, and had just completed their final degree at the Paa’Kiim Institution of Learning located on the colony of Paa’Kiim when the intelligence was destroyed. With degrees revolving around Political Science, Law and Communication they found themselves spearheading the Collaborator Trials on Paa’Kiim. There are varying perspectives on their decisions, but most tend to agree with the severity of their sentences.

Weibii further went on to orchestrate a massive exodus of colonists from within the Traverse after losing in the Grand Councillor elections. This has led to thousands of individuals seeking reprieve from the Nralakk Federation’s iron fist within the Republic of Biesel, as well as Weibii becoming the "leader" of the lyukal; despite its decentralised nature, Weibii works to recruit, educate, and foster anti-Federation sentiment in Skrell outside of Federation space, and most resistance cells at least informally consider Weibii to be the leader of their organisation. In the aftermath of the riots brought about by the conflict between the Trinary Perfection and the Starlight Zone on Biesel, Weibii has been elected Community Liaison for the Starlight Zone and is considered the official leader of the community by most Skrell.

Weibii has shown their support for the Independent Traverser Movement, using their status as leader of Mendell City's Starlight Zone and as a prominent anti-Federation figurehead to promote the movement's goals abroad. Despite the Federation claiming that many of Weibii's talking points are flawed or outright false, Weibii has succeeded in gathering support from the average Biesellite citizen thanks to the nation's history with the Solarian Alliance and its own independence. With that said, no politicians or other figures in human politics have decided to comment on the developing situation in the Traverse at this time, and it is unknown how successful Weibii's campaign will become.

After the Independent Traverser Movement experienced its schism, Weibi was quick to denounce those who were open to negotiating with the Nralakk Federation as traitors to the cause for an independent Traverse. In the same public statement, Weibi had referred to the militant members of the ITM as "Quu'dra", or siblings, and said that they would be welcomed with open arms by the Lyukal. The Nralakk Federation was quick to respond by tightening border security in the event that members of the ITM attempted to take her offer.

Vraka Xora-Nel

Birthdate : November 10th 2389

Director Vraka Xora of Xomor, an institution established to provide security services for businesses and private individuals. Xora-Nel rose through the ranks of the Qukala, and has secured over sixty years of experience within the military, making them an ideal candidate to lead the enterprise. Xora-Nel is known to personally take part in the designing of Xomor’s training programmes, deliberating with representatives of the Nlomakala to ensure that Xomor contractors operate with the same standards as the Federation’s police force - although in recent years they have been described as reclusive. Since their appointment to Director of Xomor in 2438, Xora-Nel has made very few public appearances, with most pictures of the Director being taken as they enter or leave the Grand Council chamber. The lack of public appearance has resulted in rumours ranging from illness to conspiracies such as Xora-Nel and Jrugl secretly being part of a Qu’Poxii.

Xomor employees, despite never seeing the Director personally, describe them as a ‘remarkable individual’ and speak fondly of them when the topic is brought up.

Xul Lurq

Birthdate : April 3rd 2063

Xul Lurq is Chancellor of Qerr'Zolvq Industries, an enterprise responsible for all aspects of power generation, resource extraction, and production within the Federation. They graduated from Gliutip'lyaz University, where they studied for 70 years. Since then, Lurq has donated millions of credits to Gliutip'lyaz University and various charities around the Orion Spur. Chancellor Lurq is also known to give particular attention to Aweiji as it was their birthplace, with a considerable amount of their philanthropy going towards the continued development of the planet’s infrastructure.

As a result of her openness and generosity, Lurq has achieved minor Idolship within the Nralakk Federation. A regular host of charity galas, they frequently invite notable idols within the Federation as well as foreign charity trustees and dignitaries. While the general consensus is that Lurq is exemplary and upstanding, rumours regarding unethical management of Qerr’Zolvq persist, with many believing that they maliciously allow the city of Xy’laxi to disregard the environmental policy of Qerrbalak to keep its productivity high.

Nalo Gir-Roq

Birthdate : March 29th 2301

Nalo Gir-Roq holds the position of Overseer of Tuz'qlip Researchers, a company whose aim is to help manage all aspects of Research and Development across the entire Federation. Known for their pioneering work on genetic therapy, they discovered methods to alleviate the damage caused by the X'Lu'oa brought about by Glorsh-Omega. They are a graduate of the Aliose University of Medical Sciences and regularly teach at the institution, and is a native of Aliose.

Gir-Roq has succeeded in securing his status as an Idol within the Nralakk Federation, although some have claimed this is thanks to their underhanded tactics; Gir-Roq's former colleagues have openly stated that he is a slimy individual, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Although competitiveness is encouraged within Skrellian society, the Overseer’s former associates state that there are clear lines Gir-Roq crossed. In contrast to these claims, Gir-Roq receives unanimous praise from their students, with their teaching methods being described as ‘unorthodox, yet effective’.

Alot Sonq

Birthdate : July 12th 2375

Alot Sonq, a popular media figure and politician, is the current President of Nralakk Logistics, a state-owned enterprise tasked with tackling logistics, transport, and communications across the Nralakk Federation. Born on Aliose, and raised within the Fedas Archology, Sonq went on to graduate from Qerr’Malic Institute of Technology in 2425. They hold several degrees in fields relating to Information Technology, which allowed them to move up the hierarchy at Nralakk Logistics until their appointment to Chief Executive Officer in 2454.

Sonq has allegedly developed a rather “headstrong” and “obstinate” personality within Nralakk Communications. Employees have often expressed little desire to go against orders received by management. Those that do often find themselves relocated to less desirable departments. While employees are encouraged to bring new avenues to explore to Sonq, very few have admitted to doing so in fear of miscommunication leading to a developing Lu’Poxii relationship.

Kezoq Torq-Bep

Birthdate : June 21st 2174

Kezoq Torq-Bep is the newly appointed Commander of the Nralakk Federation's infamous Tupkala. They are personally responsible for overseeing all covert military activity within and outside the Federation's intergalactic borders. Before the Tups, Torq-Bep was a famous member of the Ruupkala, known for their exceptional psionic abilities and energetic presence. Several improvements were made to the Nlom Relay operation procedure under Torq-Bep's influence. Had Torq-Bep not been transferred, they were likely to become the Head of the Ruupkala, given enough time.

Thrust into the precarious position of Tupkala Commander after a rogue predecessor, Torq-Bep is faced with several unfortunate circumstances as they begin their career. Thankfully, Grand Councillor Weashbi has provided massive support across the board for the reformed Tupkala. Within the Tupkala, Torq-Bep has already proven themselves a quick learner and astute leader.

Yoana Ji'ko

Birthdate: February 18th, 2287

Yoana Ji'ko is an experienced career politician, who has been active in Federation politics for the last one-hundred and six years. Ji'ko was prepared for a career in politics from a young age, and graduated from the Gliutip'lyaz University with two degrees, one in law and another in political science. They found success in local politics soon after graduation, winning the Kal'lo magisterial election in 2358 and serving three terms before becoming Governor for the entire Ocror region in 2388.

Their Governorship of the Ocror region is looked back on by many with mixed feelings; their management of the area was seen as reckless in some places by the more traditional inhabitants, while others saw Ji'ko as a progressive leader who was adaptable when presented with a situation. Eventually, Ji'ko stepped down as Governor in 2427, publicly stating that they achieved their goals "to the best of [their] ability", and that they believed it was time for another Skrell to "take the mantle" of administrating the capital region of the Homeworld. In reality, their popularity as Governor was beginning to wane as their progressive leanings began to grate against the more tradition-minded citizens of Ocror, and the competitiveness surrounding the prestigious position made their chances of being reelected unlikely. Yoana believed that losing the election would ruin their chances of advancing their political career, and despite their public statement still refers to having to step down as an "embarrassing defeat" in private conversation.

Post-Governorship, Ji'ko was able to use their successes in their former position to become a Representative, choosing the Solarian Alliance as their Entity of Interest. Their position as Representative was uneventful for the most part until 2458, when they elected to change their Entity of Interest to the recently-formed Republic of Biesel. Their exposure to the laissez-faire, corporate-dominated landscape of the Republic while at first jarring, ultimately resulted in Ji'ko seeing the benefits of private enterprise on Tau Ceti; Representative Ji'ko was notable for being one of Weashbi Jrugl's more vocal supporters of the introduction of the Special Economic Zones to the Jargon Federation, telling anecdotes of their time as a Representative to the Republic of Biesel to promote the idea of megacorporations benefitting the Federation's economy to audiences. Ji'ko at the time favoured a complete introduction of megacorporations into the Federation - although due to internal pressure from their peers and Councillor Jrugl, their true views were never made public. Representative Ji'ko is also one of the most vocal Federation politicians promoting furthering relations with the Republic of Biesel, and has over the years carefully toed between keeping within acceptable political leanings and portraying the Republic and the megacorporations as possible allies with the Grand Council - going beyond the normally accepted view of the Republic being a potential economic partner. Ji'ko's propositions to some are considered unacceptable due to the Federation's relationship with the Sol Alliance.

Following the Traverse Accords and the new political stage within the Federation, Representative Ji'ko leads the Free Federal Union, a coalition notable for its platform that calls for more megacorporation investment in the Federation's economy and a focus on furthering relations with the Republic of Biesel.


Xuq’mqix Volq

Birthdate : December 12th 2001

Deathdate : November 1st 2305

Xuq'mqix Volq was a renowned Linguistics Professor within the Nralakk Federation. Born on Aliose almost half a century before the rise of Glorsh-Omega, their education in Linguistics would further allow them to create a rebel language that Glorsh-Omega would not capable of understanding - shielding their plans from any intrusion, being hailed as one of few methods that greatly assisted the efforts.

Professor Volq would then go on to create the Xuq Translator - a device which can only be described as an extremely advanced Enigma Machine capable of deciphering languages. It would go on to assist in numerous diplomatic negotiations, and be installed in almost every Nralakk Federation Vessel by 2298 CE. The Xuq Translator was most notably used during first contact with Humanity and Diona. Professor Volq was awarded, post-humorously, for their efforts in both the Glorsh Rebellion and the creation of the Xuq Translator.

Wreshin Tup

Birthdate : ???

Deathdate : ???

Wreshin Tup is the given name of a legendary soldier, philosopher, and poet reputed to have been active from approximately 1800 BCE to 800 BCE. The anthologies of Wreshin Tup are extensive and describe many events, but give little to no insight on their early life. Records believed to date as far back as 1800 BCE describe them as a lone Skrell who travelled between the various governments of Qerrbalak, offering counsel to those who accepted it. From this humble beginning, Wreshin would eventually find themselves to be the leader of a social movement promoting the importance of individual life. Ironically, this respect for individual liberties attracted a small, yet highly skilled, group of militants to support them.

Discrepancies in recorded accounts of the figure vary in regards to their description and demeanour along with their alleged lifespan (which was well beyond the expected lifespan of Skrell at the time) suggest that Wreshin Tup was not a single person. While it is accepted among historians that multiple Skrell took up the mantle of Wreshin Tup during the millennium of its usage, the exact number is unclear and remains a popular point of speculation among scholars.

Tiipis Yla

Birthdate : January 31st 1969

Deathdate : June 6th 2305

Tiipis Yla was the first Grand Councillor of the Second Nralakk Federation but also an author, guerrilla leader and diplomat. Tiipis rose to prominence after actively voicing their resistance to Glorsh-Omega, somehow evading the tyrannical intelligence through a myriad of different methods. Their spearheading of the revolt against Glorsh-Omega is what got them elected as the first Grand Councillor, and with the introduction of the artificial intelligence ban within the Nralakk Federation their position was secured until their death almost a century after coming into power.

Rixulin Fliioux’Quualt

Birthdate : Feburary 14th 1898

Deathdate : October 27th 2056

Rixulin Fliioux’Quualt was a famous artist, sculptor, and fashion designer known throughout Skrell space. Born in 1898 CE in the city of Juerlduern on Qerrbalak, Rixulin was very social in their childhood. As they grew up, they questioned common themes and motifs in Skrell art. They believed that art, like all things, needed to evolve and change over time. In their mind, what mattered most was creating emotions and passion in people through their work.

His early artwork is very similar to the works of their contemporary artists, but this changed dramatically over their lifetime. They studied historical artforms in their youth and published several theories regarding the evolution of art across the ages and where it would go in the future. They became famous, first, for their avant-garde statues. They sculpted Skrell in daring, proud poses and used multiple kinds of stone in each of their works. The final result was that each statue was drastically different from the other, each being made of materials of varying colours. This style, at first, was met largely with disgust. Many critics claimed their work was shoddy and believed the different colours across each statue’s body made them look gaudy.

Where Rixulin found their popularity was in the youth of the mid-1900s. Young minds saw the outlandish and daring nature of their work, and it inspired them to work in ways that had not been done before. After a team of young researchers attributed their medical breakthroughs to inspiration from Rixulin’s work in 1974 CE, the artist’s many works of art received the attention they deserved. This began a movement of art known to Skrell as Hyper-expressiveness, and soon the avant-garde nature of Rixulin’s work became a thriving sub-culture throughout Skrell space.

Rixa Tep-Wul

Birthdate : March 8th 2023

Deathdate : March 10th 2458

Grand Councillor Rixa Tep-Wul succeeded Councillor Tiipis Yla after their death in 2305, winning the election with a platform promising to further reintegrate the fringe sectors of the Traverse that did not yet rejoin the Nralakk Federation. While the success of the policy pre-Jrugl's rise to Grand Councillor is debatable, it laid the foundations for its later success in the 2450s.

Rixa's administration is seen by modern political scholars as being average. While progress was made during their time as Grand Councillor, particularly with the establishment of new colonies and funding infrastructure development throughout the nation, their nearly century-and-a-half tenure as Grand Councillor was marred by setbacks. The most notable of these setbacks was the resurgence of criminal activity, as groups such as the Marauders began to operate in the outskirts of the Traverse as the still relatively-new Qukala struggled to protect the still rebuilding Federation; the popularity of narcotics such as recollection pills also peaked during this time, which only further caused issues.

First Contact with Humanity occurred roughly thirty years into Tep-Wul's administration, which saw a period of uncertainty as Skrell throughout all of Federation society debated on what this meant for the future of their nation. While Tep-Wul is praised for their negotiations with the Solarian Alliance, they are also considered to be partly to blame for the leak of classified documents that allowed Humanity to create sophisticated Artificial Intelligence; while this event did not completely ruin relations between the two species, it did leave a permanent mark on Tep-Wul's reputation as Grand Councillor - a mark that was exploited during the 2453 election, as their advanced age and past mistakes were used to pressure the Grand Councillor to step down.

Tep-Wul's post-Councillorship saw them mostly fade into obscurity after stepping down, as they left the public light in exchange for a quiet retirement on the outskirts of Kal'lo on Qerrbalak. Their tenure as Grand Councillor is usually looked back on with ambivalence; while the Federation ultimately saw a period of steady growth, hindsight has allowed historians to review Tep-Wul's actions and deem them as being inefficient or ineffective in fully achieving the Grand Councillor's goals. Rixa Tep-Wul died from age-related causes on March 10th 2458, just two days after their 435th birthday.

The abilities of Notable Skrell on the Zrose Chart, according to their psionic capacity.