Vaur, The Liminal Queen

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Ta’Akaix’Vaur’skiyet’sca Zo’ra
The Liminal Queen
Identified by their scent and exoskeleton color:
Unbound: (RGB 61, 0, 0)
Bound Warriors: (RGB 53, 17, 16)
Bound Workers: (RGB 41, 0, 0)
Bulwarks and Breeders: (RGB 61, 0, 15)
Bound Bulwarks: (RGB 55, 0, 15)
Notable locations: Flagsdale, Tau Ceti

Vaur’skiyet’sca is the eldest Vaurca within Tau Ceti space, and more recently, the Zo’ra Hive’s new High Queen. In diplomatic human settings, she is often referenced by titles which translate poorly into basic. Titles like High Praetor, First of Mother Zo’ra, Grand Executor, Liminal Queen, are all common references to her authority. She oversees the largest Vaurcesian settlement in Mendell, Flagsdale.

Still as a Lesser Queen she was chosen to represent the Hive to the galaxy at large, turning her the face of Zo’ra. This was not always the case however, as she was originally responsible for ship navigation on Titan Prime. Procedure for succession is virtually nonexistent and the revelation of mother Zo’ra’s death has catapulted Vaur’skiyet’sca to this status to the displeasure of some Lesser Queens.

Vaur’s time overseeing The City has been fraught with peril. Having faced famine, human exploitation as well as militant extremists, life in District 9 is uneasy, but Vaur approaches these problems with long-term goals in mind. She sees the levers of galactic power that revolve around Tau Ceti and the potential if all levers were under her control. In this, she has proven to possess a keen political intelligence, evidenced in handling Sol’s occupation with minimal effort. She has brokered deals with both Nanotrasen and the Republic of Biesel, and remains the most influential Vaurca alive.

Her Realm

Vaur’s Virtual Reality is the most accessible to outside observation. She has gone to great lengths to make her Reality showcase Vaurcesian culture to the galaxy. Conceptually, it exists in a large sea of still glass-like water. The sky showcases magnificent celestial phenomena, but most striking of all is the gas giant Sedantis, dominating the skyward view no matter where one would go in the VR. Dispersed throughout the sea are hundreds of interconnecting islands. Each island usually highlights a facet of Zo'ra and Vaurca culture, and from the windows of specialized interface equipment, non-Vaurca onlookers can view the VR as they would any video.

Unbound within this VR make themselves scarce when such viewfinders move about, but will usually answer questions if pressed. By the will of Unbound living here, new islands can spring forth from the sea, containing anything that they can imagine. Above all, however, floats the lofty home of Vaur’skiyet’sca.Its soft yellow glow pervades the entire VR and is a fitting digital home for the High Queen. A grandiose and large structure, it floats always centrally to the horizon. No matter which direction one may look, they will see it, as if the universe itself revolves around Vaur. Curiously, throughout the simulation, a supernal grace and awe tinge all perceptions of the VR. An euphoric splendor that highlights every positive detail when referencing Vaur’skiyet’sca or Vaurcae in general. Outside viewers are often human and Skrell historians, or are part of a growing human Vaurcesian sympathizing movement who have begun to see Vaur’skiyet’sca as a new holy figure, a great unifier that can usher in a utopia for all species within Tau Ceti.

Her Brood

Since their introduction to Mendell, the Bound and Unbound populations of Flagsdale that fall under Vaur’skiyet’sca’s brood are contractually obligated to work for either government or corporate facilities. These contracts run the gamut and are diverse, but are universally low paying. Living standards in District 9 are extremely poor, with hunger and sickness being present ever since their arrival and subsequent famines. Plenty of new refugees, from all hives or even those Queenless, have made their way to District 9 too, converting it into a strange amalgam of clashing factions. It houses over a little more than four million Vaurcae, with High Queen Vaur herself still living onboard the Titan Prime.

Although it can be said that the economical opportunities for the Vaur brood have been large, even despite the contracts some may struggle to find a job and feel as stranded as the others in The City. Particularly, Warriors have had a hard time being accommodated around Tau Ceti’s needs, but have also been proven to be valuable for the Mendell City Police Department because they are the only ones that can safely navigate around the complex slum that District 9 has become. Those that are unemployed may take it to themselves to become vigilantes, believing the problem stems from the Queenless Vaurcae that share the area.

Workers, while they may fill many niche jobs, are also known for being public speakers. Not only the Breeders of Vaur have taken it upon themselves to boost the approval of Vaurcae in Tau Ceti, but ordinary Workers are known as the workforce behind the pro-Vaurca organizations that have stemmed these past years, as well as being more outspoken of the injustices they face. A viral video of an ordinary worker condemning the continuous acts of violence they face in Little Adhomai proved crucial for a push in the legislature regarding gang violence in Mendell, even despite the heavy speech impediments of the Vaurca in question. Those that contribute to the non-profit organization Vaurca Equality have also pointed fingers at Queenless gangs in regards to the Tajaran rivalry.

Out of the Zo’rane broods, Vaur has used Bulwarks mostly for menial jobs and tasks in Flagsdale. However, the conditions of the district as well as many of the overpopulation have also led the caste to be shipped elsewhere in service and supply jobs.


Being one of the oldest broods, the long list of Vaur’s Xakat’kl’atan goes for millenia. Two have become notable for reaching this status while in human space.

Ka’Akaix’Siuq Zo’ra

The short life of Siuq was crucial for the public image of Zo’ra in Tau Ceti. Seven years old when first contact with humanity was made, Siuq quickly became famous even amongst the emergency Department of Vaurca Integration. It quickly gained an understanding of the situation in which the Hive was in and took a prominent role in the evacuation plans from Titan Prime.

After the first years, Siuq became the first Vaurca to ever hold an official government charge in Mendell, forming part of the City Council. While alive, it was awarded various peace prizes from Bieselite organizations for helping de-escalate many of the gang troubles in District 9. Its sudden death in early 2463 shook many, but Siuq saw this as an opportunity to take its teachings to the Aether, and help new Zo’ra from all broods to properly integrate into Tau Ceti society. It is said that Siuq was the one that introduced basketball to District 9, and it remains its favorite sport in Virtual Reality.

Za’Akaix’Ylooq Zo’ra

Regarded as a controversial War veteran among the Zo’ra, it was obvious that despite all the VR training, cryostasis had kept Ylooq out of shape. However, it still proved to be an invaluable asset for military strategy, and as a Prefect it was one of the most important Vaurcae in the Foreign Legion, as far as developing a plan to keep Tau Ceti safe from the Lii’dra. It ultimately passed of old age at 2462, and has now taken its time in the Aether to prepare Vaur Warriors, incorporating teachings learned from human war strategy.

Recent Events

Because of her newly appointed status as a High Queen, Vaur has become more involved in Caprice and Luthien, while also managing to oversee Flagsdale. It is not an easy task, and she has received plenty of help from her Breeders, as well as both Bound and Unbound Workers that help her plan her days. However, it is said that she still makes sure none of her Vaurcae are left unattended. Humans that wish to contact Vaur are often left to wait long times, with Viax Workers pushing them at the bottom of her ever-expanding schedule. The only one that has the privilege to talk with Vaur whenever requested is President Joseph Dorn, who is said to have a close friendship with the Zo’rane Queen.

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