Leto, The Seeker

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Ta’Akaix’Leto’yahkt’zor K’lax
The Seeker
Identified by their scent and exoskeleton color:
Unbound: (RGB 0, 80, 60)
Bound Warriors: (RGB 21,81, 51)
Bound Workers: (RGB 41, 59, 26)
Bulwarks and Breeders: (RGB 28, 102, 84)
Bound Bulwarks: (RGB 26, 40, 15)
Notable locations: Tret, Uueoa-Esa, Tau Ceti

The second youngest of the K’laxian queens, Leto’yaht’zor is known by some as an idealist, with her interests set in the great past of the Vaurcae. She herself has been regarded as a complete library by those few Unathi that have been able to approach her, with Leto famously being able to recite complete wars, lives and technology. Recently, some human scholars have turned their heads towards her instead, believing her resources to be even more telling of the Vaurcae than the Zo’rane archive they have available.

Her Realm

Leto’s Virtual Reality consists mainly of a colossal archive, filled to the brim with both information regarding the history of the Vaurca species as a whole and other portions dedicated to the other species of the Orion Spur, as they have been deemed as potentially important in the search for Sedantis. Conceptually, it is understood as a huge concentration of knowledge itself, with some visiting Vaurcae reportedly entering in shock because of the amount of information overload. Because of the protocols of information processing when in Virtual Reality, it is easy to become lost inside.

The archive is guarded by an elite of archivists, who make sure everything is accessible, as well as combing through the new information flooding in at a constant rate. It is said that not even the archivists themselves are familiar with all the contents of the Leto archive, as there is simply too much to process. Multiple Cephalons are used to support it.

Her Brood

Leto’yahkt’zor’s brood is home to the Hive’s general Worker population. Indeed, more than any of the other K’lax broods, Leto is known to reserve the least of her eggs to become Warriors, with a great emphasis instead on the need for the other labors required by the Hive. Food production and logistics are common duties for the Bound.

Leto’s spawn share a furtive mania of digging up the past. Even 2.000 years removed from their native area of space, the Queen and her brood still try to trace any artifacts found back to the Era of Augments or even further, citing a long discredited and disbelieved theory that ancient aliens interfered with their species so long ago. Leto’s brood tends to share her obsession with the past, seeing it as the only way to return to the glory of old. The Queen herself has come to the conclusion that older races of the galaxy need to be examined.

Recently, Unbound Workers specialized in xenoarcheology have become prevalent, and have been shipped as far as Tau Ceti, with some others to Moghes, in an attempt to find any clues as to their history that are not already in Leto’s archives. Any artifacts from Sedantis are highly prized and meticulously studied both in real life and her VR simulation for information.

While her Warriors are few, they are mostly used as the archivist army and are rarely seen outside of Virtual Reality because of this. The changing climate of the Hive, as well as partnerships with human megacorporations, has led Leto to prepare them to fulfill the other niches required, with much hesitation as to not allowing her brood to dedicate themselves to the task she deems the most important.

Leto has used most of her new Bulwarks for the food production in Pid, however some of the scientific research the brood does has been delegated to the new caste.


Just like her archive, there are plenty of important masters in her brood that have dedicated themselves to the documentation of the Vaurca race. Two names are the most celebrated among all of her Xakat’kl’atan.

Ka’Akaix’Doss K’lax

Known as the father of modern Vaurcesian archeology, history and literature, Doss is a legendary figure from old Sedantis, and perhaps one of the oldest individual Workers with a neural socket. Many of the ancient records shared with Zo’ra regarding the ancient Vaurcae stem from Doss archeological excavations in Sedantis. Although it is common for a Vaurca to feel embarrassed at the sheer thought of a pre-Augment lifestyle and information regarding such, Doss is known to have pushed past these boundaries, believing it is not embarrassing to acknowledge where the species comes from.

Curiously enough, Doss is not a proponent of the ancient aliens theory, who believes it to be foolish, especially since it has seen both human and Unathite technology. To Doss, if this were true then both species would have been further boosted to a lifestyle similar of Vaurcae’s. Instead, Doss is a proponent of a tremendous volcanic disruption that would have sent all kinds of buried artifacts to the Sedantis atmosphere, and eventually to space itself, with complex diagrams explaining why this might be doable. This has caused interesting discussions with Queen Leto more than once, which are regarded as some of the best debates regarding Vaurca history.

Za’Akaix’Lot K’lax

The most famous of all archivists, Lot is known for being able to process information at great speed, and being perhaps the only Vaurca familiar with most of the archive. At the very least, Lot is well versed in the catalog, and will be able to guide anyone who wishes to venture into Leto’s Realm. While some may fear it because of its reputation as the wisest Vaurca to ever exist, Lot itself is a simple figure, known to remain approachable all the time, and often belittles its own capacities as ‘not knowing enough’.

It is said that, while alive, Lot decided to renounce its physical body, as it saw its brain as too limited for its tasks. Instead, it opted to commission a dual-socket, which would allow more capacity for its mind. Lot sees itself as part of a Cephalon, often referencing that only inside the Cephalon’s computations can one truly be free. Despite Hive differences, Lot’s opinion is widely respected.

Recent Events

Leto’s brood have of late been working to reduce the shortage of food across Vaurcesian colonies, namely the ones on Tret. She was unable to successfully create large k’ois farms on Tret itself due to a number of reasons, chief among them being the fact that the predominantly alien population of Tret, albeit small, would be at risk of contracting phoron poisoning, and even mycosis. Thus, Leto’yahkt’zor’s brood had to take a rather unorthodox method of agriculture: asteroid farms.

Leto herself had the idea of utilizing an asteroid field near Pid, Tret's only natural satellite, as an area for growing k’ois. Due to the nature of k’ois, being that it can grow virtually anywhere except for places that are overly wet, planting the spores on the asteroids was not only possible, but rather simple. The process is rather uniform and is typically maintained by bound Ka along with a breeder acting as a supervisor. The process itself involves hurdling spores onto a selected asteroid, with numerous Bound then examining the asteroid to make sure the spores are actually stuck. Then, over the course of a couple of days, the spores are left to grow freely, usually enveloping the entire asteroid with ease. Bound Workers are then sent to examine the final product, and ultimately harvest them all, leading to a large amount of k’ois being available for consumption.

There is one major complication with this form of agriculture however, that being solar radiation. This is a problem due to the fact that, without shielding from it, k’ois and its spores are incinerated. This means that k’ois can only be planted and grown on the side of asteroids not facing the sun. The main problem with this, other than the fact that much of the asteroid is unfarmable, is that ships passing by are usually unaware of the nearby farm. What appears to be a harmless asteroid field on one side is then found to harbor a ghastly yellow glow on the other. Said ships are usually infected with spores by the time the pilots or passengers lay eyes on the harrowing sight, leading this particular asteroid field to be known as “The Cursed Asteroids”.

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