Mouv, The Recondite Queen

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Ta’Akaix’Mouv’lek’tanta C’thur
The Recondite Queen
Identified by their scent and exoskeleton color:
Unbound: (RGB 150, 180, 255)
Bound Warriors: (RGB 110, 100, 255)
Bound Workers: (RGB 90, 150, 255)
Bulwarks and Breeders: (RGB 125, 117, 255)
Bound Bulwarks: (RGB 74, 138, 252)
Notable locations: Glorashi, Qerr’Malic, Aliose, Jargon Federation

Mouv’lek’tanta is the oldest daughter of C’thur and has quickly developed political alliances within and outside of Federation space. Indeed, As the oldest lesser queen, Mouv’lek’s brood has thrived under the care of Jargon, with thousands of her Unbound Workers and Warriors working in tandem with scientists from the Jargon Federation to develop new technologies, as well to provide information about the enemies the Federation may face.

Typically lightly colored, Mouv’lek’s brood used this to their advantage historically as the Hive’s primary diplomats. By virtue of being clearly visible in the darkened chasms of old Sedantis, it was harder to mistake them as hostile or armed. She has kept this mutation alive in her spawn, holding onto the hope that perceptions of her Hive remain disarming to those that view them.

Diplomacy aside, she has made inroads within Eridani, buying a significant portion of Einstein Engines through various Skrellian intermediaries by selling off some of the more complex Vaurcesian virtual reality technology. Perhaps more than any other of her Hive, Mouv’lek realizes the power of money in the new society the C’thur find themselves in and has done all she can to acquire more of it.

Her Realm

Mouv’s Virtual Reality is often conceptualized as an ocean that exists in all directions, besides the direction one starts in. It houses the minds of dead and alive Unbound Workers and Warriors in a space much like the Interstice, a place between different VR realms where raw data is expressed, and the physicality of reality itself is expressed little. Here, she trains all of her Unbound to navigate endless scrawls of translated machine code, expressed physically within the confines of the VR construct. Obtained via the Hivenet relay, unquantifiable amounts of data surge forth like a quasi-physical tidal wave. Those deceased who dive themselves into the oceans of this sometimes physical data stream call themselves Lin'tiyakt, or net-trawlers.

Even with the processing power of a Cephalon, the data expressed within exists only for mere moments, and it is the skill of the net-trawlers to identify and capture useful data before it is washed out of memory. The most successful net-trawlers achieve renown throughout the Hive, with a value being based upon the most secret, and important data obtained. It is not without danger, however, as with all trawls, sometimes anti-hacking software can be triggered, turning the ocean of data into a seething froth. Fomenting whirls of data scour the minds of those unlucky few caught in it, sucking them under and outside of the data stream, forever lost. The danger of her VR is not lost upon Mouv’lek, who rewards those who manage to bring to light the darkest secrets of the galaxy from the abyssal depths of the data stream by allowing them greater control of her construct. The secrets obtained by her Virtual Reality are the basis of her success, and with the growing scope of her influence, so too does her ambition continue to expand.

Her Brood

While Mouv herself remains in Diulszi, some efforts have been made to mobilize her brood elsewhere. Inside the Federation, a few planets in the Core Systems house important populations of Mouv’s brood.

The city of Qamlok in Aliose is a subterranean settlement located near the outskirts of Oqraxo. Originally planned to house those Vaurcae aiding the research of Aliose University of Medical Sciences, Mouv’lek’tanta has recently transformed it into the Vaurcesian capital of scientific pursuits. Recently, the new Bound from her brood have been tasked into ‘translating’ many of their databases into Nral’malic. While most intellectual activity still occurs in the University campus, a laboratory has been built in the chambers, where C’thur scientists work non-stop.

Because of the newest specialization some have taken in tourism and services, a notable settlement in Qerr’Malic, Settler’s Paradise, has received a large influx of Mouv’s Bound and Unbound Workers so the research done by her brood remains profitable.

Credited as the original creator of the Bulwark, her use of this caste has been varied, splitting the tasks with the other castes, particularly when it comes to tourism. However, many of them have proven to be effective roboticists, and it was a roboticist of the Mouv have that was discovered in Tau Ceti at the events of their surprise reveal.

Those that are in human space have settled in Epsilon Eridani, working for the megacorporations C’thur Hive is partnered with, as well as Nanotrasen within Tau Ceti.


The following are two examples of her brood’s masters, famous for being peculiar among the masters.

Ka’Akaix’Lozi C’thur

Ka’Akaix’Lozi C’thur is known to be one of the few Workers sent to battlefields for the purpose of negotiations. Identified by its light blue carapace, Lozi would talk fights down as it moved, often escorted by few warriors, through the battlefield.

However, its title of Master Of Ideal Forms only came after it died, and only because it died. Lozi died attempting to de-escalate rising conflict between two lesser, forgotten Hives. These Hives could not be talked down —a fact all knew. Their feud had lasted eons, and could not be stopped so easily. Many had tried but only succeeded in truces. However, both hives served a unique purpose: destroying one to end the fighting would not be beneficial, especially since they both contributed to the construction of the Hiveships. Lozi devised a plan, through rapid calculation of the scene, and came up with the following: become a martyr, inducing the wrath of the larger C’thur Hive, and drawing the attention of the Zo’ra, which would either force a war in which both lesser Hives would be lost, or force them to stand down to prevent more bystander casualties. The latter occurred, both Hives submitting to peace, allowing them to focus on the production of resources and research. Without Lozi, it is certain the ships would have taken longer to construct.

Za’Akaix’Vezaz C’thur

Za’Akaix’Vezaz C’thur is, in one word, a hacker. Accomplished in decryption and encryption, Vezaz is one of the newer masters, becoming one the year of first contact with the Skrell. The reasons for this are not exactly known, but it is assumed that it played a pivotal role in decoding alien programs, as well as understanding them in the first place.

Vezaz truly came into its own, however, when contact was established within Eridani. Gangers and even corporate lackeys know Vezaz under its human-given hacker pseudonym of Ecdysis. With the Unbound use of technology within Eridani, the ways VR interacts with human technology was unknown territory prior to Vezaz, and its use has transformed the world of hacking throughout the known galaxy. Suddenly, cyberspace networks once thought uncrackable have become vulnerable, with their network architecture simulated in ways that can be navigated and bypassed in a VR construct. With its recent ascent as a Xakat’kl’atan, the world of hacking is surely to change for all species.

Recent Events

Perhaps because of her personality, Mouv is known to be the biggest supporter of the Einstein Engines relationship her Hive has developed. Not only has she quickly understood the power of money, but she is also aware that the C’thur tactics of old may not work in this new environment. Despite the advice given by her mother, she has firmly set her alliances in both Jargon and Einstein.

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