Minor Dionae Factions

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Notable Dionae Factions

Through-out the Orion Spur, there are various groups which have formed, advocating for a certain agenda. Whilst some agendas typically have goals that are commonly found across the entirety of the species - some have more ulterior motives that could prove to be more benevolent or malevolent. The following are the factions comprised of Dionae pushing for, or against, a particular topic.

Republic of Biesel

Lead by an Eternal Overseer, Connected to the Blossoms Beyond, those housed within the Republic have begun their integration into society across the Republic's sphere of influence - assisting in all sorts of fields. Recently, more and more Dionae have begun protesting outsides the steps of the Congress building in hopes of making the injustices committed against the Dionae more prominent to those in authority.

Blood Organizations

The Blood Buddy Organisation (BBO) was founded by a Dionae Argus - Rationing Knowledge of Embodied Sanguis. The organisation dedicates its time and resources to gather blood samples large enough for Dionae to gain experience from. The organisation finds itself dominating the market, but recently another more sinister group, The Blood Runners, has begun taking advantage of prices of the blood samples - cornering the black market on blood samples.