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There are four major Vaurca Hives known in human space, and it is presumed these were the only ones able to produce the known Hiveships at the time of the Great Evacuation.

A Hive is a political structure led by a High Queen, to whom the Lesser Queens of each Brood respond. The High Queen herself has a brood of her own, that has no special benefits over the others, as tribute is divided equally by the Hive. The High Queen is the maximum authority of the Hive, and everybody else is subservient to her. Unlike a regular lesser queen, the High Queen can meddle and reorganize the internal structures of other broods she is in charge of. This was more common in Sedantis, but has become unlikely as of now since broods have had to adapt in different ways ever since.

Originally, a High Queen would only be led by the starter of the Hive, from which they all carry the name. However, Zo’ra and K’lax have had to elect a High Queen from their lesser queens, in a process that was unprecedented. The choice of Queen Vaur and Queen Zkaii as High Queens proves that Vaurcae do not follow primogeniture, but would rather choose the option that is deemed the safest or most prepared in this new era.

The inside rulings of a brood are all led by female Breeders. They occupy different hierarchical positions, to which their lifespan (maintenance) may depend. Below the Queen are the Surrogates, which may help a Queen lay eggs and are entrusted with the process of imagotis. They are considered the council of a Queen, and may help take decisions alongside her.

Below them are the Supervisors or Aliates, which are Tas entrusted with a hive-cell. A hive-cell is a group of Vaurcae that are considered an unity by the Hive. These are usually established by economical, cultural or historical reasons, with some hive-cells being ancient and serving more-or-less the same purpose they did back in Sedantis. When a Worker refers to “their Ta”, they are likely speaking about their Aliate.

The size of a hive-cell may vary between half a dozen and a thousand individuals. Typically, the hive-cells composed of Unbound Vaurcae tend to be much smaller, as they are harder to manage.

The Aliates have regional supervisors in some instances, which do not have a hive-cell of their own, but rather serve as a liaison between the Queen and the hive-cell. Although traditionally this was unrequired, the expansion of Vaurcae in the Orion Spur has raised the need for regional supervisors to help organize the brood.

The other type of Breeders are usually referred to as Diplomats. They do not have a hive-cell of their own but rather represent the interests of the brood. Traditionally this job would only have them do so with other Hives, however, they are now also used as consuls or brokers with megacorporations. The pre-contact use of Diplomats was revived with the Court of Queens in Caprice in 2463.

Here is listed general information that Vaurcae from other Hives or broods would know. Click on a Queen for more detailed and specific information.


The flag of the Zo'ra represents their position in the Republic of Biesel whilst still being unique enough to identify them alone.

Known as ‘the Unstoppable’, Zo’ra is the largest and most powerful Hive. It was discovered by humanity following the spotting of their Hiveship, dubbed as ‘Titan Prime’. Zo’ra themselves to be the best of their species, and the face of the Vaurca as a whole. They have settled mainly in Tau Ceti across multiple planets including Biesel, New Gibson, Luthien and Caprice. The latter two are official colonies of the hive, with the Zo'ra's "Capital" of New Sedantis residing on Caprice, along with the reformed Court of Queens chambers. More information about the Zo'ra in the republic can be found on the Zo'ra in the Republic of Biesel page.

They are ruled by five Lesser Queens, each claiming to be in direct representation of High Queen Zo’ra. After much deliberation when arriving to human space, Ta’Akaix’Vaur’skiyet’sca Zo’ra was made the new High Queen, representing the Hive in the Republic of Biesel Government. Despite this, each brood has decentralized, overseeing very different parts of their populations.

The Zo’ra are the most politically developed Hive, helping the funding of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion and making active progress to spread their influence. Over the years, the hive has gained much more political sway than most would expect, and even managed to gain access to a body form not yet unveiled by the C'thur, leading to worsened relations between the two Hives.

Zoleth, The Herald of Scars


The Warrior brood of the Zo’ra.

The proclaimed ‘Warrior’ Lesser Queen of the Zo’ra, she embodies the Zo’ra ideals of warfare and has stylized herself as one of the Hive’s greatest commanders. Stories are told of how other Lesser Queens are often aloof and untouchable, but Zoleth’akeh is on the front, calling for war. She was legendary among the Court of Queens, one of the only cross-diplomatic bodies to exist upon Old Sedantis.

Scay, The Hidden Queen


The Zo’rane brood leader in science, especially bio modifications.

She is the Zo’ra Lesser Queen placed upon the frozen New Gibson. Of the five Lesser Queens that have arrived at Tau Ceti, Scay’extiih’aur is the most rarely seen, even amongst other Zo’ra. Upon the Hiveship she oversaw the ship’s entire population. She was responsible for keeping the larger whole of the Hive inside complex growth projections.

Vaur, The Liminal Queen


The new High Queen, known for her diplomacy.

Vaur’skiyet’sca is the eldest Vaurca within Tau Ceti space, and more recently, the Zo’ra Hive’s new High Queen. In diplomatic human settings, she is often referenced by titles which translate poorly into basic. Titles like High Praetor, First of Mother Zo’ra, Grand Executor, Liminal Queen, are all common references to her authority. She oversees the largest Vaurcesian settlement in Mendell, Flagsdale.

Xakt, Queen of Corpses


Her brood is composed mostly of Bound Workers, however the Unbound are known for their scientific curiosity.

Placed upon the desert planet of Luthien, Xakt’yagz’isk’s brood has quickly monopolized the planet’s cheap labor workforce. Xakt'yagz'isk originally oversaw all matters concerning tech and tech implants aboard the Hiveship. She also supervised Reclamation, the process of reclaiming the implants of dead Vaurca, making many Zo’ra associate her with death.

Athvur, The New Goddess


The youngest Queen of the Zo’ra, known for her affection to humanity and human ways.

The youngest of the Zo’rane Lesser Queens, she became a Lesser Queen soon after Titan Prime left Sedantis. Born of Ta’Akaix’Vaur’skiyet’sca Zo’ra, she seeks to fill in the void created when her mother ascended to High Queen.

Currently, she sees day-to-day operations planetside upon Biesel, overseeing a small population of Vaurca within Phoenixport and Belle Cote.


Under heavy supervision by the Isweski Nation, the K'laxane flag represents the hive's Vassalage.

Known as ‘The Deceivers’, it was the second Hive discovered by humanity after their Hiveship, Klo’zxera, appeared in the Unathi system of Uueoa-Esa. K’lax is known as a client state of the Zo’ra, but since the Exodus from Sedantis they have struggled for political independence. Now parting their own ways, both Hives have developed differently.

The K’lax became the newest vassal of the Izweski Nation, and have largely settled in Tret. They maintain subtly warm, if terse relations with the Hegemony as a whole, and have committed to its terraforming agenda, being instrumental in the implementation of such a monumental undertaking. More information about this relationship can be found on the K'lax in the Izweski Nation page.

Similar to the Zo’ra, the K’lax are represented by three Lesser Queens who once claimed a divine connection to the High Queen of K’lax. This claim is disputed by most of the Zo’ra, who claim to be the only rightful rulers of the K’lax. Unlike the Zo’ra however, they have not been purposefully decentralized, leaving the machinations of each Lesser Queen more aligned with one another.

The K’lax are the most technologically developed Hive, and are leading the way in reconstructing the species’ superior technology.

Zkaii, The Sleepwalker


The new High Queen, known for her brood’s eccentric behavior.

Zkai’xay’yil is the current High Overlord of Tret, and High Queen of the K’lax Hive. She is the representative of all K’lax to the Izweski Hegemony. Zkaii and her brood have been largely busy with expansion and colonization efforts over the last few years. Ever the tinkerers, her brood are known for their natural curiosity for all things mechanical, much to the chagrin of local mining companies who prefer their equipment in one piece. In the year since the news of the Zo’ra High Queen's ultimate fate, Zkaii has been under pressure to assume the role of High Queen from her fellow Lesser Queens. She assumed this duty during a public announcement in 2461.

Vetju, Iron Queen


A pragmatic Queen, making great efforts to maintain her Hive’s technology.

Often regarded as Zkaii’s polar opposite, Vetju’tenx’sil is the oldest Kl’axian Vaurca within known space. Known for her great pragmatism, her brood do not busy themselves with the expansion of the Hive’s colonies. Instead, her brood recycles and melts down parts of the hive ship as well as maintaining the technology that all K’lax enjoy. It was Vetju who plotted the great Hiveship Kloz’xera to its final resting place. Much as they did when they entered the system, Vetju used Tret’s environment to land the gargantuan craft on the ground.

Leto, The Seeker


A nostalgic Queen, searching for Vaurcesian artifacts all over space.

The second youngest of the K’laxian queens, Leto’yaht’zor is known by some as an idealist, with her interests set in the great past of the Vaurcae. She herself has been regarded as a complete library by those few Unathi that have been able to approach her, with Leto famously being able to recite complete wars, lives and technology. Recently, some human scholars have turned their heads towards her instead, believing her resources to be even more telling of the Vaurcae than the Zo’rane archive they have available.

Vedhra, Princess of Configurations


The Queen leading the preparation for the war against the Lii’dra, also known for her predilection to Unathi culture.

Seeing the stark technological disadvantage of the Hives over the Lii’dra, Ta’Akaix’Vedhra’rept’ylanze was born with a singular goal in mind: preparation for war with them. There are various ways the brood goes about this, one of which being a large-scale attempt to be biologically superior to Lii’dra specimens. This has caused the brood to be a particular advocate within the K’lax for biological manipulation and augmentation. Genetics tampering is also not unheard of, but generally less commonly looked into. Vedhra takes time to inspect the tools and weapons of other cultures in an attempt to create a force capable of dealing with whatever the Lii’dra can throw at them.

Tupii, The Surrogate Queen

An elect Queen, chosen to revitalize the ancient K’lax brood.

Also referred as ‘The Queen-Elect’, Tupii’maxk’rekxak is an anomalous case in Vaurca History, becoming Queen of the original K’lax brood. Due to the lifespan of the Tas, the idea of Queen succession is still fairly novel, as traditionally a brood (or a Hive as a whole) would perish after the Queen does. While both the Zo’ra and K’lax have now chosen a High Queen from the lesser ones to act as a leader, for a different lesser Ta to step in and command a brood is something that Queenless Breeders would have dreamed about, but otherwise never allowed before. The revitalization of the K’lax Hive, however, required drastic measures to be taken, and new protocols enacted to ensure their survival in this modern era.


The flag of the C'thur represents the hive's independence and gratitude towards their Jargon Federation benefactors.

Known as ‘The Weavers’, they are the third Hive that has developed relationships with other sophonts of the Orion Spur. While their arrival was kept in secret by the Jargon Federation, the revelation has reignited diplomatic disputes between K’lax and C’thur, with outright hostility met by the K’lax towards the C’thur.

Historically a minor hive, the C’thur were instrumental in developing inter-hive diplomacy upon Sedantis, often acting as neutral third parties to delegate issues. Indeed for much of their history, the C’thur wove complex political alliances to protect themselves as well as acting as a sort of information broker for many of the larger hives. Prior to their exodus from Sedantis, they maintained relations with both the K'lax and Zo'ra.

The C’thur arrived within Glorashi, a system within skrell space only two weeks after the K’laxian Hiveship, the Klo’zxera left the area. It is now known that C’thuric Hiveship, the Kloxa’xia, was originally K’laxian, meant to rendez-vous with the Klo’zxera within Xi’miix, but the K’lax left soon after a Lii’dra attack. The C'thur continue to report that they secured the Hiveship in diplomatic negotiations with the K’lax during their journey, but the validity of this claim is yet to be proven. The C’thur have quickly integrated into Skrellian colonies.

Unlike all other hives, the C’thur are led by their original Hive Queen, who, with a council of three other Lesser Queens, leads the Hive in this new age. In this effort, the Hive has begun dealing with the multitude of governments and corporations of the galaxy, all under the auspices of their Skrellian saviors.

The C’thur are the most economically developed hive, having stakes in Einstein Engines and Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals.

For their life with Skrell, see C'thur in the Federation.

C'thur, Queen of Masques


An old giant who continues to lead despite her new condition.

High Queen of the C’thur, she is one of the oldest beings known to exist amongst the Vaurcae and indeed the rest of the Orion Spur. C’thur has borne the C’thur Hive since its inception, taking careful first steps with her brood in the then war-torn Sedantis during the closing of the Agricultural Revolution. Her injuries by the Lii’dra have left her in the hands of her Skrellian saviors.

Mouv, The Recondite Queen

Wiki mouv.png

Her brood leads Vaurca scientific research in Skrellian space, and is also brokering deals with the Eridani Federation.

Mouv’lek’tanta is the oldest daughter of C’thur and has quickly developed political alliances within and outside of Federation space. Indeed, As the oldest lesser queen, Mouv’lek’s brood has thrived under the care of Jargon, with thousands of her Unbound Workers and Warriors working in tandem with scientists from the Jargon Federation to develop new technologies, as well to provide information about the enemies the Federation may face.

She has made inroads within Eridani, buying a significant portion of Einstein Engines through various Skrellian intermediaries by selling off some of the more complex Vaurcesian virtual reality technology. Perhaps more than any other of her Hive, Mouv’lek realizes the power of money in the new society the C’thur find themselves in and has done all she can to acquire more of it.

Vytel, The Just Queen


A Queen that upholds the law and inter-hive diplomacy above anything else, serving as the Warrior brood of the C’thur.

A gregarious queen, Vytel’hyr’tkud was lauded as a champion amongst smaller Hive vassals upon Sedantis. She crafted an image of neutrality and fairness that remains to this day. The youngest of the lesser queens brought with the C'thur Hive, little was ever expected of Vytel beyond her peacekeeping missions, who maintained her brood in such numbers more as an afterthought in the consensus of the Hive Queens.

Xetl, The Voracious Queen


Kept away from the Hive’s negotiations, Xetl is best known for The Sensate and her hedonistic ways.

Xetl’jyatk’yatu is the middle daughter of High Queen C’thur. Tales of Xetl’s excess are legendary, and it is with pride that many of her brood recount stories of such. Despite her hedonistic lifestyle, Xetl’jyatk maintains her Hive’s implants, overseeing the process of Reclamation and development of new implants. She takes pride in her brood’s work, a trait that most of her spawn share.

The Lii'dra

The Lii’dra are considered extremely hostile, and pose a threat to life as a whole. A true Hivemind, they seek to assimilate all Vaurca Hives in the Spur. More information can be read here.

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