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For as long as records have been kept to attest to one's actions, Skrell society has been riddled with outstanding individuals who made their mark on history in ways both big and small. Not every grand figure receives the recognition they may deserve, and the stories of many of Nralakk's finest and bravest minds go unsung. From the Ancient Era of Qerrbalak's fractured lands to the modern days of the unifying Jargon Federation, there have been, and always will be, a lucky few who were able to change their worlds and be remembered by the people whose lives they changed.


Lori'Eldap Joolro'Loveq

Birthdate : May 5th 1901

Joolro'Loveq is the oldest living Skrell in existence -- Born in 1901, they are the Head Teacher of the Aliose University of Medical Sciences. They are treated hourly with chemicals - and have had several organ surgeries. They are capable of standing for a few minutes, and has famously met the oldest Human in existence several times - and continues to meet the oldest human every time the current oldest dies.

Ju'qoli Yeeboq

Birthdate : Feburary 14th 2287

Ju’qoli Yeeboq, or ‘Ju’qoli Qu’, literally ‘Ju’Qoli The Bright’, is a Skrell stargazer and rebel, who’s ultimate goal is to usher in an age of rebellion through the reading and understanding of celestial events. Ju’qoli often transmits on public Skrell frequencies, which are subjugated by the larger government, but some pirate transmissions or saved broadcasts are circulated through extranet channels. They speaks of a coming age where the Skrell who follow the ‘true path’ will be rewarded with freedom, and the cosmos will ‘open up’ to them. Ju’qoli has also seemingly convinced multiple Dionae of this, as well, and usually counts some in their ranks.

Ockq Oona

Birthdate : May 8th 2301

Ockq Oona, is a revolutionary Skrell known by many as the founding member of the Raqa'Nuul. Their origins are typical for most Skrell revolutionaries throughout the Jargon Federation - born within the Estuaries of the Traverse, it wasn't long until external influences prompted the awakening on the Skrell. They bided them time, even gathering accredited degrees in various fields at Mars University, before they commenced operations against the Federation. Slowly, Oona built support for their cause with the help of other Skrell and non-Skrell, eventually building sizable community of "hacktivists". Many describe Oona as more robot than Skrell due to their numerous augments.

The Latent

Birthdate : ???

Not much is known about The Latent, with only vague pieces of information disseminating across the sub-faction of the Resistance in which they lead. Rumours persist about their appearance; both tall and short, light-complexioned but also dark-complexioned. In reality, few ever get to meet The Latent, and those that do are considered the highest of the Oqolk-Kora order, who swear on their own lives to protect the identity of their leader. The Jargon Federation has openly stated that reporting any known information about the Oqolk-Kora Leader will result in an increased social credit score.


Birthdate : ???


Weashbi Jrugl

Birthdate : July 24th 2357

Weashbi Jrugl was born on the Skrell homeworld in 2357 CE to a doctor and an engineer in the ruins of a city between Heshy’Qlip and Xyla. As they grew up, they gained a drive to learn as much as they could about the animals and people of their homeworld. They became a skilled mathematician by necessity and helped distributors in their community plan and distribute resources efficiently. In 2377 CE, they applied and was accepted to the Gliutip’lyaz University. They rose to the challenge of the rigorous schooling environment and social setting of Gliutip’lyaz University and left the school in 2400 CE as a much more skilled and well-connected individual.

Jrugl worked as a xenobiologist for a short thirteen years before Skrell made first contact with the Tajara. They were one of many xenobiologists who took a quick interest in the species, and it was not long before they had released their first research paper on the strange alien species.They worked with gusto to produce papers and compile research so that every Skrell in the Federation could learn about these aliens if they had an interest. This pattern of discovery and research went on for many years, making Jrugl a well-known xenobiologist over the span of a few decades.

Jrugl came to work alongside humans quite a bit, both as a means of comparing notes and interacting with their strange cultures. In early 2451 CE, Jrugl attended an event in which a Solarian Alliance ambassador bragged about the amazing capabilities of their AI. The ambassador claimed that an AI had found the highest prime number possible. Annoyed and proud as they were, Jrugl used their mathematical know-how along with strategies they had learned during their decades of study to quickly prove the ambassador wrong. Weashbi Jrugl, in a fit of stubbornness, had discovered a new “highest known prime number” in only a few hours.

Jrugl was already a well-known xenobiologist, but this stunt involving prime numbers launched them into a borderline ridiculous celebrity status. The Grand Councillor of the time commended their work, as did most Skrell across the galaxy. Politicians moved for the ruins Jrugl was born in to be renamed in honour of Weashbi Jrugl. Jrugl found the decision to be in poor taste, so the ruins were instead renamed in honour of Jrugl’s ancestors. The area is known today as the Jrugl’Qlip Ruins, and reclamation efforts have started to make the area’s outskirts into a thriving community.

When it came time for a new Grand Councillor to be chosen by popular vote, Weashbi Jrugl won by a landslide. Skrell across the galaxy knew them by reputation and their work, so they chose them to represent their interests in the Grand Council. Since then, Jrugl has pursued many ambitious goals. Most notable of these goals is their administration’s work to reintegrate systems that were not present for the Tresja Agreement back into the Jargon Federation.

Jrugl has remained as Grand Councillor of the Jargon Federation at the end of the 2463 Elections after being declared victorious. They have expressed a desire to overhaul the inner workings of the Jargon Federation, beginning with a reformation of the legendary Tupkala. Many are keeping an eye on what next the Grand Councillor wishes to change.

Ormish Jrolk

Birthdate : July 19th 2097

Jrolk was born on Aweiji during the Era of Synthetic Rebellion and had survived beneath the tyrannical intelligence for almost a century before its disappearance within the Tri-Qyu Nebula. Despite this, Jrolk went on to complete four degrees at the Grand University on Qerrbalak; Biochemistry, Physics, Genetics and Biotechnology. Their several degrees allowed their career to prosper, even under the ever-watching tyrannical eye of Glorsh-Omega.

They further went on to become Chief of Research for Zeng-Hu, leading to dozens of technological advances within the greater Orion Spur, but especially outside of the Jargon Federation. Many have said Jrolk is a wise individual, mostly due to his advanced age and status as an Elder among the Skrell. Despite this, Jrolk failed to be elected as the Grand Councillor of the Jargon Federation, but instead has become Grand Advisor of Economic Development after being appointed by Weashbi Jrugl.

Jrolk is one of the most influential Skrell across the Orion Spur and was merely a little over two hundred upon the discovery of humanity in twenty-three-thirty-two. They were one of the first "ambassadors" meant to close the divide between the two species and assisted in perfecting cloning technology for use both within the Jargon Federation and the greater Orion Spur. They are also considered the creator of the fertility treatments found scattered throughout the Jargon Federation, having worked alongside Nalo Gir'Roq.

Kalq’Qi Weibii

Birthdate : February 12th 2161

Hailing from the very boundaries of the Traverse, Kalq’Qi Weibii announced their running for the Grand Councillor’s seat in the 2463 Elections alongside both Ormish Jrolk and Weishbi Jrugl. Weibii is renowned across the boundary of the Jargon Federation for their involvement in reintroducing the various colonies left in isolation after the fall of Glorsh-Omega. They are considered a legend amongst other Representatives for their efforts in the Tresja Agreement signed in 2245 CE.

Weibii was born towards the waning twilight of the Era of Synthetic Oppression and had just completed their final degree at the Paa’Kiim Institution of Learning located on the colony of Paa’Kiim, when the intelligence was destroyed. With degrees revolving around Political Science, Law and Communication -- they were bound to spearhead the Collaborator Trial on Paa’Kiim. There are varying perspectives on their decisions, but most tend to agree with the severity of their sentences.

Weibii further went on to orchestrate a massive exodus of colonists from within the Traverse after her attempt at acquiring the title of Grand Councillor failed. This has lead to thousands of individuals seeking reprieve from the Jargon Federation’s iron first within the Republic of Biesel, prompting many more to wonder what more will come from such a decision rendered by these refugees.

Vraka Xora-Nel

Birthdate : November 10th 2389

Director Vraka Xora of Xomor, an institution established to provide the Jargon Federation with spacecraft. Xora-Nel rose through the ranks of the Qukala, and has secured over sixty years of experience amongst the stars - making them the perfect individual to lead Xomor. Routinely designing, and then pushing, their spacecraft beyond the breaking point in order to uncover an additional understanding of their designs. They are considered to be the 8th wealthiest individual within the Jargon Federation as of December 31st 2462, with an estimated net worth of CR110.7 billion. They completed their education at the New Seoul Combat Training Centre on Earth. They were born on Aloise.

Director Xora has hardly been seen since their appointment as Director of Xomor in 2438. Their elusive nature has resulted in many believing them to be hiding key information, supported by their weekly visits to the Grand Councillor’s Chambers. Some have even begun speculating a thriving Qu’Poxii relationship between the two, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Employees within Xomor have reported that despite never seeing the Director, they are a remarkable individual with clear signs of high level intellect when looking at how they carry forward the business model.

Xul Lurg

Birthdate : April 3rd 2063

Xul Lurq is Chancellor of Qerr'Zolvq Industries, an enterprise responsible for all aspects of power generation and resource extraction. Having an estimated net worth of CR47.1 billion, she is the 26th richest individual within the Jargon Federation as of December 31st 2462. Among her holdings are various agricultural sectors throughout the Jargon Federation. They graduated from Gliutip'lyaz University, where they studied for approximately 69 years. Since then, Lurq has donated millions of credits to Gliutip'lyaz University and various charities around the Orion Spur. Aweiji was her birthplace.

As a result of her openness and generosity, Lurq has achieved minor Idolship within the Jargon Federation. A regular host of charity galas, she frequently invites people from within the government-owned enterprise that she runs as its Chancellor as well. While the general consensus is that Lurq is exemplary and upstanding, rumours persist of her unethical behaviour to the few who develop their relationships into Lu'Poxii.

Nalo Gir-Roq

Birthdate : March 29th 2301

Nalo Gir-Roq holds the position of Overseer of Tuz'qlip Researchers, a company whose aim is to help manage all aspects of Research, Development, and Healthcare across the entire Federation. Having a net worth of CR101.2 billion, Gir-Roq ranks as the 10th-richest citizen in the Jargon Federation at the end of 2462. Known for their pioneering work on genetic therapy, they discovered methods to alleviate the damage caused by genophage almost three centuries ago. They are a graduate of the Aliose University of Medical Sciences and regularly teach at the institution. A native of the Homeworld, he was born there.

Gir-Roq has succeeded in securing his status as an Idol within the Jargon Federation, although some have claimed his conniving tactics are to blame for this. Gir-Roq's former colleagues have openly stated that he is a slimy individual, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Though this view of life may be accepted by the Jargon Federation, there are clear lines Gir-Roq crossed. His excellent teaching methods contribute to his fame, as is remarked by many students.

Alot Sonq

Birthdate : July 12th 2375

Alot Sonq is a Jargon business magnate, media proprietor and politician. They are the Chief Executive Officer of Nralakk Logistics, a state-owned enterprise tasked with tackling logistics and communications across the Jargon Federation. Born on Aliose, and raised within the Fedas Archology, Sonq went on to graduate from Qerr’Malic Institute of Technology in 2425. They hold several degrees in fields relating to Information Technology, which allowed them to propel through Nralakk Logistics until their appointment of Chief Executive Officer in 2454. They were born on Qerr’Malic.

Sonq has allegedly developed a rather “headstrong” and “obstinate” personality within Nralakk Communications. Employees have often expressed little desire to go against orders received by management. Those that do often find themselves relocated to less desirable departments. While employees are encouraged to bring new avenues to explore to Sonq, very few have admitted to doing so in fear of miscommunication leading to a developing Lu’Poxii relationship.


Xuq’mqix Volq

Birthdate : December 12th 2001

Deathdate : November 1st 2305

Xuq'mqix Volq was a renowned Linguistics Professor within the Jargon Federation. Born on Aliose almost half a century before the rise of Glorsh-Omega, their education in Linguistics would further allow them to create a rebel language that Glorsh-Omega would not capable of understanding - shielding their plans from any intrusion, being hailed as one of few methods that greatly assisted the efforts.

Professor Volq would then go on to create the Xuq Translator - a device which can only be described as an extremely advanced Enigma Machine capable of deciphering languages. It would go on to assist in numerous diplomatic negotiations, and be installed in almost every Jargon Federation Vessel by 2298 CE. Professor Volq was awarded, post-humorously, for their efforts in both the Glorsh Rebellion and the creation of the Xuq Translator.

Wreshin Tup

Birthdate : ???

Deathdate : ???

Wreshin Tup is the given name of a legendary soldier, philosopher, and poet reputed to have been active from approximately 1800 BCE to 800 BCE. The anthologies of Wreshin Tup are extensive and describe many events, but give little to no insight on their early life. Records believed to date as far back as 1800 BCE describe them as a lone Skrell who travelled between the various governments of Qerrbalak in the hopes of offering counsel. From this humble beginning, Wreshin would eventually find themselves to be the leader of a social movement promoting the importance of individual life. Ironically, this respect for individual liberties attracted a small, yet highly skilled, group of militants to support them.

Discrepancies in recorded accounts of the figure vary in regards to their description and demeanour along with their alleged lifespan (which was well beyond the expected lifespan of Skrell at the time) suggest that Wreshin Tup was not a single person. While it is accepted among historians that multiple Skrell took up the mantle of Wreshin Tup during the millennium of its usage, the exact number is unclear and remains a popular point of speculation among scholars.

Tiipis Yla

Birthdate : January 31st 1969

Deathdate : June 6th 2305

Tiipis Yla was the first Grand Councillor of the Jargon Federation but also an author, guerrilla leader and diplomat. Tiipis rose to prominence after actively voicing their resistance to the Glorsh-Omega, somehow evading the tyrannical intelligence through a myriad of different methods; nlom-invisibility being a primary one. Their spearheading of the revolt against Glorsh-Omega is what got them elected as the first Grand Councillor with the introduction of the artificial intelligence ban within the Jargon Federation securing their position until their death almost a century after coming into power.

Rixulin Fliioux’Quualt

Birthdate : Feburary 14th 1898

Deathdate : October 27th 2056

Rixulin Fliioux’Quualt was a famous artist, sculptor, and fashion designer known throughout Skrell space. Born in 1898 CE in the city of Juerlduern on Qerrbalak, Rixulin was very social in their childhood. As they grew up, they questioned common themes and motifs in Skrell art. They believed that art, like all things, needed to evolve and change over time. In their mind, what mattered most was creating emotions and passion in people through their work.

His early artwork is very similar to the works of their contemporary artists, but this changed dramatically over their lifetime. They studied historical artforms in their youth and published several theories regarding the evolution of art across the ages and where it would go in the future. They became famous, first, for their avant-garde statues. They sculpted Skrell in daring, proud poses and used multiple kinds of stone in each of their works. The final result was that each statue was drastically different from each other, each being made of materials of varying colours. This style, at first, was met largely with disgust. Many critics claimed their work was shoddy and believed the different colours across each statue’s body made them look gaudy and garish.

Where Rixulin found their popularity was in the youth of the mid-1900s. Young minds saw the outlandish and daring nature of their work, and it inspired them to work in ways that had not been done before. After a team of young researchers attributed their medical breakthroughs to inspiration from Rixulin’s work in 1974 CE, the artist’s many works of art received the attention they deserved. This began a movement of art known to Skrell as Hyper-expressiveness, and soon the avant-garde nature of Rixulin’s work became a thriving sub-culture throughout Skrell space.

The abilities of Notable Skrell on the Zrose Chart, according to their psionic capacity.