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Vaurca values tend to be very simple and singular, compared to the diverse values experienced in human culture. All Vaurcae considered civilized respect the authority each Hive has over its own Vaurcae, for example in times of war the abduction of other Vaurcae is frowned upon, and the killing of another hive's Lesser Queens or ultimate Queen is especially taboo. In concerns of war, Vaurcae society is not martial in any respect. Warriors are a tool and little more to the Vaurcae, and combative prowess is not regarded highly among Unbound Vaurcae. Vaurca society has no concept of dueling or wrestling, or really any competitive sportsmanship. As a result of this, Vaurcae tend to be rather passive. Aggression between Vaurca from the same hive tends to be rare and subdued, while aggression towards outsiders tends to be masked if it exists at all. Vaurca do not typically go around 'picking fights' unless they are extremely offended, or in danger. The Vaurcae concept of loyalty differs from humanity's in that it is not ideological in any respect. Loyalty to one's hive is not considered unique, and is not flaunted, due to the simple fact that all Vaurcae are loyal to their hive - disloyalty is an anomaly. Loyalty is furthermore purely biological, the result of pheromone excretion, augmentation, and indoctrination. As mentioned above, while Vaurca Bound are exploited by their Unbound brethren, they are not typically discriminated against. Their value is apparent to the hive, and except for extreme and rare cases of excess Unbound Vaurca will treat Bound with the same regard one might treat a hammer - a tool and nothing more, nothing less.

Bound Vaurcae do not have any complex values or morals beyond serving the interests of their hive.

Lii'dra tend to follow a perversion of typical Vaurca ethical codes, if they obey an ethical code at all.


Unbound entertainment consists of frivolous activities within their respective VR heaven's ever since it was made widely available. However, due to prolonged separation from VR experienced by the Unbound due to the realities of their situations, many Unbound must find new ways to entertain themselves. The most basic means of accomplishing this is rendering service to their hive, which is considered pleasurable to Vaurca. For Unbound this can take various forms, depending on their duty, or purpose to the hive. In moments of leisure activity outside of VR or work, Unbound enjoy socializing with their fellow Unbound. Despite the fiercely regimented nature of their society, they remain a communal species.

Beyond this, Unbound can also enjoy socializing with aliens, often finding humor from the ambiguities of language that other species take for granted. New experiences and hobbies are also sought or adopted, especially when VR is unavailable.

The Bound are completely deprived of pleasure and have no desire to entertain themselves.

Fashion & Cuisine

Throughout Vaurca history, fashion has remained nearly non-existent. Lacking any kind of genitalia they have nothing to be embarrassed about. Often going nude or with small garments covering their mouth. However, some Vaurca prefer to wear thin blindfold-like cloth over their eyes to prevent the 'extreme light' from giving them headaches or discomfort, and human fashion has exploded into a major fad for Unbound Vaurca.

Vaurca that venture EVA, despite their natural tolerance to high/low/vacuum pressure environments, are usually seen wearing soft-suits that allow them prolonged times in space for construction, operations, and other EVA activities.

Vaurca cuisine is viewed upon as extremely bland and tasteless to the other species. Generally consisting completely of their genetically engineered fungus that they grow en masse, it is grinded down into a paste, boiled, or eaten raw. It is described as tasting chalk-like or like iron to Humans. For Vaurca themselves, because taste is rarely an issue with their cuisine, many traditional Vaurcan dishes often have wildly different textures, the more different it is, the more fancy the meal is considered.

The fungus, K'ois ('The Substance'), is a translucent, bulbous mushroom that thrives in any environment it is placed in, apart from overly wet. While it appears this fungus is genetically bred to be so adaptable, it is also presumed it was naturally abundant over the Vaurcae home planet. It glows a sickly yellow, and this gives the entire plant a yellow hue.

The Arts

Art is a strange subject when it comes to the Vaurca. While not possessing any form of written art - that we currently know of - their art comes in a virtual sense. This art-style goes hand in hand with the Vaurcae caste system. They view their Virtual Reality as a paradise that can simulate anything and everything. Due to this Virtual Reality, they have never had the need, since uploading themselves to it, to draw, write, or anything else.

This Virtual Reality also acts as an information data hub, so as long as the Hive-Network remains active, all unbound Vaurcae knowledge can still be accessible without the need for written or typed documentation.

Beyond Virtual Reality, and perhaps as a result of it, Vaurcae tend to express themselves through sensory language and with elaborate imagery and oration. This oral tradition is typically lost upon humans due to Vaurca ineptness with human languages.

According to Vaurca sources and records, they've allowed human researchers to, art took a more important role in their pre-VR history, mostly in the form of grand works of masonry and architecture in subterranean projects.

It is considered heavily Taboo to take a picture of or depict the Queen or Lesser Queen of a hive in non-VR media as it is considered a disgrace to their spiritual beauty. Because of this, they rarely make public appearances to humanity or any species outside of VR.

One of the highest honors a Za or Ka can normally receive in their respective hives is to be bestowed the title of Xakat'kl'atan or Master of Ideal Forms. Usually achieved after death, this title can only be bestowed by a Queen or Lesser Queen. It recognizes the recipient as an authority in their particular field of study, and it is these respective Za and Ka that are approached by those newly born or training, seeking to benefit from their mastery. To become a Xakat'kl'atan while still alive is rare, but when it does occur the Ka or Za in question becomes something akin to a celebrity amongst their hive, or even others. Regardless of what they choose to do, living or dead, they remain staunch advisors of their hives Queens.


The Bound Vaurca have no concept of religion, faith, or a belief in the afterlife. They are focused entirely on fulfilling orders given to them with no capability of abstract thinking.

The Vaurca possess one of the oldest civilizations within the Orion Spur. Vast stretches of their history sought, like humans, to explain the world around them, as well as themselves. Countless Religions have formed across the ages, but only a few remain in any significant practice today. More information on Vaurca Religion can be found here.

Upon death, in one of the few ritualized events in an average Unbound Vaurca lifetime, the deceased Unbound's neural socket,(A device which microscopically copies the functions of their organic brain over time) is removed and permanently has its data moved onto its respective Lesser Queen's VR before being reused once more in a new Unbound Vaurca.

One important day for Unbound Vaurca would be their Vata'keilvetk translating roughly into basic as, Transubstantiation-day. Typically occurring at or close to half of an Unbound's lifespan. This day is significant in that the Vaurca's neural socket has copied the functions of their brain, thus cementing their place in the virtual afterlife. Many Unbound celebrate this day and go to great lengths to celebrate the Transubstantiation-day of their peers.

Between all hosted VR constructs, there is an interstice connecting them. The primary purpose of this interstice is to transmit the massive volumes of data between all members of the hive. Entire perceptions can be shared with individuals by their use. With it, a Vaurca could share its entire life's history from its own perspective in no time at all. Within the interstice itself, the physicality of simulations tends to break down, becoming less indicative of reality at all. Will and thought are the only tools needed by Vaurca who dwell here. These tools are used to create structures and worlds not constrained by 3 dimensions, to create what their minds choose to. Yet most tend to merely use the interstice to communicate or travel between each Lesser Queen's VR. Those that do choose to live out their afterlife here are often seen as eccentrics.

By request, and if approved by their hive-cells overseeing Ta, an unbound may forgo incineration upon death for a far older practice of Reclamation. In this practice, the deceased unbounds implants are removed, and their body is specially prepared for consumption by their hive-cell. It is the belief that by consuming the physical remains of the deceased, they may move on into the Aether without worry of what they leave behind. Skrellian historians believe that this practice likely came around between the Era of Agriculture and the Era of Augments, and probably served a purpose for the hives then. Regardless of its history, this practice had fallen out of favor for the more efficient methods, but it has recently found a resurgence within all Vaurca hives. Whether this is to curve a mounting famine that the hive faces, or if it's because of some nostalgic dream of the Sedantis of yore, none can say.


Vaurcae technology on a whole is very advanced, owing to their venerable age. While inhospitable life on Sedantis I and fierce hive rivalries tended to inhibit technological development severely, over the past 60,000 years it has developed to a level believed to be superior to that of humanity, especially in a few specific areas. However most of this technology was left behind on Sedantis I, and most technology utilized by Vaurcae in known space tends to be deteriorated. The most prevalent and advanced Vaurca technologies are of course their readily accessible Virtual Reality systems. Beyond this, they possessed robust industrial technology, allowing them to conduct extreme feats of construction and excavation in a relatively short amount of time - this is visible in how rapidly they developed their Ark-ships. Most of the time spent in creating the Ark-ships was consumed by research into the specifics of long term space-travel. The actual construction of the vessels was relatively simple once the specifics were ironed out. Vaurcae are the undisputed masters of biotechnology, with almost all Vaurcae possessing basic biomechanically systems and augments. Some Vaurcae, especially warriors, possess very exotic augmentations that are currently unmatched by human technology in that field. Small arms weaponry is another field which Vaurcae have developed extensively, owing to their intrinsic desire to make conflict a simple and quick affair. Heavier ordinance is rare due to the cramped fields of battle which Vaurcae armies engaged in, typically in hastily excavated tunnels, and similarly Vaurca technology tends to be short-range and relatively simplistic in operation. Vaurcae research into artificial intelligence is virtually nonexistent, due to their expansive Bound labourforce rendering themselves without the need for AI slaves.

As stated above, Vaurca technology available in known space tends to be lesser to the reported technology enjoyed by Vaurca on Sedantis I. Most of it has deteriorated due to 2,000 years of neglect, and there are currently no means available to Vaurca to produce equipment of similar calibre. As such, most advanced Vaurca technology is defended fiercely by the respective hive hierarchies, and any technology fielded tends to be the most decrepit and least valuable of its kind. While Vaurca technology is comparable perhaps even to Skrellian technology in theory, in practice Vaurca are still limited by their dwindling supply.

Vaurca Lore Pages
Fundamentals Vaurca · Vaurca Biology · Vaurca Hives · Colonized Vaurca Worlds
History and Culture Vaurca History · Vaurca Religion · Sedantis I · Vaurca Culture and Society · The Lii'dra