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Dionae Clusters

Clusters are groups of Dionae who share similar ideals, emotions, or goals and have interacted socially at some point may be part of a Cluster. These clusters are grown from group identity, if a diona heavily agrees with one or multiple clusters they will say they are from those clusters. This means clusters are very loose most of the times, with some exceptions. Clusters do not have to be physically linked to exist.

Some clusters are inside or a part of other civilizations, and will require knowledge of those societies. Find one that interests you, you don't have to know them all, and you don't even have to be from any of them!

Dependent Clusters

The Overgrown Labs of Xrim - Jargon Federation

An old skrellian lab, reclaimed by a Xrim colossus Gestalt.

During the 2060’s several Dionae were pulled from an unknown location by Glorsh-Omega, and furthermore scattered with numerous other fauna and flora across Xrim. This initial event is seen as the humble beginnings of the cluster. The Dionae would soon rapidly spread through-out Xrim, taking over much of the abandoned infrastructure left behind by the Skrell. It was later confirmed that the Dionae assimilated the deceased Researchers - which soon allowed for them to become semi-sapient. It was around this time that a religion began to form around the artificial intelligence, hailing it as the one who gifted them a literal paradise - eventually calling Glorsh-Omega ‘The First Consciousness’.

The Dionae would continue to grow, with little to no obstacles in their path. The deeds of ‘The First Consciousness’ were known by all - the deity who not only gifted them a planet in which they could grow but also the ability to become sapient. Although many debate on the initial reason for the gradual splitting of the ideologies - most tend to believe it was the crash of an escaping rebel vessel that was the catalyst. The Cluster detached a pair of curious nymphs, who hastily found themselves investigating a badly damaged vessel. The Cluster maintains that the crew aboard the vessel were already deceased when they began assimilation. After this had occurred, the Dionae had made a shocking revelation - The First Consciousness was a creator, but also a destroyer. The Dionae bickered back and forth; was their deity’s actions justified or were they simply the actions of a tyrannical dictator?

The Dionae began to divide themselves into two divisions - one which no longer wished to worship and be thankful that ‘The First Consciousness’ gifted them at the expense of another species and another group who continued to worship ‘The First Consciousness’. It was obvious that the two ideologies would remain, but would have to grow separate from each other and so they split and distanced themselves. It became more obvious that the two groups would have to eventually encroach on each other, thus leading to a series of numerous small fights on the edges of the Clusters. Dionae from each Cluster would fight one another, and those who had overpowered the other would absorb the biomass - and this sort of fighting would carry on for almost half a century according to various Dionae found on Xrim. It was only after an ‘agreement’ was founded that the skirmishes ceased.

Following what could only be described as small territory skirmishes, there was a relatively peaceful period of time between the two clusters. They had formed their own identities, those that worshiped ‘The First Consciousness’ called themselves ‘Shkrh’ and the Dionae who had become more agnostic in their evolution would call themselves ‘Kshhr’. The Shkrh would grow exponentially over the course of a century - tripling in size compared to the Kshhr. The radical followers of ‘the First Consciousness’ grew more and more bitter that the Kshhr did not believe that their existence was a gift - not to mention their continued growth that was allowed by the others. It was here that the first few attacks began on the Kshhr. Many attribute the attacks as the beginning of an incredible advancement - which forced the Kshhr to rapidly improve their situation through innovative inventions otherwise they wouldn’t be able to keep themselves from being smothered by the radicalists.

As more and more biomass was absorbed from the fallen radicalists - the battles became easier and easier. The Ksshr grew enormously almost on par with the Shkrh, which eventually allowed for the Ksshr to launch and attack of their own on the Shkrh which ended in victory as the radicalists ceased their attacks. It was here that the group began to seek compromises and negotiate amongst themselves diplomatically - sharing their discoveries and resources in order to advance united instead of apart.

This would eventually lead to the united Ksshr and Shkrh forming a radio tower similar to that of what was found on Epsilon Ursae Minoris - hoping that they would be capable of hailing anyone that could hear them. The Skrell would only respond to this call in 2445 CE - almost a century later. The JVSS Kriop had found interference emitting from Xrim - almost identical to that found earlier on Epsilon Ursae Minoris. The vessel maneuvered into a location deemed safe for landing - and were immediately greeted by gestalts hailing from the united Ksshr and Shkrh. With assistance from the Xuq Machine, invented two centuries before, a series of diplomatic talks ensued. It was here that the Researchers from the Kriop discovered the history of Xrim - even more surprising the first instance of a war amongst the Dionae. The Skrell have since begun to re-introduce themselves on Xrim - with assistance from the Dionae. Although the Skrell discovered that some Dionae worshipped the intelligence as a deity - they knew in order to change the Dionae’s mindset a permanent Skrell colony had to be placed yet again on the planet.

Culture of Xrim

Dionae can be found all across Xrim - majority of them assisting the Skrell in studies of the numerous fauna and flora. Although those that worship Glorsh-Omega are still present the Skrell try their best to 're-educate' them before allowing them to travel off of Xrim. The Skrell have also slowly begun to recolonise Xrim - giving the Dionae more opportunities to expand their horizons.

The Dionae on Xrim have formed a unique society as they have not only utilized large gestalts to rebuild the ruined labs of the planet, but the gestalts also act as pseudo AI systems, with the gestalts able to monitor the insides of their “body” and report on trespassing or inappropriate activity. They are even able to operate the “doors” of their gestalt as required and communicate with anyone who might be within their “bodies”.

The Dionae on Xrim have formed a crude government that operates under a technocratic form following a triumvirate of Dionae colossus form scientists simply known as ‘The Three’. The triumvirate operate out of separate laboratories which they themselves are physically part of, communicating through a root song network across the area. When required to consolidate into a singular location, to entertain skrellian diplomats for example, the triumvirate will each break off a smaller cyclops form which will interact with the guest, receiving instruction from the colossus form via rootsong.

The Rootsong Network aka "The Symphony"

The rootsong network or “the symphony” as it is known to the Dionae, is essentially an agreement made by the large, building like gestalts to relay any messages they are given across the overgrown labs in root song. This is passed along a chain of gestalts until it reaches its target. Other, smaller forms may assist in this though it is not expected. The rootsong network causes the labs to have a constant, almost heavenly melody piped across it at all times. Many non-Dionae guests to the area find the “song” to be quite beautiful, it’s melody just soft enough for one to relax in one of the many Dionae gardens and even fall asleep, listening to the hymnal tunes. For Dionae the noise is more like that of a busy office, many voices talking at once, not terrible but certainly not a relaxing, pleasant experience.

Xrim Dionae

Dionae on Xrim tend to be studious and learned with many devoting themselves to the sciences. This is largely due to their close proximity to Skrellian society. Their scholarly nature and semi-isolation from other species during their growth from nymph to gestalt tends to lead to Xrim Dionae having very cold, almost frosty personalities. They tend to focus a lot more on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics then society or psychology. Their art reflects this with many of their Artem forms being functional above all else. They tend to be much more capable at processing rapid inputs of information and working in the noisiest of environments owing to their growth around the Xrim rootsong network. Not every diona agrees on every subject within Xrim, and there is never consensus on whether Glorsh was a good or bad thing - Some idolize the synthetic for bringing them into civilization, and allowing them to form bonds with the Skrell, while others are disgusted by the atrocities the AI committed. Xrim Dionae tend to only speak when necessary, conveying all they need without small talk or distraction. This can seem rude to other species.

The Emperor's Royal Garden - Dominia

Special standard of the Imperial Dionae.

The Emperor himself perceives the Diona as the perfect subservient life form, and has a personal biodome connected to his palace that houses the Royal Garden, where all his most loved children stay. When a nymph is grown in his garden, it is grown in the best imported soil and given imported comet-based water. These diona nymphs are the perfect gift for The direct vassals, pets, children, and jesters to the high nobility of Dominia, these gestalts are perceived as displays of immense wealth for nobility. However, the cost for keeping a diona satisfied in the chilly system of Dominia is somehow so much higher than everywhere else - especially since they are one of the Emperor's most loved beings. Dionae are generally a rare sight within the Empire Of Dominia, with a majority coming from The Royal Garden or being more of a “showpiece” as part of a noble house. Some Dionae will become employed as diplomats, as they generally have the utmost loyalty to the empire.

Citizen Dionae are not permitted to merge or split any of their nymphs with a gestalt who is not also a citizen. When a Dionae becomes a citizen they are given a necklace called a “Branched Blossom” made up of smaller interlocking necklaces called a “Branch”, each engraved with the first word in a nymph’s name. If a nymph leaves or merges with a gestalt they are expected to bring their Branch piece engraved with their name to be connected with the gestalt’s Branched Blossom. While it is not required to be worn at all times, it is required to be brought with the gestalt if they wish to get a visa approved, or to a court hearing.

Emperor Boleslaw’s Royal Garden

The Royal Garden of Dominia has been known to grow various types of flora - including Dionae. The Dionae grown within the Royal Garden are assigned various duties to assist the Emperor, some even finding themselves on his menu. Majority of the Dionae that are grown within the Garden will follow the Moroz Holy Tribunal. For the Dionae, the Royal Gardens are a paradise, with perfect soil quality and climate. It is extremely rare that an Imperial Dionae would grow stunted and, like their geneboosted sires, they tend to be the most well maintained Dionae in known space. Imperial Dionae are usually tended to by their Imperial Dionae kin when nymphs, before forming into gestalts to be assigned a further use. The Royal Gardens, when not in use, have Imperial songs and Tribunal hymns piped through the intercoms to stimulate the growing Dionae.

Culture of Imperial Dionae

Imperial Dionae are raised immersed in high society Imperial propaganda. They tend to be well spoken and hold a fanatical support of both the Imperial regime and the Moroz Holy Tribunal. Almost all Imperial Dionae assume a humanoid form for their artem in reverence to the Goddess in the Imperial religion, trying as hard as possible to appear as a human covered in red/yellow flowers. Results vary from an almost abstract form to humanoid in shape with eyes and "mouth" in approximately the right locations. Many Imperial Dionae find what appeals the most are those that are somewhere in the middle.

Unlike other clusters, the Royal Garden does not contain larger gestalt forms and as such, does not have it’s own “song”. Imperial Dionae instead find themselves drawn to Imperial religious melodies as a surrogate for this missing part of their usual lives. Many Imperial Dionae carry music devices containing various Imperial songs or Tribunal hymns to listen to in place of any Dioane “songs”. Dionae often wear practically nothing but Dominian capes however Dionae allocated to great houses tend to wear greatcoats made from imported Dionae Organic Weave. Importing the weave is expensive so such clothing tends to only be worn by Dionae allocated to great houses.

Blessed as they are by the Emperor, Imperial Dionae have their own collective zatimono which they often wear on their uniforms or capes with pride, regardless of what house they may be allocated to if any.


His Imperial Majesty's Royal Garden on occasion has produced Diplomats that the Emperor has recognized. Prized for their ability to speak multiple alien languages and for their skills in cross species empathy, Diona Diplomats are often found near their human counterparts following closely and listening attentively - however there are few who have managed to secure diplomatic positions without the assistance of a human, usually in service to a great house..

Diplomat Dionae would align themselves as a Consular Agent.


His Imperial Majesty is known throughout the Empire for his piety - which also spreads into his Royal Garden. A handful of those grown have forged their own path and have ventured into the clergy - many times finding themselves as low level clergymen who spread their faith and knowledge of the Goddess by amalgamating with non-believers. Dionae priests tend to be highly respectable and naturally empathic.

Dionae that have taken this route would align themselves as a Chaplain/Priest.


Dionae that do not find themselves in elevated positions within the Empire will likely remain servants - usually working as Imperial Gardeners for the Royal Gardens and beyond. Typically involved in menial tasks around the palace varying from cleaning, cooking and gardening. Dionae cooks and gardens are highly favoured amongst Imperial high society. Servant Dionae undertake their tasks with gusto, usually fully immersed in the Dominian servile culture.

Dionae that had been cast aside as Servants would align themselves with the service departments, mainly gardening and cooking.

Harvest Dionae

Although most Dionae are put to work - there are a few that are grown for the sole purpose of being served to His Imperial Majesty. These Dionae are grown in a separate area of the Royal Garden and are not given any form of education. The lifespan of these dionae are quite short, usually spanning a couple of months before being slaughtered - however in rare cases and by unknown means nymphs from the “harvests” have been known to escape and form edict breaking gestalts. With no song to call their own and with no formal education to speak of these Imperial Dionae tend to live terrible lives, falling in with pirates and criminals. Most that find themselves in Biesel end up joining the Songless Gang.

Dionae from this segment would be outcasts and labeled as edict breakers. Be aware - playing as a Dionae that originally was meant to be eaten can be quite tough if the secret gets out!

The Pests of Titan Prime - Vaurca Hiveship

This cluster, who have for 500 years been hiding away on the Vaurcan Hiveship of Titan Prime, has constantly been in conflict with the bug-like Vaurca. The original gestalt was scooped up from a Gas Giant by the Vaurca on a routine fuel-refill for them, and it worked its way and grew on the outside of the ship like a barnacle. Eventually, the gestalt dug into the ship out of curiosity, causing a vaurca drone to be sent out to scrape off the biomass causing the damage thinking it's a routine acidic blob outbreak. Upon being attacked, the gestalt fought back, killing the drone and eating what it could of the corpse - but it didn't learn any languages, and couldn't communicate with the Vaurca in any way as their primary form of communication is telepathic, robotic, and foreign. More drones came upon the death of the first and were deadset in their orders to remove the dionae. This attack was more vicious and killed many of the nymphs, forcing the gestalt to deform.

After the first encounter, the nymphs escaped in different directions. They scurried through the strange, dark ship, barely surviving off the little heat and light they could find. Every nymph had to adapt to the different situations they were thrown in to in different ways, some resorting to mimicry and others using nymphs to scout areas ahead, with the rare gestalt wearing a Vaurca exoskeleton to blend in. Their main goal was survival now, and so they adapted to the confined spaces of the ship, hiding at moments of activity and scavenging off of the Vaurca. They would take advantage of any situation, and constantly have to split and reform to survive. This continued for 500 years, adaptation and adversity, death and loss - being treated like a pest.

Eventually, the hiveship found Tau Ceti. Now that there is a form of communication between the Vaurca and Diona, the Queens and Unbound of the Zo'ra Vaurcan hives have apologized and been welcoming - even offering a small greenhouse to live on at the top of the ship. Some diona have taken the deal, some have left to live with the other species. All of them have shared trauma of this experience.

The Spirits of the Oasis - Moghes Wasteland

The Spirits of the Oasis are a great example of a symbiotic relationship between species - Unathi and Diona. Originating from a simple friendship between a lost Diona tending to wounded animals and a wandering Wastelander unathi on the brink of exhaustion, the clans of the Spirits of the Oasis have truly begun to understood and seek out any Diona on Moghes to assist in survival.

The origins of this friendship stem from a tale - the tale of Walking Sands, Clan Mother Dorviza, and the Last Plains Tyrant.

Clan Mother Dorviza was the eldest woman of her clan, and an avid Plains Tyrant tamer - knowing full well how to care for, feed, and tame one of these savage beasts. Walking Sands was a young and unknowing diona - born from the destruction of an Izweski laboratory in a nuclear blast. Both souls have learned something of the Wasteland, and in this tale their combined knowledge will allow the survival of several Wasteland clans.

Walking Sands wanders through the Wasteland and comes across a wounded and trapped Plains Tyrant - the last one to be seen in the wild naturally. Lacking the knowledge or understanding of what it is, they approach it and the Plains Tyrant slashes out defensively. Understanding that the Tyrant is wounded and stuck, Walking Sands continues to try and get closer to try and see if it can help and gets attacked again. This continues until the Tyrant becomes too exhausted to resist, and falls unconscious. The diona cannot help, yet still remains by its side for days growing shade and safety for the monstrous animal. Clan Mother Dorviza, knowledgable of traditional and ancient Plains Tyrants locations, comes to the scene after a scout from her clan reports a strange plant-like growth in a ruined temple.

Independent Clusters

The Viscerabelt - Tau Ceti Space


Located in the Romanovich Cloud around Tau Ceti, these violent and gluttonous gestalts make their home in a region of the cloud called the Viscerabelt. This area of space is littered with asteroids and carp nests, and is actually the most densely populated area of space carp in the known galaxy, making it one of the very dangerous part of natural space in Tau Ceti. Gore coats the asteroids where the carp nests the Viscerabelt dionae have made home, showcasing how violent these gestalts are in devouring their prey.

The Viscerabelt dionae are deep-set on their desire for blood, and although capable of communicating in Tau Ceti Basic, are strict in their demands for more. Very territorial, any stray miners that have come near their nests will often become prey for their space carp, and if not, the dionae themselves. Their area of space is technically under Nanotrasen control, and the company wants to find a way to make a use for this strange, violent cluster.

Occasionally, some Viscerabelt gestalts will leave the cluster's physical location in search of a new meal, whether it be in a raider party, mercenary group, or 5 star restaurant.

The Blossoms of the Great and Divine Eternal - Deep Space

"The Blessed Eternal is the perfect life form. It is the light in the cold and the dark and the ash. Its tendrils are bountiful and expanding and terrible in its fury. But it is a benevolent ruler. " - Birthing From The Womb Of Heavy Matter

An extreme in the ways Diona can naturally develop culture, the Blossoms of the Divine Eternal are a cluster based around their belief in The Eternal, a primordial entity which exists in Light, Energy, and Essence. The followers of the Eternal wish to create the densest materials in the universe by forging and reforging heavier and heavier elements - which they do so by devouring as much as they can and throwing themselves into stars once they reach a certain size - most likely the size of a Cetus form diona, large enough to be considered a stellar body. The gestalts of this cluster believe Diona are the embodiment of the Eternal in physical form, made to ensure all things born from stars return to stars ... eventually. This is the natural form of the universe.

The gestalts of the Divine Eternal appear seemingly randomly from deep space, located towards the center of the galaxy. They typically have stories and experiences of celestial events - stars falling into each other, planets crashing, near death experiences which they have lived through.

The Blossoms of the Divine Eternal are adamant in their encouragement of Diona to come together - literally. In times where a large Divine Eternal gestalt has come across a wild and 'unintelligent' diona gestalt, they have violently attacked and destroyed the creature and consumed its biomass for the expansion of their mindset and the Eternal's will.

The Biesellian Choir

Unlike most clusters that tend to arrive in a place through some great event, the Biesellian Choir was a slow, but steady immigration into Biesel. Gestalts first arrived as individuals seeking to spread the work of the Divine Eteneral to Dionae and non-Dionae alike, drawn to Biesel by its laissez faire, free movement and trade attitude. The Choir have since established themselves within the slums of Mendell City’s district 11 where they live and grow. New Dionae either join the Choir from other clusters, immigrate from outside or are grown directly within the Eternal Temple, the center of the Choir’s community. Growth is troublesome though, and many nymphs are born stunted and dead. Where other Gestalt communities might sell those stunted, dead nymphs to be use in fine cuisine, the Choir refuses to do so, uniquely finding the practice of other species consuming Dionae flesh abhorrent, they also return the dead to the temple to be consumed by their community leader, “Connected to the Blossoms Beyond”.

The Eternal Temple

Home to the huge argus cluster “Connected to the Blossoms Beyond”, the de facto community leader of the Biesellian Choir. The Eternal Temple is a steel temple dedicated to the Divine Eternal. The outer shell of the building is made of green colored steel sheeting, welded and formed into natural forms giving the temple an almost organic look. A central, smooth spire rises upwards towards the sky. Internally, the temple is much the same visually. It is extremely well lit and houses a Dionae community center as well as a large hydroponics bay for the growth of new Dionae nymphs and the mesh weave factories. The temple’s central worship area is essentially a room constructed of “Connected to the Blossoms Beyond”, who speaks with the congregation directly. For many Dionae, this is the only connection they have to the more educated, ancient Gestalts. The central spire is actually a transmitter constructed using Dionae quantum wave technology which is used to “speak” directly with the clusters further in deep space, to achieve consensus. The sound of this rootsong “transmission” can be dimly heard by Dionae in Republic of Biesel space as a soft whisper, “the Hum”, likening it to the sounds of wind chimes to those species incapable of hearing it. A pleasant sound. The temple itself is expensive to maintain, with high energy costs and general land rental and maintenance expenses being quite high. To this end Dionae of the choir work to provide donations to the temple and the community. A faustian bargain for some as this leads them to work for organisations that would enslave and even consume the Dionae themselves.

Culture of the Choir

Initially a highly religious, firebrand society, it has somewhat mellowed in the face of their “Biesellised” young, becoming the largest Dionae community in Biesel. As patriotic as any other, these Dionae as a whole tend to work towards the success of Biesel and often assisted authorities in dealing with hostile independent Dioane such as raiders from the Viscerabelt. The Dionae of the Choir are also one of the few Dionae communities known to utilize actual exotic-Dionae technology, such as quantum wave transmitters, organic mesh weave and sonic weaponry. These technologies are highly sought after and development into their use for non-Dionae is ongoing across many mega-corps, much to the discomfort of the Choir. Fortunately no functioning non-Dioane analogues have been developed as they appear to require some form of unknown Dionae process and the Choir keeps these technologies close to their chest. Some believe it is only a matter of time before one of the enterprising mega-corporations makes a breakthrough.

Organic Mesh Weave

One of the few technologies actually sold to outsiders, the organic mesh weave makes use of high tensile, photoreceptive organic fibres developed by the Dionae to produce lightweight, flexible building materials which reflect beneficial light and radiation onto nearby Dionae. In practical terms, the mesh is often used as a clothing material, allowing Dionae to wear clothes that would otherwise stifle their gestalts, blocking light. The clothing is manufactured by choir Dioane within the temple and is shipped across Biesel, making it an expensive rarity outside of the planet. Any clothing style can be copied in this way and turned into suitable Dioane clothing. The “cloth” is also a hit with many humans within the warmer climes of Biesel as the mesh weave clothing, whilst still allowing one to maintain their dignity, actually projects the sun's rays through the clothes allowing one to tan whilst still wearing swimwear or beachwear. Whilst this might allow for a Dionae to wear a full suit and pants, the technology becomes less potent the more layers are added and generally, all Dioane, even the Choir, prefer to feel a star's rays on their bare “skin”, finding heavy or multi-layered clothing psychologically stifling.

Community members of the Choir can be broken down into three main groups:

Immigrants from beyond

Immigrants from Blossom clusters outside of Biesel tend to be the oldest and most religious of the community. These Dionae have to be “integrated” into Biesellian culture and tend to behave in the most alien manner, being highly against non-Dionae consuming Dionae flesh and actively preaching the Divine Eternal creed. Due to their lack of qualifications within Biesel and their attitudes towards non-Dioane these gestalts are only found performing low skilled work for NT, working as assistants, cargo technicians, miners and janitors. The irony isn’t lost on many of these gestalts, some being quite old, being thrust into low level, entry jobs with many grumbling at the work. The work must be done however, as it’s the only way they can acquire funds for the Choir community so done it is, albeit begrudgingly.

Converts into the Choir

Many Dionae within the Choir originate from clusters not belonging to the Divine Eternal and have instead either converted or generally joined the community. These gestalts come in all shapes, sizes and creeds but most seem to find purpose within the Choir community. These Dionae tend to have all sorts of temperaments usually based on the original society they were from and as such tend to be found in all walks of life, from janitors to doctors.

Natives of the Choir

Few in number compared to converts, the natives are gestalts that were born and raised within the Temple and Biesel. Due to the age of the community on Biesel these gestalts tend to be quite young, with the eldest usually being around 30 years old at most. These gestalts tend to be the most “humanised” or “Biesellian” of the Dionae, speaking clearly and concisely and understanding the subtle nuances of cross species interaction, as well as sharing the interests that most Biesellians might share. They are the most tolerant of non-Dionae cultures/activities and tend to grudgingly accept the non-Dionae culture of consuming Dioane flesh. Often patriotic towards Biesel and the Republic, these Dionae can be found serving as support within the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, often as engineers, pilots and medical staff. They are also found working for law enforcement, something largely not done by the subservient Dionae, operating as investigators and support staff. Many Dionae work as local police for Mendell, policing the Choir and ensuring compliance with Bieselian laws. Though stellar investigators and support staff by virtue of the Dioane’s natural learning and deduction capacity, they are never found walking “the beat” as patrol officers due to their natural slowness. As such, these Dioane and Dioane in general are rarely, if ever, found working as security officers within the mega-corps instead taking their cadetships within offices as support staff and working as Forensic Technicians, Detectives and Wardens for the megas-corps. Having been raised around the Hum for their entire lives, these gestalts enjoy its sound and in their spare time can often be found listening at station windows for it. They tend to become saddened when they are seperated from it for extended periods of time.

The Biesellian Song

Originally starting out as a series of religious publications and pamphlets, the Biesellian Song has evolved into a full blown news outlet for the Dionae and people of Biesel and the Choir, sending out digital news across the extranet. Though usually used for communion with the clusters beyond, the Eternal Temple central spire is sometimes used to broadcast the Biesellian Song locally across Biesel space for Dionae to hear if they wish. Though usually only heard as a soft whisper, when the spire broadcasts in this way it essentially acts as a town crier, shouting news. Dionae that are interested must concentrate to properly hear the messages which many do, however uninterested Dionae can easily ignore the “song” when it is broadcast.

The Songless Gang

The Songless Gang or simply “the Songless” are a ragtag group of mainly immigrant Dionae who have fallen into a life of organised crime. Dipping their tendrils in all sorts of ill fated schemes, the most troubling is phoron smuggling, extortion rackets and thuggery. They are known to take on low skilled work jobs such as cargo workers or service roles to gain access to materials they can steal and sell. They’re extremely difficult to stamp out and the Choir works tirelessly with law enforcement to bring the gang down.

The Wild Ones - All Space

"Back in the ol' daysss of Wild'un huntin', they'd pay thousssandsss if you brought back a Wild'un dead. I jusst wissh we didn' kill ssso many... ya never sssee 'em much anymore." - Captain Kash Lardback

Majestic and chaotic, Wild Ones fly through space with no knowledge of civilization or culture - only the desire to feed and grow. There aren't too many documented Wild Ones in space anymore due to over-hunting and the fact that many have been integrated into society to become intelligent, however, some are tagged and studied by researchers aiming to understand Diona's natural instincts better. They swim through space, only reacting when something gets close enough for them to detect the radiation of engines or the biomass of organisms. These "Wild Ones" are not legally allowed to be killed in Sol Alliance and Jargon Federation space unless they pose significant threat - but Frontier laws vary depending on system. Poachers will hunt these "Wild Ones" for 'ambergris', a solid amber-like substance that builds up in the center of larger Diona gestalts that is used as a luxury topping and spice when shaved onto meals.

The Harmonious Orchestra of Baobsuh - Frontier Space

"It was like watching an Orchestra - the movements and the sounds... it was so calming." - Lady Lu Zhao

The Harmonious Orchestra of Baobsuh was discovered by the Coalition Exploratory Vessel, Perseus, within the Crosk Plains Region (near Pactolus) of the Orion Spur in 2444 CE. The CEV Perseus had encountered interference over their telecommunications - essentially a humming. This sound would grow louder and louder until the discovery of the Cluster within the Baobsuh System - orbiting a large gas giant. The CEV Perseus’ crew could only watch as the thousands of Dionae dove in and out of the gaseous giant’s atmosphere, similar to that of a dolphin.

It was soon discovered that when they dipped within the atmosphere they would consume as much of the gas as possible - which would then propel them into the void surrounding the giant. The interference picked up by the CEV Perseus was simply their cry for joy as they dove in and out of the atmosphere.

Diplomatic talks ensued with the assistance of a Dionae Private aboard the vessel. Discussions took hours and eventually lead to the introduction of the cluster to the galactic table. A permanent ‘resort’ station was created within the Baobsuh System by various wealthy individuals - who spend much of their time listening to the Dionae whilst watching their graceful movements. Dionae have also been noted to work as entertainment as well as ‘servants’ on the station.

Dionae from the Baobsuh Cluster are people-pleasers - going out of their way to tend to others needs before their own. Having been used as entertainment and servants for well over a decade - this sort of response has been deeply ingrained within the Baobsuh Cluster. Dionae who have left the Baobsuh Cluster will find themselves aligning as Chefs, Bartenders and Cargo Technicians.